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Have you always wanted to live in a treehouse?

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In Indonesia, you can make this dream a reality. Imagine waking up to crisp air, birds chirping and the smell of fresh wood. All these with amazing views of lakes, forests, villages, rice fields, sunrises, and of course, mesmerizing sunsets.

Here are the amazing treehouses we’ve found scattered all over Indonesia.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack those bags and take that adventure of a lifetime.

1. Wake up to an inspirational sunrise: Omah Kayu Paralayang

The biggest attraction of Omah Kayu has to be the stunning views in the morning and evening. This is where inspiration will hit you.


Photo via: kudratrahmadi

Located at Kota Batu Malang, a beautiful hill top 1,340 metres above sea level, the air is clean and fresh, and the weather isn’t as humid as in the city.

There are six treehouses, and each has the capacity to comfortably sleep three people – perfect for small families and gatherings with friends. You can sit on the wooden chair by the balcony and gaze at the wonders of the natural world all day.


Photo via: chikoandrianto

You’ll have one bed, a thin but comfy blanket and tableware in case you need it. The two bathrooms are outdoors (not in the room), and equipped with hot water. The place serves a simple breakfast too if you want.


Photo via: missnovitakusuma, redhaqadiani, omah kayu

This hideaway is pretty far from the busy streets of downtown Malang and Batu (estimatedly 25 km away), but it is situated near Hill Para, a beautiful location for a hike. You might also get a great view of Batu town while you’re there.


Photo via: kudratrahmadi

Omah Kayu is relatively new, having opened their doors early February 2014, so rest assured that nothing is rundown.

Good fencing makes this treehouse secure, and the walls are made of pine wood, an incredibly durable wood. The roof is made of palm fiber which allows you to be as close to nature as possible. When rain hits this roof, it’s music!

Omah Kayu Paralayang

From Rp 350,000 (USD 24)

Location : Songgokerto, Batu Sub-District, Batu City, East Java, Indonesia. Coordinates here
Contact: Deddy at +628384 8020407 or Nanang at +628193 1843858

Official Site

2. A tree house with a suspension bridge – Rumah Pohon Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua, West Java

At the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango lies this tree house, Taman Safari Indonesia’s latest innovative venture.

What makes this little ol’ tree house so special, you ask? Well, it comes with its very own suspension bridge leading to a terrace and staircase, from where you can descend from the tree house.


Photo by Harry D Marco

There’s also another simpler exit, a wooden flight of stairs, but if you ask us – we’ll take the suspension bridge any day. It might even break because we’ll be running across it all day! (Just kidding!)


Photo by Taman Safari

But if you’re not as willing to destroy a rented house, you can also relax on a bench made of tree trunks and enjoy the natural atmosphere all around you.

This house may be held up by nothing more than a tree trunk, but don’t look down on it. It can hold up to four people, and even has two rooms filled with complete all-wood interiors and facilities!


With both king size and bunk beds available, this is a tree house that would be perfect for a vacation with your little Tarzans and Janes.

Curug Jaksa can also be found a mere stone’s throw away, so the gurgling sound of waterfalls will accompany you as you fall asleep. You can also have breakfast at the in-house restaurant before visiting the wild animals in Taman Safari Indonesia – psst, you’ll even get a special discount to enter the Safari Park!


Photo by Icha Anissa

Rumah Pohon Taman Safari Indonesia

From USD $114 per night

Address: Taman Safari Indonesia, Jalan Raya Puncak no. 61, Cibeureum, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, 16750
Contact: 0812 3999 1110
Email: [email protected]


3. For nature and eco-lovers: Bamboo Village by Villa, Lembang

Here, it’s camping but with more comfort.

This treehouse in Villa Lembang is not far from town, and yet so close to nature, you can feel the fresh air lift your spirits – perfect for those that want a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Photo via: homeawaysg

As the villa estate is over 10,000 square metres, there’s plenty of walking room to put on your explorer boots and enjoy Mother Nature. Lembang is also home to a stunning floating market if you plan on a little sightseeing trip on the side.


Photo via: travelmobau

This place is all about complementing the environment – it’s eco-friendly with strong roots and a steady roof. You can be assured that these houses are strong enough not to be easily shaken.


Bamboo Village by Villa is known to be child-friendly, and it also has alternative villas if you’re afraid of heights. As an added bonus, it is also of driving distance to Tangkuban Perahu, a mesmerizing volcano walk.

Bamboo Village by Villa, Lembang

From USD $37.16 (approximately Rp. 541,488) per night

Location : Komplek Vila Istana Bunga, Jl. Kolonel Masturi KM 9, Parongpong, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia, 40559

Check Rate on Agoda

4. Vintage and eco-friendly: Magical Treehouse at Balangan Beach, Bali

This newly launched vintage-style Magical Treehouse by Balangan beach at Jimbaran is going to be a very exciting addition to the unique accommodations you can find in Bali.

With a eco-resort concept in a village setting, it is built in a teak and kapok tree grove and you can comfortably enjoy the wonders of nature here. One unique detail about this treehouse is that they only use native construction methods and reclaimed timbre wood from old Balinese ships.

Another plus point – it’s only an hour away from the airport and 5 minutes (by car) to the beach!

Great for a romantic getaway or for a family gathering to spend some quality time together.


Magical Treehouse at Balangan

From USD 85

Location : Jalan Pantai Balangan
Contact: +62 0363 23522

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5. The treehouse made of bricks: Rumah Pohon Leo, Cileungsi

If safety is your concern, look no further than Rumah Pohon Leo. These treehouses are built from bricks but cheekily resemble a tree trunk. So it’s not exactly a tree but we aren’t complaining because it’s just beautiful!


Rumah Pohon Leo is located in Taman Buah Mekarsari, Cileungsi. This is a great location to admire nature and go for a sunset walk. You can also get to explore the terrain with a fun tour of the surrounding forest, and hop on a boat ride on the lake.


Photo via: widianto


Photo via: widianto

This is the place for those who don’t want to exhaust too much energy but love nature. The tours are slow paced, the treehouse is even fully air-conditioned – a relief from the tropical heat in Indonesia!


There’s even a mini-fridge in your Tarzan-like crib! BBQ facilities are available as well if you’d like to cook something up. Breakfast can also be enjoyed on the patio while enjoying the fresh air and greenery around you.


Photo via: Bunda Gien

Rumah Pohon Leo, Cileungsi

Location : Jl. Raya Cileungsi KM 03 | Taman Buah Mekarsari, Bogor 16820, Indonesia
Contact: 021. 8231811 – 12 ext. 220, 721
Contact Person: Ismy Fazriah (0812 9430 4040)
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Official Site

6. Adventure in a forest conservatory: Rumah pohon in TBMK (Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi)

Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi (TBMK), also known as Mount Masigit Kareumbi Hunting and Conservation Park, is situated between three major locations – Bandung, Sumedang and Garut.

It hosts some of the prettiest and most nature-induced treehouses in the world!


Photo via: ramaalagi

This tree house is surrounded by an amazing forest conservatory. TBMK was once a region for illegal logging, but now, it’s a conservatory to restore nature back to how it was intended to be, and you can help!


Photo via: National Geographic

You’ll essentially get to experience nature hands-on, because it doesn’t come with electricity and beds. So remember to bring your sleeping bags and gas lamp along!

Activities here range from kayaking, canoeing, biking, to amazing walks. You can also opt to pay $4 to adopt a plant or flower buds. Your name will be listed on a small board in front of the tree for years to come! You’ll also get updates on how your plant is doing from time to time.


Photo via: hotarukika

Next to the treehouse lodging area, you can visit the friendly deer that are bound to make anyone smile! There are five units of these beautiful tree houses, and they are often fully booked in November and December.


Photo via: National Geographic

Rumah pohon in TBMK (Taman Buru Gunung Masigit Kareumbi)

Location : Kp. Leuwiliang, Ds. Tanjungwangi, Kec. Cicalengka, Kab. Bandung. Coordinates here
Contact: +62 857.2191.4160
Email: [email protected]

Official Site

7. Almost luxurious tree-living: Magical Treehouse in Ubud

The Magical Treehouse in Ubud is incredible to say the least! It is very popular and very often overbooked.

This treehouse overlooks Ubud’s beautiful rice fields. Standing on heavy duty wood and built on solid ground, it stands high, giving this place its amazing view.


Despite this being a treehouse, the hosts here actually offer services and amenities that match those you can get in a regular hotel, but let you embrace rural surroundings at the same time. It has its own refreshing jungle plunge pool, with an outdoor wooden bathtub and private waterfall.


The treehouse is two separate rooms, one upstairs and another downstairs, connected by both an outdoor stairway wrapped around trees, and a fun-looking internal ladder. The upstairs room allows you to laze on its day bed and just chill in front of the TV. A desk and a treetops bathroom are provided too.

The bedroom downstairs will connect to its own bathroom and has a beautiful handmade wooden bathtub. The perfect place to catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to!


The outdoor patio is also filled with furniture recycled from an old fishing boat. And if you’re hanging around in the late afternoons, you can get free afternoon tea too!


If you’re looking for activities, there’s an affordable massage spa next door, and the place is only a mile away from town!

Magical Treehouse in Ubud

From USD 115

Location: Jalan Raya Pengosekan Ubud,Ubud,Bali,Indonesia
Contact: +62 0363 23522

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8. The ultimate treehouse imaginable: Green Village Bamboo House

The Green Village is where luxury meets your child’s dream treehouse.

This 6-storey bamboo structure rest within a river valley along Bali’s sacred Ayung River, and is one of the most unique accommodations you can find in Bali, designed by renowned designer and architect John Hardy.


This bamboo treehouse has also been featured on the U.S. CBS TV Morning show and appeared on the front page of the New York magazine.

Not just the design, but this accommodation also boasts of incredible architecture and amenities. There is an office on the top floor, a media room and a kid’s playroom. The house also includes a friendly butler who can take your dining orders all day. You also get lounge by the private garden and pool.


Photo via: maimelali

This treehouse has four bedrooms, all equipped with private bathrooms, a fancy kitchen, a lounge and dining area. The view here really embraces its surroundings yet lets you live like royalty. A great location for a memorable trip.


Photo via: greenvillagebali


Photo via: greenvillagebali


Green Village Bamboo House

From USD 250

Location : Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja,Abiansemal,Bali,Indonesia
Contact: +62 0363 23522

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NOW CLOSED: 9. Delve into fun-filled holiday: Taman Dayu treehouse (The Pines)

Situated in a leisure park called Taman Dayu Pandaan, this treehouse is located in Pasuruan, East Java, around an hour’s drive from Surabaya.


Photo via: gegeregina

The room is simple with just a bed, decent pillows and a blanket and the air is clean and refreshing. The only sounds you’ll hear is birdsong!


Photo via: nonaa vf

The bathroom is right below the treehouse (so you can get plenty of exercise if you have a small bladder). And though the treehouse is on a hill, the weather is not cold, so leave those jackets and hoodies at home!


Photo via: cennuette


Photo via: dhityass

Don’t worry about being bored here because there are plenty of activities at Taman Dayu – an obstacle course, paintball range, ATV quad rides and a zip lining course. Taman Dayu also hosts a mesmerizing hiking track for nature enthusiasts!


Photo via: adetamaa, avif kazam, hendy christian

This place is a 15 minutes’ drive to the nearest eatery in town, so it’s recommended that you rent a car.

Taman Dayu treehouse (The Pines)

Location : Jl. Raya Surabaya Malang KM 48, Pandaan, Pasuruan 67156,Indonesia
Contact: +62 343 633 411

Official Site

Are there any more treehouses in Indonesia we’ve missed? Do share with us and let us know!

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