Written by Alya Maisarah
Co-written by Elsa Marie, Beverley Lennon, Jiayi Ng, Laura Jodoin
Edited by Candice Neo

We know, there are so many exciting things to do in Bali, sometimes it’s tough to know where to start!

You might have heard of some must-visit attractions, such as Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Instagrammable majestic waterfalls, or even popular restaurants where you can indulge in Babi Guling (Bali’s signature suckling pig), many of which hinge on Bali’s fascinating culture and creativity.

Over here, we will be leaving out many overhyped well-known places and instead, we will share with you some of the most unique and spectacular things to do, some of which you might not even have heard of unless you have a local friend! So whether it’s your first or nth time in Bali, you will definitely have new places to check out on your upcoming trip! 😉

From testing your courage across deep ravines, a visit to the island of the dead or simply enjoying a day or two in some of the most unique villas ever built, it’s time to get all geared up and explore these extraordinary things to do in Bali!

Psst.. If this is your first trip to Bali, don’t forget to check out our Bali accommodation guide which gives you a breakdown on which areas you should stay in based on your profile and needs!

Things to do in different areas in Bali

Do you already know what you want to do in Bali? Check out which of these areas are most suited for you!

South Bali: Seminyak | KutaUluwatu, Jimbaran and Ungasan (Bukit Peninsula)Nusa Dua | CangguSanur
Central Bali: Ubud
East Bali: Candidasa & Amed
North Bali: Lovina, Bedugul, Banjar etc
West Bali: Menjangan islands, Singaraja etc
Islands near Bali

Sponsored by Atlas Beach Club

Make a trip to the world’s biggest beach club! – Atlas Beach Club

Beach clubs have long been an integral part of Bali’s identity, so deeply intertwined with the island’s essence that they seem to merge seamlessly with its coastal charm.

However, a few years back, a bold and monumental addition shook up the coastal landscape of Canggu – the world’s largest beach club. None other than Atlas Beach Club claimed this distinction, forever altering the island’s coastal narrative.

Photo via Gracegurlx, Limey Dan

Spread across an expansive 2.9 hectares of land, Atlas Beach Club blends world-class music with amazing food and drinks. Throughout the day, trays laden with colourful cocktails and chilled glasses of rosé gracefully glide through the air, bringing joy to sun-seeking regulars lounging on ocean-facing daybeds or indulging in refreshing dips in the pool.

Photo Via Atlas Beach Club

And as if that wasn’t enticing enough, the culinary offerings at Atlas Beach Club are equally as whimsical as the atmosphere itself – picture Wagyu Beef Nasi Goreng (yes, you read that right).

Despite the lively atmosphere, the ambience inside always exudes an intimate, private-party feel. But just wait until Atlas Beach Club hosts world-class DJs like Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Steve Aoki, Tyga, and Disclosure.

The venue undergoes a dramatic transformation into a pulsating playground, attracting larger crowds eager to immerse themselves in the electrifying energy these artists bring.

Photo Via Atlas Beach Club

As the sun dips below the horizon, the excitement only begins to simmer; it’s an invitation to delve into Bali’s premier nightlife destination – Atlas Super Club. It’s almost surreal to imagine such a venue exists on the island.

Here, you can indulge in delectable sharing plates, sip on expertly crafted cocktails, and explore their array of silky smooth shisha blends…

Get the Party Started! Atlas Beach Club

Nature wonders and scenic places

If you’re dreaming of Bali from your desk, you might imagine heavenly waterfalls, endless flora, and impressive natural landscapes.

The best part – we’re recommending gorgeous hidden ones so you don’t need to squeeze with hordes of tourists!

1. A staircase to a slice of heaven at Gembleng Waterfall

Gembleng Waterfall is truly a rare one-of-its-kind waterfall in Karangasem.

With three small natural pools, it’s very refreshing to take a dip here and soak in the stunning greens of Bali.

Photo Via Weda24, Martintraveling, Shantarantel, Antonova_lubov

Gembleng Waterfall is easily accessible by car or bike. You would then need to walk down some steps for around 5 minutes before reaching the waterfall. There’s no entrance fee but donations are collected – so you can give any amount you wish.

The place can be crowded, so come in the mornings to fully enjoy the waterfall.

Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a change of attire too!

Gembleng Waterfall

Address: Tri Eka Buana, Sidemen, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80864, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 7am – 5pm

2. Beds of White Flowers at the foot of Mt. Agung – Edelweiss Garden, Bali

Want to escape sunny Bali for a while and find something unique to do as a couple in Bali? Head up to Taman Edelweiss Bali for a cool breeze!

Edelweis Garden is a field of white flowers at the foot of Mt. Agung. You don’t want to miss this dreamy garden while you’re in Karangasem.

The garden extends wide so you can spend hours walking around as a sedentary activity with your loved ones. Best for walking, talking and taking photos! This place is very suitable for families too.

There are many Instagramable spots for your photo ops. Many couples have done photoshoots here as the whole area offers a serene and romantic atmosphere.

Photo Via Kristiannrobert, Sisiisari_, Judith_polimpung, Gustiaryadi7

The journey up is winding but the blanket of white flowers and the cool mountain breeze makes it all worth it. We recommend visiting during May to June for the best weather – it’s generally sunny throughout the day.

Edelweiss Garden

Address: JFJ7+9F3, Besakih, Rendang, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80863, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 8am-6pm

3. Watch the sun rise over Mount Batur at Pinggan Village

Mount Batur (1,717m) is the most visited volcano in Bali, but most visitors usually join the tourist hordes at Kintamani village for views of the majestic fire-breather.

Photo Via: Mikevisuals

For a view of Batur that’s arguably more spectacular, we suggest you head to the more isolated village of Pinggan.

Here you can experience the fierce splendour of the active volcano in a more solitary, meditative setting.

Photo Via: Gilgalandika

Batur is at its most photogenic at sunrise and sunset, and even makes for impressive night photography – with the lights of Pinggan village spread out at the foot of the mountain, and a sky full of stars twinkling above the peak.

Pinggan village

Address: Pinggan, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia. Sunrise viewpoint coordinates here.
Getting There: Most Mount Batur tours don’t stop at Pinggan village (which is why it makes it so gloriously uncrowded), so you’re best getting there on your own steam. Ubud is the nearest major tourist hub and Pinggan is about 45km, or an hour’s drive away.

4. Explore sacred spaces at the Secret Canyon of Sukawati

Near Pura Beji Guwang in Sukawati, there’s a sacred, secret canyon that’s so incredible, that it’s sure to inspire anyone and everyone.

For any artist, photographer, creative, or simply anyone who wants to be wowed by a real-life view of nature’s masterpiece – this secret canyon is a must-visit.

35-1-secretcanyon-via-alinablagatravel - dimaz.fauzi
Photo Via:Alinablagatravel , Dimaz.fauzi

The craziest thing about this canyon is if you look hard enough – it is so uniquely shaped, one can even see a crying skull and other faces (lions?!) in the abstract landscape. And if that’s not enough, the colours around make for an amazing visual feast too.

35-2-secretcanyon-via-bellainparadise_ - hiddencanyonbejiguwangofficial
Photo Via:Bellainparadise_ , Hiddencanyonbejiguwangofficial

Sit on the flat of the canyon rocks, and dangle your feet while admiring the view – or get a little crazy and see how much deeper you can go into the canyon. (Make sure you’re as safe and careful as possible, of course!)

When getting here, do be ultra careful as you will have to pass several rivers with a sticky muddy floor, and you might also have to climb some big slippery rocks. You might also be walking in the water in some sections.

Photo Via:Teresa_sasaa

Other than that, feel free to explore to your heart’s content and fully appreciate this magnificent find!

P.S. It takes around 2-3 hours to complete the entire trek.

Secret Canyon of Sukawati

Entrance fee: From Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $10) including a guide, depending on the size of your group.
Address: Desa Guwang, Kecamatan Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582. Coordinates here.

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5. Phenomenal Views of Mount Agung and Amed Beach at Lahangan Sweet

Located in Kabupaten Karangasem, Lahangan Sweet is an incredible viewpoint for both sunrise and sunset! Mount Agung majestically stands towards the east side of this viewpoint. On the west side, you can also see Amed Beach!

The view is nothing short of heavenly. The sceneries are akin to paintings coming to life – especially when you are on the swing!

Photo Via Barsha_aacharya, Rawmalroams, Hugoodelac, Dransetrips

You can even camp here! Be sure to bring your own camping equipment as there are no camping rentals available. A sunrise camping experience sounds like an exciting trip!

For the best experience, be sure to come on a sunny day for clear skies. Otherwise, clouds tend to roll in and completely cover up the view.

While getting there, you will need to drive through narrow steep roads, so bikes are not advisable. You would also have to hike up about 800m to the viewpoints. There are also local motorbike services that you can take for about Rp. 80,000 (to and fro) if you don’t feel like hiking.

Pro-tip: Visit early in the morning to avoid the crowd!

Lahangan Sweet

Entrance fee: Rp. 50,0000 (approximately USD $3.16)
Address: Banjar Dinas Gulinten, Bunutan, Kec. Abang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80852, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 6am – 8pm

6. Visit Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida, the Maldives of Bali

Comprising three main islands — Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan — this stunning cluster of landforms exudes a magical charm that is hard to resist.

Photo Via: aydindap

Renowned for their breathtaking landscapes, the Nusa Islands boast dramatic cliffs, lush jungles, and pristine beaches that beckon adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. While day trips to the Nusa Islands are possible, we suggest spending at least one to two nights in one of their romantic ocean-view villas.

a. Nusa Penida

A short 30-minute boat ride from Bali, Nusa Penida is the largest of the three Nusa islands. The island is relatively undeveloped and you will find only a limited number of hotels here, meaning privacy is often a given. What sets it apart from its sister islands is the plethora of unspoiled natural attractions and untouched landscapes.

Photos from left to right: Angel’s Billabong, Pasih Uwug (Photo via: diannovianty, ManButur Photography)
Photo Via: leaguetravels@ditaquinta

b. Nusa Lembongan

Just like the other Nusa Islands, Nusa Lembongan is accessible via a 30-minute boat ride from Bali. Here, you can enjoy the perfect combination of the old Indonesia and the comforts of modern hotels, resorts and villas.

Photo Via: Emnaiori, Thelembongantraveller

Nusa Lembongan offers beautiful white-sand beaches and gin-clear lagoons waiting to be explored. There are also plenty of restaurants, cool cafes, and beach clubs spread around the island.

c. Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan is the smallest of the three Nusa Islands. It sits right in between the bigger islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. Seaweed farming is a major activity on the island of Nusa Ceningan, and many of its locals depend on this business for survival.

Photo Via: Linafossaa

It’s also an island for the daredevils, with multiple cliff-jumping points. Read our full guide for more information about the Nusa Islands (including how to get there).

Photo Via: Agusm123

Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan

Check rate on Klook:
Nusa Penida Day Tour
Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan Day Tour
2D1N 3-Island Tour

7. Connect to Your Inner Child by getting on the Lemukih Waterslide!

This is where all water fun begins!

A simple pleasure of sliding down into a natural pool in Lemukih Village is enough the make the trip here worth while! At the waterslide, you can slide down on your own, together with friends and even with the owner!

There would not be any safety gears like lifejackets or helmets if you wish to slide down. But you will be provided with a tire so you won’t be hurt sliding down the rocks. Generally it is safe, some people go with their kids but be prepared for some bumps along the way.

While getting there, you might come across scammers who try to claim that they are the “tour guides” for the waterslides. They might attempt to charge you ridiculous rates, when the real entrance fee is just Rp. 20,0000. So be careful!

This place is about 2 hours from Canggu, and it’s not over-touristy so you can enjoy some time away from the crowd. It is also a trek away to the magnificent Sekumpul Waterfall.

Photo Via Lovesfood2much, Bagusnattha, Budisusiladarma, Xsayaeline_

If you get hungry after all the fun, there’s a warung nearby too.

Who knew that a natural waterslide can be so fun?

Lemukih Waterslide 

Entrance fee: Rp. 20,0000 (approximately USD $1.27)
Address: Sudaji, Sawan, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81171, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 8am-5pm
Contact: +62 821-4432-6721

Restaurants with gorgeous views!

If you’re looking to spoil yourself silly, breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a view is a must.

From cliffside restaurants with dramatic crashing waves to exotic cave dining, you can find extraordinary restaurants with unforgettable views on the island. Let yourself be awestruck!

8. Fine dining in an actual historical cave: The Cave

The Cave restaurant at The Edge Bali is a unique presence on its own. Coupled with its mysterious ambience, delicious fine dining dishes and over-the-top hospitality, this restaurant simply completes an out-of-this-world experience.

Photo Via:Veve.lestia, Balifood, Agustinramli

There is a shuttle service to transport you to the restaurant. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a dramatic entrance and led down a spiral stairway.

This is when you will enter an actual cave (with natural rock formations and everything)!

Photo Via:Magdalenanz, Veve.lestia, Ox_annmarie_xo

The meal courses are prepared by Chef Ryan Clift. He is an award-winning chef that is known for his progressive, avant-garde cuisine and equally inventive cocktails. Besides the exquisite menu, you will also be entertained by interludes projected on the cave’s natural walls while you dine.

Photo Via:Dineandwinebali, Thecavebali, Scrypton

It is a perfect place for a romantic dinner for the intimacy and cosiness of The Cave.

Some say the whole experience was surreal! Why don’t you try it for yourself?

The Cave at The Edge Bali

Price: From Rp.1,600,000 (Approximately USD $107) for a 7-course menu. From Rp.2,150,000 (approximately USD $139) for optional 10-course set menu for lunch and 9pm dinner seating
Address: The Edge, Jl. Pura Goa Lempeh, Banjar Dinas Kangin, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Selatan, Kab. Badung, Bali.
Contact: +62 361 8470 700
Opening Hours: Lunch: 12.30 – 2.30 pm (Tuesdays to Sundays), Dinner: 5.30 – 7.30pm, Dinner second seating: 9pm – 11pm. Lunch and the 9pm dinner seating offers an optional 10 course set menu.


9. Have your sunrise coffee with Bali’s 3 iconic mountain peaks at Ritatkala Cafe

Early risers, if you love chasing sunrises at scenic spots, Ritatkala cafe is for you.

The cafe is open from 6am – so be sure to come early to enjoy the sunrise over Mount Batur.

The area is designed with white, wood and stone aesthetics, with an open, airy concept to the whole area.

They serve up delicious Western cuisine, but must importantly, a premium panoramic view. You are able to catch 3 mountain peaks (Mount Batur, Mount Abang and Mount Agung) in 1 sightline! Not to mention overlooking the ever-sparkling Lake Batur as well.

It is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience as you sip a hot beverage in the chilly mountains overlooking an astounding view at Ritatkala Cafe.

Photo Via Ritatkala.batur, TripCanvas

However, it can get crowded during peak hours and weekends, and you might have to wait for your food and take turns to snap the most IG-worthy shots from their front row seats. So you know what to do if you want to avoid the crowd and have the view (almost) all to yourself!

Ritatkala Cafe

Price: From Rp.45,000 (approximately USD $3) per person
Address: Jl. Raya Kintamani, Batur Sel., Kec. Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia
Contact: +62 819 9943 7179
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 6am – 6pm, Sat – Sun 6am – 7pm


10. Order wood-fired pizza in paddy fields at Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant and Lounge

Dining should be a relaxing affair, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant and Lounge. Overlooking lush, sweeping rice terraces, this laidback lunchtime reprieve is full of delicious options.

Photo Via Erytriana_iie_, Nitapurnamas

Stop by for a delicious customer favourite – wood-fired pizza! Thin, crispy, and oh-so-satisfying, this menu option is a popular choice among both international and domestic visitors!

If pizza doesn’t tickle your fancy (or your tastebuds!), you still have multiple options if you choose the Balinese lunch buffet, which costs only Rp. 100,000 per person and is full of traditional Balinese favourites and regional dishes.

You can enjoy both Western and Balinese cuisine here, which makes it a great stopover for both adults and kids!

Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant and Lounge

Prices: Pizza from Rp. 65,000 (approximately USD $4.90)
Address: Jl. Batu Luwih Kawan No.43, Jatiluwih, Penebel, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82152, Indonesia
Contact: +62 815-5852-6545 / +62 817 356 609 (WhatsApp)
Opening hours: Daily, 9am to 6pm


Pick up a new skill in a fun workshop

Are you in Bali for some time? Bored of the regular touristy things to do? Why not pick up some new and creative skills at these fun one-day workshops?

11. Take an eco-tour through bamboo homes and school at Green Village

Yes we know – all the villages in Bali are green with all those rice fields and tropical vegetation, but this one is super special.

The Green Village was designed in 2006 by jewellery designer John Hardy, and later finished by his daughter. The result? A collection of bespoke, luxury bamboo homes all seamlessly integrated into the Ayung Valley nature.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Take a tour of the village to learn more about this amazing eco project. Visit the bamboo factory and see bamboo being harvested, treated and crafted into building materials and furniture.

Photo Via Mitzi_sg, Kermitramos, TripCanvas

The Green School is where you can turn your hand to model workshops, building and joinery classes, and so much more.

Got green fingers and would love to find out more gardening tips and tricks? Stop by the Kul Kul farm to learn the art of permaculture and sustainable farming.

Photo Via Silvialyle, Zero_waste_voyage

If you are blown away by what the village has to offer, you can always look at staying in one of the beautiful houses. They are all available to rent for the week, so you can wake up in the village every morning.

Green Village

Prices: Rp. 250,000 (approximately USD $15.90) for adults and Rp. 200,000 (approximately USD$12.70) for kids (5-12 years old). Price is inclusive of lunch.
Address: Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal, Badung Bali 80352 Indonesia
Contact: +62 811 3922254
Tour Timing: 12pm to 1.30pm (only available on weekdays)


12. Design silver jewellery like a Balinese silversmith

Owned by Pak Ketut, locally run jewelry business Studio Perak boasts the making of stunning, contemporary art pieces inspired by nature.

Constituting of silver as well as semi precious stones, you can be sure that these Balinese treasures are as fine as they get!

In addition to selecting a piece for you to take home from Ubud, this unique technique of Balinese Silversmithing is also generously passed on to all willing customers/students.

Photo Via An Epic Education

Alternatively, you can also check out Ganeca Silver which owned by Puriana. Here, you can get a special tour to his village Batuan, where he learnt traditional balinese silversmithing techniques.

Photo Via Ganeca_silver

So relax and learn a new skill in an inspiring environment with the friendly professionals of Studio Perak and Ganeca Silver.

Studio Perak

Price: Rp. 450,000 (approximately USD $29.04) for a 3-hour workshop, inclusive of 5 grams of silver
Address: Jl.Hanoman Ubud No. 15, Gianyar, Indonesia, Bali
Contact: +62 812 3651 809
Opening Hours: Half Day Class Course from 9am to 12pm


Ganeca Silver

Price: Rp. 450,000 (approximately USD $29.04) for 3-hour workshop, inclusive of 10 grams of silver, soft drink and fresh towel
Address: Samarana 1, Br. Lantang idung, Batuan, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80582, Indonesia
Contact: +62 813 3808 4143 / +62 815-5814-0743


13. Learn to whip up Balinese cuisine at Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School

Have you fallen in love with Balinese cuisine?

Join the morning cooking class and get a hands-on cooking experience! You will also visit the local farmer market and get an apron and a cooking book!

Photo Via Cherdandelions, Alicataroundtown, Jmitch20

Vegetarian and vegan menus are available too.

Pemulan Bali Farm Cooking School

Prices: From Rp. 450,000 per adult (USD $30)
Address: Banjar Patas, Taro, Ubud 80561, Indonesia
Contact: +62 821 4581 8191 / +62 812 3967 6797
Opening hours: Morning class from 7.30am to 2pm (with market visit), afternoon class from 12.30pm to 6pm (no market visit). Classes are available daily.


14. Make Indonesian batik! – Widya Batik

As you walk around in Bali, you may notice some of the locals wearing bright, beautifully-patterned sarongs and shirts. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this print, it’s called batik.

Known as an ancient art form for many Indonesians, batik is made with wax and plant-based dye.

There are two ways to apply the wax to cotton to create a batik design. One method entails draping cloth over a frame and subsequently drawing with a canting (a copper and often bamboo-handled spout). The canting is dipped in heated wax and applied to the material as you draw out the print you desire.

Photo Via: Christopher.wahyudi, Tamansariamarta, Dchavdianti

The alternative method utilizes a stamping tool which simplifies the batik-making process. With the cloth on a table, the copper stamper is submerged in hot wax and ironed onto the fabric. This way, the design may be repeated for other garments at a much more efficient speed.

There are a few places on the island that teach how to make batik. Widya Batik in Gianyar is a popular option.

Widya Batik

Price: Rp. 350,000 for a 2-hour workshop (approximately USD $22.48) and Rp. 450,000 for a 4-hour workshop (approximately USD $29.60)
Address: Jl. Sriwedari No. 61 Br. Tegallantang, Ubud, Bali
Contact: +62 812 3835 2054


Embark on the ultimate adventure

15. Explore Bali on Quad Bike at Kuber Bali Adventure

ATV rides by waterfalls anyone?

If you are keen to have a little adrenaline fix, Kuber Bali Adventure is the place to go.

You will be riding through a village, rice fields and into the jungle where you ride through cave tunnels and by waterfalls. A perfect combo for thrill seekers who enjoy beautiful sceneries.

Photo Via Michellesutama, James_ambrosini, Priscilia_ng

Boots and helmets are provided but do bring a showecap as the equipments can be damp after being used by many customers prior to your turn. Pack a change of clothes as the whole experience can by really messy – which makes it all the more fun!

After all the fun, a simple lunch will be provided. The lunch is included in the ticket price. Get your thrill-seeking friends together for a adventurous day!

Kuber Bali Adventure

Price: Rp. 481,500 per pax (approximately USD $30.47) for a group of 4.
Address: Br Bayad, Melinggih Kelod, Kec. Payangan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80572, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am – 3pm
Contact: +62 822 3749 8024 / ​​+62 813 3922 3017 / +62 878 6036 8017

Check Rate on Klook Check rate on Traveloka

16. Catch the dolphins at dawn at Lovina (but go with a responsible/ethical tour operator)

You might have heard that one of the best and most famous experiences to be had at Lovina is a dolphin-watching trip.

This is how you might envision it to be: You take an early morning boat ride and get a rush of happiness while watching wild dolphins dancing along the waves. And you can enjoy the glistening of the first sunrays on the glassy blue waters and also try some fish feeding while you’re at it.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Angga Photography

However, this vision might be far from reality. Two of us have gone on one of these dolphin tours, and we were very appalled when we realised that the guide on our boat and those on other nearby boats were deliberately cornering the wild dolphins so tourists could get close up pictures with the animals!

We are not saying you should not go on these tours, because if the locals lose their source of income, worse fate might even befall the animals. But we need to choose our tour operators carefully and make sure that the tour we go with treat the dolphins gently.

Lovina Dolphin Watching

Price: From Rp. 214,375 (approximately USD $13.56)

Check Rate on Klook

17. Hike the Hindu holy volcano Mount Batur

Proudly standing at 1,717 metres above sea level, Bali’s Mount Batur is alive and active, with the most recent eruption in 2000.

Batur is at the heart of two concentric calderas. The larger caldera is home to a lake, and the smaller caldera is thought to have taken shape as Bali formed around 28,500 years ago!

Depending on your fitness, the hike can take anywhere from two hours to reach the top.

You’ll want to go for sunrise.

Photo Via, Jaschong Photography

Read all about our Mount Batur sunrise hike experience here.

There will be others with you trekking, so if you’re keen to have some space to yourself, choose to leave very early in the morning (around 1am) to claim a spot. Also remember to bring warm clothes because it will be chilly at the peak!

This volcano is considered a sacred place for Hindus so as you’re anticipating the sunrise and soaking up the beauty, take a moment to close your eyes to take in the ancient spiritual energy.

Mount Batur

Prices: Generally from Rp. 595,000 (approximately USD $37.62) per person for a group of 2-3 people. It’s recommended to hike Mount Batur with a knowledgeable guide who can confidently lead the way. 

Check Rate on Klook

18. Ride the waves at Padang Padang Surf Camp

A pair of shorts is all you need to surf here, so let Padang Padang Surf Camp do the rest for you. When you’re done hitting the waves, lounge on the hammocks by the pool, and treat yourself to the freeflow of fresh juices – before heading back to your room at the surf camp!

Located on Bukit Peninsula, the camp is walking distance from some of the most famous surf beaches on the island, including the world renowned Padang Padang, Balangan beach, home of the ‘barrel’ waves, and Dreamland where the beach is as beautiful as the waves. There is just too many to choose from!

Photo Via Lucassparapane, Eledelbi

If you have only started picking up the board, this side of the island is perfect to get to know the different types of waves and their unique approaches with the help of the surf guide team at the camp. And since safety is the main concern, the guides will arrange transportation to a safer beach when the water gets too brutal.

Bring 6 of your best buddies along and pitch in for the Villa, with glass window panes surrounding every room to appreciate the view of the surrounding mountains, rivers and Balian Beach which is just a few footsteps away.

This surf camp also offers great packages for couples, with complimentary surf lessons, transportation, and even two meals a day!

Padang Padang Surf Camp

Surf lessons: From USD $37 per person per Beginner surf lesson for 1.5 to 2 hours (approximately Rp. 584,892)
Surf Camp: From USD $577 per pax a week (approximately Rp. 9,125,832) including 2 meals per day, photo sessions, airport transfers and transfers to surf spots
Address: Padang Padang, Jl Labuan Sait, Pecatu, Bali
Contact: +62 821 4642 4734


Glide through paradise in Bali’s best infinity pools

Looking to swim or laze around in a pool that goes on for as long as you hope to stay in Bali? Check out these stunning infinity pools that will take your ‘Bali day’ from ordinary to extraordinary.

19. Your exclusive nook in complete nature – Oniria

Perhaps you and your partner have been waiting for the day when you can escape, just the two of you. If you’re one to think that the more disconnected you are from civilization, the better your honeymoon is then Oniria is the place to be.

Photo Via: Thanagolf19

Oniria is a complete immersion in nature. Surrounded by jungles, rice fields and flowing rivers, this stay promises an experience unlike any other. Unsurprisingly, it also does mean that you might encounter some bugs and insects here too but fret not, the hosts do their best to minimise them indoors.

Photo Via: Browwnieeee

So you know, seclusion is guaranteed at Oniria. The villa features one bedroom with a private pool and hot tub all opening up to stunning views of nature.


Rates: From USD $560 (Approximately Rp.8,622,880)
Address: GCH5+GPP, Pesaban, Rendang, Karangasem Regency, Bali 80716, Indonesia

Check rate on Airbnb

20. Swim in the sky at Munduk Moding Plantation

Have you always dreamed of reaching out to touch the sky?

It’s no longer impossible.

At the edge of the 18-metre-long infinity pool at the Munduk Moding Plantation, you can almost feel heaven at your fingertips.

Spread out in front of you is a sea of clouds, that partially shields the surrounding coffee plantation from your sight.

Photo Via Curlychua

This magic extends beyond its signature view.

Designed by an award-winning Bali architect Popo Danes, the traditional Balinese interior has been dabbed with a blend of modernism in this secluded resort that only has nine villas and three suites.

From your room, you can open the glass panel doors to take in the breathtaking view of the coffee plantation nestled in the lush foliage of the jungle.

Photo Via Dotzsoh, Bettinaschoeps

What better place to spend some quiet and romantic moments with your loved one?

Munduk Moding Plantation

Rates: Deluxe suite starts from USD $124 (approximately Rp. 1,950,000)
Day pass (without pool access): Rp. 500,000 (approximately USD $35.32), including a welcome drink, 2-course lunch and access to all hotel facilities except the pool.
Day pass (with one-hour pool access): Rp. 900,000 (approximately USD $63.57), includes a welcome drink, 2-course lunch and access to all hotel facilities, including pool for 1 hour.
Address: Jalan Raya Asah Gobleg, Banjar Dinas Asah, Desa Gobleg, Kecamatan Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali, 81152, Indonesia
Contact: +62 811 385 059 (WhatsApp) / +62 811 3810 123

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21. Live life on the edge at One Eighty’s cliffside infinity pool

What’s bringing clifftop infinity pools to a different level?

A crystal blue glass-bottomed infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, that stretches all the way out from the cliff 500 feet high, creating a gravity-defying concrete-encased lagoon with a million-dollar view – the highlight of One Eighty, a new sophisticated bar and restaurant that’s a recent addition to The Edge Villas at Uluwatu.

Before you know it, you’ll be floating in mid-air with the sweeping waves crashing beneath you.

Photo Via Aaronraja, Timothysykes

These dramatic 180-degree ocean views extend all the way to your rooms. Isn’t it therapeutic to sip a cocktail while gazing out at the endless deep blue vistas ahead?

Your villa has a private plunge pool and personalised butler service, so you will be pampered from head to toe!

The Edge, Bali

Rates: 1 Bedroom ocean view villa starts from USD $698 (approximately Rp. 10,989,940)
Dining at One Eighty: Adults – Rp 400,000 per person (approximately USD $26.25, includes Rp. 300,000 Food & Beverage credit); Children (4-11 years) – Rp. 200,000 per person (approximately USD $9.85, includes Rp. 100,000 F&B credit). Inclusive of use of One Eighty’s Skypool and pool towel. More info on One Eighty’s website
Address: Jl. Pura Gowa Lempeh, Br. Dinas Kangin Pecatu, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia 80364
Contact:  +62 361 8470 700

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Stay in a creatively unique accommodation!

In Bali, you can say goodbye to cookie cutter hotels.

Creative juices abound and you can make these unique stays your special holiday nest! How about a luxurious overlarge glamorous camping tent? Or waking up to free-roaming animals in a safari?

22. Wake up to the zebras at Mara Safari Lodge

Ever wanted to dine with the rhinos?

Now you don’t have to fly halfway across the world to have an African safari adventure – you can get it at the Mara River Safari Lodge.

Located in the heart of the Bali Safari and Marine Park, this resort will definitely make your stay a memorable and unforgettable one, with its quirks and unique activities.

Not only will you get to feed carrots to zebras, rhinos and elephants right from the comfort of your own balcony…

You’ll even get to watch the rhinos and zebras graze together while you are dipping yourself in the pool.

Photo Via Lisacowcher

You can dine with lions at the in-house Tsavo Lion Restaurant too!

From honeymoon to family-friendly getaways, this resort is suitable for all. Couples will enjoy the romantic atmosphere at the restaurant in the evenings, while thrill-seekers can quench their thirst for adventure at the night safari, where you can come into close contact with predatory animals.

On a similar vein, young children will love the petting zoo, informational performances and the vibrant Disney-esque Bali Agung show, which also features props that are completely handmade by the staff!

We’d love to say more, but you’ll have to make a personal trip there to experience the wonders of this place. This we’ll say – you won’t regret it.

Read our fun-filled experience at Mara Safari Lodge here!

Mara River Safari Lodge

Rates: From USD $130 a night (approximately Rp. 2,034,486)
Address: Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8 Gianyar 80551 – Bali
Contact: +62 361 479 1800

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23. A glamping gem for everyone – Natya River Sidemen, Karangasem

Ever want to camp near mother nature… but you’re not one who can sleep in tents and on sleeping bags? Natya River Sidemen got you!

You can have the camping experience without actually camping. The glamping site is situated near a river stream – so it’s best to opt for the Hammock Glamping to be nearest to it! These tents have their own bathroom too.

If you want to experience real camping in a tent, don’t worry, Natya got that covered as well.

What makes the stay here even more unique is that their dining and chill areas are designed around and over water features.

Photo Via Ginaaayoubi, Gek_cantik25, Aprilliatan10

You can even experience river tubing down the stream!

Have a picnic by the stream during the day and chill by bonfires at night – the vibes are immaculate for an escape and you can have a restful getaway with family and friends.

This glamping experience is the escape you never knew you needed!

Natya River Sidemen

Rates: From USD $13 (Approximately Rp. 198,488)
Address: Jl. Pura Dalam Banjar dinas, Jl. Wangsean – Klungah, Wismakerta, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80864
Contact: +62 821 4636 5541

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24. Your private dramatic oceanfront plane party atop a cliff – Private Jet Villa, Uluwatu

This plane villa has been generating so much buzz on social media – even years before it was officially open for bookings in January 2024.

The first of its kind, Private Jet Villa is a luxurious two-bedroom oceanfront villa built from a renovated Boeing 737-200, perched on a cliff in Uluwatu overlooking Nyang Nyang Beach with its own unique private pool.

Here, you can wake up to the crashing waves and the sunlight streaming in as though your private jet just happened to land on this beautiful landscape.

Since its opening, this villa has seen weddings, fashion shoots, private parties, and guests who simply love the swanky vibes of staying in one of the most unique villas in the world.

Built by Russian property developer Felix Demin, who is also the brain behind the viral Bubble Hotel Bali, the project took two years to complete and was so challenging and costly to build that Demin told the media that he would not be building another one.

“I have 150 finished and ongoing construction projects, but this one project was more difficult than all of them put together,” he had said.

The challenge of designing, sourcing and installing custom-made fittings and fixtures for a curved superstructure with no straight surfaces resulted in many delays and dramatic surges in cost.

Think – adding a hand-carved marble bathtub in the cockpit, replacing the original jet windows with remote-control-operated electric windows to let in the sea breeze and transforming a typical Boeing toilet into a luxurious presidential bathroom.

Many moving parts were also sourced from various parts of the world, such as Europe, and some were even custom-made by Demin and his team. According to Demin, the bathroom alone costs a few thousand euros. The curved glass-fronted pool was also installed piece by piece using a crane.

Photo Via dean.ppr

With this level of artistic dedication and perfectionism, it is of little wonder that the nightly price tag of this villa can rival that of top-tier luxury hotels in Bali – and is still trending among influencers and the wealthy.

Photo Via foodieforfunn, aranbuenno

Private Jet Villa

Rates: From USD $3,000 a night (approximately Rp.47,359,500)
Address: 5485+6MQ, Jl. Pantai Nyang-Nyang, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali
Contact: +62 899-900 0051

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25. Sleep in an oceanfront treehouse – The Korowai, Uluwatu

A pleasant, romantic stay in the trees sitting on top of a limestone cliff, The Korawai is located near the Impossible Beach, Uluwatu.

Getting there is quite a hike but it will prove to be worth it when the magnificent view of the ocean from your balcony takes your breath away.

Photo Via Pixytripper, Anightinbali, Harrybates, Rdbbiel

Its aesthetic is everything you need to feel close to nature. The Korowai uses natural stone and eco-friendly elements to create a calming atmosphere for you to subconsciously unwind the moment you’re in the area.

Photo Via Chenliie
Photo Via Sandi_d._, Gregorius.adi_

Their honeymoon suite has its own plunge pool so you can take a dip and enjoy the sun in private. Besides that, since it is so close to the beach, you can take a little hike down to catch some waves or just enjoy the sunset.

Your stay will just get better at night, with the sound of waves lulling you into a deep sleep.

Here’s where you will fall in love again with your loved one – truly a beautiful experience.

The Korowai, Uluwatu

Rates: From USD $190 (Approximately Rp. 2,960,467)
Address: 54R6+R6V, Jl. Tj. Simah, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 821-4790-9060 (WhatsApp)

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Latest shopping trends

Weekend markets, boutique shops and more!

Who says Bali is only about gorgeous scenery and food?

You’re missing out on the island’s hipster trends if you haven’t been to these photogenic weekend markets and boutique shops that sell everything from unique souvenirs to homeware to textiles!

26. For lovers of Bamboo baskets and water hyacinth trays – Mercia Home Living

If you’ve been homeware shopping in Bali, you’ll surely come across shops selling these beautiful bamboo and seagrass baskets, nostalgic rattan chairs, doughnut-shaped fat pouffes and other home living items made of natural materials.

These are especially popular among those of us who love having #balivibes at home. Check out those water hyacinth trays and banana fibre stools!

We find them so therapeutic to look at and were super tempted to bring them home!

Although the items are a little pricy at Mercia, it’s still worth taking a look in case you find any hidden gems!

Mercia Home Living

Address: Jl. Raya Andong, Br. Petulu (in front of Krishna Cargo), Ubud, Gianyar
Contact: +62 82147146001
Opening hours: Daily, 9.30am to 5pm


27. Test your haggling skills at The Flea Market Bali

Looking to support local businesses in Bali? Head over to the Flea Market near Seminyak Square.

It is an open-air market where you can find clothes, bags and many other trinkets for keepsakes from your Bali trip. But beyond these, yummy pastries, drinks and even healthy food are available too!

Photo Via Awpatel, Bhumygor, Ayanda_vana

The vendors here are eager but they are not aggressive if this is one of your concerns. This market has an overall welcoming vibe, and there’s even warungs for you (or your bored partner) to relax in between shopping!

The prices here can be on the high side but you can always bargain down to a lower, fairer price. Don’t be afraid to haggle down to ⅓ of the price!

The Flea Market Bali  

Address: Kayu Aya Square Oberoi, Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali. Coordinates here.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 5pm
Contact: +62 821-4453-2810


Don’t miss Bali’s best hidden beaches!

You would think with the immense popularity of Bali, everywhere on the island would have been discovered. Well, there are still unexplored beaches where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a private island!

28. Discover an isolated island that’s ever-changing: Gili Putih

The best time to visit Gili Putih is early in the morning at sunrise or in the evening at sunset as you can relish beautiful sky colours and enjoy the change in tides!

Best yet if you can stay from sunrise to sunset to fully contemplate on how different the scenery is throughout the whole day! From the island, you can even enjoy magical views of the nearby West Bali National Park.

Photo Via Ziccohudyoro, Mao.amore, Leesaleesangeun, Riskidarmawan_

Now, this is the ideal location if, just like me, you hate crowded beaches at golden hours! And if you’re wondering how to reach the island in time for Mother Nature’s show, do not worry as locals at Bangsal Harbour will be more than happy to help you out with a boat ride!

Gili Putih Sumberkima

Getting there: If you’re coming from South Bali, drive up northwest of the island to Bangsal Harbour. The drive will take approximately 4 hours and this is where you’ll be able to rent a boat for approximately Rp. 400,000 (per boat for 5 persons). Directions here (from Kuta to Bangsal Harbour)

29. Cliff jump in the sunset – Jimbaran Panorama Point (Honeymoon Beach)

Jump into the sunset… literally!

About 250 metres before Tegal Wangi Beach, you park in a thicket and walk through some brush and a dirt path before coming out onto the coolest little cliff. This spot is perfect for a thrilling cliff jump, barbeque and sunset get together.

Take your friends, some coconut coals and get down on the best secret spot ever! Private and low key, you and your friends can set up a grill, bring the meats and coconuts for a full-on cliff party.

With a clifftop that juts above the water at about 4 metres high, the most adventurous can take the plunge into the ocean below, and take an easy swim back to land.

Photo Via Bebiecolin, Angelineshuu, Dananjayaik

If you’re not up for such a huge adrenaline rush, simply sit back and relax as nature demonstrates its beauty in the form of a magnificent water blow.

Jimbaran Panorama Point (Honeymoon Beach)

Address: Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Getting there: On the way to Tegal Wangi, pull off into the first thicket on your left. Hike through the bush for about 15 minutes until you come out onto the cliff!

Bali’s unique bars

Chilling with a touch of artistry

Who says bars are only about drinks and chilling in a room? Just like anything in Bali, these creative bars will challenge your imagination.

30. Be your own mixologist at The Mailroom Bali

The Mailroom is a speakeasy that offers a fun and creative experience while you’re here. The overall concept is very unique and exclusive.

For starters, since seats are limited – you will need to make reservations in order to get an entrance key and its location.

Upon entering, you will have to unlock the entrance with a key from a dedicated mailbox. The mailbox number will be given to you when you make your reservations.

Each unique cocktail is made for you upon order in an interactive experience. You get to watch the mixologists prepare delicious and unique concoctions on the spot. You can even get behind the bar and make your own! And it is safe to say that you would enjoy the taste of the cocktails just as much as the process of making them.

Photo Via Themailroombar

Its cozy vintage interior decor would make you feel like you just returned to the era of the Great Gatsby.

Do also note that the speakeasy is a smoking environment, so if you are not comfortable, you might want to come earlier to avoid the crowd.

All in all, the Mailroom is a fun but intimate experience – perfect for special occasions!

The Mailroom Bali

Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa No.7, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Wed-Mon, 7pm till late
Contact: +62 812-1100-8614 (WhatsApp). Reservations are required.


31. Get lost in a magical lore at Camelot Restaurant by Merlin’s Magic

It feels like Hogwarts comes to life here at Merlin’s Magic – a wizard’s narrative in the form of jewelry shop, restaurant and bar club (hidden in one of their bookshelves)!

Upon entering, you will be greeted with their jewellery shop where you can purchase amulets, crystals and perfumes.

On the second floor, the magical culinary experience begins. Their theatrics and elegance curated in the ambience, live music, food and services are what make this bar so memorable!

Photo Via Frabjousvixen, Giavanna.blanche

Another special thing about Merlin’s Magic is they incorporate fashionable trends into their cuisines. Each dish has their own distinct taste and design. It’s a feast for the eyes as well! They are also known for their signature cocktails with a burst of aromatic scents and flavours.

Every little detail will amaze you here. Some say that the atmosphere is out-of-this-world!

Merlin’s Magic

Price: Mains from Rp. 150,000 (approximately USD $9.20)
Address: Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud No.108, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 2pm-10pm
Contact: +62 813-7310-1037


Pamper yourself at villas with spectacular views

Your vacation in Bali isn’t complete without that mandatory stay in a villa with jaw-dropping dramatic views of the island’s majestic scenery.

32. Like in Switzerland – Lake Garden Bali

There can be few views as the ones offered at Lake Garden Bali – another IG-worthy stay that’s going viral right now among Indonesians.

Sitting right on the shores of Lake Batur, the stay offers exclusive access to one of Bali’s most breathtaking landscapes. It’s a view guests get to enjoy from every corner of the property – the rooms, terrace, hot tub and infinity pool.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Shinta_tata12, Yudhi.kurniadi, Christianpoetoe

The area is remarkably peaceful and quiet. There are no restaurants or shops in the surroundings so we’d recommend you come prepared with snacks, although the hotel does offer room service and there is also the possibility of setting up a barbeque.

There’s also only 7 cylindrical rooms, so it’s really just you and a few others enjoying the amazing feeling of remoteness along with some of the most enchanting views. There’s so much to look out for that you might not want to go to bed at all. Not that it gets any less magical at night, as chances are you’re in for a stargazing treat!

Lake Garden Bali

Rates: From USD $57 (Approximately Rp. 850,000)
Address: Jl. Jempana, Songan A, Kec. Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 877 2602 0201 (Reservations via WhatsApp)


33. Wake up among the mountains – Oculus Bali

Bali is undoubtedly the best-known island of Indonesia, but you can still get off the beaten track and away from the crowds – as long as you know where to look. The region of Kintamani in particular, has long been a popular gateway for those visiting the iconic Mount Batur.

The area is full of natural reserves and the cool temperatures make it ideal for a quick respite from the usual heat and humidity of South Bali. It’s also not as well developed as the south, so you can step right into the local lifestyle.

Kintamani is also still very dependent on farming. Like a voyage through time, you’ll notice there are still a lot of farmers working in the fields and because they use mostly organic fertilisers, there seems to be quite a number of flies in the region. But maybe, that’s also something that makes up the authentic charm of Kintamani…

Beyond its natural delights, Kintamani has recently seen several hotels, restaurants and cafes popping up, making it a great place to spend a night or two.

And this year (2022) is a great one because Kintamani hosted the opening of the incredible Oculus hotel. With a total of 10 suites, an infinity hot pool, a spa along with 3 restaurants, this stay sets a new benchmark for the region.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get some of the most wonderful mountain views from here and especially from its rooftop terrace. Book a Royal Suite for a big surprise, we won’t say more…

Photo Via TripCanvas, Dayu_shinta05

Oculus Bali

Rates: From USD $89 (Approximately Rp. 1,325,414)
Address: Jl. Windu Sara, Kedisan, Kec. Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652
Contact: +62 821 4511 2983 (WhatsApp)

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Find your inner child at these thrilling theme parks!

Whether you have kids, or are a child at heart, some of the best theme parks in Indonesia happen to be in Bali. So what will it be, a sun and water-soaked day at one of Asia’s most thrilling water parks, or a wild adventure with animals from around the globe?

34. Plunge into a water wonderland at Waterbom!

Waterbom is a must-go for any Bali traveller who’s also a theme park fan. From extreme water slides like the snake-themed Constrictor to gentle lazy rivers, both the young and old can spend a fun day at this water park.

So what if theme park ride aren’t really your thing?

You can always sneak off for the park’s reflexology session, fish spa therapy, or go for a mani-pedi session.


Price: Discounted rates of USD $31.25 for adults and USD $23.15 for children available on Klook
Location: Jalan Kartika, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am – 6pm
Contact: +62 361 755 676

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35. Play with lions and orangutans at Bali Safari and Marine Park

This adventure will guarantee that you are the coolest parents around. With over 60 species of wild animals, exciting animal and cultural shows, and getting to stay up way past their bedtime – it’s every kids’ dream and you won’t be bored either.

Photo Via Alena_9309
Photo Via The_funky_1, Putra_mardiana, Ohweesiong, Auclaradelalune

If animal shows bore you, how about a night safari?

Once darkness descends, go on a guided walk around the park when most of the animals really come to life.

Watch the komodo dragons roam below you, visit the bat cave, and meet the owls and lemur in the Bali theatre. But the highlight of the night is the safari! You will be perfectly safe in a cage as you spend 20 minutes journeying through the African Savannah.

Top off the evening with a traditional Balinese fire-dancing show, and a delicious BBQ in the N’kuchiro Bar & Grill.

Photo Via Kristi_yamagusbi

With this much excitement after bedtime, you are going to have some grumpy

overtired little monkeys of your own the next day!

Read all about our fun-filled experience at Mara Safari Lodge!

Bali Safari & Marine Park

Price:From USD $41.15 for adults and USD $32.95 for children
Address: Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km19,8, Gianyar, Bali 80551
Contact: +62 811 3811 0400 (WhatsApp) / +62 361 950 000
Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 9pm

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Get a glimpse of true Balinese culture

Bali is now a melting pot of cultures with many international travellers who now call Bali their home. While you can eat diverse cuisines, admire international art, peruse cosmopolitan shops, don’t miss basking in the authentic and traditional Balinese culture!

36. See a spiritual pillar atop a cliff at Uluwatu Temple

Perched high atop a 70-metre cliff, with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, the Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali’s best sea temples you can’t miss during your trip.

It’s one of the six key Balinese temples that help to ward off evil, but that’s not its winning point as a prime tourist destination.

Every day during sunset, crowds gather at the temple for a breathtaking view of the orange ocean reflecting the setting sun. And at that time, don’t forget to catch the Kecak dance performance at the temple.

Photo Via Suphakaln, Wongcompune

One of Bali’s most popular traditional dances, the spectacular Kecak dance makes use of fire and dance to present riveting stories to the audience. Sometimes, the performer is in so deep a trance that he can even kick hot charcoal without scalding his feet!

Pro-tip: Keep your belongings in your bag because monkeys here love to snatch from mobile, hats, sunglasses and snacks. Be sure to wear shoes too because your sandals/flip-slops can be their target too! Never interact with them and remember to stay in groups.

Uluwatu Temple

Entrance fee: Rp. 50,000 (approximately USD $3.22). Sarongs will be provided for entry to the temple. If you want to watch the iconic Kecek Dance at sunset, a ticket costs Rp. 100,000 (approximately USD $6.44) – best arrive at 4pm to get good seats!
Address: Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali. Coordinates here.

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37. Immerse in cultural artistic vibrance at Ubud Palace

This is the place for you to learn and enjoy Balinese Culture. Puri Saren Agung (also known as Ubud Palace) is located at the heart of Ubud – which is famously known as Bali’s cultural town.

As they say, you haven’t been to the real Bali if you haven’t experienced Ubud!

The whole town has its very own 17th-Century charm. And the architecture of Ubud Palace is highly influenced by a blend of Hinduism philosophy and local artisans. Besides unique architecture, you can also appreciate the historical literature, arts, music and traditional dance performances here.

Every evening, the Ubud Palace will hold a traditional dance and Balinese Gamelan performance for entertainment.

Photo Via Blaine Harrington Photography, Benjamin Hollis

Fun fact: the Balinese Gamelan plays a huge part in the music and dance-centric Balinese culture. It is also touted as the world’s biggest percussion orchestra!

So next time you’re driving through Ubud Palace, be sure to drop by one of these music performances!

Ubud Palace

Entrance fee: Free to enter, but tickets to dailly traditional performances at 7.30pm start from Rp. 100,000 (approximately USD $6). Street vendors begin selling tickets in the early afternoon, but if you go early, you might be able to get them at a better price!
Address: Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud, Bali

38. Witness the ceremony that honors gods of war at a Makare-kare Festival

If you happen to visit Candidasa in June, you should make sure to participate in a ceremony known as Makare-kare.

Also known as Perang Pandan, it’s an annual theatrical fight amongst Balinese men to honor the God of War as well as their ancestors.

This tradition is unique to the village of Tenganan, and the event lasts a month long. During this period, all villagers will dress in traditional Tenganan clothing.

All males, from young to old, will participate in Makare-kare by fighting with an opponent. Dressed in just a sarong, two men at a time fight on a central stage…armed with (surprisingly sharp-edged) Pandan leaves and straw shields.

Photo Via Caixin

The purpose of the ceremony is to draw blood from the opponent, so as to honor the God of War. As they fight, there will be a cacophony of sounds – the excited cheers of the other villagers, the native Gamelan music of the Tenganan village, and the grunts of the men fighting…

This match usually lasts less than a minute, and the next match continues until all the males in the village have participated.

Boys, if you’re feeling up for it, you can also participate. Otherwise, sitting amongst the villagers and cheering is also quite the experience!

After the ceremony, all the wounds are treated with traditional medicine – made from turmeric, ginger, coconut oil and other herbs – which the villagers believe to have powerful healing powers. (These Tenganese villagers have really preserved their ancient traditions well!)

During this festival, there is also a traditional ferris wheel made entirely out of wood for children to play with. If you have children, this would truly be an extraordinary experience for them. Afterall, how many of us can say we’ve sat on a handmade ferris wheel?

Making a visit to to the ancient village of Tenganan in June to experience one of the most exciting village customs will definitely be an enriching experience – as well as indelible memory that you will not be able to replicate elsewhere.

Tenganan village

Price Range: Rp. 20,000 donation fee (or more if you’re feeling generous!) for entrance to the village
Address: Tenganan village, Manggis, Karangasem. Coordinates here.
Getting There: The village is 4km from the turnoff at the western end of Candidasa, or a 90-minute drive from Ngurah Rai Airport.

39. Cleanse yourself in the holy waters of Tirta Empul (water temple)

If you want to purify yourself, be renewed and refreshed, head to the prominent Tirta Empul. It’s rumoured that the temple was built around AD 960, which means it has been around since the age of the Balinese Kingdom till today.

Tirta Empul literally means “holy spring water” in Balinese, referring to the spring that supplies water to the many baths and pools throughout the complex.

Photo Via Sh.lesya_

There are firm rules that go along with self-cleansing (“melukat” in Balinese), so please ensure that you are aware of the proper rituals before you go. You can consult either your guide or ask a temple authority for instructions. Don’t worry though, many tourists enter the temple for this holy experience so you won’t be alone.

There are three types of cleaning. The first is cleansing oneself of evil spirits. The second is for good fortune, and the third is to purify and cleanse the body, and more importantly, the soul.

Tirta Empul (water temple)

Entrance fee: Rp. 50,000 (approximately USD $3) for adults and Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD $1.50) for kids
Address: Jalan Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm

Wander into spooky and abandoned places

Have you heard about lost airplanes, abandoned amusement park, and an underwater temple?

Pack an adventurous spirit and lots of courage if you dare to venture out to these abandoned (and sometimes spooky) destinations in Bali!

40. Step into the land of the dead at Trunyan Village

Not easily spooked by ghost stories? Try testing the true extent of your courage at Bali’s very own island of the dead – Trunyan Island.

The people there don’t bury and cremate their dead, so if you’re brave enough to make a trip there, you’ll find skeletons from ages long past, staring straight at you with their eyeball-less eye sockets.

Photo Via Dessy_pradnyayani, Alicemariejames, Daniakhatib1

Interestingly, you won’t smell the stench of rotting bodies on this island, as the perfumed scent from a huge Taru Menyan tree masks it perfectly.

Do you have it in you to visit the land of the dead?

Trunyan village

Entrance fee: Rp. 10,000 (approximately USD $0.66) for cemetery and Rp. 30,000 (approximately USD $2) for government tax. Boat ride to the village can cost around Rp. 650,000 per boat.
How to get there: You can get to Trunyan island via boat from the jetty at Lake Batur. Getting to Lake Batur takes around two hours drive to the northeast of Denpasar along the main road to Buleleng and through Bangli Regency. The boat ride takes around half an hour across the calm waters.

Tips for visiting Trunyan village

You can always negotiate with the boatmen, but take note to ask them if that’s the final price, sometimes if you negotiate too low, the boat men will raise the price in the middle of the lake and threaten to leave you if you do not agree to his new price. Prepare some small change since most of the villagers like to ask for money from tourists.

If you are looking for someone to guide you into Trunyan village, you can look for Putu Dalia at +6287860645395. He is a local guide who introduces the story of Trunyan village to visitors. Although he speaks a little English, he is friendly enough. He charges Rp. 750,000 (USD $57) for 5 people or Rp. 200,000 (USD $15) per person.

41. Welcome to the eerie abandoned amusement park, Taman Festival

Taman Festival is a large amusement park in Sanur that was never completed.

Since the park – and its crocodile pit – was abandoned in 2000, it has literally crumbled, a sad reminder of an abandoned potential that was never realised.

Now, with shaky buildings threatening to fall at any moment, missing roofs and treacherous steps, locals refer to the old park as a “ghost town”.

Photo Via Artha_sanjaya, Infodenpasar

But it’s not just about the possible wandering spirits that will leave your hair standing in fear.

Rumour has it that the crocodiles left in the park eventually resorted to cannibalism, so if you ever visit, do take special care to avoid the old crocodile pit and pools filled with polluted, black water.

The reptiles might have been removed many years ago, but it’s better safe than sorry, isn’t it?

Taman Festival

Entrance fee: Rp. 20,000 (approximately USD $1.29)
Getting There: Taman Festival is located along the JL. Pantai Padang Galak road in Sanur. It’s just a 7-min drive and 40-min walk up north from Sanur Beach. Coordinates here.

42. Dive and uncover Pemuteran’s Underwater Temple

Bali may be famous for its numerous cultural sites, but have you ever been to an underwater temple?

This temple in Pemuteran lies hidden under the sweeping waves of the sea.

Although it was initially constructed as part of an underwater conservation programme, it has become a popular attraction for diving enthusiasts.

Little sea critters have also set up their homes in the area, creating a beautiful harmony between man and nature.

How can you miss this view?

Pemuteran Hidden Underwater Temple

How to get there: The underwater temple can be found off the coast of Pemuteran Bay. Coordinates here. There are a few tour agencies thhat offer tours to Pemuteran Underwater Temple. Make sure you check their reviews carefully before booking!

It is recommended to get to the village of Pemuteran by car. Rides from major towns such as Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua will take around four hours. It is 20 minutes away from Lovina Beach.

Taste authentic Balinese cuisine

Let’s bring it back to the heart of Balinese cuisine. Satay or Babi Guling (suckling pig) anyone?

43. Indulge in royal treatment at Gabah Restaurant & Bar

We mean it literally. If you can’t be king, well, you can at least eat like one. Now that you’ve tried almost all there is to try about Bali’s local fare, there’s one last experience to be had – the Balinese royal feast.

While Gabah also serves up other yummy Indonesian dishes with in both modern and traditional styles, what you’ll really want to try is their Royal Kingdom menu. It features the best of traditional specialties from around the island of Bali!

You’ll get to feast on 22 signature dishes that the royal family eats on the first day of harvest season, including traditional Balinese soup, grilled chicken and fish satay.

And it’s not just eating – you’ll also be having the full experience of being a king/queen for a day.

Put on your Batik headdress, which will immediately elevate your sense of self-importance, and sit back as your dinner is served to you on an intricate platter – along with some traditional live music and dances to whet your appetite.

Gabah Restaurant & Bar

Price: Normal dishes from Rp. 75,000 (approximately USD $5.00), Royal Kingdom Feast from Rp. 750,000++ for 4 person (USD $49.35 ++)
Address: Jl. Bakung Sari, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Open daily. Breakfast 7.30am – 10.30am; Lunch 11.30am – 4.30pm; Dinner 6pm – 12.30am
Contact: +62 361 751864
Halal?: Yes


44. Relish Bali’s best Babi Guling at Selingsing Cepaka

Anyone who has been to Bali will know that Babi Guling is THE local dish that you have to sample. A whole pig is spiced and spit roasted for hours over a coal fire – this is pork at its best!

Babi Guling used to be reserved for ceremonies and special occasions, but nowadays most restaurants and warungs serve it too (although it often sells out by early afternoon).

Our quest for the best babi guling took us all over Bali, some was good, some was great but eventually we found the BEST!

This little warung is actually located in someone’s house, down an alley in Buduk. There are no signs to direct you, but the tempting smell of roasting pork will guide you in the right direction. It’s also only open from 2am to 9am in the morning.

Everything about the Babi Guling here is perfect. The skin is so crispy, the pork so tender, and servings are more than generous.

Photo Via Theperkyspot, Linisgod

We recommend that everyone try Babi Guling at least once. If it sounds like just the thing to tickle your taste buds, then you should absolutely get up early for this splendid ‘secret’ meal – you wont regret it!

Selingsing Cepaka

Price Range: From Rp. 30,000 (approximately USD $2)
Address: Jl. Raya Munggu-Kapal, Cepaka, Kec. Kediri, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia. Coordinates here.
Opening Hours: 12pm – 7.30pm
Contact: +62 813 3785 4662
Halal?: No

45. Western-style porky food porn – Pork Star

Pork Star is a quirky eatery with a pink container parked before the restaurant serving as their kitchen. Why pink? Well, it’s the colour of a pig!

Photo Via Youkei,Li_Xiao_Ai

Don’t let the pink get you thinking that this is just another fluffy eatery, because these guys are serious about their pork menu. Start off with the famous Pork Dynamite, a bite-size serving of six mozzarella cheese and pork bacon wraps.

Then there’s Pork Star’s Pork Belly, served with steamed rice, a side of French Fries and your choice of sauce. Munch down on the succulent and tender, juicy meat – never has so much satisfaction existed in one bite.

Photo Via Makanterusss,Jackmagnifico

More deliciousness can be found in their menu, such as the Nasi Campur Pork Star and Mixed Platter for sharing with friends (or gobbling down by yourself!).

Photo Via Nataliejesslyn,Xavier_Woolfgang

True to its name, pork is the star of the show here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pork Star Bali

Price: From Rp 60,000 (Approximately USD $4.50)
Address: Jl. Nakula No.88 Ruko C, Seminyak – Bali
Contact: +62 818 817 760 / +62 812 1160 0386
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm
Delivery: Whatsapp (+62 812 1160 0386) | GrabFood | GoFood


Soak in spas with stunning views

Spas in Bali are a dime a dozen.

Just about every spa on the island emanates luxury and offers an abundance of great services, from affordable value-for-money spas to spas with unique treatments. But guess what, on top of all that, you can actually enjoy your luxurious spa with phenomenal views of the mountains, ocean, rainforest valleys and nature.

46. An enchanting journey to Bali’s spectacular mountain views – Elevate Bali by Hanging Gardens

Elevate Bali’s spa in the chilly highlands of Munduk offers an elevated experience (literally) above the clouds, where you can unwind and escape from the stresses of daily life.

Photo Via rhy_ndra

Setting it apart is its unparalleled vantage point, offering breathtaking mountain views that create a sense of wonder and tranquillity.

Choose from traditional Balinese massages, Japanese Chi rejuvenation bodywork to avocado body treatments, before ending your afternoon with one of their body baths (think milk baths, floral baths or even Balinese herbal baths).
Your spa retreat for the day is now complete! 😉

P.S. If you’d like to extend your mountain retreat experience, why not book a stay at one of their villas too?

Elevate Bali by Hanging Gardens

Price: From Rp. 1,120,000 for a 1-hour Traditionally Bali massage (approximately USD $72.85)
Address: Munduk, Banjar Kabupaten Buleleng – Bali Indonesia
Contact: +62 821-4566-6738
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 9pm

Check accommodation on Agoda Check accommodation on

47. Discover a magical cliff-front riverside oasis near Canggu – Tree House Spa at Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort

Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort’s Tree House Spa is a bamboo treehouse perched on a cliff overlooking a waterfall and river in Tabanan, and it’s carefully built and designed around a spiritual tree on the property.

Here, you can fall asleep during your spa treatments to the soothing sounds of the waterfall, and take a rejuvenating flower bath in the private stone bathtub overlooking the river.

Photo Via ulamandrakarlalessa

After your treatment, you can choose to head to their Riverside Spa & Wellness Center for a dip in their Hot & Cold Plunge Pool or go for an Infrared Sauna and Steam treatment.

What can be a more perfect full-day retreat for some pampering self-care?

The eco-resort itself is a collection of unique bamboo structures, where you get to hide away in bamboo villas perched right above the river bank.

Tree House Spa at Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort

Price: From Rp. 700,000 for a 1-hour Balinese massage (approximately USD $45.53)
Address: Buwit, Kediri, Tabanan Regency, Bali
Contact: +62 812-3858-0063
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 6pm

Check accommodation on Agoda Check accommodation on

48. Let the sounds of the river soothe you – Tjampuhan Spa (Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa)

With an air of mystique and a magical outdoor spa setting to rival the most beautiful secret locations in Ubud, the day spa at the Tjampuhan Hotel is positioned at the base of a valley, mere metres away from the natural splendour of one of Ubud’s gently flowing river tributaries.

Composed of several semi-open treatment pavilions and an extraordinary hot/cold spring water jacuzzi created within an elaborately carved mythical stone cavern.

Photo Via Meenaroya

True to its natural setting, Tjampuhan spa is dedicated to the healing properties of water, and has sourced a collection of traditional Balinese healing and beauty treatments in a setting that evokes the inner peace and overall wellness of an intimate connection with Mother Nature.

Photo Via Miss.salcedo

You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to experience the unique riverside hideaway of the Tjampuhan Day Spa. Outside guests can enjoy the spa’s lush river valley surroundings and gorgeous spring grotto for Rp. 145,000 (approximately USD $9) per half-day, including access to hot and cold whirlpool baths, a sauna and steam room.

Tjampuhan Spa (Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa)

Price: From Rp.600,000 (Approximately USD $39) for 1- hour Traditional Balinese Massage. From Rp.1,050,000 per couple (All facilities of the spa for half a day, including a one hour body massage, body scrub, yoghurt rub and flower bath) (Approximately USD $69)
Address: Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571
Contact: +62 361 975368
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 10am – 8pm

Check accommodation on Agoda Check accommodation on

Chill and unwind at Bali’s trendiest beach clubs

With pool and free entrance!

What’s better than being beachfront, poolside, and surrounded by friends at a beach club in Bali? On top of it all, there’s no cover charges!

Soak up the sun and sea at these chic venues.

49. World-class music, amazing food and unrivaled beach setting – Tropical Temptation Beach Club

Bali’s latest hot ticket is none other than the incredible Tropical Temptation Beach Club. Nestled on the foreshore of Melasti Beach, the venue feels worlds away from the more raucous spots in Canggu. Yet, it’s grown to be an absolute crowd-pleaser. Perhaps, we have to blame it on their ability to welcome a total of up to 500 people all at once…

Tropical Temptation Beach Club is a place unlike anywhere else on the island – there’s not one but two wonderful infinity pools from which you can enjoy spectacular ocean views from supersized daybeds. If you’ve booked yourself a premium bottle service, prepare to be welcomed and escorted right from the entrance door to your table, where your bottles await.

Photo Via Ayufernandaaa, Thecanggupedia

At the restaurant, the menu spins local ingredients in many different ways while celebrating farmers and artisans – Indomie Lobster and Indomie Wagyu Beef are some of the super creative dishes they’ve come up with.

Photo Via Bie_murdi,, Liiasafelia, Hellluvluv
Photo Via Hofoodlovers, _tiiyak, Mr.djohnpao

Post-lunch, you could retreat in one of their indoor VVIP rooms or dip in the swimming pool while waiting for the magical sun to set in. Every Thursday to Sunday, there are close encounters with DJs and musicians who throw some of the best events on the island. From Balinese cultural performances to foam party sunset rituals, there’s really something to please everyone!

Photo Via Mr.djohnpao, Melisakwok

Tropical Temptation Beach Club

Minimum spend: From Rp. 350,000 for bar stool (Approximately USD $23)
Menu price range: Mains from Rp.140,000 (Approximately USD $9.20) ; Drinks from Rp.88,000 (Approximately USD $5.80)
Address: Melasti Beach 88, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 620 0688; +62 813 3875 4047 (WhatsApp)
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 12pm-9pm; Fri – Sun 10am-10pm


50. Infinite ocean views from a traditional boat: MÏnoo Beach Club

Washing up on the shore of romantic Melasti Beach (where couples flock to for gorgeous pre-wedding photoshoots), MÏnoo Beach Club is still considered a hidden gem where you can get relatively affordable snacks and cocktails – which is uncommon in Ungasan, an area known for its luxury resorts and glamorous beach clubs with equally bling price tags.

Photo Via-raymarta

In other words – over here, you get to enjoy the Melasti beach sunset without the crowd and hefty price!

Photo Via – andre_simsek93,ekaayanti09,wikegabriela

MÏnoo’s iconic traditional fishing boat (also known as a Jukung), perched right on its beachfront infinity pool, is the first thing you will notice as you step in. It’s also undoubtedly an impressive vantage point – and of course an Instagrammable photo spot – where you can swim up, cocktail in hand, and be closer to the ocean on deck!

Photo Via – ricalthablythe,dynione,ditaputra_wirawan

It’s no surprise that MÏnoo is synonymous with ‘paradise’ in Persian – think lazy Ibiza vibes with toes in the sand, while weekends are jazzed up by DJs at sunset!

MÏnoo Beach Club

Minimum spend: None except for daybed (Rp. 1,000,000), sunbed (Rp. 500,000) and bungalow (Rp. 1,500,000 – 2,000,000)
Menu price range: Mains from Rp. 75,000; Drinks from Rp. 50,000
Address: Jl. Pengayutan. Pantai Melasti, Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali
Contact: +62 811-3898-902 (WhatsApp)
Opening hours: Mon – Sunn, 11am-8pm


51. Unobstructed oceanfront views of the setting sun at Locca Sea House

This beach club is one of the latest trendy addition to Jimbaran. If you are looking for chill vibes by the sea, Locca Sea House is the place for you.

With modern Balinese vibes, oceanfront infinity pool and a swim-up pool bar, as well as its close proximity to the airport, you’ll be able to watch planes land at Ngurah Rai International Airport right across the ocean. Combine that with unobstructed views of the setting sun and you’ve got the perfect combination of some of the best views in Bali!

Photo Via Rinimugiharti, TripCanvas

The venue also aims to combine local culture and arts to provide an experience like never before.

At the forefront of what they do is social sustainability – the creation of Locca itself was led by a group of local artists including musicians and painters. At the restaurant, centuries-old recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation are brought back to life with a modern twist.

Entrance is free, but their day beds have a minimum spend of Rp. 1,500,000, which can accomodate 6 persons. Kids are welcome here.

After sundown, the entire place transitions to set the mood for the night!

Locca Sea House

Minimum spend: None for specific areas (Terasering, Main Hall and Sunset Bar); Rp. 1,500,000 for daybed area on Friday and Saturday (Approximately USD $98)
Menu price range: Mains from Rp. 75,000 (Approximately USD $4.95); Drinks from Rp. 48,000 (Approximately USD $3.10)
Address: Jl. Jimbaran Hijau Segara, Jl. Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 6888 8681
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11am-11pm


Get up to fun times with the family and kids!

Bringing kids to Bali? Bali is as romantic for couples as much as it’s fun for family and kids!

You and your little ones will definitely have a holiday of a lifetime.

52. Have fun at Bali’s first ever indoor theme park! – Trans Studio Bali

If mum wants to head on a shopping spree, then Trans Studio Mall Bali has a hidden secret, it’s home to Bali’s first ever indoor theme park, and one of the biggest in the world! So while mummy is happily indulging in various brands, the kiddos are having the time of their life on rollercoasters! It’s a win win!

Photo Via Ariawanagus

Filled with colourful rides, multiple photo spots, and yummy places to eat, the entire family will have a blast spending time here. Even if mummy decides to join, she definitely won’t regret the amazing memories made there together.

Photo Via Nicho
Photo Via Oktaviasiscaa

Trans Studio Bali

Entrance fee: From Rp. 225,000 (Approximately USD $14.27) for Indonesians; Rp. 500,000 (Approximately USD $31.72) for Foreigners
Address: Trans Studio Mall Bali – Lantai 2. Jl. Imam Bonjol No.440, Pemecutan Klod, Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80119
Contact: +62 818-0544-6199 (from Bali) / +62 896-5602-1050 (Outside Bali)
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 11am – 6pm; Sat – Sun & Public Holiday, 11am – 7pm

Check Rate on Klook

53. Save the baby turtles at Turtle Conservation and Education Centre

Fancy being a Dad or Mom to a baby turtle?

Head down to the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre in Pulau Serangan, where it’s possible for you to “adopt” a baby turtle before setting it free back into the sea.

Not only is it a pretty romantic thing to do with your partner, it also helps to save the lives of the baby turtles, who may become territorial as they grow up and end up attacking each other.

Photo Via Oceanmum, The Avid Photographer, Simply Giving

This initiative aims to combat plummeting turtle numbers, and is now an extremely popular activity amongst tourists.

Turtle adoption is also available at the Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary, on the neighbouring island of Gili Meno in Lombok, so if your first turtle-freeing experience was memorable for you, why not do it again?

Turtle Conservation and Education Centre

Entrance fee: None
Location: Jl. Tukad Punggawa, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80229
Phone: +62 813 3849 0357
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 9am to 5pm


Affordable yoga retreats with panoramic views

Tired of all the holidaying activities? Searching for that perfect sanctuary to recharge and refresh your mind, body and soul?

Regardless of whether you are an aspiring or experienced yogi, what can be better than a yoga retreat where you can practise yoga with spectacular views? They are all reasonably priced too!

54. Get a 360° view of the serene rice paddies  – Om Ham Retreat & Resort

The fact that Ubud has become such a mecca for yoga and spirituality has hiked the prices up, too.

Photo via Om-ham

Om Ham Retreat & Resort is a refreshingly affordable option as it really does offer guests luxury retreats on a budget. They offer a one-day yoga retreat in Ubud for you to save on the big bucks!

The location is simply stunning. The surrounding area is covered with green rice paddies – while inside the retreat guests can relax in the beautiful private garden, or take a dip in the spacious pool.

Photo via Julia_heiser

Retreats at Om Ham include yoga, spa treatments and guided meditation classes. Another cool thing Om Ham offers?

Romantic retreats for couples where you can enjoy pampering spa treatments, take in the beautiful scenery and dine in style in Ubud with that special someone.

Photo via Sawitriachay

A 13-night retreat at Om Ham includes three classes of Kundalini Tantra yoga as well two sessions of guided deep meditation.

Guests are treated to a daily healthy breakfast, a one time two-course organic lunch as well as a three-course organic dinner. As a nice added bonus, this retreat at Om Ham also includes a rejuvenating spa treatment session.

Photo via Marisa_Jimenez_Art

Om Ham Retreat & Resort

Rates: 1-day retreat from USD $70 per pax (Approximately Rp. 1,100,000) inclusive of 3 meals, yoga, meditation and spa session.
Address: Jalan Tirta Tawar No.Road, Banjar Junjungan, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 900 0352 / +62 818 0590 0352 (Whatsapp)

Check Rate on Agoda

55. Time to get your om on with beautiful ocean views – Udara Bali

Nowhere else brings you that little extra zen in your life than Udara Bali. This exotic retreat is entirely dedicated to yoga and wellness. The location does not only help you destress but also experience a whole new culture as you settle in one of their three ocean-view yoga shalas, or opt for the one overlooking mystical ancient temples nearby.

Work towards a healthier, happier you as you sign up for one of their monthly yoga and detox retreats. The programme includes two to three yoga classes per day, enough to lead you to your own personal nirvana.

Photo Via  Jane_dredos, Ribkahkomang

You’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy the slow rhythm of life at their onsite spa facilities that feature a sauna, steam rooms, warm and cold pools, as well as a meditation cave.

Photo Via Markusseseh
Photo Via Mjtonikcoach2, Yulia_yul4ik

Boasting a natural wood and stone concept, and combining Balinese and Javanese design, this healing resort makes sure you’re ready for a vinyasa flow like no other you’ve seen before.

Photo Via Samaya_style

The comfortable villas prepare you for your purifying yoga cleanse, acting as the perfect respite to come back to further restore the harmony of your body, mind, and soul.

Photo Via Udarabali

Udara Bali

Rates: 10D9N retreat from USD $3,627 for 2 pax, double occupancy room (Approximately Rp. 56,037,330)
Double room from USD $120 per room night (Approximately Rp. 1,854,000)
Yoga class from Rp. 130,000 per pax (approximatey USD $8.41), Rp. 80,000 for locals and KITAS holders (approximately USD $5.18). All yoga classes are free for hotel guests.
Address: Jl. Pura Kramat, Seseh 80351 Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 906 7555 / +62 361 907 9927 / +62 877 6537 7313 (WhatsApp)


Best time to travel to Bali

  • Bali has a reliable, warm and tropical climate all year round.

  • Temperatures generally linger between 26°C and 28°C, except for places located on higher grounds like Ubud and Bedugul (where it would be more chilly!).

  • The dry season is generally from May to September, and the wet season from October to April.

  • In May, June, September (non-peak period), you will find that prices of accommodation are 30% to 50% cheaper than peak season rates. Plus, you still get great dry season weather most of the time.

  • April and October are great if you enjoy watersports, such as surfing, as the waves are good at this time of year. You might have some refreshing rain showers, but you will also see plenty of sunshine. These are also great months to travel with children as most theme parks and attractions are quieter, and getting around would be less crowded and stressful.

  • Peak season in Bali is July and August, as well as Easter holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Note: Nyepi is the day of silence that falls on the Balinese New Year. All attractions will be closed, and everyone observes a day of fasting and silence. It’s an inspiring spectacle to be part of, but please respect the local rules and culture, and stay indoors while remaining quiet.

Different Areas in Bali

Do you already know what you want to do in Bali? Check out which of these areas are most suited for you!

1. South Bali

Serene beaches and gorgeous ocean views perfect for a romantic or surfing trip.

1-a. Seminyak

For the hipsters: a day out cafe-hopping.

Amazing things to do in Seminyak

1-b. Kuta

Most happening area in Bali – nightlife, shopping, cafes and beautiful beaches.

17 out-of-the-ordinary things you never knew you can do in Kuta

1-c. Uluwatu, Jimbaran and Ungasan (Bukit Peninsula)

Have a chill day out surfing or live the high life at classy resorts and clubs.

Amazing things to do in Uluwatu and Bukit Peninsula in Bali

1-d. Nusa Dua

Extreme water sports and hidden beaches for the sporty adventure-seekers; prime natural locations for wedding photography.

Amazong things to do in Nusa Dua

1-e. Canggu

Trendy hipster hang out spot for the young and young at heart.

A Complete Guide to Canggu: the up and coming trendy spot of Bali

1-f. Sanur

Quiet and family friendly, with calm waters ideal for water-loving young children. Great for kite-flying too!

Fun family things to do in Sanur

2. Central Bali

2-a. Ubud

Get to know the real Bali – visit cultural sites and natural hotspots.

Amazing things to do in Ubud

3. East Bali

3-a. Candidasa and Amed

Go back in time to a place filled with monuments and stories of ancient Bali.

Extraordinary things to do in Candidasa for the perfect island getaway

4. North Bali

Run away from civilisation to the quieter part of Bali: dolphin watch, visit cultural sites and majestic waterfalls.

The complete guide to exploring North Bali

5. West Bali

A collection of the most beautiful natural attractions in Bali for the nature lover.

Hidden gems in West Bali you need to discover on the road less travelled

6. Islands near Bali

For people who like going off the beaten path: sail and dive through the wonders of nature.

Also read: 6 untouched paradise islands around Bali that will take your breath away

6-a. Nusa Islands

A quiet island holiday for those who love the sun, sand and sea.

Cool things to do in Nusa Lembongan, Penida, Ceningan

6-b. Gili islands

Exotic islands near Bali for a tropical getaway retreat.

Fun things to do in Gili islands you never knew existed


More Bali guides:

Accommodation: The ultimate guide to where to stay in Bali

More Activities: Amazing Free things to do you never knew existed in Bali

Travel Guide: Bali for first timers: Best time to visit, where to stay, eat and everything!

PS: Here’s our recommended itineraries to help you plan your trip!

55 is not all – Come on, let us know what other awesome things you have to do in Bali!

Check out more awesome attractions in Bali here too!

Getting Around Bali?

It’s definitely much more convenient to either stick to the ever-reliable Bluebird taxis, Grab and Go-Jek, or simply opt for reliable car rental options with a driver and/or guide. If you’re absolutely confident about driving in Indonesia, then skip the driver/guide!

Our recommendation: Renting a car with private driver

Klook all-in private car charter

Price: From Rp. 420,670 per day for 6 hours (group of 4) (approximately USD $28.17)


Pak Wayan (local driver)

Price: From Rp. 650,000 (approximately USD $43.53) per day depending on the type of vehicle (include parking fees, drinking water and petrol)
Contact: +62-812 3673 3969


Please book at least 1 week in advance to ensure car availability

For the pros: Renting a car without driver

Bali Nusa Rent Car

Price: From Rp. 384,000 per day (Toyota Agya) (Approximately USD $25.72)
Contact: 0361 9073841 (local call), +62 361 9073841 (International call) / 081 246 706 706 (local), +62 81 246 706 706 (International) (WhatsApp)


Please book at least 1 week in advance to ensure car availability

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