TripCanvas family houses a team of very talented editors and writers who love to write and share their unique perspective of Bali with readers. We seek creativity, flexibility and uniqueness in our writing. We are currently ramping up our efforts of content creation and are looking for people who can write for us.

If you:

  • like what we do,
  • interested in receiving wide readership for your article instantly,
  • desire to know how we create a viral article like this and this.
  • desire to refine and hone your writing skills, and
  • desire to develop your writing portfolio,

You have come to the right place!



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Share and grow together

We believe in having our writers grow with us. We have great guidelines and best practices that we have documented along the way and we have a team of wonderful people who can mentor and guide you on how to write better.

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Bonus perks

All writers will be rewarded in our attractive incentive scheme. Enroll now for more information on our writers incentive scheme. As we grow, you may have the opportunity to attend complimentary media invitations ranging from sponsored holidays to food tastings!

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Future career testimonial

For those who are seeking future career opportunities, you will be given a personally written reference from TripCanvas editor.