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Bahasa version: 32 tempat wisata istimewa di Bandung untuk liburan luar biasa

Be it the food, shopping, or the gorgeous views, visitors come from all over to experience different things to do in Bandung’s exquisite atmosphere. In Bandung, capital city of the West Javanese province, you’re never short on things to do.

Nestled between three mountains, Bandung is well known for its cool calming weather, similar to that of places in higher altitudes. That’s also probably a reason why Bandung is commonly referred to ‘Paris van Java’ for its rich heritage in arts and culture.

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With millions of tourists flocking here every year, just what is really there to see in Bandung?

You’ve seen our take on Bali, here’s our edition of what’s in store in Bandung.

1. Hang in the sky like Spiderman – Tebing Gunung Hawu

This mountain blows plenty of other mountains out of the water. Here’s where your superhero dreams come true, and “hanging out” takes on a completely different meaning.


Photo by alfiansprasetyo

For sunrise enthusiasts, Tebing Gunung Hawu boasts a fantastic viewpoint to watch the sun wake up for its morning duties. Better yet, you can catch that sunrise from your perch in a hammock, hanging precariously between two towering cliffsides. Has that image gotten your adrenaline running?


Photo via kusdinardani

Hammocking was popularised by a group of locals in a bid to increase tourist activity in the area, – and thus prevent limestone miners from continuing to destroy Gunung Hawu’s environment. Mother Nature is pleased with you.


Photo via dian lisnawaty hmy

The mountain is also renowned for the massive “hole” that you can see in the middle of the mountain. It’s also the reason why the mountain was christened “Hawu”, which means “fireplace” in Sundanese.


Photo via harivalzayuka

Since you’re here, how can you pass up on snapping a picture with this rare sight? If you’re lucky, you might even catch the sunlight filtering in through the hole, creating an ethereal sight.


Photo via dhonny_putra

Tebing Gunung Hawu

Getting there: Tebing Gunung Hawu is located behind Tebing Citatah, the Singgalang limestone mountains, and will require a 30-minute trek from the latter. It is also accessible via four-wheeled vehicles. Coordinates here

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2. Go on Vacation Before you even Unpack your Bags: Stay at Bandung’s Unique Hotels

If your trip to Bandung is a form of getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the accommodation of your choice should also be a reflection of that.

Fancy a slumber on sheets of satin, under a thatched roof of wooden huts surrounded by nature’s melody and the echo of a gushing waterfall in the distance? The Sapu Lidi Resort might just have the answer to your needs.


Sapu Lidi resort

And if you have always wanted to get closer to nature and spend a night camping in the woods, but just can’t stand the thought of not being able to charge your phone or go to the bathroom in peace, you can now get the best of both worlds and have a go at glamping! Soak up the wilderness without sacrificing the comfort of modern-day amenities.

Bandung isn’t Paris Van Java for no reason. If you’re looking for a taste of Europe in West Java, the GH Universal Hotel is your answer. With Renaissance-style decor inside and out, you might even forget that you’re in Bandung!gh-universal-collage

GH Universal Hotel

At Saung Gawir, you can even stay at the Joglos and pick strawberries at your doorstep!


Saung Gawir (Photo via: Saung Gawir, Liusi Wijaya, Tsonze)

Or you can take a dip in the infinity pool of Dulang resort and unwind with a cocktail, as your eyes feast on a mesmerising view of paddy fields and city lights in the horizon.


Dulang resort

And that’s just a tip of the iceberg from the unique accommodations Bandung has in store. Don’t blame us if the kids refuse to leave the hotel!

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3. The Ultimate Adventure With Nature – The Lodge Maribaya, Bandung

There is always a sense of satisfaction when you experience an adventure in nature. But what if we tell you that you can actually get an even more heightened enjoyment, in a man-designed adventure camp?


Photo via yohannathalia

The Lodge Maribaya is not your ordinary natural camp with above standard service such as camping or trekking activities.


Photo via abee0110

The overall setting and location is designed to elevate your adventure in nature to the whole new level.


Photo via tiejuntak

The lodge’s natural surroundings include pine forests, Maribaya waterfalls, and a vista of wonderful mountain scenery.


The Lodge Maribaya aims to provide all the necessary refreshments that is much needed prior to, and after your escape to the nature.


Photo via aliluthfii

From staying in, dining, and hosting parties, to arranging activities fit for daredevils – it’s a real pleasure that can only make your adventure go that much better.

The Lodge Maribaya, Bandung

Address: Jl. Maribaya Timur Km. 6 Kampung, Kosambi, Cibodas Lembang, Bandung Barat. Jawa Barat Indonesia. Coordinates here
Contact: (022) 2536110, 08112253299, 085624611118 (Office Hour)
Email: [email protected]


4. Visit the Hobbit house in Bandung! – The Farm House

Farm House is located right smack on Jalan Raya Lembang, and takes about an hour’s drive from the city center to get there. (It’s on the edge of the highway, so it’s pretty easy to find too!)


Photo via: Ririnnfajriyah, Nunuknurhastuti

Newly opened to tourists and residents in Bandung, Farm House combines agriculture, film, and wanderlust all in one place.

With its European-styled buildings, and the Hobbit house reminiscent of Lord of the Rings – a trip here will be both educational and entertaining at the same time.


Photo via: Dimas Adha


Photo via: Renimustik

The Farm House is a suitable place for the whole family. Children can have fun running amok in ​​the big garden areas, while parents enjoy the fresh cool mountain air and great views while taking photos.

It’s truly Instagram-worthy and will create the perfect backdrop for some of your favourite holiday snaps!


Photo via: B.e.e.lla, Jjeffadrian, Andriadesta


Photo via: Erlykrisnandi, Riniutaami

The Farm House Lembang

Address: Jl. Raya Lembang No. 108 Lembang, Bandung
Contact: +62 22 82.7824
Opening hours: Daily from 9am to 9pm
Price: USD $1.40 /Rp.20,000 (Can be used to redeem food and beverages)

5. Reconnect with Nature: Dago Pakar

Whether you fancy a short stroll for a splash of greenery to your everyday routine, or exploring the 2500 species of fauna, there are just so many things to do in this patch of forest just north of the city centre.

Dago Pakar contains two adjacent parks separated by Jl. Maribaya, and both parks offer different but equally interesting sights to see.

5-a) Historical tunnels and an Instagrammable cliff: Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda

A mere 30-minute drive from the city center lies Taman Hutan Raya, or ‘TaHuRa’ for short.

Stretching across 590 hectares of land, the Taman Hutan Raya was built to conserve Bandung’s diversity of plants and flowers. Named after Indonesia’s 10th Prime Minister, a museum showcasing Ir. H. Djuanda’s memorabilia along with artifacts found in the area can be found in Taman Hutan Raya.

There is a spot up the park locals refer to as ‘Tebing Keraton’, a cliff with a stunning view of the pine trees below, which is very instagrammable.

4. tebing keraton via rajatourbandungPhoto via:rajatourbandung

The park also houses two separate waterfalls, Curug Lalay, and Curug Omas.

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda

Address: Jl. Ir. H Juanda, Lembang, Jawa Barat 40391
Entrance: 11,000 IDR (USD 0.86)
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

Official Website

5-b) Waterfalls and hot springs: Taman Wisata Maribaya

Known as the home of Curug Maribaya, Taman Wisata Maribaya is located just north of Taman Hutan Raya. The park is easily accessed through Lembang, but there is also a walkway from Taman Hutan Raya.

Photo via: Hatsu Wicaksono – Flickr

Getting to the Maribaya waterfall is a joy itself; walking through the forest treks while breathing in the fresh mountain air is a great way to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Upon reaching the waterfall, visitors can even feel the water droplets as it cools the skin, and bask in its refreshing scent.

Photo via: Oyi Images

To rest your tired legs after a day of trekking, the Taman Wisata Maribaya also offers natural hot spring pools, which is believed to cure skin diseases.

Taman Wisata Maribaya

Address: Jalan Maribaya, Lembang, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Entrance: 8,000 IDR (USD 0.62)
Opening hours: 08:00-16:00

6. Eating Out Shouldn’t be an Average Experience: Themed Cafes and Restaurants

Planning to take the children out for dinner for a special occasion?

Bandung is the place for those looking for a culinary haven. Just look a little harder and you just might find themed eateries with a ‘wow’ factor for a truly unforgettable dining experience.


Take the girls out for a treat at Nanny’s Pavillon and pleasure your tastebuds with its famously mouthwatering peach pancake with vanilla ice cream and blueberry pancake cheese roll.

Let them choose between a variety of cottage-themed rooms, from the bedroom to the bathroom (with toilets for seats, no less!).

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Alternatively, have you ever wanted to dig into fresh lobsters onboard a ship? Or maybe your goal in Bandung is to dine at all those cool cafes!

One place you shouldn’t miss is Pisnis Resto. A new discovery we’ve found, the Pisnis Resto is on a giant ship docked beside the lake and surrounded with gorgeous mountain views.

Photo via i.dronesia

The kids will be ecstatic to climb aboard the ship and have one of the most unforgettable dining experiences ever. Serving up a BBQ feast, Pisnis Resto is a great place to bond with the family while feasting and play acting as pirates!


Photos via therealsigalingging, sanyayulia

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7. Feed the deer and camp at Ranca Upas, Ciwidey

Do you know that other than the white lake (Kawah Putih) at Ciwidey, you can also visit the Deer Conservation Park and Camping Ground at Ranca Upas?

Here in Ranca Upas, you can even buy vegetables or carrots to feed the deer (~Rp. 5,000) or simply watch them graze peacefully.


Photos via siskanurifah, dmsnvndr

There’s also an outdoor adventure park (yes, with a tree house!) and water rides where your kids can have fun while you soak in the hot springs.

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Photo via Nonot S


Photos via sagaraoutdoor

If you spontaneously feel like spending a night here, camping equipment is also available for rent at the nearby shops.

Ranca Upas, Ciwidey

Address: Jl. Raya Ciwidey – Patenggang KM 11, Desa Alam Endah, Ciwidey, Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat. Coordinates here
Entrance: Rp. 10,000/pax (weekday), Rp. 15,000/pax (weekend), if you would like to stay overnight and camp there, there will be an additional charges of Rp 10,000/pax. If you are driving there, two-wheeled vehicles will be charged Rp. 2,000 and four-wheeled vehicles will be charged Rp. 5,000.

8. Chilling in an Exquisite Atmosphere: Lawang Wangi Café & Art Space

Located higher up in the mountains leading to Lembang, the view from this café is astonishing – it’s surrounded by greenery by day, and when night falls, city lights can be seen from the 200-degree panorama on a deck.

Photo via: Lawang Wangi

The place may be crowded during late afternoon and you may have to wait for a table, but it wouldn’t be so bad, because at the Lawang Wangi, there are four galleries (on display – works of local contemporary artists and emerging art students) bound to keep you occupied.

Photo via: Akhmad Maxi

And if you’ve got the munchies or sudden cravings, no worries, the cafe serves a variety of snacks and light meals.

Try the Lawang Wangi Platter for a little of everything from the cafe’s favourite selections!

Lawang Wangi Café & Art Space

Address: Jl. Dago Giri no. 99, Bandung 40391,Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 250 4065
Entrance: Free
Opening hours: 07:00-23:00

Official Website

9. A Miniature Zoo on a Mall Rooftop: Bandung’s Paris Van Java

Once you are done shopping in Paris Van Java’s multiple chains of retail stores, be sure to spare an hour or two at this hidden gem on the rooftop.

Perfect for educating young children on caring for animals, the rooftop garden at Paris Van Java has two separate attractions – the Lactasari Mini Farm and the Bird Park.

Photo via: @Tesyasblog

Get ready to be greeted by a flurry of kaleidoscopic-coloured tropical birds!

Upon entering the aviary, you’ll be given crickets in a cup for the birds to feed on. The bird park houses some of Indonesia’s rare birds, such as the Parrots of Nusa Tenggara and the Hornbills of Borneo.

On the other side of the rooftop lies the Lactasari Mini Farm, a tiny farm where only five species of animals are kept – goat, sheep, cows, rabbits and Siberian Huskies.

You’ll be equipped with aprons, vegetables and a bottle of milk for feeding the animals.

The farm is well-maintained and clean, so you don’t have to worry about dirt and animal stains – you can totally visit in comfort.

Paris Van Java

Address: Jl. Sukajadi no.131-139, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40162, Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 2060800
Entrance: Bird Park 29000 IDR (USD 3), Lactasari Mini Farm 60000 IDR (USD 4.50)
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Official Website

10. Coral Rocks at the Top of a Mountain: Goa Pawon and Stone Garden of Padalarang

After a 20-minute hike up Mount Pasigit, there lies the mouth of Goa Pawon (Pawon Caves), a significant historic site where ancient human remains (now on display in Bandung’s Museum Geologi) were found.

goa pawon

Photo via kepinhelmy

Take a few steps further towards the peak of the mountain and you will find an array of calcium-rich rocks, which are usually found along a beach.

stone garden via pulasinn

Photo via Gito Liem

Scientists believe that there once existed a sea stretching from Padalarang to Negreg, with Bandung lying hundreds of metres underwater. The theory is that a few volcanic eruptions later caused the valley to be formed.

Here, you can find seashells embedded on the rocks – bizarre indeed!

Photo via: DhiyaAliM – flickr

Since not many people know about this spot yet, make sure you bring your own water as there are no warungs open at the venue (as of now!).

Goa Pawon and Stone Garden of Padalarang

Address: Desa Gunung Masigit, Kecamatan Cipatat, Padalarang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat
Entrance: Rupiah 5,000

11. Take your Tastebuds on a Journey: Floating Market, Lembang

If you’ve been to Thailand before, do you love its floating market?

You can find one too in Bandung!

19 lembang floating market old english house via feryfaujia

Photo via: Fery Faujia

Enjoy a wide selection of traditional Indonesian food served from small boats with a beautiful view of a lake.

Photo via: Nicholasac, Sheraton Bandung, Lianda Marta

For those looking for western dishes, the Rockpool serves pizza and pasta within the vicinity.

19 lembang floating amrket waterfront dining

You can also do various activities, such as the usual ATV and paddle boat rides, swan feeding, or visit the cactus garden and stone garden.

Photo via: Dennie, Ramon, Nicholasac

Do look out for the European house and the miniature train set – it takes up to 10 minutes to go a whole round!

Floating Market

Address: Jl. Grand Hotel No. 33 E Lembang, Bandung,Indonesia
Phone: +62 708 888 81
Entrance: $1 (15,000 IDR)
Opening hours: Weekday: 09:00 – 17:00 | Weekend: 09:00 – 20:00 (The Floating Market is open during weekend only, during weekdays, visitors can still enjoy the lake view)

Official Website

12. Kill Two Birds With One Stone: Have a Feast with a View

What better way to bask in lush greenery of the valley from above, than from a few selected restaurants with a warm grub on a plate served right in front of you?

15 BukitMoko_WiraNurmansyah_wiranurmansyah.com_1

The hills that surround the city provide an abundance of vantage points, ensuring that there’s no shortage of spots with spectacular views for you to enjoy your dinner.

One of the first few eateries with the concept of ‘dinner with a view’, is the legendary Warung Daweung (roughly translates to Daydream Cafe) nestled right on top of Bukit Moko.


Photos via: Wira Nurmansyah

Retaining its title, the Bukit Moko is one of, if not, the best spots in all of Bandung to appreciate a breathtaking view of the city from above the valley. It provides an exceptional sight from dawn till dusk, and even after the sun goes down, the lights of the city appear as stars in the night sky.

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13. A House on the top of a Waterfall at Situ Patenggang

Just 10 minutes away from the well-known ‘Kawah Putih’ lies a lake that you would definitely regret to miss.

Legend claims that Prince Putra Prabu of 15th Century West Java and Putri Titisan Dewi met in a heart-shaped island in the middle of Situ Patenggang, after being separated for years due to the difference in their beliefs.

The surrounding view is purely breathtaking – tea plantations circle the area, so it looks as though someone had spread a green wool rug across the landscape.

There’s even a house right on top of a natural waterfall!

Photo via: Alchroniclez

Situ Patenggang

Address: Patengan, Rancabali, Bandung 40973 (10 minutes from the well known Kawah Putih crater)
Entrance: 15,000 IDR for domestic visitors, USD 4 for foreign tourists

14. The Mystical lake above the Clouds: Kawah Putih

This Crater Lake, which formed after Mount Patuha blew its top, has been considered a mystical one – birds that flew near the area would die, which made people reluctant to find out what was really up there, until the 19th century when a German botanist explored the area and discovered a beautiful crater lake.

3 Kawah Putih via

Photo via: Rinai Hujan

Its crystal blue waters changes with the weather conditions, and is lined with fine white sand, giving visitors an otherworldly experience. Even the vegetation around the area is quite different to those below.

3 KawahPutih_Lake via

Photo via: Nicoline Patricia

Although situated at the top of a mountain crater, essential facilities such as toilets and parking space are available, along with small eateries.

Kawah Putih

Address: Jl. Raya Soreang, Ciwidey, Bandung, Jawa Barat
Entrance: 18,000 IDR (USD 1.38)
Opening hours: 07:00-17:00

15. Where nature meets modern comforts: Dusun Bambu Leisure Park

Tired of the same old sights of the city? Nestled atop a hill in Lembang, Dusun Bambu Leisure Park offers a view of lush greenery and crisp mountain air all within the comforts of modern architecture.

Covering 15 hectares of land, children and teens can roam freely in the beautifully manicured gardens and playgrounds or take part in the many activities ranging from pottery, mini golf, a hot air balloon, and even a shooting range!


Recently, they also added The Labyrinth – a new attraction designed to let your kids truly play on carpeted ground in slides, mini houses, tunnels and more to their hearts’ content!


Photo via sariatikah

For food, families have three restaurants to choose from – you can enjoy a private lunch at Lutung Kasarung in ‘bird’s nest’ cabins hanging on pine trees, taste traditional Sundanese cuisine at Purbasari in lakeside gazebos, or dine with a view of Mount Burangrang at the Burangrang Café.


Photo via Jenny Wong

The Pasar Khatulistiwa market is also available for guests who are looking for light snacks, vegetables, and souvenirs.

Not enough time to try out all the attractions at Dusun Bambu? How about spending the night at the Kampung Layung Villas complete with your own butler?

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, go ‘glamping’ at the Sayang Heoulang (Eagle Camp) – get closer to the outdoors in comfort!


Dusun Bambu Leisure Park

Entrance fee: 15,000 IDR (1.21 USD)
Address: Jl. Kolonel Masturi Km. 11, Situ Lembang, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40551
Phone: +62 22 82782020
Opening hours: 08:00-22:00

Official Website

16. Not Your Average Adventure Store: Eiger Flagship Store, JL. Sumatra, Bandung

One of the biggest names in local outdoor equipment, Eiger was founded in 1993 by Ronny Lukito in Bandung.

20 years later, the brand has gotten so big that they decided to move their flagship store in Cihampelas to Jl. Sumatra, with Ridwan Kamil, the Governor of Bandung, as the architect.

23 EigerStore_Entrance_via WiraNurmansyah

Photo via: Wira Nurmansyah

There’s a sleek-looking eatery on the second floor called Kafe Khatulistiwa, where food from across the archipelago is served.

Photo via debucung

Try the Papeda fish in Yellow Soup; a Papuan traditional dish eaten with ‘Sago’ instead of rice.

Eiger Flagship Store

Address: Jl. Sumatera No. 23, Pasirkaliki, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171
Phone: +62 22 4213487

17. Pick Strawberries in the hills of Lembang and Ciwidey

Brought to Bandung by the Dutch during the colonial era, berries, most commonly strawberries, are discovered to grow well in Bandung.

Photo via: Hanif Mhaff Is Good

As a result, the roads leading to Lembang and Ciwidey are abundant with strawberry plantations that guests can come and harvest themselves.

The ‘Natural Resto and Strawberry Land’ offers 1.5 ha of strawberry fields in the Lembang countryside, all grown using organic fertilizers.

6 Strawberries_naturallembang_official

Photo via: Natural Lembang

Besides strawberry picking, the restaurant has also been featured in multiple television shows, shedding light to its strawberry-themed menu.

The ‘Gourame Goreng Strawberry’ and ‘Nasi Liwet Strawberry’ are two must-try dishes here!

Photo via: Irfandie, Nicholasac

Natural Resto and Strawberry Land

Address: Jalan Tangkuban Parahu 109, Ciburial – Lembang – Bandung Barat
Phone: +62-878-2552-7771
Entrance: Free
Opening hours: 09:00-19:00

Official Website

18. Cruise the City on the Bandros

Short for ‘Bandung Tour on Bus’, the Bandros was launched by Bandung’s current Mayor, Ridwan Kamil.

The red tour bus resembles a mini-sized London double decker bus, with an open-air upper deck, and complete with an old-fashioned interior where wooden floorboards meet metal railings and stained glass.

Photo via: Bandros Erzonia, Rossi Agung Putra

The 30-minute tour brings you to Bandung’s historical landmarks, such as the Gedung Sate, Dago City Hall, Jl. Braga, and many more. And you’ll also get a tour guide who will explain a dash of the city’s history.

Bandung Tour on Bus

Address: Jl. Indramayu No.66 Antapani, Kota Bandung, Jawa Bar. 40291
Phone: +622-61591010 / +62877-36081998
Entrance: Currently only available upon reservation
Opening hours: 08:00-16:00

19. Shop and dine outdoors at Cihampelas Walk

Built on a hilly slope, the Cihampelas walk (or CiWalk for short) is a mall like no other.

With only a third of the total 3.5 ha of land being made into buildings, CiWalk utilizes a lot of open spaces and decades-old trees.

Photo via: Samuel Mandang – Flickr

Hunt the many local and international retailers available, from Pierre Cardin to Metro.

Once all the shopping is done, grab some grub in the cafes and restaurants lined up along the outdoor plaza.

Photo via: The Travel Apartment

If that’s not enough, the Cihampelas Walk offers activities suited for everyone – a toddler’s playground, video game arcade, movie theaters, karaoke and two nightclubs. It’s a city of its own!

Photo via: Wiedesignarch

The building architecture also showcases the fusion between environmentally friendly sculptures and contemporary abstract design – truly a concept found nowhere else.

Cihampelas Walk

Address: Jl. Cihampelas No. 160, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40131
Phone: + 62 22 2061122
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Official Website

20. Release your Inner Cowboy: De’Ranch, Lembang

Previously an actual ranch, this family favourite was transformed into a leisure park in 2007, and since then, has become one of Bandung’s must see attractions.

Guests are given cowboy costumes and a horse ride (with a professional at bay, of course) to roam the 5 hectares of greenery.

Photo via: Bebaskarpikir, Lianda Marta – Never End Story, Nicholasac

There are 22 activities to choose from, which cost between IDR 20,000 – 200,000 (USD 2 to 15), including archery and gold hunting.

Photo via: De’Ranch

Not to mention, guests can also learn how horses and cows are taken care of – from feeding, bathing, to milking the cows.

You can even purchase the milk and meat – sold fresh from the actual livestock!


Address: Jl. Maribaya No 17, Lembang, Jawa Barat 40791
Phone: +62 22 2785865
Entrance: Free
Opening hours: Open everyday except Monday from 09:00-17:00

Official Website

21. Lay Eyes on the Magnificent Javanese Niagara: Curug Malela

Standing at 70 metres tall and 50 metres wide, Curug Malela can be considered as Bandung’s largest waterfall.


Photo via:  Endar Permadi

Either it’s the distance (it’s about a three-hour drive from the city), or the rough terrain (much needs to be conquered to get there!), Curug Malela is the kind of place that people talk about but have never really gotten the chance to see it for themselves.

So if you get there – congrats – achievement unlocked!

Curug Malela

Address: Kampung Manglid, Desa Cicadas, Kecamatan Rongga, West Bandung Regency, West Java.

22. Wish upon a Meteor Shower at the Bosscha Observatory

You can wish upon a star at the Bosscha Observatory in Lembang.

Trust us, this is a sure romantic way to impress your date. And it makes a great family day out too, to get the kids to learn about the planets and constellations.

One-of-its-kind in the country, the observatory was built in 1923 during the Dutch colonial era, and was acquired by Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1959 for research in mathematics and natural sciences.

Photo via: Nicole Prasna Tumbaleka, Amy Wibowo – flickr

The observatory is only open to the public between 9:00-13:00 on Saturdays (it’s advisable to make a reservation beforehand).

And depending on the weather conditions, lucky visitors can even get the chance to see Jupiter, Venus and several Nebulas.

Yes, you may also get to witness a meteor shower – it’s only visible on a few nights every other month. A schedule is shown on the observatory’s website, so you can prepare to go check it out in advance!

Bosscha Observatory

Address: FMIPA Institut Teknologi Bandung, Lembang, Bandung 40391, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Phone: For reservations, call +62-22-2786001
Entrance: $1 (15,000 IDR)
Opening hours: Saturdays between 09:00-13:00 (visiting hours)

Official Website

23. Go Behind the Scenes of a Traditional Orchestra: Saung Angklung Udjo

Marketing itself as a ‘one-stop cultural workshop’, Saung Angklung Udjo is the perfect destination for visitors looking for an educational entertainment experience in Bandung.

Made from bamboo tubes carved to produce a particular note, the Angklung produces a sound unlike any other musical instrument, and is considered a unique identity of the Sundanese culture.

Indonesia - Java - Bandung - Saung Angklung Udjo

You can attend Angklung-making classes and watch how it goes together with a traditional dance and puppet show performance.

Indonesia - Java - Bandung - Saung Angklung Udjo

Photos via: Stewart Leiwakabessy – Flickr

Udjo Ngalegana, a traditional craftsman, built the place in 1966 as a means of giving back to the community. All proceeds of Saung Angklung Udjo go to the education of local students, most of whom are local underprivileged children in the area.

Saung Angklung Udjo

Address: Jl. Padasuka No. 118, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40192
Phone: +62 22 7271714
Entrance: 60.000 IDR / USD$4.4 (weekdays) and 75.000 IDR / USD $5.5 (weekend)
Opening hours: 09:00 – 15:30

Official Website

24. Ride one of Asia’s fastest roller coasters in Trans Studio Bandung

Split into three areas – Studio Central, the Lost City, and Magic Corner, the Trans Studio Bandung claims to be one of the largest indoor theme parks in the region.

The attractions are correlate with the shows on Trans TV, a similar concept to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

17 TransStudio_Boulevard_AryaVidyaUtama_flickr

Photo via: Arya Vidya Utama – Flickr

Let your kids learn a thing or two at the Science Centre, where the exhibits aim to spark interest in science among children.

Don’t forget to ride on one of Asia’s fastest roller coasters, which reaches an exhilarating speed of 120 kph in 3.5 seconds!

And of course, do join the daily parade of endless laughter through the streets of Studio Central.

After a day at the Trans Studio Bandung, you can shop and dine at the Trans Studio Mall right below the amusement park. Those looking for a remarkable overnight experience can stay at the world renowned Trans Luxury Hotel, a 5-star accommodation in the heart of Bandung’s downtown.

Photo via: Ubs Usg, Lembang Tour, Bandung Brave, Travelicious

Trans Studio Bandung

Address: Jl. Gatot Subroto No.289, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40273
Phone: +6289-9824-0236
Entrance: Weekdays – 170,000 IDR (USD 13) | Weekends – 270,000 IDR (USD 20)
Opening hours: 09:00-22:00

Official Website

25. Take a Boat Ride or Cross the Love Bridge at Situ Cileunca

Surrounded by tea plantations, Situ Cileunca (Lake Cileunca) sits 1500m above sea level where the air is cool and fresh.

This is where you can take a boat ride around the lake and marvel at the beauty of the landscape.

Photo via: Dhany Photowork

Don’t like to get too close to the water?

You can take a stroll along a bridge across the lake, which connects two villages together.

21 SituCileunca_@dailyaima_instagram

Photo by dailyaima

Initially constructed to improve trade between the two villages, it has also brought a lot of couples together. Thus, it’s aptly named Jembatan Cinta (Love Bridge).

Situ Cileunca

Address: Desa Warnasari, Kecamatan Pangalengan, Kabupaten Bandung 40378
Entrance: 10000 IDR (USD 0.80)

26. Art Utopia: Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Established in 1998 by Drs. Sunaryo, the Selasar Sunaryo is an art gallery that captures Bandung’s creative personality, showcasing works by local artists, including that of Drs. Sunaryo.

4 SelasarSunaryo_Exhibit_by DjembarLembasono WilliamNasution_news.indonesiakreatif

Photo via: Djembar Lembasono, William Nasution

Besides the gallery exhibitions, art gatherings are commonly held in the vicinity and occasional classes are open for public, usually free of charge! Be sure to check their website for dates and timings of events or special exhibitions.

When you’re fatigued from walking around the gallery, you can sip some coffee at the ‘kopi selasar’, while enjoying the view of the Dago countryside, for about IDR 50,000 (USD 4).

4 SelasarSunaryo_Cafe_FebbyFamela_ngiderbandung.blogspot

Photo via: Febby Famela Ngider Bandung

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Address: Bukit Pakar Timur No.100 Bandung – 40198, West Java, Indonesia
Contact: Ph: (+62) 22 250 7939, Fax: (+62) 22 251
Entrance: Free
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00

Official Website

27. Take a Dip in the Healing Waters of Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort

After a long day of exploring the city, you might want to loosen up those sore muscles for another day of sightseeing.

Located near volcanoes, natural hot springs have developed over the years and have been used by the locals as a relaxation method. That’s coupled with the beliefs that soaking in the hot springs would beautify physical appearances, and also heal rheumatic, muscular and nervous system problems.

You can choose from five bathing pools, and you aren’t comfortable bathing in public, you can rent the private rooms.

Photo via: Sputnikers

Other activities are also available – you can rent the usual pedal boats for an off-road track!

Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort

Address: Jl. Raya Ciater, Subang, West Java
Phone: + 62 260 471700
Entrance: 30,000 IDR (USD 2)
Opening hours: Open 24 hours

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

28. Buy an Eco-Friendly Pair of Jeans at Firebolt Clothing

Established in 2001, this one-of-a-kind clothing store should not be mistaken for any other stores out there.

Realising the magnitude of carbon emissions in the farming industry, which are mainly due to cotton, the founders of Firebolt Clothing decided to go organic with their clothes.

As a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), their products come from trees that are fertilised by non-chemical means, not exceeding 30% of what the trees require.

And what’s best? These trendy outfits won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Clothes from this outlet range from $10-$15 per piece.

Firebolt Clothing

Address: Jl. Prabu Dimuntur No. 4
Phone: + 62 22 87241379
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Official Twitter Page

29. Trace the Roots of Java at the Museum Geologi Bandung

Often overlooked by visitors in Bandung, this museum harbours some of Indonesia’s most prized artifacts with reference to the geological background of the country, such as landform structures to prehistoric beings.

The collection exhibited in this museum includes a few of the Homo Erectus, believed to be an early form of the modern day human, a replica of the notorious Tyrannosaurus Rex Osborn, and a showcase of rock minerals you never knew contributed so much to our world today!

2 MuseumGeologi collage via AstitiRahayu, RianaPuspita, PatrickManurung

Photo via: Astiti Rahayu, Riana Puspita, Patrick Manurung

Located right in the heart of the old city, several other attractions like the ‘Gedung Sate’ and ‘Lapangan Gasibu’ are right around the corner, perfect for those looking for a taste of local street food.

Museum Geologi Bandung

Address: Jl. Diponegoro No.57, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40122
Phone: +62 22 721822
Entrance: 10,000 IDR (USD 0.80)
Opening hours: Weekdays (09:00-15:30) / Weekends (09:00-13.30) / Closed on Fridays

Official Website

Special Mention: Things to do in Garut and Ciamis

For those who want to seek for a more off-the-beaten path experience in the outskirts of Bandung city, Garut and Ciamis are one of the best places to escape to – a mere 2~3 hours’ drive from Bandung!

Here, we have 5 special mentions that will tempt you to go further!

1) Visit a Traditional Village with an Ancient Culture: Kampung Naga, Garut

Just an hour away from the city of Garut lies a village called Kampung Naga (or ‘Dragon Village’ in English).

18 KampungNaga_Fields_dany13_flickr

Photo via: Dany13 – Flickr

Unlike almost every other village, Kampung Naga still relies on a traditional governance system used since hundreds of years ago, where the Head of the Village is the most powerful person in the village.

As they refraining from using electricity, the residents of Kampung Naga have little or no communication to the outside world.

If you want to visit, you’ll need to inform the head of the village. After which, you will be given a sharing session on how the village is run, and will also be shown around, such as the places where the people farm crops and livestock, and even a tour of one of their houses!

18 KampungNaga_Houses_collage via LinaSasmita_blogspot

Photo via: Lina Sasmita

Kampung Naga

Address: Desa Neglasari, Kecamatan Salawu, Kabupaten Tasikmalaya
Entrance: Free (visitors might be asked for a donation)

2) Soak in the Mesmerizing Atmosphere by the Lake at the Situ Bagendit

Legend claims that there used to live a wealthy merchant who forced villagers to work hard for small wages. And this lake was where she drowned in the tears of the people who suffered under her, along with all her wealth.

The lake itself is surrounded by mountains, and for those looking for a peaceful retreat, look no further – noise levels here are paid special attention by the authorities.

Photo by Andreas Suwardy via Flickr

You can indulge in the atmosphere by renting a raft ride around the lake for as little as 25,000 IDR (USD 2) for 15 minutes.

Photo by Memorabilia via Flickr

Situ Bagendit

Address: Sukamukti, Banyuresmi Garut 44191
Entrance: 3000 IDR (USD 0.20)
Opening hours: 07:00-17:00

3) Hike and Camp to catch the Sunrise: Mount Papandayan, Garut

For most people, hiking up a mountain may sound like a task too challenging to conquer – you have to navigate through the difficult terrain and hostile weather, just to sleep in a tent and eat canned food.

But this is already considered a beginner’s mountain by many outdoorsmen, as you can reach the camping ground of mount Papandayan after only 2 hours of trekking.

Photo via: Untung09

Once the tent has been set, hikers can wander off in the Edelweiss Meadows, also a great spot for watching the sunrise.

Photo via: Stenisia

Another beautiful spot is the Hutan Mati (Dead Forest), which is where a patch of forest and vegetation was burnt off during a volcanic eruption, leaving only tree trunks behind.

Photo via: Pratomo Aribowo

Mount Papandayan

Address: Gunung Papandayan, Karamatwangi, Cisurupan, Garut Regency 44163
Entrance: Free

4) Cheer on an Age-Old Sport: Ram Fighting in Garut

As a Sudanese heritage, ram fights have been held for hundreds of years in West Java. Once every few weeks, a dirt ring is staged from village to village, complete with live traditional music, commentators and judges.

The rams, which can cost up to 130,000,000 IDR (USD 10,000), are dressed up in brightly coloured ornaments and bells.

During a battle, the rams joust head to head, usually for 10 rounds.

14 RamFight

The fight ends when one of the rams flees from the ring, so for the faint-hearted, fret not – there’s no bloodshed involved.

Ram Fighting in Garut

Note: Do ask locals for information on ram/goat fights as the event moves from village to village. They are usually held on the outskirts of Bandung, towards the city of Garut, namely Ciwaruga, Siliwangi and Cilimus.

5) Travel Back in History at Situs Karangkamulyan

This is an archeological site where the remains of the Galuh Kingdom, one of the earliest kingdoms of Indonesia dating back to the 7th century, lies.

Home to several historical objects and monuments, such as the king’s throne, the queen’s bathing area and the chambers holding treasures and weapons, this site is pretty well-preserved to this day.

Photo via: Merdeka, Kaskus

If you ask for a tour guide on the site, you’ll learn some local beliefs – some of the objects on display are linked to superstition, like the prosperity stone, or a slab of rock that is said to increase a woman’s fertility when sat upon!

Situs Karangkamulyan

Address: Desa Karangkamulyan, Cijeungjing, Ciamis, Jawa Barat
Entrance: 5,000 IDR (USD 0.40)
Opening hours: 07:00-17:00

What other special things to do are there in Bandung? Do share it with us today!

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