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Bzzt… bzzt… this is your pilot speaking.

If you’ve got the word “wanderlust” plastered somewhere on your social media profile, today is your day. Get ready to join us on an epic journey round the world – without even having to step out of Indonesia!

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Don’t believe us? Fasten your seatbelts and hang on tight as we take off for the 20 places in Indonesia that totally look like they’re in another country.

In 3, 2, 1…

1. Hello United States! We’ve arrived at one of the most beautiful rock formations in the world, Antelope Canyon.

USA, Antelope Canyon

Photo via willie_sparks

Check out Bangkalan’s Wisata Bukit Pelalangan, which is only second to its sister in the US!

Indonesia, Bangkalan, Wisata Bukit Pelalangan

Photo via bimoluki02

2. Recognise this iconic scenery from all those Chinese period dramas? Welcome to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China.

China, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Photo via galikhanovaa

But wait.. isn’t this in Lampung as well? Pantai Pegadungan is another inspiration for budding movie directors out there!

Indonesia, Lampung, Pantai Pegadungan

Photo via utami58

3. Here, you’ll see Croatia’s beautiful Plitvice Lakes, known for their colour-changing waters

Croatia, Plitvice Lakes

Photo via exploringkiwis

Beautiful, multi-coloured lakes nestled in mountainous greenery? You’ve got to be talking about Dieng Plateau’s Telaga Warna!

Indonesia, Dieng Plateau, Telaga Warna

Photo via nozapristandia

4. Feast your eyes on these natural terraced hot springs in Pamukkale, Turkey.

Turkey, Pamukkale

Photo via pagevibe

Looks familiar? That’s right – you’ll find this snowy white world at Danau Kaolin, a former kaolin mine in Belitung.

Indonesia, Belitung Islands, Danau Kaolin

Photo via ashadinatha

5. The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro may be the biggest carnival in the world…

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro Carnival

Photo via osambista, Emmanuel Aguirre

But just know that those crazy costumes (perhaps even crazier) can also be seen at Surakarta’s Solo Batik Carnival.

Indonesia, Surakarta, Solo Batik Carnival

Photo via gustiantography, fajri egha, fathurrahmanalwan

6. In Kenya, the golden savannahs of Masai Mara Game Reserve stretch on for miles.

East Africa, Kenya, Masai Mara Game Reserve

Photo via henry lin jingang, stephiromay, Laura Bertola

Surely savannahs can’t be found in Indonesia? Tell that to Baluran National Park, and let them prove you very, very wrong.

Indonesia, East Java, Baluran National Park

Photo via chriss1304, angga jap, fahmiluthfillah

7. Prepare for a rocky ride as we head towards Giant’s Causeway, a magnificent cluster of rock formations in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland, Giant’s Causeway

Photo via bertrandlanneau

You won’t believe it, but Semeti Beach in Lombok features great rock formations and some really cool waves as well!

Indonesia, Lombok, Semeti Beach

Photo via ClimaMgta

8. Do you love clear blue skies and even clearer waters? Let’s head to Bora Bora Island, Tahiti, for the perfect island escape.

Tahiti, Bora Bora Island

Photo via martinamitovska, wanna fork

Or Pulo Cinta in North Sulawesi, for somewhere closer to home with stunning Tahitian vibes!

Indonesia, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo

Photo via agrippinaelizabeth, ichan.ikhsan

9. Do you spy those gorgeous bridges, grown out of living tree roots in Cherrapunji, India?

India, Cherrapunji

Photo via formallygormally

Guess what – Jembatan Akar (West Sumatra) is Indonesia’s answer to this natural wonder.

Indonesia, Jembatan Akar

Photo via elicardyvnt

10. Here at Lugu Lake, China, you’ll be awed by its sweeping mountain views.

China, Lugu Lake

Photo via TripCanvas

But that scenery looks a bit familiar… Lake Toba, is that you?

Indonesia, Lake Toba

Photo via sheing.coe

11. Further north in Mongolia, traditional yurts stand tall and free in the Xilamuren Prairie.

Mongolia, Xilamuren Prairie

Photo via vickydemon

… but why go that far when you can get the same grassy beauty at Highland Park Resort, Bogor?

Indonesia, Bogor, Highland Park Resort

Photo via sherlymey, atriathya

12. Glistening pink sand and unbelievably clear waters abound at Balos Beach-Lagoon of Crete, Greece.

Greece, Balos Beach-Lagoon of Crete

Photo via xee rst

But how could any beach be any gloriously pinker than Lombok’s very own Tangsi Beach? Pinkie Pie would be proud.

Indonesia, Lombok, Tangsi Beach


13. Oui, those spots of purple on Mont-Ventoux, France, come from the gorgeous lavender fields.

France, Mont-Ventoux

Photo via dianasuu

And this sea of purple at Oro-Oro Ombo, Mount Semeru, is home to the Brazilian verbena. Different flowers, but same glorious beauty.

Indonesia, Mount Semeru, Oro-oro Ombo

Photo via arditafanisa

14. It’s time to layer up in icy Iceland, where Viti Crater greets you with deep blue waters and colourful mountains.

Iceland, Viti Crater

Photo via akieywanderlusting

And far across the world, Kelimutu Crater Lake wows with the exact same scenery.

Indonesia, Kelimutu Crater Lake

Photo via iramrizkyn

15. Here in Bermuda, the Crystal Cave houses unbelievable stalagmite formations next to clear blue waters…

Bermuda, Crystal Cave

Photo via caketinalacarte, scoutfashion

…Which are two times better at Flores’ Rangko Cave, because you can swim in it!

Indonesia, Flores, Rangko Cave

Photo via tinaedenae, fajri harahap

16. Stevens Gap, Alabama, offers you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to pretend to be an angel descending from heaven.

USA, Alabama, Stevens Gap

Photo via leahkparker, fixitfelixjr

Except Jomblang Cave in Yogyakarta has the exact same view – do they go to the same lighting store?

Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Jomblang Cave

Photo via Zexsen Xie

17. In Arizona, Havasu Canyon’s sandstone cliffs border a scenic turquoise lake, creating a truly majestic view.

USA, Arizona, Havasu Canyon

Photo via travel adventures xo

And this description can almost be copied and pasted for West Java’s Green Canyon – except that here, you can also do body rafting on that turquoise stretch of water!

Indonesia, West Java, Green Canyon

Photo via youkeepustraveling

18.  Immerse yourself in rich history and culture at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, an ancient temple from the Khmer Kingdom.

 Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
Photo via

But wait, Wat? Say hello to Angkor Wat’s temple twin, the 47-metre tall Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta!

Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Prambanan Temple

Photo via courtneysolinger

19. Open your eyes and watch as the impeccable scenery of the Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand, hits you.

Thailand, Koh Phi Phi Islands

Photo via martadelvallepascual

You might just find that you’re not really in Thailand; the Raja Ampat Islands in Papua are just as beautiful!

Indonesia, Papua, Raja Ampat Islands

Photo via th38rother

20. Across the South Pacific, Hobbits once lived on the Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand…

New Zealand, Hobbiton Movie Set

Photo via markjnewtonart

But apparently, some of them have emigrated to Bandung, and are now living in The Farmhouse.

Indonesia, Bandung, The Farmhouse

Photo via nurulroch, iswarakirty, riniutaami

21. It’s steaming hot at Inferno Crater Lake in New Zealand, an au naturale volcano hot spring hidden amongst scenic greenery.

New Zealand, Inferno Crater Lake

Photo via chloeskafte

But when it comes to cloudy beauty, Kawah Putih takes the cake as the prettiest (and coolest) crater in Bandung.

Indonesia, Bandung, Kawah Putih

Photo via Rinai Hujan

Bzzt… bzzt… this is your pilot speaking.

We’ve come to the end of our grand world tour. Who would have known that all these world famous sights could be enjoyed right within Indonesia itself?!

Just grab your bags and get going. It won’t be long before you can say you’ve really travelled the “world”. 😉

Are there any other beautiful places in Indonesia that you think look like other countries? Let us know in the comments below! Or you could stop commenting and GET OUT THERE, wonderful Indonesia is waiting for you (half kidding we love your comments)!

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