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Written by Kristyna Schonova
Assisted by Imron Ramadhan and Geninna Ariton
Edited by Denise Tan

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Skyscrapers, crazy traffic, polluted air, busy streets  – every local and expat living in Jakarta knows how hectic life can get in Indonesia’s glittery capital. Sometimes, don’t you just crave for some peace and quiet when you can finally get some rest?

Just a short 1.5 hour’s drive away from Jakarta’s concrete jungle, you can find a tropical paradise with fresh air and lush greenery. Mornings are no longer dreaded – you’ll wake up to the songs of the birds and sounds of the jungle (instead of your buzzing alarm clock!).

This natural paradise with infinity pools, panoramic views and magical accommodation is closer than you think!

So what are you waiting for? Trade those skyscrapers for coconut trees and views of lush greenery all around at Bogor. Your body will thank you for the weekend recharge at these rainforest hotels where you can immerse yourself in nature. 😉

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1. Little Ubud: Villa Aman D’sini

Fancy a little trip to Ubud? Well, you won’t need to go too far for that now. Villa Aman D’sini has the same relaxing atmosphere, just an hour’s away from Jakarta.

Photo Via Riolec

Surrounded by the spectacular Mount Pancar and Mount Salak, you’ll get to enjoy an incredible mountain view and fresh air throughout your stay. To add on to that, the Curug Bidadari waterfalls in the distance will add on to the surrounding natural beauty, so you can soak in the entire view and immerse yourself in nature!

Photo Via Mya_ramadhani, Emyelianty

Designed to combine modern and traditional elements, the villa provides all the facilities for a comfortable stay while keeping to a peaceful, natural vibe. I mean, how often do you get the chance to watch TV in your own room while taking in unobstructed views of majestic mountains?

Photo Via Yullinetendean

Of course, if you want to have a relaxing dip in the pool, the villa offers that as well, coupled with amazing scenery so you can have you fill of natural sights! In case you get hungry, there’s also a restaurant right next to the villa so you could also drop by to eat.

Photo Via Errel_

Photo Via Ayuandas

No need for plane tickets or excessive spending – just pack your things and head on over to Villa Aman D’sini for your dreamy holiday!

Villa Aman D’sini

Rates: From USD $179 per night (Approximately Rp. 2,500,000) for 2-3 people (including breakfast)
Address: Kp. Garungsang Pasir No.64, Desa Bojong Koneng, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor
Contact: +62 815 800 7776 | +62 816 111 3964 (WhatsApp to make reservations)


2. Nature’s paradise: Jambuluwuk Convention Hall & Resort Puncak

The beautiful wooden design of Resort Puncak will definitely take your breath away. Just imagine yourself waking up to the songs of the birds in the morning, with the therapeutic woody scent to remind you that you’re in paradise. Yup, we’re moved by the thought of it too.

Jambuluwuk Puncak has all the facilities you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay – swimming pools, spacious rooms, and more. It’s like the perfect nature retreat where you can lounge under the trees, admire the beauty of nature all around you, and let the forest be your healer.

Photo Via Rosinierizal 

Each of the 23 wooden villas here is named and designed after the unique concept of an Indonesian city so go ahead and take your pick – would you prefer to stay in modern Jakarta, exotic Papua, or tranquil Manado?

Photo Via Indahyuliarahmasari

Travelling with kids? We highly recommend trying out some of their outdoor activities like the wall-climbing. Otherwise, having fun at the playground or swimming pool are the classic favourites that will definitely be a hit with the little ones!

Photo Via Ayyatri25

Photo Via Drahmatullah

Photo Via Nikodemusmarco

Jambuluwuk Convention Hall & Resort Puncak

Rates: From USD $62 per night (Approximately Rp. 877,393) for 1-Bedroom Villa
Address: Jl. Raya Veteran Tapos 63, Ciawi, Bogor 16720
Contact: +62 251 824 2435

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3. For the adventurous spirit: Le Eminence Hotel Convention & Resort

More of the active traveller? No problem, we’ve got you! 😉 At Le Eminence Hotel Convention & Resort, you can explore a river, stroll along rice fields, or even ride a horse!

Situated on top of the cliff, the hotel offers one of the best mountain views that comes with lush rice fields and a relaxing river. Feast your eyes on the greenery and take in the entire scenery and fresh air!

Photo Via Wai_art

There’s definitely many ways to spend your time here and you’re bound to enjoy the adventure! Choose from the three different swimming pools (one for adults, one for kids, and one that’s heated) to enjoy the lush greenery, or simply ask the concierge for itinerary recommendations – flying fox, paintball, safari tour, or whatever you’re up for!

Photo Via Dikyleo, Shadywahdy

Photo Via Ervira_rosaria, Sugandawihardjo

Photo Via Eve_smr, Triyanygivenshine

Interestingly, the hotel lobby is at the top floor of the building, where the restaurant is located as well. The elevator will take you all the way up with inviting panoramic views of the outdoors – no stair climbing involved, we promise!

Photo Via Karinanggraini

Step in and you’ll be welcomed in by the shiny golden pillars and elegant crystal lamps. Savour it, for this is just a sneak preview of your luxurious nature getaway.

Photo Via Karinanggraini

Le Eminence Hotel Convention & Resort

Rates: From USD $60 per night (Approximately Rp. 849,090) for Junior Suite Twin Room
Address: Jl. Hanjawar No.19, Ciloto, Puncak
Contact: +62 263 512 000

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4. Tranquil getaway from the city: Villa Sawah Resort by Salak Hospitality

Nestled amongst mountainous greenery, Villa Sawah offers panoramic views accompanied by crisp, fresh mountain breeze. Time to forget all about your hectic life and dive in to enjoy the calmness of nature!

Photo Via Jamesyanuar

Photo Via Ratyayuliana, Kurnia_darmawan

The resort here fuses traditional Javanese and Balinese architecture styles to create an authentic Indonesian experience for you. Regardless of whether you choose the room or villa, you’ll definitely have a pleasant stay with their comfortable facilities.

Photo Via Salak Hospitality

All the rooms here come with romantic views of the rice fields, so feel free to take your time and enjoy the nice countryside lifestyle to rest your mind and body.

Oh, and did we mention that they have a gazebo as well? So after a stroll in their garden, you can rest by the river and unwind with fresh air.

The swimming pool here is great for having a refreshing dip in the outdoors but hey, it’s also perfect for taking a few cool shots to flaunt your amazing vacay. 😉

Photo Via Achmadichanfaisal

Villa Sawah Resort by Salak Hospitality

Rates: From USD $31 per night (Approximately Rp.438,697) for Superior Double room
Address: Jl. Cibalok No.99, Desa Pandansari, Ciawi Bogor 16760
Contact: +62 82113311009

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5. Luxurious nature respite: Amanuba Hotel & Resort Rancamaya

With more than half of its space decorated with various plants and trees, Amanuba Hotel & Resort Rancamaya offers a luxurious nature sanctuary for all their guests. We’re talking about a snazzy pool bar and barbecue areas (yum)!

Photo Via Deby_maulina, Irasikebo

If you need some time out from the city, this is it. Relaxing walks in the garden, cooling off in the swimming pool, or just admiring the view of Mount Salak from your favourite spot in the hotel – whatever your heart desires.

Photo Via Ithinxs_

Interestingly, the rooms have a chic modern concept that contrasts greatly from their other facilities, like the lobby, which has a more traditional look with its floral motifs and local art pieces. Sounds like the best of both worlds!

Photo Via Gerry. One

You can drop by The Lounge for some afternoon tea, or head to the Kecombrang restaurant for dinner. 🙂

Amanuba Hotel & Resort Rancamaya

Rates: From USD $76 per night (Approximately Rp. 1,085,800) for Deluxe Room
Address: Jl. Rancamaya No.37, Bojongkerta, Bogor Selatan, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16139
Contact: +62 2518292821/ +62 821 2226 4437 (WhatsApp)

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6. Rainforest Hideout: The Michael Resort Gunung Salak Endah

Do you feel like escaping for the weekend? The Michael Resort is created to help you do just that. It’s the perfect hideaway tucked inside a rainforest and only 3 hours away from Jakarta!

Photo Via The Michael

Follow the steps in and they will lead you to a magical pine forest with a small river and peaceful waterfalls. Yes, you can actually see the natural springs and waterfalls in the resort!

Photo Via Intanprad, Hanny Sudarsono

Also, they take swimming up a notch here with their infinity pool filled with water coming straight from the mountains! The usual morning dip will feel so extraordinarily refreshing, your body will definitely thank you for the amazing experience. 🙂

Photo Via Fitria Arsianti, Nia.fauzi

The villas here are settled in a large garden, surrounded by hundreds of trees and rare Indonesian plants so you’re literally as close to nature as it gets. Within your clean and spacious room, feel free to draw up the curtains – you’ll love the dreamy forest view.

Photo Via Asiana Siantara, Agatharachel

Teatime, anyone? Enjoy some food and drinks at the gazebo to take in all the amazing sights and sounds of the rainforest (or have a romantic meal with your significant other ;))!

Photo Via Harwina, Fahmaemaa

The Michael Resort Gunung Salak Endah, Bogor

Rates: From USD $143 per night (Approximately Rp. 2,000,000) for 2-Room Modern Type Villa (consists of Villa Damar/Pakis/Eboni/Pinus/Cemara/Okaria/Kenari)
Address: Kawasan Wisata Gunung Salak Endah Jalan Gunung Bunder Desa Cimudal, Gn. Sari, Pamijahan, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810, Indonesia
Contact: +62 81807100632 / +62 85217163140


7. Golfer’s must-go: R Hotel Rancamaya

Rancamaya is famous for having tons of great golf courses, and golf lovers who can’t get enough of the sport will definitely love to stay at R Hotel Rancamaya, which has an award-winning golf course just within the hotel!

Photo Via Ms_lisanovia

Being an esteemed guest at the hotel, you’ll be getting 100 free balls to start your golfing adventure! Well, go ahead and unleash the Tiger Woods in you. After all, how often do you get to meet so many golfing enthusiasts, all ready for some friendly competition?

If golfing isn’t enough to make you pant, we bet that the view of Mount Salak and endless greenery from your room will take your breath away. Ooh, and you can get direct access to the lagoon pool too, so say hello to lazy afternoon pool lounging!

Photo Via Retnomujihastati, Jenzainalasyikinhans

Photo Via Ditakiranna

Photo Via Angela_belldrina, Ettylyvianti

One of the most unique things at this hotel is their deer park, which will be perfect for some quality family time! Kids will have a ball of a time interacting with the deer, and it will make for memorable photos to go straight into the family albums too.

Photo Via Minne

R Hotel Rancamaya

Rates: From USD $58 per night (Approximately Rp. 810,600) for Superior Twin (2 Queen Beds)
Address: Jl. Rancamaya Utama, Bogor 16720, West Java, Indonesia
Contact: +62 2518248899

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8. Glamping in the mountains: The Highland Park Resort

Spending a night in a teepee like the American Indians or even in a treehouse? Anything is possible. The Highland Park Resort lets your dream come to life by offering various unique kinds of glamping (a.k.a the usual camping, done glamorously).

Photo Via Atriathya

Choose from the Apache teepee, Mongolian tent, barrack, or the charming treehouse! Each has the basic amenities like hot water, air conditioning, TV, and everything you need to have a comfy stay, so go ahead and pick your favourite!

If you’re travelling with kids, there’s so much you could do for a happy vacation with the little ones! Not only can your kids dress up like the American Indians and take cool photos, you could also try out adventure activities like the flying fox, zip biking, or even the high rope!

Photo Via Sherlymey, Geena1802

For the less adventurous, there’s always table tennis, swimming pools (with waterslides!), and karaoke to sing your hearts out~

Photo Via Faniaptr, Sfarhana

End off your amazing day at the Sky Lounge with mouth-watering delights like the Mongolian Beef Steak, Chicken Schnitzel, or Prawn Bisque soup while overlooking the fantastic scenery!

Photo Via Short-Barbecue-Ribs, Chicken-Apples-Guava-Salad, Frank’s-Burger

The Highland Park Resort

Rates: From USD $67 per night (Approximately Rp.948,150) for Standard Bedroom
Address: Jl. Ciapus, Nangka Waterfall, Kp. Sinarwangi, Sukajadi, Kec. Tamansari, Kab. Bogor 16610, West Java, Indonesia
Contact: +62 2518485777/ +62 855 8132 999

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9. Frolic around with cute animals: Taman Safari Lodge Hotel

A nature adventure awaits! Enjoy an unforgettable holiday by getting up close with the animals at Taman Safari while you stay in their hotel nearby. 🙂 Say hello to friendly deer, ponies, and more!

Photo Via Ahmed7568, Ririn_bearsfamily, Saleh_monawer, Uchie_kawulusan

There’s a range of accommodation options available at the lodge, all exciting room choices that are perfect for an exciting nature getaway! We’re talking about caravans, bungalows, treehouses, or villas that will bring you closer to nature, while having a clean and safe environment to rest in.

Photo Via Taman Safari

Speaking about the rooms, the interior has a contemporary rustic style that gives off a cosy and relaxing atmosphere – perfect for staying in! And you can’t possibly miss the indoor slides in the treehouse (your kids would never want to leave! ;)).

Photo Via Ranggakuzuma

Once you step out of the rooms, there’s so much you could do and explore! Animal lovers can sign up for the Safari Day/Night tour to see the animals in their natural habitat while going around in a comfortable, private vehicle. If you’re up for a challenge, there’s also a 3D haunted house in the safari for all the brave souls who dare to enter.

Best of all, the lodge has many areas where you can enjoy spectacular natural sights such as views of the river and calming flora and fauna. What a way to recharge for the weekend, huh? 🙂

Photo Via Joanasantoso, Riskandria

Taman Safari Lodge Hotel

Rates: From USD $36 per night (Approximately Rp.511,000) for Standard Twin room
Address: Jalan Kapten Harun Kabir No.724, Cibeureum, Cisarua, Puncak, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16750
Contact: +62 251 825 0000/ +62 812 3999 1110 (WhatsApp)/ +62 821 2522 2756

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10. Jazzy lounges by the infinity pool: The Grand Hill Bistro-Café & Resort-Hotel

Whether you’re coming alone, with your friends or family, or your significant other, The Grand Hill Resort has just the right room for everyone. All you have to do is to get ready for the spectacular views of Mount Salak and cool mountain air!

Photo Via Taufik-jatmiko, Abu_dafi

All the rooms have a private balcony overlooking the mountains so that you can enjoy all of the natural beauty without having to leave the room. No frills, just a nature haven all for you to enjoy, without disturbances from anyone else.

Photo Via Olinefs

If you’re really looking to pamper yourself, opt for a stay in a private villa to get your own private pool! Serenity, privacy, lush greenery… What more could you wish for?

Photo Via Mstrmazyon

Now for the highlight – their astonishing infinity pool. The breathtaking view of the mountains and trees in the horizon will simply invigorate your senses. Dive in and enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

Photo Via Aldidwiguna

Photo Via Estikoma, Ameliazachrani

Good news for all gourmands! This hotel offers three different dining places to satisfy your tastebuds. Feel free to choose from a range of international cuisine at the Bistro-Café, casual poolside dining at the Bamboo Lounge, or authentic Indonesian cuisine at the Kupu-Kupu restaurant!

Photo Via Starhero

The Grand Hill Bistro-Café and Resort-Hotel

Rates: USD $54 per night (Approximately Rp. 750,000) for Twin Room with Mountain View
Address: Jalan Raya Puncak Km.84, Tugu Cisarua, Bogor 16750
Contact: +62 858 8829 6259

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11. Adventurous holiday by the lake: Lido Lake Resort by MNC Hotel

When you go on a vacation, sometimes all you want to do is let loose without having to plan for anything. Thankfully, there are accommodations like Lido Lake Resort where they have complete facilities and stunning scenery to create the most fuss-free and enjoyable stays.

Photo Via Resa Sasmita

If you want to feel closer to nature, this resort is definitely a good choice. Here, you can admire mountain views of both Mount Salak and Mount Gede Pangrango at 600 metres above sea level – that means cool, fresh air all year round regardless of when you visit the hotel!

And that’s not all – the quiet Lake Lido near to the resort is also perfect for romantic picnics or just some quiet time away from the city buzz. For the adventurous, you could always drop by Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park where you can catch glorious mountain views, bask in the forest atmosphere, or chase waterfalls!

Back at the resort, there’s more activities to keep your adrenaline pumping! Boat trips, paintball, ATV riding, or even paragliding! Kids will love the playground and the Kido Club that offers fun, creative activities like bag painting!

Photo Via Silfi Tifyani,

Photo Via Candra Irawan

All the rooms here are decorated in modern Javanese style with classy wood flooring and earthy tones. Let’s not forget that you’ll also have a balcony that opens up the room to the refreshing mountain air and beautiful outdoors!

Photo Via Tara adristi

And you don’t even need to step out of the resort for your meals – fill yourself up with various Indonesian and international specialties at Telaga Asri Restaurant where you’ll be treated to a panoramic view like no other.

Photo Via Ruri Panimbarini

Lido Lake Resort

Rates: From USD $69 per night (Approximately Rp. 976,600) for Deluxe Room
Address: Jl. Raya Bogor-Sukabumi Km.21, Bogor 16110, West Java, Indonesia
Contact: +62 251 822 0922

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12. Fitness fanatics’ dream come true: Novotel Bogor Golf Resort

Holidays don’t always mean excessive indulgence! Taking care of yourself spiritually and physically is all part of a great wellness vacation. At Novotel Bogor, you’ll be surrounded by tropical gardens and an 18-hectare golf course to help you keep fit while enjoying nature.

Photo Via Brigitaratri

Work out a sweat in the gym while looking at the rich flora and fauna around you! Whether you’re here for meditative yoga or an intense HIIT session, the relaxing view will help you find your pace and rhythm in your workout.

Photo Via Novotel

Photo Via Novotel

Next up, swimming! The clean waters and open surroundings help to clear your head. Have a little nap with the calming water sounds, or just admire the foliage, you’re free to do whatever you want here.

Showertime can get fancy if you choose to book the Deluxe Room here :). After your workout, you can unwind in an outdoor bathtub while enjoying your very own private garden terrace – I know, sounds amazing right?

Photo Via Brigitaratri

Photo Via Jengmiauw, Palupiiskandar

Ready to head out? You’ll be conveniently located close to some famous landmarks like the Bogor Botanical Gardens and the Bogor Palace, both taking around 30 minutes to get there.

Oh, and the hotel also kindly provides a free shuttle bus going back and forth from the hotel to Botani Square, a shopping mall for all you shopaholics out there, so that you wouldn’t need to worry about juggling your loots all the way back to the hotel!

Novotel Bogor Golf Resort

Rates: From USD $55 per night (Approximately Rp. 785,600) for Standard Twin Room
Address: Golf Estate Bogor Raya, Sukaraja, West Java Bogor 16710
Contact: +62 2518271555/ +62 87785593707

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13. Unwind with fluffy rabbits in the gardens: Novus Giri Resort & Spa

Located in the highland area, Novus Giri Resort is really special. Mystical mountain atmosphere, the view of trees and nature, cool fresh air… Simply put, it’s a perfect place to unwind.

On top of all things nature, Novus Giri Resort adds on to the fun with a variety of activities that you can try. There’s an art gallery for classical art lovers, movie by the poolside for sweet couples, and an amazing spa for those in need of a refreshing massage!

And the best thing? Kids are going to fall in love with this place! Not only are there play rooms and kids’ clubs to keep them entertained while you’re taking a nap by the pool, but kids can also play and interact with cute, fluffy bunnies in the garden!

Adults, too, are welcome to have some therapeutic animal play time in the garden – very calming for the tired soul who wants to let out their inner child!

Photo Via Novushotels

Novus Giri Resort and Spa

Rates: From USD $49 per night (Approximate Rp. 700,000) for Superior Room
Address: Jl. Sindanglaya Raya No.180, Sindangjaya, Cipanas, Kabupaten Cianjur, Jawa Barat 43253
Contact: +62 263511511/ +62 263511335

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14. Seek peace in a soul-soothing mountain hideout: Talita Mountain Resort 2

Imagine yourself standing in a beautiful flower garden, surrounded by the magnificent smell of roses and jasmine. A true remedy for the soul!

Talita Mountain Resort is actually made up of two different resorts with distinct concepts. While one has a more contemporary and modern style, we’re going to focus on its nature-based counterpart here. At Talita Mountain Resort 2, you can enjoy a romantic ambience created by rustic woods and gentle nature.

Photo Via Farahwillis

Aptly named after flowers, the rooms here look like a wooden cabin hidden within the forest, as though to provide you with a little hideout to give you all the peace and quiet you need.

The things you can choose to do here are also equally refreshing, varying from swimming in the resort pool (that comes with an incredible mountain view!), hiking along the adventure trails, to unwinding in a spa. You can even pick fresh mountain strawberries in their garden!

Photo Via Anthonny_the, Fennyoktariza

When you’re done, head to Talita Resto & Café, which offers delicious European, Japanese and Indonesian dishes accompanied by misty mountain views and greenery, perfect for a relaxing dining experience during your stay.

Photo Via Anayohana1510

Talita Mountain Resort 2

Rates: From USD $47 per night (Approximately Rp. 673,100) for Superior Room
Address: Jl. Siguntang, Ciloto Puncak, West Java 43253, Indonesia
Contact: +62 263513348/ +62 263513349/ +62 878 8652 8808 (WhatsApp)

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15. Dream away in a fairytale wooden cottage: Citra Cikopo Hotel And Family Cottages

Far away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, there lies a romantic wooden cottage that looks just like it came out from a fairytale. Set in a garden with bright flowers and a spacious lawn, the cottages at the Citra Cikopo provide a comforting and carefree environment to make you feel right at home.

Built from environmentally-friendly materials, the cottages make for the perfect respite for tree huggers craving for a getaway from the city!

Here, you can get a massage at the spa, work out at the fitness centre, or check out their swimming pool! Ooh, and they have a pool bar for those who would like a drink or two while relaxing by the pool :).

Photo Via Way2east.

In terms of in-house dining, Citra Cikopo has got it right. They have a two-storey restaurant that offers direct panoramic views of the mountain so you can have a lovely meal with your choice of Indonesian, Chinese, or Western cuisine.

Looking for some night time fun? Head on over for some family karaoke, billiards, or a cosy little BBQ session with your loved ones! The staff will prepare the barbecue equipment so all you need to do is fire it up and have a lit night!

The entire cottage experience is so dreamy and interesting that you’ll definitely make many wonderful memories at this fantastical place!

Citra Cikopo Hotel And Family Cottages

Rates: From USD $60 per night (Approximately Rp. 850,000) for Mini Studio
Address: Jl. Arion III km 77 No. 17, Puncak – Cisarua, Bogor, West Java 16750, Indonesia
Contact: +62 2518259111/ +62 822 1031 9441

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16. Recharge in a spectacular riverside villa: Villa Puncak by Plataran

Let the warm rays of the sun graze your face as birds twitter softly outside while you’re in the dreamy comfort of your bed. That’s what you’ll get at Villa Puncak – your own private villa with a breathtaking view of green trees and a river right by your terrace.

With spectacular views and rustic-style decorations, the charming villa keeps it classy and simple with magnolia walls and sturdy redwoods to let you enjoy nature in a comfortable space.

The wide glass windows in the room will let sunshine pour in and brighten up the entire room! Not only would it be perfect for curling up on the rocking chair for a relaxing read, but it’s also great for snapping a few holiday shots to take away some memories of this dreamy stay!

Their villas are really clean and spacious, so they are all ideal for big families of four or more people. While the location can be a little further from the main roads, you can easily get to popular attractions like Taman Safari Indonesia (4 minutes’ drive) and the Gunung Mas Tea Plantation (14 minutes’ drive).

Have a meal at the Kopi Tiam Café, or try out the many restaurants in the area! You’ll never know what hidden gems you might find (and we’d love to know if you found some too!). Otherwise, you can have the luxury of cooking in your own kitchen in the villa!

The quiet elegance of the villas complements the alluring forest mountains and riverfront, promising to help you rest and recharge on your vacation!

Villa Puncak by Plataran

Rates: From USD $197 per night (Approximately Rp. 2,805,500) for Grand Narendra Villa (2 bedrooms)
Address: Jalan Raya Puncak Km.84, Tugu Utara, Cisarua, Kab. Bogor 16750
Contact: +62 82110049400

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17. Go back in time with a heritage stay: Puncak Pass Resort

Nestled amongst the green hills, you’ll find Puncak Pass Resort, a colonial style resort that has been operating since 1928. While the resort has been renovated, the unique design and architecture continues to stand out from the surrounding greenery to create a pleasing aesthetic for every guest. Get your cameras ready guys, you’ll want to take a picture of it.

Photo Via Jacobibrahmovic

Regardless of your group size, there will definitely be an accommodation option to cater to your needs, given the many types of rooms, bungalows, and villas at the resort! The rooms all come with a nice outdoor view and comfortable facilities like a flat screen TV, and wifi.

Can’t get enough of the nature around the resort? Drop by the concierge and ask how to get to the national parks nearby such as Cibodas National Park, Pangrango National Park, and more! They can also arrange for a tour for you so all you need to do is hop on, sit back, and relax!

For an all out nature experience, how would you like to spend a night in a tent in the great outdoors? Those travelling in big groups or are out for team bonding can consider arranging for a stay in the resort’s campsite, where you can go do group activities and get up close and personal with Mother Nature!

Although it might look simple at first sight, Puncak Pass promises exciting activities and beautiful views that’s worth making a trip down for!

Puncak Pass Resort

Rates: From USD $52 per night (Approximately Rp. 744,400) for Superior Room
Address: Jl. Raya Puncak Km.90, Cianjur 43253, West Java – Indonesia.
Contact: +62 2635125034/ +62 87721200429 (WhatsApp)

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18. Home away from home: The Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm

Cool weather, fresh air, and only the most lovely natural surroundings around you at a quaint little European cottage. Yes, you can find that at The Pinewood Lodge right here in Bogor!

Photo Via Enonoenini, Tamiiixox

Be sure to get a good night’s rest because there’s so much to do during the day! Take the time to go swimming, sing karaoke, play billiards, or bring your kids to the tree house with a suspension bridge!

Photo Via Sandra_ira

Cute brick walls, sweet floral couches, and hearty fireplaces – you’ll find some of the most classic European motifs in the cottage to create a cozy atmosphere that puts you right at home.

Photo Via Sandra_ira

More importantly, the staff here promises an enjoyable stay by going out of their way to make your stay pleasant so feel free to approach them anytime for any help that you would need!

Photo Via Yudha-jatayu, lisatjhin94

Photo Via Hanindyafanny

The Pinewood Lodge and Organic Farm

Rates: From USD $36 per night (Approximately Rp. 500,000) for Standard Room
Address: Jl. Gandamanah, Desa Tugu Selatan, Cisarua, Puncak, Kab. Bogor
Contact: +62 2518256776/ +62 2518256432


19. Dive into an infinity pool overlooking romantic rice terraces: Khansa Resort

Wading in these crystal clear waters, you’ll come up and find yourself looking at the mysterious mountains hiding behind rice terraces and tropical greenery. Indeed, the view from the infinity pool at the Khansa Resort is so amazing that it can literally make you swoon.

Photo Via I.ytimg.

The rooms here give off a warm feeling to make you feel comfortable and at ease. With accommodation types ranging from 2 to 6 bedrooms, the villas are also equipped with basic amenities like wifi and room service for a pleasant stay!

You wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise while you’re here (though it might be awfully difficult to get up from your snug blanket in the morning…)! The pavillion here is a great look-out point where you can get unobstructed views of the skies and rice terraces as the sun rays light up the entire place!

Photo Via Villakhansa

The recipe for a perfect, relaxing vacation is as simple as what Khansa Resort offers. All you need is beautiful scenery, comfortable facilities, delicious food, and good company.

Khansa Resort

Rates: From USD $141 per night (Approximately Rp. 2,000,000) for Villa 2A
Address: Jalan Raya Puncak Km. 84, Cisarua, Kab. Bogor 16750
Contact: +62 251 8295098/ +62 251 8295097


Have we inspired you to escape from the concrete jungle of Jakarta into the green oasis of Bogor and Puncak? Are there any other beautiful hotels we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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