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Lombok is home to amazing raw and unspoiled nature, active volcanoes, tobacco plantations, endless powdery white beaches and a rich Sasak culture belonging to people who live in the mountainous regions.

Many travellers have visited the neighboring island of Bali, but few have wandered off the beaten track to discover Lombok’s beaches that even Robinson Crusoe himself wouldn’t mind getting stuck on.
For those who are happy to make that extra effort, to drive that tiny bit further and scale hills and mountains to find desolate beaches, where it is only you and nature, this guide is for you!

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Venture out and don’t wait too long – they might not be the ‘best-kept secrets’ of Lombok for much longer.

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Direct flight (total cost from SGD 324)

Take Silk Air or Singapore Airlines from Singapore Changi Airport to Lombok International Airport. (Flight time: ~2h 45min)

Direct flight (total cost from RM 272)

Take AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Lombok International Airport. (Flight time: ~3h 10min)

Flight from Perth (total cost from 427 AUD)

From Perth:
1. Take Jetstar from Perth to Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali). (Flight time: ~3h 40min)
2. Take AirAsia, LionAir or Garuda Indonesia from Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali) to Lombok International Airport. (Flight time: ~40min)

More booking tips

More tips for the potential Lombok adventurers:

  • Avoid the peak season!

  • Lombok’s Dry Season (also the peak season) is from May to September, while the Wet Season runs from October to April. Christmas and New Year are, naturally, also popular holiday periods. If you don’t want to lose a huge chunk of your future retirement fund, don’t travel here on these dates!

  • Contrary to popular belief, Lombok’s Wet Season isn’t really that bad at all, and if you are not a fan of the scorching heat, the cool weather during this period will put you in a good mood.

    Book your stay in advance!

  • If you really have to go to Lombok during the peak season (i.e. you have children in tow so you have to travel during the holidays or you don’t take advice well), be sure to book your tickets a million years in advance (or as early as possible), because there aren’t many flights that travel to Lombok, and you don’t want to end up sitting on a plane wing or clinging to an engine.

Still not convinced yet? Want more information? Check out the Indonesia Tourism Board’s official Lombok page for a sneak peek at what this island has to offer!

1. Natural beauty closed-in between dramatic limestone cliffs: Pantai Tunak

Surrounded by endless green hills and dramatic limestone cliffs lies a gorgeous bay with golden sand and crystal waters.

Photo via Faztravelog

This little-known beach is tucked away in the national park of Mount Tunak.

Photo via Masarupy

You will fall in love as you trek the hills of Mount Tunak and gaze down the steep limestone cliffs to watch the waves of the Indian Ocean crash onto the rocks and roll down to the beach of Tunak.

Photo via Diditpharm

Legends say that many years ago, Mount Tunak was ruled by many great kingdoms. Tunak Beach is characterized by a towering rock that stands tall just off the shore in the ocean.

Photo via Vitapatiung

Bring snacks and drinks, because once there, there is absolutely nothing but raw tropical nature and jaw-dropping ocean views.

Photo via Rezkyameliawulandari_Yan21yan_

Pantai Tunak

Price/Entrance fees: Rp 2,000 to park your motorbike (Approximately USD 0.20
Getting there: Pantai Tunak is located 85 kilometers from Mataram. From Kuta Beach, it takes just 30 minutes to drive there. Look for Tunak National Park.
Coordinate: -8.951765, 116.393519


2. Planet Superman: Pantai Telawas

Surrounded by stunning limestone mountains sits the narrow rocky beach of Telawas, where impressive waves hit and shape the rocks into intriguing forms over time.

Photo via Lalusopianirsadi

The landscape evokes the feeling of wandering around Krypton, Superman’s home planet.

Photo via Shandypartinn

At high tide, most of the rocks are taken by the ocean, but when the tide is lower, you can actually leap from rock to rock and reach the other islands nearby!

Photo via Adhy_Nata

One warning though, the road to Pantai Telawas is rocky and not for the faint-hearted.

Photo via zilmizola

The nearest place that sells food is 5 km away, so it would be wise to bring along some snacks and drinks!

Photo via Ena_Andrianii

Pantai Telawas

Address: Prabu, Pujut, Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia.
Getting there: Telawas Beach is located at Mekarsari Village in Praya Barat. Look out for Semeti Beach first, as it is nearby and more well-known.
Coordinate: -8.894651, 116.159156

3. Cliff-jumping spot in Tunak national park: Pantai Bilasayaq

Standing on the large and wide sandy shore of Pantai Bilasayaq, caved in between huge rocky mountains, you will feel minuscule and completely overwhelmed by the beauty of planet earth.

Photo via Mrizkyrkt

As the waves roll towards you from the endless Indian Ocean, pushing themselves through a mountain and a rock that towers out strong above the sea, you’ll realise that paradise may actually be a place on earth – probably right here!

Photo via Fajarilyas

When the tide is low, little paddling pools are created in between the rocks, perfect for a warm bath with terrific ocean view.

Photo via Reikhacas

Trekking up Mount Tunak can bring you to the awesome Nirwana Jump Cliff point, where you can dive 9 meters down to splash into the deep blue sea.

Photo via Mrizkyrkt

Afterwards, it’s time to soak up the sun on the white sandy shores. Remember to bring your own food and drinks, as there are no food stalls and most likely not even another soul around.

Photo via Tourlombokisland

Pantai Bilasayaq

Entrance fee: Rp. 10,000 (USD 0.75)
Address: Pantai Bilasayaq TWA Gunung Tunak, Mertak, Pujut Nusa Tenggara Bar.
Getting there: Pantai Bilasayaq is located east of Coast Bumbang, and very easy to find. After arriving at Beach Bumbang, continue up the hill for as far as 4km until the end of the asphalt road. Pantai Tunak is located 85 kilometers from Mataram. From Kuta Beach, it’s a 30-minute drive to get here. Look for Tunak National Park.
GPS: -8.951765 116.393519


4. Egypt Pyramids in the sea – Semeti Beach

You will feel like you are on another planet – Planet Krypton.

Photo via ClimaMgta


Photo via wan_thelone, idanurlaili91

The many stones here resemble the crystal box in Planet Krypton where Superman is born, hence it is also called Krypton Beach. Semeti Beach has rocks that are shaped like pyramids and stand firmly in the middle of the ocean.

Photo via Abu Ihsan al Atsary

The path is extremely rocky and rough, so be sure to wear covered shoes that are slip-proof, as you might need to climb rocks as high as 20m to get to the other side of the rocks.

Behind the rock is where you can get the phenomenal view of Semeti Beach.

Semeti Beach

Address: Prabu, Pujut, Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia.
Getting there: Mawi Beach, Central Lombok, Mekarsari village, 5 km from east coast of Selong Belanak. Coordinate here

5. Tears of Angel – Tanjung Poki

Don’t be swept away by the scenic tremendous waves – literally.

Photo via rosishelmi

While being enraptured by this natural beauty, do remain careful and vigilant and not be hit by the waves. Waves at this spot are very huge and ferocious which create a blowhole effect. The waves can reach the height of tsunamis above 10 metres!

Photo by Loetfi

The big waves make it unsuitable to swim, but you can still fish here. This is a popular location for the local fishing fanatics, and they actually have a weekly competition.

Photo via DiskiEdinya

There are other cliff rocks around the beach which provide photo-worthy opportunities.

Check out this video by Loetfi too! Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Video by Loetfi

Tanjong Poki

Address: Sekaroh, East Lombok
Getting there: Tanjung Poki is a cape situated between Pulau Batumilalang and Repokbaru, and is also nearby to Pantai Sowan. Landmarks in the Tanjung Poki area include Teluk Aikundur, Teluk Pulutiga and Teluk Mangkurun. Coordinate here

6. Waterfall of the Sea – Nambung Beach

Salty Niagara waterfall – this unique waterfall phenomenon is created by large waves crashing against the cliff rocks and falling like a waterfall.


Photo via: top-instagram-nita.fransiska2

The best picture is when you are actually under the cliff, so be prepared to walk through the large waves with waterproof bags. You have to bring your own surfing equipment to ride the waves, and the crystal clear water also makes it lovely to swim.


Photo via: twitter-LL_Herry

But take note – there are neither rental nor bathrooms facilities available at Nambung beach.

Check out the video below!

Nambung Beach

Address: Pantai Nambung, Nambung, Lombok Barat, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia Nambung, Pengantap Village, Senggigi District, West Lombok. Coordinate here
Additional information:
Getting there: Nambung beach is located at the southern part of Lombok. It take 3 hours to drive from Mataram (60km) and enter into the Sekotong region

7. Grand Canyon of the East – Pantai Tebing

There are parts of the Earth which do not seem to really belong; Pantai Tebing is one of them.


Photo via: Gustusevan

It is an extraordinary borough unmatched to its surrounding. A fascinating beauty. This reminds us of the Grand Canyon and is definitely on the visit list!

This unique rock formation was due to the eruption of Samalas/Gunung Rinjani Tua in 1257. Hot clouds of sediment containing fragments of coral resulting from the tsunami were deposited here.


Photo via: Ndragrizzlly

For the brave souls who want to attempt to rock climb the cliff, the limestone and rocks can be loose, so please do take extra precaution!

Pantai Tebing

Address: Jalan Raya Bayan, Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Barat. Sambiq Bangkol village, Gangga, North Lombok. Coordinates here
Getting there: 1.5 hours, 80km from Mataram capital city to the location of Coastal Cliffs, look out for SMPN 2 Ganges.

8. Batu Payung in Tanjung Aan

Note: As of 2019, it has been reported that the rock has been destroyed.

This solitary rock stands out like a sore thumb.

Photo via Agusm123

It appears like an unearthly thingummy right in the middle of the beach.

Batu Payung or the umbrella stone, it is impossible to ignore its existence but that is what makes it beguiling. The façade of this stone changes at different angles at varied times of the day, and it may appear like a human face.

Photo via windarynda

This stone is located approximately 1 kilometre east of Tanjung Aan Beach. The walk to the Umbrella stone along Tanjung Aan delivers incredible views of the hills, and are inhabited by birds and bats.

Tanjung Aan

Address: Jalan Kuta Lombok, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Bar.
Getting there: From Tanjung Aan beach to Batu Payung beach, you have to walk 1 hour across a stretch of white sand and along the edges of cliffs. Alternatively, you can go by boat at Tanjung Aan beach, which will only take about 15 minutes. Coordinate here 

9. The forgotten Heaven – Tanjung Bloam

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Angels must have missed this spot.


Photo via: Herman Morrison

This natural beauty of flanking cliffs and rock stones that stretches beyond the coastline makes it exotic. It has stunning view of contrasting black rock with the golden cliff against the clear blue waters.


Photo via: Lempok Adam

Tanjung Bloam is not easy to reach and offers challenging waves for surfing and swimming.

In order not to be a fool, waterproof your personal belongings and wear sturdy shoes, as the rocky path leading to the cliff is slippery and wet.

Photo via: Fahmieyel Tahaway

Here’s also a Turtle Conservation area, so you might spot turtles on the beach or get to swim with them!

Tanjung Bloam

Address: Jl. Pantai Beloam, Tanjung Ringgit, Jerowaru, Kabupaten Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83672. Coordinate here
Getting there: The beach is located in the region of Cape Bloam Jerowaru East Lombok. It is 2.5 hours’ drive from Mataram. Prior to Tanjung Ringgit, turn right into a small street that is about the size of one’s car. You’ll find a mini pavilion 500 metres from the corner, indicating you have reached.

There is no entrance ticket. You only need to pay parking fees of IDR 5,000 for one motorbike and from the parking lot, you need to walk less than 20 minutes. The path is quite rocky, so covered shoes are recommended. If you drive a car, park your ride on the main road since the path is quite narrow, after which you will need to walk about one and half hours to get there.

10. Snow White and the Azure Blue Sea: Tanjung Bongo

Tanjung Bongo beach is hidden away behind the green ‘Teletubbies’ hills of Bukit Merese in the south of Lombok, just east of Kuta. Most travellers come to see the beautiful scenery at Mount Merese and some discover the pristine beaches behind it, where you can swim and snorkel.

Photo via Karinatasti

Only a few make it to Tanjung Bongo, found at the very end.

This makes it reason enough for you to pack up and prepare for a soft trek to venture out to this unknown desolate beach where majestic black volcanic rocks rest in the sugar white sands, bordered by endless green hills on one side and the azure blue sea on the other, melting the heart of any nature lover.

Photo via Gritmartiviaanggra06

On the way, jaw-dropping scenery will hit you. Climb up the hill to watch the blue sky transform into a painting of bright orange, deep red and soft purple as the sun sets over the island.

Photo via Fathuribrahim

A little charming café is found at the foot of Mount Merese, perfect for refreshing yourself with some drinks and a quick nasi goreng while you are on your way.

Photo via Therealg.Akbarzihadakbar7

And before you head to Tanjung Bongo, remember to bring along some drinking water, because you won’t be able to find any while you’re there!

Tanjung Bongo

Price/Entrance fees: Rp 5,000 (Approximately USD 0.4) for parking your bike
Address: Tj. Bongo, Kuta, Pujut, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Bar, Indonesia
Coordinate: -8.921111, 116.319722
Getting there: Pantai Tanjung Bongo is located 60-65 kilometers from Mataram, taking around 1.5 hours to get there and 30-40 minutes from the international airport of Lombok. From Kuta Beach, it is just 5.3 kilometers. Perfect for those who want to ride on their motorbikes to explore the beautiful landscape of this island.


11. Glimpses of local rural life by the ocean: Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach is a long curvy stretch of sunset beach surrounded by green hills and bordered by the enchanting sea that reflects a thousand shades of blue.

Photo via Shealwayslost

This is where travellers and locals meet.

There are sunbeds shaded by parasols lining the beach, with small-scale surf schools (the calm sea here is ideal for beginner surfers) and local warungs where you can get your fresh young coconuts and nasi goreng.

Photo via Karinalist

Photo via Hanadiahmirabenedict

At the same time, the rural life of the Lombok people continues steadily with fishermen going out to sea and farmers taking their buffaloes out to sea.

Photo via Itsmercjymaiky1202

The ocean blends in with the clear blue sky and green mountains rise up high to touch the clouds.

Photo via Michal-Prouza

Photo via Adhisti3

Selong Belanak Beach

Parking fee: Rp 10,000 (Approximately USD 0.80)
Address: village of Selong Belanak, District of West Praya, Central Lombok
Coordinate: -8.866585,116.159692
Getting there: Selong Belanak Beach is located 49 km from Mataram City. You can reach the beach by car in around 1.5 hours. From Mataram, you just need to take the route to Lombok International Airport. If you have reached Jami Penunjak Mosque, you should turn north until you hit the beach. From Kuta Beach, it is just a 30-minute drive. This route to the west goes through scenic endless green ‘Teletubbies’ hills.


12. Where the waves rule the rocks: Pantai Munah

Photo via Caderabdul

Between two giant rocks a ‘picture perfect’ beach lies in the middle, where deep blue rolling waves drift towards the rocky shore, creating little waterfalls and paddling pools.

Photo via Gilangpratamabahtiar

This is the magic of Pantai Munah.

Photo via Ardepetualang

Some rocks are uniquely shaped like chairs, creating the perfect spot to take in the enchanting scenery while the mighty ocean roars and showers you with salty seawater from time to time.

Photo via Muna-Sakura

Some rocks at Pantai Munah have been battered down by the powerful waves over time and the sun gave them a magical honey-colored golden glow which contrasts beautifully with the blue of the ocean, the white crashing waves, green hills and dark rocks.

Photo via Ajmah_Brown-1

To get to Pantai Munah, soft trekking over one of Lombok’s hills is required. The beauty and happy solitude that this beach exudes while journeying through the landscape may make you feel as though you are walking the grounds of a different planet, where no soul has gone before.

Photo via Icallalujuherwin

Pantai Tunak

Address: Munah, Mekarsari, Lombok Tengah Praya, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia
Phone: 0853-3333-5075
Getting there: The only way to get to Munah Beach is via Tiawas, you will have to venture over a rocky path but once there, you will be rewarded! It is 19.3 kilometers from Kuta Beach, which will take you around 30 minutes. Mataram is 60.6 kilometres away, requiring a 1.5-hour drive to the south of Lombok.
Coordinate: 8°53’49″S, 116°9’43″E


13. Fantasy comes true – Pink Beach

Yes you read it right – pink beach.

Outlandish, picturesque pink beach that look like they are straight out of a fantasy movie. Pink Sand is a result of the tiny red organism that grows on the dead coral reefs.

Photo via: Sisca subakti

The best time to go is before 8 am and after 4 pm when the sand catches the morning sunrays, presenting a nature fascia of grandeur.

The condition of the road can make the trip challenging. If you don’t want to ride on the bumpy road, you can rent a boat at Telong-Elong (village nearby).


Photo via: 2ticketstowonderland, uniqpost, harindabama

The area is still natural and undeveloped, so there’s neither toilet nor shades. Bring your own meals, drinks and cutleries.

Lombok Pink Beach

Address: Pemokong East Lombok, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Bar. Coordinate here
Getting there: Tangsi Beach is situated in Tanjung Ringgit, Jerowaru District, East Lombok Regency, Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. It will take two hour to drive from Mataram or Senggigi.

14. The most poetic sunset in Lombok – Sunset at Senggigi

So irresistible is the beauty of Senggigi Beach, that even Indonesian novelist Mira W. wrote a novel titled Segurat Bianglala di Pantai Senggigi (Rainbow of Senggigi Beach). The pristine beach of Sengigi makes it the perfect backdrop for sunset.


Photo via: itaichsaniamran

The beach provides scenic views of Bali’s Mount Agung and stunning sunsets with the volcano silhouette on the horizon.


Photo via iwan_sumantra

Here’s also one of Lombok’s prime tourist resorts, you can find a legion of bars and dram yourself to the sunset.

Senggigi Beach

Getting there: Senggigi is about 15-20min north of the outskirts of the island’s capital Mataram. Coordinates here
From airport: A public bus service is available from Bandara Internasional Lombok to service passengers wishing to travel to and from either Mataram or Senggigi. The 8 DAMRI buses serving the route are air-conditioned and have a capacity of approximately 40 passengers.
The DAMRI bus services depart Senggigi from 03:00 and are listed as departing every 1.5h until the last departure from Senggigi at 20:00. The bus is meant to take about 1.5h but the trip time may be closer to 2h.

Do you know of more remote hidden beaches in Lombok? Do comment and let us know!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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