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Written by Cisca Lim
Co-written by Nadia Crowe
Edited by Beverley Lennon

While, yes, Jogja may be known for its rich history, amazing culture, and abundance of temples, but it should also be known for something else: its hipster culture! Thanks to its soul, and growing metropolitan lifestyle, Jogja is addictive and those who visit will surely want to go back as there’s a bunch of things to do and trendy places to stay.

When it comes to arts, and heritage, Jogja definitely beats out Bali as the place to be to witness authentic Javanese lifestyles. Thankfully, as the city grows, so does the list of adorable, and most importantly, affordable places to stay in!

$50 can go a long way, and just to prove it, this array of colourful, heritage-filled, and boutique hotels all come under $50 a night which means you have much more money to spend on the delicious local food, nature attractions and more!

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1. Disappear into a hipster Bali paradise!: La Luna Resort Yogyakarta

If historical buildings and grand staircases aren’t quite your thing, you’re in luck! A little taste of Bali’s famous hipster style hotel has arrived in Jogja and you can bet it’s Insta worthy from head to toe.

Faded orange walls, colourful patterned tiles and textiles, and floating breakfasts are what make La Luna Resort Yogyakarta a joy to stay in. You’ll feel like you’ve escaped to the Island of the Gods yet are still able to explore the magnificent heritage in Jogja! Comfy rooms with brightly coloured throws await your slumber, and beanbags are dotted all around for your ultimate pleasure!

Photo Via Maretayolanda.j, Mia
Photo Via Laluna.resort, Maretayolanda

Following a rustic village style of architecture, there truly is no other hotel in Jogja like it, not only will you wow yourself upon arrival, you’ll wow all your friends on Instagram when they see that this place is actually in Jogja!

Photo Via Ditadanie, Ash_bharlly, Laluna

La Luna Resort Yogyakarta 

Rates: From USD $42 (Approximately Rp. 574,904)
Address: Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar No.Km, RW.8, Mudal, Sariharjo, Kec. Ngaglik, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55581, Indonesia
Contact: +62 274 288 3119 / +62 822 7908 0005 (WhatsApp)

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2. This hotel has a swimming pool that looks like a hot spring!: YATS Colony

The best part of YATS Colony is their hot spring-type plunge pool. With traditional Japanese elements popping out all around it, you could easily get lost in time sitting in there!

Photo Via Indriimanda

Designed with respect for the environment in mind, each room is made from recycled materials, and locally sourced fabrics from Indonesia’s emerging artist, Sarkodit, whose collection is explicitly for YATS!

Photo Via Yatscolony, Devinaputrii, Reggyalexander

Another brilliant aspect of this place is it’s co-living style, meaning it focuses on collaborative living. The pool emanates tropical beauty, being an escape from city life and giving you exposure to a variety of different Indonesian flora! Designed to look like a lake, you truly feel like you’re somewhere far away!

Photo Via Kichhayunita, Kelincitertidur, Yatscolony

YATS Colony

Rates: From USD $47 (Approximately Rp. 640,000)
Address: Jl. Patangpuluhan No.23, Patangpuluhan, Wirobrajan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Contact: +62 274 345 1235


3. Slide in to breakfast each morning on a golden slide: Artotel Jogja

Can you imagine waking up each morning and rather than having to walk down the stairs to get to the lobby, you could just slide down? Grand staircases were so last year, it’s all about grand slides now, and in particular, golden grand slides!

Photo Via Merli_sansan, Prafr

Artotel Jogja stands out amongst the crowd thanks to its dark, bold facade. It’s in a bustling part of the town, where you’ll find the centre of local metropolitan life, so you truly won’t get bored here!

Collaborating with seven unique, and talented local artists, Artotel Jogja aims to bring together local influences and modern art creating a truly special stay to experience. With a gorgeous pool free to use whenever you’re feeling a bit hot, and a creative artspace that acts as a gallery to showcase some of the amazing art pieces brought by locals!

Photo Via Arthursigit, Ciwoow, Finisyasw, Igawinda
Photo Via Awinda, Kaniatriandra
Photo Via Emmoymoy, Roca_jogja, J_anadary, Jogjaswimming

Artotel Jogja

Rates: From USD $35 (Approximately Rp. 476,000)
Address: Jl. Kaliurang KM 5.6 no. 14, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
Contact: +62 274 600 0333 / +62 815 7288 9333

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4. Soft pastel and a calming vibe: The Chendela

Bright, airy soft pastels line the walls at The Chendela. From the soft green walls to the baby pink bed sheets, everything about this cute little boutique hotel calms you from the moment you enter.

The Chendela is designed to look like one of those old houses where the doors are wooden panels, and the windows have slats to peek through, it’s charming to say the least! The word ‘chendela’ itself is a Javanese one meaning “window”, and they aim to provide you with the ability to experience Yogyakarta in a glance!

Photo Via J_anandary
Photo Via Bybernardus, Kusliestiantiwi

Centrally located, you’ll find yourself minutes away from Kraton, Malioboro city centre, and the wonderful Taman Sari Water Castle. You’ll just love the convenience of being in a wonderfully designed hotel and being so close to where all the action is!

Photo Via Peonyandherself, Chendela

The Chendela

Rates: From USD $29 (Approximately Rp. 396,000)
Address: Jalan Panembahan Mangkurat No. 10, Panembahan, Kraton, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55131
Contact: +62 822 2094 2865

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5. A secret garden oasis lulls you into a slumber: House of Moedjito

There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with greenery, that’s why garden-themed hotels are amongst the best in the world! The air is fresher, the vibe is calmer, and you always seem to be in a good mood!

House of Moedjito is home to both an adorably minimalistic bookstore, and a pop up coffee shop that will handle your daily dose of cuppa with no problems at all. Designed with traditional Javanese elements that complement the greenery, it’s a complete joy to wander around and admire the surroundings!

Photo Via Ftrns, Wimboprakoso, Pop
Photo Via Moriesadhtya, Houseofmoedjito
Photo Via Ftrns, Abdugp,

Centrally located, it’s only 10 minutes walk away from Jalan Solo, so you’ll find that you have ample opportunity to explore and go back to the hotel to rest in between!

House of Moedjito

Rates: From USD $25 (Approximately Rp. 340,000)
Address: JL. Tribrata I No. 3, Balapan, Yogyakarta 55222
Contact: +62 274 563 702 / +62 857 8007 9427


6. The less, the better?: The Journey Hotel

Minimalist lifestyles are the new in thing. The quiet location of this hotel makes it the perfect escape for those wanting to get out of the city when resting in the evening. A hidden gem, it provides all you need for a mini staycation!

Photo Via Cakwira, Debbypermata, Yeishin

The food is fantastic, the decor is charming, and the creative elements like the little pebbles in the shower really pulls everything together. Take your time exploring the small, quaint surroundings to find the best spot for your OOTD each morning!

Each room is designed in tune with the minimalist concept. Monochromatic grey walls let the wooden backboards and furniture stand out even more, and the colourful tiles placed here and there the perfect pop of colour!

Photo Via Thejourneyyogya, Agniaprl
Photo Via Thejourneyyogya, Madariyanhadi, Imamturmudzi02, Haanhani

The Journey Hotel 

Rates: From USD $23 (Approximately Rp. 313,000)
Address: Jl. Sorosutan No.2e, Sorosutan, Umbulharjo, 55162, Umbulharjo, 55162 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Contact: +62 274 454 7985

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7. For the lovers of Baba Nyonya culture: Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie

Designed to replicate the traditional Baba Nyonya houses, complete with slatted windows and bright colours, Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie is a wonderful and bright place to base yourself while exploring Jogja.

Photo Via Teraathar, Novita_mhs, Fannypatricia_

Rustic wooden exteriors are all around you, and it particularly makes the swimming pool a pleasant place to take a dip in on a hot day! Even though most of your holiday in Jogja will be spent outdoors exploring it’s magnificent beauty, Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie makes you want to just spend all your time sitting in one of their cute corners and reading a book!

Photo Via Indrieningrum, Rqanitaalkhalisa
Photo Via Liakerta

Omah Njonja Bed & Brasserie

Rates: From USD $22 (Approximately Rp. 300,000)
Address: Jalan Sawitsari M1, Condong Catur, Depok Sleman, Yogyakarta, 55598 Sleman
Contact: +62 274 885 645 / +62 878 3421 0005 (WhatsApp)

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8. A Little Vintage Parisian Dollhouse – Lousiana House

Having just recently established its service back in April 2014, Rumah Paris B&B has shot to be quite an overnight success. Despite using only one marketing tool (Instagram), this quaint B&B has been flooded ever since with visitors hoping to get a peek of it.

1-room 1-kitchen-via-kuchays

Photo Via Kuchays

Rumah Paris B&B is especially famed for their unique interiors and vintage furnishing that transports anyone who sets foot in it to old Paris. It is also quite easy to locate due to its close vicinity to the Parangtritis beach. En route to the popular beach, simply take a right turn and there it stands:  the little Parisian dollhouse.


Photo Via Adhitesatya,Farahazzhr


Photo Via Mmaey20

The part about being little does mean it only has around 4 guest rooms to offer, but lucky guests will get to enjoy attentive care by their staff.


Photo Via Elizabethgobeth,Dekapramana

Not to mention, spending a night in the most unique and complete collection of European property will surely be an enchanting experience in Yogya.

Lousiana House

Rates: From USD $11 (Approximately Rp. 150,000)
Address: 2, Jl. Candi Gebang Permai EE 2 RT 16 RW 63 Jetis, Wedomartani, Kec. Ngemplak, Yogyakarta
Contact: +62 212 970 7601

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9. Absolute Wonder of Greeneries – Greenhost Boutique Hotel Prawirotaman

Well, the grass is definitely greener on this side of hotel.

Boasting an eco design and environment-friendly landscape, expect nothing less than being surrounded by lush hydroponic plants on the rooftop garden, and endless rows of hanging vines with cooling fresh air everywhere you go.


Photo Via Nibrasay_

Taking the eco idea to heart, the hotel adopts the green concept to meticulous details.


Photo Via Adhyatama

Rooms are spacious and flow easily with wood materials and white bricks as the minimalistic interior. Eco toiletries such as rice or lemongrass soap for guests are also prepared, providing a nice finishing touch.


Photo Via Victorch

The 3 main elements of wood, plants, and concrete is nicely accentuated with the swimming pool facility. With high reviews from occupants, we certainly foresee a lot of “growing” business for this one outstanding hotel.


Greenhost Boutique Hotel Prawirotaman

Rates: From USD $30 (Approximately Rp. 410,000)
Address: Jalan Prawirotaman II No. 629, Mergangsan, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55153
Contact: +62 274 389 777

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10. Urban Chic and Tastefully Local – Adhisthana Hotel

There are 2 Prawirotaman streets in Yogya and both are home to the hustle and bustle of cafes and hotels for travelers.


Photo Via Waonepinot

Adhisthana, however, is situated at the quieter 2nd one. This quieter location comes alive with its nearby traditional market where you get to soak in the colorful morning scene of locals going about their day in this area.

The hotel’s artsy exterior welcomes you with their signature rows of mounted windows. It is also conveniently attached to Lawas cafe – Adhisthana’s own eating spot with a unique open terrace and wall of cool graffiti doodled up along the stairway.


Photo Via Alderinagracia_2

The homey vibes are apparent in this urban meets traditional hotel. The lodging selections vary from dormitory rooms to the standard types of hotel rooms decked with amenities.


Photo Via Prettylayollamanda


Cleanliness and service are impeccable, and it comes highly recommended. Location-wise, it is the perfect spot to explore Yogya in style, with Malioboro street just about 15 minutes away by foot.


Photo Via Davidferdiaan

Adhisthana Hotel

Rates: From USD $22 (Approximately Rp. 300,000)
Address: Jl. Prawirotaman II No.613, Mergangsan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55153
Contact: +62 274 413 888

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11. Room & Pool With Panoramic View – All Nite & Day Hotel Gejayan Yogyakarta

With the silhouette of the grand Mount Merapi in the distance from the window of your hotel room, every night at All Nite & Day Hotel Gejayan is guaranteed to be a scenic delight.

The boutique style hotel stands tall in the lively district of Yogya.

With a plan to show off the city’s picturesque beauty from above – the rooftop swimming pool and patio makes for the perfect front seat to the breathtaking panorama.

Photo Via Johansyahhs

Overlooking the expanse of blue sky with streaks of white clouds and Mount Merapi, surrender yourself in the breezy atmosphere and relaxing surrounding as you swim along the rooftop pool.


Photo Via Mutyarn

Strategically located at the North part of the city, All Nite & Day Hotel Gejayan is a 3-star hotel that presents guests with clean and modern simplicity.

Just so you know, it is also adjacent to several top entertainments such as Saphir Square, Affandi Museum and Galleria Mall. You get to enjoy great access to Yogya while indulging in the complete facilities All Nite & Day Hotel Gejayan has to offer.

All Nite & Day Hotel Gejayan Yogyakarta

Rates: From USD $28 (Approximately Rp. 378,000)
Address: Jl. Gejayan No. 17C, Gondokusuman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55222
Contact: +62 274 587 111


12. A Royal Castle Fit For All – Grand Palace Hotel Yogyakarta

There’s no mistaking the grandeur of Grand Palace Hotel as it takes the shape of a Roman King’s royal abode, complete with pillars and ornate goddess statues.


Photo Via Grandpalacehotels

This sizeable 3-star hotel continues to impress with beautiful interior setting and decoration, great layout, spacious rooms, swift service, cleanliness, and decent facilities – all of which makes Grand Palace Hotel the best selection especially for travelling in with the children or family in tow.

Nestled in the alleyway away from the busy core of the city, there are plenty of transportation choices readily available at the front of the hotel to whisk you off to a day of shopping and adventure – after a well-rested night at Grand Palace Hotel.

Grand Palace hotel Yogyakarta

Rates: From USD $19 (Approximately Rp. 260,000)
Address: Jl. Mangkuyudan No.32, Mantrijeron, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55143
Contact: +62 274 414 590

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13. A youthful and modern property  just off Malioboro Street! – Ibis Style Yogyakarta

Ideally located in Malioboro district within walking distance, the trusted name in hotel chains – Ibis – delivers youthful vibes with a colorful and pop modern concept suitable for leisure and even business travelers.

Photo Via Imma_mansya,Ggandeshamr

Maintaining the standard of Ibis’ reputation, Ibis Style will not disappoint you in terms of stay and service. Located just behind the high street of the town center, hop on one of the many trishaws or a horse-pulled vehicle to embrace the Yogya evening in style.

Perhaps it is the overall hotel surroundings or simply the Yogya air, because the jovial attitude from the hospitable staff instantly makes everyone feel welcomed and ready for an exciting adventure.

In fact, as the famous Sultan’s Palace and even plenty of other heritage attractions are just 5 minutes away, you’ll be pumped to explore Yogyakarta with that same contagiously good spirit.

Ibis Style Yogyakarta

Rates: From USD $44 (Approximately Rp. 600,000)
Address: No. 109, Jl. Dagen, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55271
Contact: +62 274 588 889

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14. Soak in the vintage/industrial/nature vibes – Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse

This beautiful haven comes with its own (chocolatey) rich history. Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse was originally a small shop selling chocolate cake.

As the years passed, the chocolate lovers behind Pawon Cokelat gradually developed it from a humble shop to the current amazing little hideaway – tucked just off of Malioboro Street, and a 5-minute walk from Yogjakarta Tugu Train Station.

There’s a mixture of vintage/industrial/nature vibes, which come together creating a peaceful accommodation for those travelling to Yogya.

Photo Via Pawoncokelat

From the minimalist rooms and the quaint café, to the vertical gardens, and even a rooftop garden – don’t you just adore how Instagrammable every corner is?


Photo Via Vinsproject89

One of the best parts of Pawon Cokelat though, has to be its convenient location that allows you to travel to the main areas like Jalan Malioboro and Jalan Sosrowijayan easily.


Photo Via Sewingsunday

With good food, shopping and tours easily available, your trip to Yogya will be nothing short of complete!

Do note: If you’re one who needs a good hot water shower, Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse unfortunately does not provide water heaters.

Pawon Cokelat Guesthouse

Rates: From USD $21 (Approximately Rp. 287,000)
Address: Sosrowijayan Wetan Gg. 1 No. 102, Malioboro, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Contact: +62 857 9073 1448

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15. The Priceless International Luxury – The Rich Jogja Hotel

Conveniently placed at the heart of the city, Sahid Rich Jogja is especially favored for having direct access to one of Yogyakarta’s biggest and most happening malls – The Jogja City Mall.


This contemporary 4-star hotel adheres to its standard by providing international standard facilities including a spa, fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurant buffet, and plenty more.


Photo Via Theresiastella

All with a price to beat, to satisfy those who seek luxurious comfort without breaking the bank.

Its theme of modern classic directly makes you feel right at home, with huge and clean comfortable beds plus lengthy choices of breakfast.


While Sahid Rich Jogja is relatively new, it is constantly improving and looking to be the match for other international and reputable big hotel names in Yogyakarta

The Rich Jogja Hotel

Rates: From USD $32 (Approximately Rp. 437,000)
Address: Jl. Magelang KM. 6 No. 18, Kec. Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55284
Contact: +62 274 530 5888

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16. Great for families, there’s much to do here! – Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta Hotel

One of the best finds in this list, Grand Tjokro provides an amazing slew of facilities for such an affordable price.


Whether it’s a romantic vacation, or a family one, couples, or families with kids will be delighted with Grand Tjokro and its offerings.

First, let’s talk about the décor, and the rooms. Boasting grand décor, and elegantly appointed rooms, you’ll be delighted with how cosy and comfortable this hotel is.

Next up, the facilities. This hotel is almost like a resort with the long list of things you can do here. If you’re thinking of bringing the kids along, the family can indulge in a spot of karoke, table tennis, swimming (there’s a kids’ pool!), cycling (bicycle rental is available), and even a family BBQ.

For the adults, there’s also a bar for those well-deserved drinks (and babysitting services should you need it), and a convenience store and gift shop just in case you need anything.

Feel free to head down to the sauna or the spa for a relaxing massage anytime too. A holiday at Grand Tjokro will pretty much be relaxing and unforgettable.

Grand Tjokro Yogyakarta Hotel

Rates: From USD $31 (Approximately Rp. 423,000)
Address: Jl. Affandi No.37, Karang Gayam, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta
Contact: +62 274 642 9100

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17. Pop into a quirky minimalist hotel – POP! Hotel Malioboro

With its quirky and colourful concept POP! Hotel Malioboro reminds us a little of the famous capsule hotels in Japan.

It’s a clean and no frills place to stay in – if you’re looking for a fun, simple, and conveniently located hotel. Just a short walk away from Malioboro, and Sosrowijayan, POP! Hotel Malioboro very simply provides what you need as you holiday in Yogya.

Free WiFi in your room and public areas, heated shower, and better yet, access to the best places around.

For shopping, eating and all that jazz, hit up Malioboro and Sosrowijayan. For some culture and sight-seeing, Sultan Palace is only 3km away!

If you’re feeling hungry, there’s also an in-house café that will ensure you are hungry no more.

POP! Hotel Malioboro

Rates: From USD $22 (Approximately Rp. 301,000)
Address: Jalan Gandekan No. 92, Jl. Gandekan, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55272, Indonesia
Contact: +62 274 642 9711

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18. See the emoji wall in this creatively designed (newly opened) hotel – Kalya Hotel Yogyakarta

The newest Tune Hotel in Indonesia, Tune Hotels Yogyakarta has an interesting minimalist/futuristic concept. You’ll see a hint of it the moment you step into the lobby and see a wall of cute emojis.

Apart from that, everywhere you turn and look in this particular hotel gives off a distinctly creative vibe with its interesting design elements.

Photo Via Expedia

Another place that will fill your Instagram feed with ton of the cutest photos, Tune Hotels Yogyakarta also has a great pool for you to swim and chill in.


Photo Via Raflimahreza

The rooms include free WiFi and even rain showers! Of course, you can’t stay indoors throughout your vacation – you will be happy to know that attractions such as Kekayon Museum and Gembira Loka Zoo are a leisurely 30-minute stroll away.


If you don’t wish to walk, you may also check with the concierge on getting around or renting a car (Malioboro Street is a short 6km drive away!).

Kalya Hotel Yogyakarta

Rates: From USD $18 (Approximately Rp. 246,000)
Address: Jl. Gedongkuning Selatan, No. 118 Kotagede, 55172, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Contact: +62 274 371 225

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Special Mention: Historic Fusion of Dutch and Java – The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta

You will be hard pressed to find a bad review of The Phoenix Hotel, which is why this list simply had to include this invaluable 5-star gem that’s worth every cent splurged.


The architecture of this property is heavily influenced by the Dutch Colonial era, as the hotel dates back to 1918 where the Dutch once occupied Java’s development.


The heritage hotel is located in the first class area of downtown Yogya, far from city commotion but still within walking distance to Malioboro. Borobudur and Prambanan are also within easy reach from it.


The exclusivity of the area is enhanced further by the hotel’s combination of refined classic settings with cultured Javanese values. Elegant atriums and courtyards are accompanied by the soothing sounds of gamelan, while the fragrant spa and swimming pool are alive with atmospheric lighting.

Its epic journey from changing hands has seen consistent upgrades and upkeep that carry significant historic value for almost a century now.


Persisting through age and changing eras, the Phoenix Yogyakarta Hotel will forever be a part of Yogyakarta’s long love affair.


Photo Via Michellenethaa

The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta

Rates: From USD $52 (Approximately Rp. 710,000)
Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.9, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233
Contact: +62 274 566 617

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Could Jogja be more hipster than Bali? Looks like it! Tag all your bohemian friends below!

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