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Co-written by Nadia Crowe, Jiayi Ng and Beverley Lennon
Edited by Beverley Lennon

There’s nothing like a meal with a magnificent view.

In Bali, not only can you get to stay in amazing places with gorgeous views, but diners are also spoilt with a diverse array of delicious options to choose from – from spectacular sunsets by the cliff’s edge to watching the morning fog slowly giving way to the morning sun in lush valleys.

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Sometimes, the views get so mesmerizing that tasting takes on elevated levels of pleasure.

Here, we’ve found you 27 restaurants with the most spectacular views in Bali.

What are you waiting for?

1. Dine to the calming sounds of rushing water – Golden Valley Breeze-Eco Cafe 1

Bali is full of surprises, just when you think you’ve heard of every waterfall there, another one pops up on the list. As was the case for this one; the only difference? An eco friendly cafe located a shocking 25m away from the gushing beauty!

Feel the cooling mist lightly spray your face while you munch on delicious indonesian food, thanks to the surrounding lush jungle, the roaring of the water isn’t the only sounds you’ll be hearing. You’ll also be blessed with the sounds of the forest! Birds chirping, leaves rustling, all complemented by the soothing noise of flowing water. There isn’t a better place to unwind!

Photo Via Zalispinner

Did we mention that you can also learn how to cook their delicious food? Directly in front of the waterfall too! The cafe is run by the Bali Mountain Women Cooperative, which is part of an incredible program where the local women are empowered to establish careers, earn a living, and teach their skills.

Photo Via Mang-Ello, Boetmiens, Lee_ig

Not only that, the most famous coffee in Bali (Kopi Luwak) is produced here, and ethically we might add! So if you’re looking to sample some of the delicious drink, we highly recommend this place over others where the poor civet cats are caged.

To get to this place, you need to walk along the path and down the valley. Then, follow the mysterious small bridge. Before leaving, make a stop by the Bali Mountain Women Coffee Cooperative office, to find out more about their initiative and what you can do to support!

Golden Valley Breeze-Eco Cafe 1

Price: From Rp.30,000 (approximately USD $2.15)
Address: Munduk, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152. Koordinat di sini
Contact: +62 813 387 38007
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 5pm


2. Stay and dance away the night alongside the colours of the sky – Rock Bar at AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI

In what I would consider the most unique bar in Bali, you can experience luxury, style, and romance. Rock Bar hangs over a cliff, allowing you to get as close to the horizon as you can, giving you unrivalled views of the sun dipping under the waves as day turns to night.

Photo Via Gotravel_guide

It’s perfect for experiencing one of Bali’s magnificent sunsets, a place where you can watch the colours of the sky dance and change, from clear blue to the most dazzling hues of pink, purple, and orange. You may even be so mesmerised that you almost forget to take photos! Make sure you capture this once in a lifetime moment, and share it with all your friends.

Photo Via Devenir_rentier_immobilier, TripCanvas, Doris_travel

A soft sea spray against the rocks, coupled with music from an array of different international DJs means you’ll be able to dance with the world whilst your skin is soothed from the cool salty air.

And since you’ve successfully paired the views with cocktails and snacks, you might want to stay longer and indulge in their exclusive Mediterranean menu with a selection of mouth-watering seafood dishes. Regulars favour their Grilled Octopus and their King Prawns but the Lamb Loin does not go unnoticed either.

Photo Via Sherlyrsln, Irene_yiyuting
Photo Via Yifeis, TripCanvas, Mimi._.kong_

As the final moments of light finally leave you, you’ll find yourself being enveloped by the soft glow of hundreds of candles dotted around the tables! Truly an experience you can’t miss. It’s so exclusive that you’ll have to be a guest as the resort to be able to have access to this bar (Note: As of October 2020, Rock Bar is opened to inside guests only)

Rock Bar at AYANA Resort and Spa, BALI

Price range: Rp.65,000 – Rp.600,000 (USD $4.63 – USD $42.76)
Address: Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 702 222
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 4 pm – 12 am; Fri – Sun 4pm – 1am.
Dinner from 7pm-11pm (Last order 10 pm)
Dress Code: Smart attire is required at ALL times. No singlets, board-shorts, alcohol-branded attire will be permitted. In adherence to security measures, backpacks are also not allowed at Rock Bar.


3. Experience the Venice of Bali – Kamandalu Picnic

Have you ever wished of visiting Venice because you want to ride in one of those gondolas? Well now you can, and not only that, you can enjoy a romantic brunch on it as well! Can you just imagine floating down the river, surrounded by lush green jungle, feeding the love of your life sweet fruits? You can make your dreams turn to reality at Kamandalu Resort Ubud.

There are plenty of different picnic lunches to choose from, our favourite? On the boat! All food is prepared fresh and served to you on a boat which is set exquisitely. If you feel like you want to try and row your sweetheart, that’s completely fine! Though we recommend letting one of the hotel staff do it so you can sit back and relax in each others arms. Don’t forget to take a picture of this beautiful memory!

Photo Via Ninjarod, Lna_shop

In addition to lunch on the boat, you can also enjoy this picnic lunch at Vedika Restaurant that has beautiful views of the rice terraces, or on The Tree Deck with a thriving jungle!

Photo Via Jovana_kvrzic, Rentist.id_
Photo Via Lna_shop-2

In case any of you were wondering, to experience the amenities of this five star resort, you don’t need to stay overnight! Due to high demand we suggest making reservations in advance, the available slots are very limited.

Kamandalu Picnic

Price: From Rp1,080,000++ (approximately USD $77) per couple
Address: Jalan Andong, Banjar Nagi, Ubud, Bali 80571
Contact: +62 361 975 825
Opening Hours: Starts at 12pm for a duration of 1.5 hours


4. Let your heart soar over jungles – D’Alas Warung

Just a stone’s throw away from the famous Tegalalang Rice Field Terraces, D’Alas Warung does not only offer a variety of food to fill the stomach but also beautiful, natural scenery and exciting rides that you can try.

Choose a table with an amazing view, and you won’t regret it! Good food and an unrivaled vista make for a happy stomach. When it comes to food choices, you almost couldn’t go wrong with any choices. They have a variety of different cuisines that you can mix and match from their menu featuring traditional, western, vegetarian, and even Indian dishes.

Photo Via D.alas_warung

Even if you have special requests for your menu, the chef at this restaurant is more than happy to make it happen.

Without a doubt, we recommend getting the mixed rice and satay wrap, but if you’re in the mood for something a little heavier, there’s also the Balinese style fried rice that’s super delicious!

While waiting for your food to be served on the table, don’t just sit there! There are a multitude of different interesting spots that would make for beautiful photos. I mean, how could they not look amazing, the scenery itself is incredible!

If you’re feeling a little antsy, there’s one other thing that you can do here that may get your  blood pumping – a swing that goes off the edge of a valley! Just imagine your feet swinging over the lush forest below you, and feel your heart soar with joy! Any daredevils care to look down?

Photo Via Coco_liying, Jinnyim
Photo Via Yyuna.chan, Savouring_happiness_1111, Ianthebrave

D’Alas Warung

Price: From  Rp.15,000 (approximately USD $1.10) for drinks and Rp.30,000 (approximately USD $2.20) for food
Address: Jl. Raya Pujung Kaja, Sebatu, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561.
Contact: +62 361 902 110
Opening Hours: Mon–Sun 10am-6pm


5. Be humbled by the famous Mt. Batur – The Lookout Resto & Bar

A little further up north, where the air is cooler and fresher, there’s a place that will give you the most wonderful views of Mount Batur, a humbling volcano that’s very much still active!

Photo Via Gardnersgoneglobal

Enjoying a lavish buffet of Indonesian and Balinese specialties all day while revelling in the sheer size and beauty of the volcano. It’s an experience that’s essential to any Bali itinerary! Thanks to the crisp air, you’ll be able to sit outside without worrying about sweating too much, enjoy the changing colours of the sky and watch it illuminate Mount Batur!

Photo Via Sunkissed_cat

In terms of food, start your meal with a thick Pumpkin Soup, it’ll provide you with a warm aroma of ginger, setting you up perfectly for their next delectable dish – the Fish Sate Lilit.

Photo Via Hennihendria

The Lookout Resto & Bar

Price: From Rp. 35,000 (approximately USD $2.50)
Address: Jalan Raya Penelokan, Kintamani, Bali 80652.
Contact: +62 366 52525; +62 81 239 399 293; +62 87 762 447 177
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 8am – 4pm

6. Watch the sun dip into the ocean at one of Bali’s most romantic locations – Crystal Blue Ocean Grill at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

Overlooking the soft blend of sea and sky lies a rustic wooden overhang, on it a dining spot just for two facing the Indian Ocean and the ever changing colours of the sky. This is what you’ll be greeted with when you visit the Crystal Blue Ocean Grill. Situated next to a calm, tranquil pool, and surrounded by cool wind blowing against your skin, dinner will be a most relaxing affair!

Photo Via Priskilanana

The chef’s specialty? Modern mediterranean, so definitely ask your waiter for one of their recommended dishes, eating it next to the salty air will be very worth your while.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting on a Thursday, you can experience what they call ‘spices of the east and the west’ along with a traditional Balinese cultural dance show. Sample foods being prepared right in front of you, and the best part? Go back for more as many times as you want!

Make sure to ask the waiter for their best selections of wine to pair with your meal, you’ll find yourself unwinding more with each sip, and savouring each blend of savoury and sweet you get from each bite of food.

Photo Via Rochelineabigail, Sammiglx, Wandereye23

If you’re willing to shell out a little more, Samabe offer one of the most unique dining experiences available in Bali. The mouth of Samabe cave sits right on the beach, just in front of the ocean, and it’s the perfect place for a little seclusion, a little romancing, and a little love.

Photo Via Fofdancerbali, Alex_brain, Elena_0211, Samaberesort

Crystal Blue Ocean Grill at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

Price: Mains from Rp.145,000 (approximately USD $10.33)
Address: Jl Pura Barong-Barong Sawangan, Nusa Dua 80363, Bali – Indonesia,
Contact: +62 361 8468633
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 11pm


7. Indulge your soul in greenery! – Warung Bamboo

Is there anything better than surrounding yourself with greenery? Being able to be out in the open, where the fresh air will invigorate your lungs, where the cool breeze will send your skin relief from the humidity, and where your eyes can marvel at the gorgeous views.

Photo Via Warungbamboobali

At Warung Bamboo you can enjoy all your meals under a wooden hut made from bamboo, situated right next to a vast expanse of paddy fields, it transports you back in time! Or if you’re feeling like getting even closer to nature, you can have a seat at one of the beanbags on the grass. Dig into some sticky pork ribs and enjoy some traditional Balinese food whilst revelling in the sounds of nature, more often than not, you’ll be entertained by a choir of birds, the perfect playlist to soothe your digestion.

Photo Via Warungbamboobali
Photo Via Miu_loves_food, Warungbamboobali, Warungbamboobali

Don’t forget to save time for taking photos! Warung Bamboo features an adorable heart shaped chair made from… you guessed it, bamboo! How perfect would a snap of you overlooking the emerald green sea of padi fields look on your instagram? A memory to last a lifetime! They also have a set of swings that you can play on, just what you need after a nice hearty meal.

Warung Bamboo

Price: From Rp.85,000 (approximately USD $6.10), From Rp.135,000 (approximately USD $9.70) for a half rack of ribs
Address: Jalan Raya Bypass Munggu – Tanah Lot,Munggu (1,232.15 mi) Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80351
Contact: +62 811 3985 828; +62 811 3985 644 (WhatsApp)
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 9.30pm


8. Match your seafood culinary delights with ocean hues (seafood) – Seasalt Seminyak

When it comes to living the high life, seafood reigns supreme at this vibrant open-kitchen restaurant that serves Japanese-inspired meals  with a whole new definition!

Located on the seaside of Bali, Seasalt Seminyak – a decoratively decadent eatery (famed for its coastal dining concept) gives seafood the gratuitously luxurious twist it needs. Who wants a boring seafood platter when you can have a jumbo fish baked and served in sea salt, as though it was hidden under the sand… while a few seashells adorn your delectable meal and give it photo-worthy opportunities (order their White Snapper!).

Photo Via Agusmahatma, Nishaary_

If you are a fan of treats from the ocean prepared in creative, unique and mouth-watering ways, dining at Seasalt Seminyak will be a pleasure, especially because your meal gets naturally salted while you sit by the ocean.

Photo Via Oneworldjustgo

The fine dining restaurant sources its seafood from the surrounding ocean so you can always expect the freshest selections used for their superb quality oceanic dishes. The chefs master the art of magnifying the flavours of high quality and fresh ingredients – such as the Miso-honey roasted butterfish with carrot puree and pickled carrot.

Photo Via Foodirectory, Foodiegodisland, Calxcape, Davidartwales

While you savour fantastic seafood, relish in the magnificent ocean views; there’s something wonderfully tactile about eating food from the sea by the sea — cracking through claw, slurping shell and dipping fingers into lemon-scented bowls while ocean breeze runs through your hair…

Photo Via Achasinaga

Of course, if you were to ask us, it helps enormously that seafood goes very well with a glass of crisp white wine 😉

Seasalt Seminyak

Price: From Rp. 135,000 for mains (approximately USD $9.80)
Address: Jalan Taman Ganesha No. 9, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Contact: +62 361 3021 889
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 11pm


9. Come for the best combination of nature’s wonders – Waka Bar & Restaurant at WakaGangga Boutique Resort

Sunset is never a casual ritual at Waka Bar & Restaurant. Booking a table here lets you set your gastronomical groove to the beat of a gorgeous beach view.

There is nothing quite like the five-senses experience this restaurant guarantees. As you sit down to soak in the rosy glow of the evening illuminating the black sand beach, indulge in a glass of world-class wine and a glorious dinner as the ball of fire drops into the ocean, turning day into night, sights into flavours and scents.

Photo Via Ren.fonseca
Photo Via Birgittaajeng, Ren.fonseca

You’re never quite sure what the spectacle will be like at Waka Bar & Restaurant but whatever colour the sky decides to turn into, you’re always in for an astonishment. Needless to say, things take an even better turn in the kitchen as the chef prepares to surprise you.

Photo Via Wakagangga

The culinary concoctions at this scenic restaurant are perfectly executed with a mix of local flair, fresh ingredients and an extensive choice of international dishes too.

Photo Via Wakagangga

If you’re here to impress, call up to reserve their candlelit dinner that is presented with a live lobster menu. The live lobsters you’ll indulge in are freshly caught off the resort’s beach by the fishermen from Yeh Gangga village, using centuries-old fishing techniques and bamboo traps!

Photo Via Wakagangga

Waka Bar & Restaurant at WakaGangga Boutique Resort

Price: Rp.60,000 – Rp.240,000 (Approximately USD $4.26 – $17)
Address: Gangga Beach, Desa Sudimara, Sudimara, Tabanan Sub-District, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82151, Indonesia
Contact: +62 877 5786 2341
Opening hours: Mon–Sun 7am – 11pm (Last order at 10pm)


10. On top of the world with a view of Mount Batur – The Amora Bali Restaurant

A few hundred feet above, a magnificent view of Mount Batur later… Welcome to The Amora Bali.

Photo Via Tole_meong19

This cloud-grazing restaurant takes your dining date to the next level (literally) by offering a million-dollar view.

Photo Via Vr360rovers,Captain8710

Highlights (beside the view) are local delicacies from the surrounding harvest, which are great in taste and reasonably priced too.

While your date is caught up with the views of Mount Batur and its lake, it’s time to get on your knees…   With a YES guaranteed, this can be the start of your new journey!

Photo Via Danieledellavallentp

The Amora Bali restaurant

Price:  Food from Rp 200,000 per person (Approximately USD $ 15)
Address:  Jl. Raya Penelokan No.999, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Bali, 80652, Indonesia
Contact: +62 819 16284402; +62 81805511955 (WhatsApp)
Opening Hours: Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 4pm


11. Yoga with volcano views at Blue Earth Village

Breathtaking views, relaxed vibes and a unique concept built around sustainability – that’s Blue Earth Village for you!

If you are a lover of everything green, here’s a cozy space built wholly out of bamboo and recycled wood. You’ll love to lounge around on the balcony that opens up to a picturesque landscape of Mount Agung and mingle with a community of like-minded sustainability enthusiasts (the usual crowd!).

Photo Via 7kkkkkkkkkatie

Practise your yoga moves against the backdrop of the ocean, rainforest and the volcano. You’ve got the best of all worlds! And if you are new to the art, who knows, you might even stumble upon a free yoga workshop to learn new poses, as this restaurant even doubles up as a yoga studio!

Photo Via Shenayoga

Gather up for movie nights and pub quizzes in the evenings, and dig into their delicious gluten-free pizzas while watching a magnificent sundown over the Jemeluk Bay.

Photo Via Tomcurtis, Adrien_lvs

Blue Earth Village

Price: Rp 40,000 – Rp 70,000 (approximately USD $2.80 – $ 4.90)
Address: Jl. Raya Amed, Bunutan, Abang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80852, Indonesia
Contact: +62 821 45543699
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 12pm  – 10pm


12. The height of fresh – L’Altitude at Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort (Temporarily closed)

Located in the Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort, L’Altitude is aptly named for its height and sweeping widespread views of rice terraces. These beautiful rice paddies, layered in a cascade of emerald green fields, lush greenery, and scintillating water, provide an unparalleled backdrop for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all three!).

Photo via Aylaigusti

Renowned for its healthy menu options with locally grown ingredients sourced from the surrounding areas, L’Altitude is a perfect getaway for a meal with a view.

Photo via Innaiffah

Its prime location offers cooler temperatures, which is a refreshing break from the heat – imagine a scrumptious, exotic meal served as you gaze out at the hills, mountains, and jungle greenery. We can’t think of a better way to fill your tummy!

Photo via Aarivai72

L’Altitude Restaurant @ Angsana Saranam Wellbeing Resort

Price: From Rp.99,000 (approximately USD $7.10) for mains
Address: Jalan Raya Baturiti, Desa Br. Pacung, Baturiti, Tabanan, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82191, Indonesia
Contact: +62 368 21038
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 6am to 10pm


13. Be dazzled by rice terraces views – Boni Restaurant

Tired of beaches? Looking for more soothing views while you press the pause button on the partying?

Stop by the delightful Boni Restaurant while you plan your trip to the Tegallalang rice terraces and find your very own ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ moment!

Photo Via Myminue, Marzacpete
Photo Via Komang_balidrivertour

Every Bali trip is incomplete without a visit to the emerald green rice terraces, and at Boni Restaurant you are guaranteed the seats with the best views.

Enjoy a traditional meal perched overlooking the vast and stunning rice fields and fall in love with the serene rustic side of Bali. We hear that the delicious Nasi Bakar makes the gorgeous views even better!

Photo Via Doctortour
Photo Via Cashkoo, Yana_si

Boni Restaurant

Price: From Rp. 250,000 (approximately USD $17.36)
Address: Jl. Pakudui, Kec.Tegallalang, Ubud, Kedisan, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 38841348
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 9am – 6pm


14. Swim at the infinite edge of a tropical jungle – Jungle Fish

Be prepared to be stunned by the amazing views of the jungle while you take a swim in a clear turquoise infinity pool, right on its edge.

Photo Via Maarjavanags
Photo Via Whatsthehelen

Nestled in Ubud, Jungle Fish is a one-of-a-kind jungle bar that offers you the most lush green views of the rainforest. This is the chance for all you water babies to return to your natural habitat!

Guess what, they actually call themselves the “no beach… beach club” – you have the mandatory pool, bar, and lounge decks (which you can get access to for Rp.150,000 or approximately USD 10.50), just not the sand and sea!

Well, who needs the beach when you are a forest sprite?

If you are just in a mood for just a meal, head over to the overhead restaurant and get treated to the full view of the pool and the emerald Osh River Valley beyond. The whole atmosphere here takes you out of this world!

Photo Via Reytownz, Taraleighbest, Renatamichella
Photo Via Biancaxray
Photo Via Myfoodiereview, Jiyeonchoi71, Nuizaru, Chandra.wijaya.putra_

Jungle Fish

Entrance fee: Rp.350,000 (approximately USD $25) for Adults including Rp.200,000 food and drink credit, Rp.175,000 (approximately USD $12.50) for Kids
Address: Chapung Se Bali Resort, Jl. Raya Sebali, Kelusa, Payangan, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 8989102
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 7.30am – 10pm


15. Clifftop dining with dramatic ocean views- The Cliff Restaurant at Ulu Cliffhouse

Take your dining experience to a whole new height (literally), atop a cliff!

Launched at the end of year 2017, Ulu Cliffhouse’s opening event involved a massive pool party where you can dance to the groovy sounds of well-known DJs and all-day champagne flow!

Photo Via Regis.guyot_

Too bad if you only know about it now, but it’s never too late to head over for a meal with a view or at least a few cocktails and munchies!

Photo Via Annatills

Restaurant, but also a beach club, Ulu Cliffhouse is set on a clifftop in secluded Uluwatu. Besides the view; you might also catch sight of a couple of hot golden-skin surfers, easily detectable with their sun-bleached sandy curls and a pretty good set of abs!

Photo Via Eltaamelia

If that does not convince you yet, keep reading:

We’d like to think that Ulu Cliffhouse is the next big daddy of the many beach clubs around Bali, especially for its views over the Indian Ocean – and how can anyone miss the infinity pool!

Photo Via Myguidebali

Get ready for a journey of flavors and incite your senses one bite at a time. The on-site Peruvian chef takes pleasure in getting culinary inspiration from his travels and creating an explosion of tastes; plus he is formerly from one of the world’s 50 best restaurants!

Besides raving about the spectacular views; the food at Ulu Cliffhouse rates well too. Gourmet burgers, club sandwiches and pita, some small plates to share among friends, but don’t miss the traditional Nasi Goreng Ayam too!

Photo Via Nomnom.time,Tendiperdana

The Cliff Restaurant also holds special weekend brunches from Rp. 350,000 per person (approximately USD 26.30) and you might want to opt for their optional free flow of Prosecco (additional Rp. 500,000 per person  (approximately USD 37.60)for 2.5 hours of free flow).

Indeed, this new eatery marks more than just a cool new kid on the block!

The Cliff Restaurant at Ulu Cliffhouse

Price: Rp.45, 000– Rp.280, 000 (Approximately USD $3.40 – 21)
Address: Jl. Labuan Sait No. 315, Padang-Padang, Bali, Indonesia (Coordinates here)
Contact: +62 811 3941 7899
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs, 11am – 10pm, Fri & Sat, 11am – 12am


16. Premium local coffee with paddy views – Black Eye Coffee & Roastery @ Secret Garden Village

This little coffee roastery is nestled in the grounds of Bali’s Secret Garden Village – (as the name suggests) a hidden treasure only 30 minutes from Ubud central. The Village seeks to preserve Indonesian heritage and culture while also providing a fun and memorable range of shops and activities for an unforgettable day out.

Photo via Lokitacaecilia
Photo via Wiwin_madeprani, Lyvia212

Among the speciality restaurants and shops scattered throughout the grounds, all with enchanting views of the surrounding rice paddies, you will find this delectable collection of Indonesian coffee, richly prepared and served fresh, presenting the distinctive and unique flavours found in coffee from the Indonesian islands.

Photo via Gedeangga21, Dedy88_montorgede

Sip robust, strong and flavourful coffee beverages as you gaze out across the paddy fields and into the rich, green, misty jungle trees – we guarantee you’ll be in no rush to leave.

Photo via Mimi_mocca
Photo via Trisna_adiatmi

Black Eye Coffee & Roastery @ Secret Garden Village

Address: Jln. Raya Denpasar-BedugulKM 3682191 Baturiti
Contact: +62 811 3974999/+62 811 3974888/+62 368 2033363
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9am to 8pm


17. Wood-fired pizza and Balinese buffet – Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant and Lounge

Dining should be a relaxing affair, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant and Lounge. Overlooking lush, sweeping rice terraces, this laidback lunchtime reprieve is full of delicious options.

Photo via Krishnadwipayanti,-Non.kay
Photo via Diandwitasari,-Nitapurnamas

Stop by for a delicious customer favourite – wood-fired pizza! Thin, crispy, and oh-so-satisfying, this menu option is a popular choice among both foreign and domestic visitors, with international tourists coming back for more!

Photo via Ena_kitchen,-Stefanie_constance,-Sudarmo_huang

If pizza doesn’t tickle your fancy (or your tastebuds!), you still have multiple options if you choose the Balinese lunch buffet, which costs only Rp. 100,000 per person and is full of traditional Balinese favourites and regional dishes.

Photo via Dyonisius_donny

You can enjoy both Western and Balinese cuisine here, which makes it a great stopover for both adults and kids!

Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant and Lounge

Price: Pizza from Rp. 65,000 (approximately USD 4.90)
Address: Jl. Batu Luwih Kawan No.43, Jatiluwih, Penebel, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82152, Indonesia
Contact: +62 815 58526545/+62 858 58602674
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm, Sat, 9am – 9:30pm, Sun, 9am – 9pm


18. Celebrate romance amidst nature – The Sayan House

This quaint little restaurant overlooking the Ayung River is a popular spot for private receptions, and we can really see why.

Photo via kensuke.hiruta

On a day when you’re supposed to feel like you’re on top of the world, what could be better than literally being on top of the world?

Photo via tomokoseto

The Sayan House will speak to the nature lover in you, with its signature view of forests, rice fields and the rushing waters of the sacred Ayung River below.

Photo via Maimelali

Enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one while watching the sun set over the valley, or hang some fairy lights on the trees and watch the place come alive as a fairytale wedding setting.

Photo via ashblenkinsop

Better yet, The Sayan House has some pretty amazing contemporary and unique Asian dishes up for grabs.

Try out their Crispy King Prawn & Avocado Maki, and the Salmon Carpaccio too! There are also fusion dishes like Babi Guling Sushi – if you’re fond of trying out new things, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo via sw33tzbee, Gedeinperut

The Sayan House

Price: From Rp.80,000 (approximately USD $5.65)
Address: Jalan Raya Sayan No. 70, Sayan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 4792592/+62 822 47370344
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 12pm – 10pm (last order at 10pm)


19. A magical 100-candle dinner special – Swept Away

Let’s bring it back to basics with this informal and fresh experience. A beautiful wooden deck by the riverside creates a relaxing and tranquil dining area at the heart of the Samaya Resort.

Photo via: Samaya ubud

Feel your stresses melt away as the soothing babble of the river washes over you. The tall palms and lush vegetation will truly make it feel like you are in a world of your own.

Photo via The Luxury Bali

Whether you visit for a cold beer or light lunch, you simply must try the Asian Tapas. These delicious little morsels set the scene for the rest of the tasty and adventurous menu.


Only as dusk falls will you realise how easily the day slips by as you relax in the cool river breeze. Time to leave? No way, order another cocktail and take a look at the dinner menu!

Photo via: The Samaya

Swept Away comes alive in the evening with the 100-candle dinner service. The river transforms as 100 gently flickering candles are lit and create a truly special ambiance.

Photo via jaclynsathantho, 00shoco00

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the decking and the comfortable lounge furniture. Swept Away serves a varied, ambitious and totally eclectic menu suitable for all tastes.

Sit back, unwind and let your worries get Swept Away.

Swept Away at the Samaya

Price: Mains from Rp. 75,000 (approximately USD $5); 6-Course Degustation Menu at Rp. 3,400,000 per couple (approximately USD $224)
Address: Banjur Baung, Desa Sayan – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 973606
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, Lunch: 11am to 4pm, Dinner: 5.30pm to 10pm


20. A feast for the senses – Metis Bali (Temporarily closed)

When we say that this restaurant has great views, we really do mean it.


Metis Bali sits within beautifully landscaped gardens, overlooking paddy fields that are shrouded with a soothing golden glow during sunset.

Photo via hey_annice

You can choose between sitting at the main compound overlooking all the greenery, or even book a traditional bale for endless views of a gorgeous lotus pond!

Photo via lbj.3

But that’s not where it ends.

Other than breathtaking natural scenery, the restaurant also offers food for the artistic soul at its art gallery and boutique – where contemporary art, fashion and photography are showcased for your enjoyment.

Photo via wndnd

If all the beauty isn’t enough to distract you from your growling stomach, no worries. You’ll love the mix of French and classic dishes that are available here, from the ever so famous Babi Guling to juicy Australian Lamb Shank.


There’s even an entire menu dedicated to different types of foie gras – we reckon your tummy will be just as satisfied as your eyes.

Metis Bali

Price: Mains from Rp. 100,000 ++ (Approximately USD 7.50)
Address: Jl. Petitenget No.6, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 4737888
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 11am – 2am, Sun, 5:30pm – 2am


21. Ancient Balinese culinary experience with volcanic view – Bali Asli

Bali Asli is the dream of Penelope Williams – the Executive Chef and Director of the establishment.

You’ll understand why when you arrive at the eco-friendly restaurant and cooking school, hidden amidst the foothill folds of Mount Agung, just outside Amlapura.

Photo via bestberlin

Between sampling Balinese cuisine, you’ll get to soak up one of Bali’s best views – that of the sacred volcano.

Photo via cukigeloplus

Food is served to you on communal platters, the way the King’s soldiers of Karangasem would feast during the 17th century.

Photo via: Kyla Brown Photography

Termed the ‘megibung’ style, food and drinks are served in a way that’s suitable for easy sharing.

Photo via jhdharmadi

The unique tapestry of flavours is sourced locally, and cooking is done via deliberate, traditional methods, such as using mortar and pestles, steaming baskets and wood-fire mud brick stoves.

You won’t find a single electrical cooking appliance on the premises!

Bali Asli

Price: Rp.260,600 – Rp.702,000 (approximately USD $20 – USD $50)
Address: Jalan Raya Gelumpang, Gelumpang Village, RT.Amlapura, Bali.
Contact: +62 8223 6909215
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 10 am- 6pm


22. Best of both worlds – Sundara Bali

Beach club by day and restaurant by night, Sundara brings you the best of both worlds.

Photo via arioninsty

Enjoy lunch to a view of the sparkling blue sea with yummy fare like the Tofu Bao and Tuna Chirashi! How about desserts by Chef Eddy?

From delectable treats to a whole other menu for delicious cakes, #sweetsbyeddy will sweeten your day for sure.

sundara-food via moonsp00n
Photo via Sundara Bali, moonsp00n

You won’t even have to get up from your lazy position on the daybed – just stick out one hand and grab your food from the table next to you (no effort at all)!

Photo via mycherriepie, the_seminyak_snob

Dinner’s when you’ll get to try out all kinds of interesting dishes – have you ever eaten Prawn Betal Leaves?

There’s also the Crispy Pork Belly – Snap, crackle, pop! Their signature Crispy Pork Belly smothered in chilli lime caramel and served on a bed of bok choy with papaya salad on the side sure sounds good. And of course, you can’t possibly miss out on the signature seafood dishes since you’re at Jimbaran!

Just imagining munching down on all these while the sunsets above our heads is giving us a bit of saliva overdrive, but guess what?

Photo via Tiniihitakara

You can enjoy the perks of good views and amazing food for the whole day if you opt for Sundara’s VIP Boarding Lounge package. We wonder if they have annual passes too…

Photo via g0lden_heart

Sundara Bali

Price: From Rp.200,000 (approximately USD $14.90)
Address: Jl. Bukit Permai, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 708333
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 11am – 1am (Lunch: 11:30am – 5pm, Dinner: 5pm – 11:30pm)


23. Tropical Paradise – KE-PI-TU

Drift away into pure bliss with the incredible floating sky roof deck at the Ke-Pi-Tu restaurant.


A spectacular 180-degree view of the surrounding jungle awaits you. And a cascading waterfall completes this tropical paradise – what more could you ask for?

Photo via: MattW

Ke-Pi-Tu is renowned for its wide range of Indonesian cuisine, but other Asian and Western influences also shine through. An onsite bakery also ensures that you get the freshest baked goods, making breakfast extra special.

Photo via: O Leaf23

Enjoy a delicious light lunch menu full of refreshing salads, and beautifully crafted sandwiches and sweet treats.


The Kayon resort is famous for its personal touches, and this extends even to the restaurant. Expect exceptionally friendly and professional service, as you enjoy a faultless and delicious meal.

An illuminated stone Kumbu Karna Statue on the roof deck is a reminder of the diverse Balinese culture and looks spectacular with the jungle backdrop.


This hidden gem of a restaurant will transport you to another myterious world – a mystical tropical utopia.

KE-PI-TU Restaurant at The Kayon Resort

Price: Mains from Rp.110,000 – Rp.210,000 (approximately USD $7.50 – USD $15)
Address: Banjur Kepitu, Desa Tagalalang, Ubud 80571
Contact: +62 361 4792553/ +62 812 37879173
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 7am to 11pm

Official site

24. Pick your own greens from the farm – Warung Bodag Maliah by Sari Organik (Now closed)

Imagine sipping a Pink Treat juice – a mix of pineapple, apple, mango, mint, beetroot and all the other fruity goodies –  while you watch the sun dip down below the hills, casting long shadows across the rice fields.

Photo via: The Other Side Of The Moon

Sounds like a dream?

Uniquely located down a narrow path of rice fields and coconut trees, the wildly popular Warung Bodag Maliah by Sari Organik offers sumptuous meals of home-grown fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce.


This small ‘warung’ even comes with a farm across the road where you can handpick your own greens for your salad!

And in the rustic ambience, you get to soak up all things natural – including the stunning views.


If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all sorts of exotic dishes like Vegan Crepes with Soy Ricotta Cheese, Sweet Potato Ice-Cream and Tofu Tempura Salad.

But if you’re a meat-loving patron, don’t worry – you’ll still find meat and seafood dishes whipped up to perfection, but without all the grease and fat.

Warung Food Collage
Photo via: Bali My Heart, Bridges and Balloon, The Urban List, Today I Loved WordPress, Sari Organik

So swing by a visit if you’re up for an adventure, a stunning view and an affordable, healthy menu.

Warung Bodag Maliah by Sari Organik

Price: From Rp.25,000 (approximately USD $2)
Address: Subak Sok Wah, past Abangan Bungalows, Ubud
Contact: +62 361 7801839/+62-361-972087
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 9am – 9pm

25. Watch the blossoms over the pond – Cafe Lotus Ubud

After a day of walking, you’ll love to treat yourself to some peace and serenity at Café Lotus Ubud.

Photo via: Weekend Haven

This atmospheric café offers arresting views over a massive lotus pond, with a backdrop of the beautiful temple Pura Taman Saraswati. Aren’t you mesmerised by the pink blossoms emerging gracefully from the muddy pond waters?

Photo via 21stcenturyjourneys

You can simply grab a seat and people-watch, or recline on one of the bamboo mats at the low tables. It’s breezy out here, and a perfect sanctuary to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.

Don’t go without sampling Balinese delights such as chicken and sticky rice, sautéed eggplant and fried cakes, or the delicious Seafood Rijstafel.  And while you’re savouring all these, refresh yourself with a glass of Kir or Mai Tai.


At night, we recommend getting a good seat (reservation is necessary), so that you can catch the traditional Balinese dance and music performances!

Photo via soozcantfly

Cafe Lotus Ubud

Price: From Rp.80,000 (approximately USD $7)
Address: Jalan Raya, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 975660
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 09:30 – 23:00, Breakfast: 9.30 am – 11.00 am, Luncheon: 11.00 am – 6.00 pm, Tea Time: 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm, Cocktails: throughout the day, Dinner: 6.00 pm – 10.00pm (last hot food order: 9.15pm)

Official site 

26. Roll over Lake Danu & Mt. Batur – Lakeview Restaurant, Kintamani

Magnificent is an understatement, when you get to enjoy a sumptuous buffet spread of Indonesian and Balinese specialties all day long, while catching dramatic rolling views of the ancient Mount Batur from the open decks of Lakeview Restaurant at the LakeView Eco-Lodge.


Here, you can breathe the cool mountain air, watch the changing skies and feel closer to nature in such lofty surroundings.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your camera with you.

For Starters, try the piping hot ginger-infused Organic Pumpkin soup, before moving on to the Pork Satay and Fish Satay (Satay Lilit Ikan).

Lakeview Food Collage
Photo via: Angela Richardson

Lakeview Restaurant, Kintamani

Address: Jalan Raya Penelokan, Kintamani, Bali 80652
Contact: +62 366 52525/+62 812 39399293/+62 877 62447177
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 3.30pm (Danu Lounge serves from 3.30 AM- 10.00 PM)


27. Dine in a lush valley – Riverside Cafe by Four Seasons Bali at Sayan

You can watch the sacred Ayung River rush by as you snack on fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches and crispy, thin-crust pizzas at Sayan.

Four-Seasons-Riverside-Cafe-by-BaliGo-food spread

Set in a hushed valley and shaded by a thatched roof and umbrellas, this is the spot where you can cool off and unwind within natural surroundings on one of those hot sweltering afternoons.

four season collage2
Photo via: Hotels in Heaven

For mains, try the Grilled Tiger Prawns or Grilled Tuna Steak but leave some room for dessert – you don’t want to miss the Lemon Meringue Tart with Fresh Berries or the divine Yoghurt Panna Cotta.

Photo via: Four Seasons Riverside

If your kids behave themselves, it’s time to reward them with the premium French iced-chocolate with condiments – all chocolatey sweet yummy goodness that will delight them for the rest of the day.

Riverside Cafe by Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Price: From Rp.250,000 (approximately USD $20)
Address: Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 977577/+62 361 701010
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, Lunch: 11.00am-6.00pm; Dinner: 7.00pm-10.00pm

Official site 

28. Sunset chic at Bali’s southernmost cliff – Ju-Ma-Na Restaurant by Banyan Tree Ungasan

Watch the glorious Indian Ocean roll underneath your feet as you indulge in sophisticated cocktails, aperitifs, shisha and Arabian-influenced snacks and drinks.

Where better to relax with friends in an eclectic North African ambiance?

Ju-Ma-Na at Banyan Tree Ungasan matches fine dining with sunset views that are to-die-for.


Perched at 70-m high and with seamless floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, Ju-Ma-Na’s minimalist white décor is designed to exceed your loftiest expectations.

It also has a spacious wooden deck for you to chill out. Let the ocean breeze caress your senses.

Photo via Olivialazuardy

Food at Ju-Ma-Na is a work of art – its quirky French-Japanese menu combines the best of the Eastern and Western cuisine.

You can even expect mini masterpieces on your plates once your food is served.

Dinner? Kickstart with the signature Tuna Nicoise salad and Scallop and Chips dish.

An exquisite drink to look out for is the bubbly Ju-Ma-Na Royale, champagne infused with Yuzu essence and a single floating rose petal on the surface.

Ju-Ma-Na Restaurant by Banyan Tree Ungasan

Price: From Rp.421,000 – Rp.702,000 (approximately USD $30 – USD $50)
Address: Banyan Tree Ungasan, Jalan Melasti, Banjar Kelod, Ungasan, Bali
Contact: +62 361 3007000
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, Lunch: 12pm – 3.30pm, Afternoon Tea: 3pm – 5pm, Dinner: 6.30pm – 11pm

Official site 

29. Live dangerously: Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant (Now closed)

Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant is, as its name suggests, located on a mountain.

madu sari sunrise over lake batur cr flickr dennis stauffer

To be precise, Madu Sari is on the very edge of the crater of Mount Batur, a still-active volcano, that thankfully spends most of its time asleep.

If you dine here, you’ll sit surrounded by streaks of molten lava from previous eruptions, green pine shoots, and Lake Batur, a crater lake.

madu sari cr 1

A variety of local and European food will be served buffet-style, and you can go to the nearby Volcanology Museum afterwards for a very nerdy V-Day celebration.

Breakfast options are: fruit, pancakes and toast with a variety of jam.

The lunch spread includes three choices of soup, rice fried and plain, cap cay, fried chicken, fried tuna, beef stroganoff and others.

Photo via chaazalea, goodfoodofperth, dwikristiyantii

Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant

Address: Jl. Penelokan, Kintamani, Bangli, Gianyar
Contact: +62 366 51810
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 8am – 4pm, Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 4pm

Official site

30. Floating on a lake: Resto Apung and Bungalow Kedisan RedPartner

resto apung

Resto Apung is located on the shore of Lake Batur but you can choose (who wouldn’t?) to eat on the gazebo, which is built on a platform that skims the lake’s surface, connected to the restaurant by a walkway.

Photo via jessicasuhanda

The most striking aspect of dining at Resto Apung is of course the unusual location – cool fresh air, the peaceful silence that cloaks the lake, Mount Batur rising over the world and the changing light over the water.

Photo via nancyaryasubawa

And the food is nothing to scoff at.

You can feast on Indonesian cuisine – the fried chicken and goreng pisang are divine, and fish is served up fresh from the lake itself.

Photo via cristiana_herys

Resto Apung and Bungalow Kedisan RedPartner

Price: From Rp.85,000 (approximately USD $6) per person
Address: Jl. Raya Kedisan, Kintamani, Songan B, Kec. Bangli
Contact:+62 218 0629666
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun, 9.30am – 11pm

Have we missed out any more restaurants with views so gorgeous you are dying to share? Let us know!

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