Co-written by Geninna Ariton, Dawn Pillay, Kristyna Schonova, Soma Dutta, Cisca Lim and Candice Neo

Bali is perfect for watching incredible sunsets from unique bars, romantic vacations on cliff-top villas, or even unwinding within the island’s lush paradise.

However, wouldn’t you love the perfect outfit to go with those special occasions?

Well, thank goodness Bali’s also a treasure trove of fabulousness for fashionistas and clothes-crazed individuals.

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Whether you’re there for a yoga retreat, a party or a romantic night out, the litany of chic shops and markets around the island have you covered.

So ladies, feel free to arrive with empty suitcases, and let us take you on some serious shopping business.

A. Join in the fun at Bali’s trendy weekend markets

1. Trendiest bazaar in Bali’s hipster district – Love Anchor

Canggu is hipster enough and you know it.

Photo via ellbec

If you walk along Jalan Batu Balong after the sun sets, you can’t miss this exciting Instagrammable market made up of a complex of restaurants, bars and shops, decorated with dreamy fairy lights and illuminated with a cheery vibe as the crowd pours in for their after-dinner drinks.

Photo via villanatybali

And on Sundays, the area is transformed into the most happening bazaar with pop-up stalls.

Photo via outofhersuitcase, mel_

Here, you can find trendy and whimsical island fashion, accessories, homeware, dreamcatchers, trinkets and even old school artwork. And if you keep an eye out enough, you can even discover some hidden gems for your kids.

Photo via severalneeds, _miss_vs

Photo via ediths__closet, rawganic_bali

Or if you are here for a drink, don’t miss the daily Happy Hour!

Photo via ayoubejallali, letsgrowthere

One tip from us – although this is one of Canggu’s most photogenic markets, the shopping here may be a little overpriced, but it’s worth a look (and many snaps!) if you haven’t been to Bali’s weekend bazaars before!

Love Anchor

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.56, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung, Bali. Coordinates here.
Contact: +62 822 366 04648
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am to 9pm
Happy Hour: Daily 6pm to 7pm – Buy one get one free for all classic and signature cocktails

2. Weekend Vibes – Old Man’s Market

Did you think shopping at weekend markets are only a thing in Bangkok? Though not as vibrant, Bali’s very own Sunday markets are full of surf, sand and summer styles that will surprise you.

Photo via cherryperry84

Photo via eika_azam

Shopping doesn’t always have to be dash-and-run. Take the entire evening to browse through the lively marketplace with up to 150 stalls gathered at Old Man’s in Canggu, and make it as relaxed as you can – the Old Man really knows how to bring the party to the house.

Photo via kimokinoid, viahijau, oceanbellz

Get your hands on boho chic jewellery, fun beachwear, and (if you are health-conscious) some very sumptuous organic food. It’s a kind of hipster shopping gathering you wouldn’t want to miss!

Photos via my.gratitude.bali, finelinebykatahati

The market is a once-a-month affair, so check the dates on their Facebook page before you plan to go.

Photo via katia_shu_muah

Old Man’s Market

Address: Jalan Batu Bolong, Canggu · Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Selected Weekends, 8am – 3pm


B. Shop for the latest fashion!

3. Chic and casual: Indigo & Rose

We think of sugar and spice and all things nice when it comes to shopping at Indigo & Rose.

indigo store collage

Photo via: styleandshenanigans

Dreamy summer dresses and quirky embellished shorts are a staple for the Indigo & Rose girl.

11. indigo-by-indigo-shorts

Looking for something stylish and chic? The dresses and tops you’ll find here are perfect for all sorts of day and night outs in Bali.

11 Indigo and Rose Collage

Outfit yourself with one of these glorious and bright dresses now.

Photos via: Indigo & Rose

Indigo & Rose

Address: Jl. Kayu Aya Kuta
Price Range: From $40 to $70
Opening Hours: 8.30am to 10pm daily


4. Flaunt like a peacock – The White Peacock Bali

Want to pretend you’re having an Indian summer in the deserts of America? Or how about a Shanghai summer clad in prints that resemble Chinese art? You can be all of these and more, whilst sporting clothes from The White Peacock Bali.

The items in the store is heart-stopping – and window shopping is not an option.

In fact, you can even get style inspiration from them through the way the store mannequins are styled with their comfortable and unique clothes. Just look at the crochet ensemble they have on sale, or the caramel dress paired with a matching accessory.


And if you feel like experimenting with their clothes, you can mix and match the way they do it as well. The clothing items are on the rack can be super random, but you’ll never know what treasure you might find here.

Don’t worry about looking for your favorite color in the rack of summer dresses. They’ve got that covered for you. From bright colors to pastel ones, they have it all in store.

Vibrance and life is an understatement when it comes to the spring kaftans on sale. They’ve got it in neutral or wild prints, so go enjoy the Bali breeze in these dresses.

Lastly, don’t let the Bali sun get to you, with their handmade Panama hats. It has a tattered canvas brim and is available in neutral colors so you can wear it with any outfit.


Whatever it is that you’re looking for, The White Peacock Bali has got you covered.

The White Peacock Bali

Address: 1X Jalan Kayu Jati Seminyak Bali


5. Get lost in a bikini wonderland: Thaikila Bikinis Bali (formerly Blue Glue)

You can never have too many bikinis! French brand, Thaikila Bikinis Bali, is known for the largest and most varied collection of swimwear for all ages and sizes.

4 Blue Glue-inpainted

No matter your body shape or lifestyle, you’ll definitely find one that makes you feel sexy and confident.

4. blue-glue-by-dibali-bikini-model

Photo via: Di Bali

From hand-sewn embellishments to cotton fabrics, you’ll find all sorts of styles to complement your mood or occasion.

4 Blue Glue Collage

Photo via: Ultimate Bali, Influential Magazine

Whether you’re feeling glamourous or in the mood for retro-chic, we bet you’ll find a piece (or more) that you’ll love to bits.

4 Blue Glue Collage

Photo via: Blue Glue Bikinis

Thaikila Bikinis Bali Flagship store (formerly Blue Glue)

Address: Jl. Raya Kerobokan (end of Sunset Road), Bali
Price Range: From $5 to $250
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm daily


6. Into the heart of a Brazilian soul: Sabia

Channel your soul through a range of Sabia Design’s beachwear that not only sports classic elegance but also a defying sense of rebelliousness.

8. sabia-by-sabia-store

Photo via: Sabia Designs

Here, the floaty dresses are designed to empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin, while giving off a whiff of sexiness.

8. sabia-by-sabia-gypsy-style

Photo via: Sabia Designs

Complementing the dresses is also a selection of must-have delicate jewelry you’ll definitely want to check out.

8 Collage

Photo via: Sabia Designs, Kura Kura Guide

Ribbons and lace; sweet and seductive pieces: it’s time to put together that stunning outfit, that will look perfect whether by the infinity-edge pool or by the sparkling shore.

8. sabia-by-sabia-tie-dye

Photo via: Sabia Designs

Sabia Designs

Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak, No. 44B, Seminyak
Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm daily


C. Whimsical island homeware for your nest!

7. Stop and smell the roses – Rose Avenue Bali

You don’t have to like floral prints and roses to want to visit Rose Avenue. Known for its rose-laden facade (and we’re talking about a wall full of red and pink roses), Rose Avenue offers beautiful homeware items from a pineapple shaped bottle opener to rattan swings.

So if you’re new in Bali and are shopping for home items, drop by this store and simply be stunned by everything.

Want to take a sweet Instagram selfie with a bed of roses as your backdrop? You’ll be able to do that if you visit Rose Avenue.


Photo Via Angelagilsha

Another thing to note? Their paper bags have “Stop and smell the roses” written all over them. And why wouldn’t you? If you aren’t drawn by this unique facade, we don’t know what else will. Shopping will literally be a walk in the park.

If you think that pastel is the only color palette Rose Avenue has. You’re wrong. They have neon colors, as seen in their flamingo coat/towel hook – and in the apples, pineapples, and other tropical fruits that can be used as decorations or paper holders.


You can even get design inspiration through their dining table set-up, or pick through the different types of dinnerware, placemats, table cloths, and anything you fancy.

Even if you’re just looking for one eccentric piece, such as a rattan swing, or a bright pink chair that opens up like a flower – you’ll definitely be in the right place.


Rose Avenue Bali

Price: $2.50 to $300 (approximately Rp. 38,000 to Rp. 4,565,325)
Address: No. 44B, Jalan kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali 80361
Contact: [email protected]
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm


8. Trina + Annette = Triette Store

From the store’s name itself, you’ll know that this place was built on friendship and love, and so are the items on their shelves. That’s why there’s just so much warmth and cosiness when you step in and take a look inside their stores.


From left to right: Batu Belig branch, Kiosk at Seminyak Village Mall (Photo via Hello Bali Magazine

(Yes, they have a branch in Batu Belig and kiosk at the Seminyak Village Mall!)

You know that you’re definitely in Bali with the truly Indonesian prints on their designs. Just look at these cushions! These prints are not just on the pillows, you’ll also find them on Dhurrie cotton handloom clutches, Kantha quilts, placemats, and so much more.


Photo Via Ruullitamp, Annetteratman

And if you’re looking for floor decor that won’t break even if you stumble upon it when you get home tipsy one weekend, then those Bali ducks are for you. If you fancy more fowls in your home, try the bird of luck decor that’s made of cloth. You won’t go wrong with something that can be washed and is unbreakable.


If you think this store only caters to the feminine homemaker, think again. There’s nothing like manly vintage posters and world maps to be given to your bachelor friends, or even to your significant other.

Triette store doesn’t just offer homewares, in fact, they also have their own jewellery line and sell child items such as clothes and accessories. So if you want to get a lot of shopping done in one trip, this store is your go-to shop.

Triette Store

Address: 88 Jalan Batu Belig, Bali
Contact: +62 896-6953-5729
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


9. Living the resort life – Bungalow Living (homeware, bedding, accessories)

For the fans of resort-styled homes, or even those who follow Instagram accounts like villa styling, this shop is where you need to go. Bungalow Living is exactly as its name suggests – they provide all sorts of  resort/villa/bungalow style homeware and furnishings here.


Photo Via: redmelimelo

Check out the affordable cushions (Batik Black Pineapple at $7.50!) and bed covers available in a wide range of beautiful prints; crocheted blankets, and even leather products.


Photo Via: bungalowlivingbali


Photo Via: myfunfooddiary

If you’re a dog owner with your little furry friend back home, you’ll be happy to know that canine products like dog beds are also available here. 🙂

Another thing to know, there’s a cafe here where you may dine and kick back on a relaxing afternoon with Bungalow Living’s very own mascot puppy – the sweetest chocolate golden “Doodle” named BB.

Order up a juice or milkshake, and choose from the selection of baked treats. Cakes, tarts, pastries and more, brunching is casual, fun, and stylish affair here.


Photo Via: ramadauhan,-mareyne,-chayennej

Bungalow Living exudes peace and relaxation – exactly the sort of vacation vibes you’d love to bring home for good!


Photo Via: travelshopa

Bungalow Living

Address: Jalan Pantai Berawa 35A, Canggu 80361, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: 0361 844 6567
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 6pm
Price: From $7


D. Shop for natural, eco-friendly and organic products

10. Of handmade soaps and jams: Kou Bali and Kou Cuisine

Behind the name Kou is two sister stores in Ubud.

Photo Via __Aprilsnow_

Kou Bali sells natural soaps and bath salts. Everything comes with a creative wrapping. Look at the cute little soaps wrapped like candies!

Photo Via Huka_Yamagishi

On the other hand, Kou Cuisine produces natural and delicious handmade jam. Try the favourite – milk caramel or an exotic combination of pineapple and guava.

Photo Via Bungariadiani_

You can also buy sea salt in the same cute jar.

And of course, you are welcome to taste the jam before deciding to purchase any!

Kou Bali

Address: Jl.Dewi Sita, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, INDONESIA, Gianyar
Contact: (0361) 971905
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 9:00am – 20:00pm

Official site


Kou cuisine

Prices: Rp 8,000-40,000(USD 0.6-3)
Address: Jl.Monkey Forest, Ubud, Gianyar, 80571, INDONESIA
Contact: +62 851 0022 7968
Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9:00am – 8:00pm


11. Refreshing rainforest air for your home: Blue Stone Botanicals

Did you know that essential oils are great remedy for stress and anxiety?

If you feel you need to relieve stress, you can consider products from the Blue Stone Botanicals, which would help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Lavender helps you relax and sleep better, spicy citrus boosts your mood and gives you vitality, while the aroma of flower bouquet gives you the sensation of harmony and peace.

Photo Via Aderuth-Susyanagolam

As an alternative to artificial air fresheners, which are full of chemicals, Blue Stone Botanicals created a 100% natural aromatherapy rain mist, which contains pure rainwater collected from volcanic mountains and essential oils from healing plants.

Photo Via Itsmiki__o

You can even buy highly energized water from thunderstorms, collected by women from rural villages.

Blue Stone Botanicals

Prices: Rp 55,000 -480,000 (USD 4-36)
Address: Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud
Contact: 0812-3611-9431
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-9:00pm. Sat-Sun 10:30am-8:30pm


12. The beauty of nature: Utama Spice

Utama Spice is a traditional skincare company which uses 100% pure natural ingredients in their products. The production is inspired by traditional Balinese techniques.

Photo Via Mintasu-akira_1221

They offer a huge variety of pure and organic essential oils, lip balms, hair oils, body butter, bug sprays and many more. According to a shop assistant, the bug spray is the most popular product, especially for travellers with kids, as it is organic and safe.

Photo Via Allseebee

All yogis will go crazy with the fragrant, anti-bacterial yoga mat spray that will keep the mat clean and fresh. What a great idea for a gift!

Their shops are located in Ubud and in Sanur, but you can also purchase some of their products in Guardian Pharmacy.

Utama Spice

Prices: Rp 13,000-170,000 (USD 1-13)
Address1 Ubud : Monkey Forest Road (130 Meters north of Monkey Forest)
Address 2 Sanur: Gopa Town Center, Jalan Danau Poso no. 57
Contact: Phone: 0361 975051
Email: [email protected]
Opening hours Ubud : Mon– Sun 9:00 am – 8:30pm
Opening hours Sanur: Mon – Sun 9:00am – 8:00pm


13. Sensitive skincare: Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals produces skincare products suitable for all types of skin, especially for sensitive skin.

Photo Via __Omiio_-Yanuaryudhap

For the passionate surfers, there is the Surf Naked sunscreen – protection for lips and face which may suffer after a prolonged exposure to the sun all day.

Photo Via Tutinnitut-Hyungyou

For your dear ones, you can buy a Sensatia Gift Card and top it up with R.p. 500.000, 1,000,000 or 1,500,000, so your loved ones can purchase what they want!

You no longer have to be afraid that you are giving an unwanted present!

Sensatia Botanicals

Prices: Rp 50,000-280,000 (USD 4-21)
Address: 720 Jln. Pantai Jasri, Jasri Kelod, Karangasem, Bali 80813, Indonesia
Contact: +62 363 430 1270
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9:00am – 6:00pm Sun 12:00nn – 6:00pm


14. Where organic becomes affordable: Canggu shop

Organic food doesn’t always have to be crazily expensive.

In Canggu shop, you can get healthy, fresh food for reasonable prices. They have the best dried fruit, nuts, all kinds of seeds, coconut sugar and coconut flakes!

And if you are seeking Balinese cheese, this is the place!

Homemade hummus, flavoured kombucha, fresh almond milk or kefir full of probiotics are also items that are not easily found in Bali.

But from now on, you know where to look!

Canggu Shop

Prices: Rp 26,000-96,000(USD 2-7)
Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 23A, Canggu, Kuta Utara, 80361 Bali, Indonesia
Contact: Tel: +62 (0) 859 5378 0775
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm


E. Support local artwork

15. Breathing and living art – Threads of Life

The best art galleries are the ones that literally have it all (which also means you need to spend at least half the day to see everything). We’re warning you, once you step inside this shop, you will really have to hang your DND sign.

Photo via carolinemariejeanne, kylabirgitta

This art gallery has, of course, a gallery to showcase what they have, which is dubbed as a museum by many who have visited the place.

They also have a store so you’ll be able to buy items, and support the local artisans responsible for providing you with these beautiful handicrafts.

They also offer different classes on textile, weaving, and a natural dye batik class. All need to be booked in advance, and they often require a minimum number of attendees – which is a great workshop to attend if you’re an artist, or simply interested!

And the best thing about shopping here, is that they support the local women, fair trade, and they are involved in conservation efforts. Their staff actually do field work and go from one village to another in search for that next piece of great art too.

You can even get involved! If you want to volunteer and research, you can participate too. Isn’t that amazing? Not only will you come home with fair trade items and unique handcrafted art, you will also come home knowing you’ve helped the locals.

If these aren’t enough, you’ll be glad to know that they also offer accommodation. If you want to live and breathe art for just a day or 2 –, you can stay in the homestay accommodation behind the gallery!

Threads of Life

Address: Jalan Kajeng 24 Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia
Contact: +62-361-972112, +62-361-972187
Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm daily


16. Intricate art with a whimsical heart – Nyoman Jendra

We stumbled on this standalone shop by chance, and you should definitely stop by if you love 1) whimsical paintings, with 2) intricate detail. Despite its humble façade, it’s filled with pretty great art. We personally bought 4 paintings there, and 2 of them were made to order!

Look at the vibes of these ‘Enid Blyton meets Alice in Wonderland’ works!

Nyoman Jendra creates uniquely whimsical paintings unlike the ones you normally find in other art galleries, and art markets.

In Balinese paintings, intricacy is key, and Nyoman Jendra takes that to a whole new level. With his eye (and love) for detail, Nyoman’s gallery is filled with really intricate works.

He has even passed his skills to his nephews. With a family of painters (including a cousin who got into the top 10 in a painting competition in Jakarta) – satisfy your artistic senses by browsing through their many works awaiting your discovery in the gallery.

Nyoman Jendra

Address: Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning Pengosekan Ubud 80571. Coordinates here
Contact: [email protected]

17. Everything beautiful, as far as the eye can see – Sukawati Art Market

When we were here, we were blown away by the sheer size of Sukawati Art Market.

Walking around Sukawati Art Market can be a little tricky in the sense that it may feel like a maze. But if you’re out to discover really unique things in the hidden shops off the alleys, then you’re in for a ride.

Here, you will find an extensive range of items. Handmade bags, wooden ethnic bowls, crockery, those popular comfortable batik pants, dresses, and insanely gorgeous shell items. (2-3 times cheaper than Ubud central)

Of course, if you’re on the hunt for some art to bring home, there are many shops with paintings available, and wooden sculptures too!

Be warned though, you will find plenty of similar paintings of the mass produced variety. However, if you do spend a little more time (and dedication) going through the shops and their paintings, you are bound to find something unique that will sit pretty in your home.

Tip: If you intend to explore the market fully, make sure to set at least half a day aside for this!

Sukawati Art Market

Address: Jl Raya Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia. Coordinates here
Opening hours: 8am to 7pm daily
Price: From Rp. 30,000 (approximately USD $2)

F. Ready to ride the waves with these surf fashion?

18. Sun, surf and all things groovy: Drifter Surf Shop & Café

You can’t miss Drifter Surf Shop & Café on Jalan Oberoi, in Seminyak, if you’re looking for surf-related fashion and memorabilia.

Founded by two dedicated surfers, Jake and Tim, Drifter offers more than just your mainstream international brands like Rip Curl and Quiksilver. Here, you’ll find instead funky labels like Obey, Frankie’s Bikinis and The Critical Slide Society.

1 Drifter Surf

Photo via: Surf Careers

If you’re a surfer, here’s the place to pick out a surfboard – and if you’re not, you can still peruse the racks for colourful beachwear and rustic accessories.

1 Drifter

Photo via: Ultimate Bali Cafe, Keegan Gibbs

And if you get overwhelmed with all those choices (it happens!) kick back and relax with your girlfriends at the sun-dappled patio with a cup of divine espresso, made from high quality Sumatran beans.


Photo via: Ultimate Bali Cafe, Keegan Gibbs

There are also plenty of grungy artwork and books to entertain yourself with if you’re alone!

1 Drifter Books

Photo via: In Bali, Keegan Gibbs

Drifter Surf Shop & Café

Address: Jl. Oberoi #50 (Jln Kayu Aya) Seminyak
Price Range: From $10 to $200
Opening Hours: 9am to 11pm daily


19. It’s party time: 69 Slam

Are you going to dress up in neons and dazzling pinks to rock Bali’s night clubs? How about a delectable flamingo print bikini or a watermelon print beach dress?

10. 69-slam-by-69slam-top-boxers

Whatever your whimsical fancies are, 69 Slam is bound to be your next favorite store!

10. 69-slam-by-kubanbali-store

Photo via: Kuban Bali

Provocative, naughty and slightly silly – 69 Slam is jampacked with funky prints and bold designs. It’s the place to go if you want to make a statement.

10 Collage

Photos via: 69 Slam

69 Slam

Address: Kuta Square, Kuta
Price Range: From $7 to $60
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm daily


Are there any more awesome shopping places in Bali where you can shop till you drop? Let us know in the comment section below!

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