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You know Ubud is the creative heart of Bali – it’s bustling, busy and unbelievably beautiful.

And while people might visit for the unique and vibrant local art, the scenery at Ubud is just as amazing as any masterpiece.

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Why bother to take a sightseeing tour when you can enjoy the amazing scenery over a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner?

Ubud has it all – jungle, valleys, waterfalls and paddy fields. Fortunately it isn’t just a feast for your eyes – the food is equally divine!

Want to know more about the best restaurants in Bali with the ultimate views? Sit back and enjoy some local delicacies whilst taking in the exotic sights and sounds that surround you.

These are the dining experiences that you, and your photo album, will remember forever!

1. A magical 100-candle dinner special – Swept Away

Let’s bring it back to basics with this informal and fresh experience. A beautiful wooden deck by the riverside creates a relaxing and tranquil dining area at the heart of the Samaya Resort.


Photo via: Samaya ubud

Feel your stresses melt away as the soothing babble of the river washes over you. The tall palms and lush vegetation will truly make it feel like you are in a world of your own.


Whether you visit for a cold beer or light lunch, you simply must try the Asian Tapas. These delicious little morsels set the scene for the rest of tasty and adventurous menu.


Photo via: lovesteps2you, nadiayustina, howard and bec

Only as dusk falls will you realize how easy the day slips by as you relax in the cool river breeze. Time to leave? No way, order another cocktail and take a look at the dinner menu!


Photo via: The Samaya

Swept Away comes alive in the evening with the 100-candle dinner service. The river transforms as 100 gently flickering candles are lit and create a truly special ambiance.


Photo via: Beatrice Priccila Benly

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the decking and the comfortable lounge furniture. Swept Away serves a varied, ambitious and totally eclectic menu suitable for all tastes.

Sit back, unwind and let your worries get Swept Away.

Swept Away at the Samaya

Address: Banjur Baung, Desa Sayan – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 973606
Price Range: Mains from $5 to $22; 6-Course Degustation Menu at $50 per pax
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Official site

2. It’s exquisitely luxurious with delectable food and unforgettable views – CasCades Restaurant


Viceroy Bali is perfectly situated in the Valley of the Kings. And one of the most gracious jewels in the Viceroy Bali is no doubt its award-winning, and stunning restaurant – CasCades.


Photo via Viceroy Bali

With regular piano performances accompanying the evening birdsong, and sounds of the jungle mingling to form the most unforgettable harmony…


Photo via theluxurybali

…Along with exquisite fusion food featuring flashy, unique and innovative dishes boasting European and Asian influences…

You can be sure that an experience at CasCades, is just as unforgettable as its views of the stunning Petanu River gorge.

Perched on the valley ridge, overlooking a serene infinity pool and the surrounding jungle. A tropical green oasis of trees and vines for as far as the eye can see.

To taste Bali in a whole new way, you have to try the Indonesian Degustation menu. This meticulously crafted 8-course extravaganza features traditional dishes with a modern twist. And did you know – Cascades regularly invites top international chefs who present their culinary skills through some amazing degustation menus!


Photo via Viceroy Bali

‘Fusion’ even extends to the architecture and décor of CasCades. This luxurious open-air restaurant showcases a traditional Balinese thatched roof, and mysterious tropical jungle surroundings – while remaining fresh and contemporary.


Photo via kuoni

CasCades is a treat for all your senses – don’t miss out and submerge yourself in this truly luxurious experience.

Ps: Top off the experience with a toast to your unforgettable night, with an abundant selection of delicious wines available!

CasCades Restaurant at the Viceroy Bali

Address: Jalan Lanyahan, Br. Nagi, Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 972111
Price Range: Mains from $12 to $60;
Indonesian Degustation: 6 courses Rp. 890,000 ++ / 8 courses Rp. 1,010,000++
6 Glass Wine Pairing Rp. 600,000 ++
Opening Hours: 7am to 11.30pm

Official site

3. Tropical Paradise – KE-PI-TU

Drift away into pure bliss with the incredible floating sky roof deck at the Ke-Pi-Tu restaurant.


A spectacular 180-degree view of the surrounding jungle awaits you. And a cascading waterfall completes this tropical paradise – what more could you ask for?


Photo via: MattW

Ke-Pi-Tu is renown for its wide-ranging Indonesian cuisine, but other Asian and Western influences also shine through. An onsite bakery also ensures that you get the freshest baked goods, making breakfast extra special.


Photo via: O Leaf23

Enjoy a delicious light lunch menu full of refreshing salads, and beautifully crafted sandwiches and sweet treats.


The Kayon resort is famous for its personal touches, and this extends even to the restaurant. Expect exceptional friendly and professional service, as you enjoy a faultless and delicious meal.

An illuminated stone Kumbu Karna Statue on the roof deck is a reminder of the diverse Balinese culture and looks spectacular with the jungle backdrop.


This hidden gem of a restaurant will transport you to another myterious world – a mystical tropical utopia.

KE-PI-TU Restaurant at The Kayon Resort

Address: Banjur Kepitu, Desa Tagalalang, Ubud 80571
Contact: +62 361 4792553
Price Range: Dishes from $7.50 to $15
Opening Hours: 7am to 11pm

Official site

4. Nice Nice Rice – Terracotta Restaurant

Get away from the bustle of Ubud town and settle yourself in an expanse of emerald rice fields at the beautiful Terracotta Restaurant.


Photo via: nomnombali

Rice is a crucial Balinese commodity, so being able to see these active paddy fields is an experience in itself. Watch the fields in various stages of growth and harvest yourself a grand view with the majestic Palms fringing the edges.


Photo via: flickaT, Wilson S

The restaurant is housed in a traditional open sided Bale – with the breeze and sounds of nature drifting across the restaurant adding to the already peaceful environment.


The authentic Indonesian cuisine at Terracotta is all beautifully presented and full of mouth-watering flavours.


Photo via: Richlift, Alfreddo n, Nomnombali

Enjoy a romantic meal on the terrace as the sun sets across the fields, and feel at one with the nature around you. The Romantic Dinner set menu is a perfect way to spend the evening with a loved one.


Alternatively, why not try a romantic breakfast? Enjoy freshly prepared food and tropical juices as the sun rises over the fields. Watch the workers begin their day in the paddy fields and appreciate how hard the Balinese locals work.

It’s amazing to know that the rice on your plate came from those little rice plants! And for some reason, eating rice whilst surrounded by paddy fields makes it taste extra delicious.

Terracotta Restaurant

Address: Jalan Raya Lungsiakan Ubud Bali 80571
Contact: +62 361 8989700
Price Range: Dishes from $4 to $13; Romantic Dinner at $26 per pax
Opening Hours: 7am to 11pm

Official site

5. It’s all about the duck – Bebek Tepi Sawah

From the second you arrive at the tropical garden entrance, you will realise that this restaurant is all about the Bebek – the duck!

Statues of ducks, live ducks and the delicious crispy duck on your plate make it clear – as does the name of this fantastic restaurant!

Situated at the corner of a paddy field, you can gaze out across the rows of little rice plants and listen to the gentle buzz of the surrounding nature.


Photo via: chaeamando

The odd duck quack will add to this authentic experience as the ducks splash around their pond and enjoy basking in the sunshine.


Photo via: Jengerin, JoeCool KL

Once the sun starts to set across the field on a friday evening, the view from this restaurant focuses on the traditional stage. Classical Legong dancers and gamelan musicians will entertain you in the most authentic of Balinese shows.


Photo via: Gideonet, dev

The menu is a mixture of Indonesian, Western, Asian and other International dishes. All freshly prepared, reasonably priced and of course, truly delicious.


Aside from the view, we think that the star of the show is the amazing range of juices, smoothies and mocktails that Bebek Tepu Sawah offers. Stick to a refreshing virgin colada smoothie or star fruit juice, or even something more adventurous – we dare you to try the soursop juice!

Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant and Villas

Address: Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Br. Tegas Peliatan Ubud Bali 80571
Contact: +62 361 975656
Price Range: Dishes from $4 to $8
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Official site

6. The Moonlit Paradise – Indus Restaurant

Indus is the little sister of the well known Casa Luna Restaurant, but the panoramic views and fantastic menu mean that Indus is now famous in it’s own right.


Photo via: Valerie

Sit on the balcony for breathtaking views of the Tjampuhan river and surrounding valley. If you are really lucky, on a clear day you may even get to see the majestic Mount Agung rising above the clouds in the distance.


Photo via: Sophie

Once a month the full moon makes a spectacular appearance and bathes the Indus balcony in dripping moonlight.

A perfect opportunity for an intimate three-course ‘full moon lovers’ menu on the terrace – making it a truly memorable spot for couples to hold special events like moonlit proposals or anniversary dinners.


Photo via: Valerie

Every evening, as the sun drops behind the valley, Indus comes alive with fabulous twilight cocktails (5-7pm). Enjoy a cheeky cocktail at the end of a busy day, or a cold beer to begin a long and relaxing evening.

An extensive menu of primarily Indonesian fare provides something for every taste. And a special nod has to be given to the desserts at Indus – the coconut crème caramel is a little slice of heaven.


Photo via: byjanetdeneefe, Cynthia Hardy, Tenina-Holder

For special occasions, why not pre-order a cake from the onsite Honeymoon bakery. You will be spoilt for choice!

Indus Restaurant

Address: Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Kec., Ubud 80571
Contact: +62 361 977684
Price Range: Full Moon Lovers 3-Course Menu at $30 per couple
Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm

Official site

7. Cross over into Heaven – Bridges Bali

The name says it all; Bridges is situated at the end of the two Campuhan Bridges, nestled in the valley overlooking the River Wos.


Gaze out across the valley or enjoy your meal down by the riverside, there are 7 distinctive levels of Bridges for you to choose from. And when you’re settled and relaxed on the terraces surrounded by tranquil greenery, watch as the outside world continues on the bridges above you.


Photo via: Chelsie Mariem

Photo via: Flying Fourchette

Whether you are stopping for a quick drink, a bite of lunch or a luxurious meal – Bridges caters for everything.


Photo via: fatboo

We were blown away by the seafood-carrot veloute and it’s hard to believe, but it tastes even better than it looks.

Bridges prides itself on its extensive selection of imported wines. Divine hour (everyday 4 to 7pm) is like happy hour – except you can enjoy your favourite tipple in absolute paradise.


Indonesian cuisine is varied and delicious but you will struggle to find cheese on most menus. If you are missing this dairy treat then you are in luck. Bridges also offers a fantastic range of imported cheese.


Photo via: Hwee Yee, Elisa Hadiyati, Adetya Herdini

We think Bridges is the perfect place for a little self-indulgence. Enjoy an evening of wine and cheese in a picturesque valley? Sounds like heaven to us.

Go on – treat yourself!

Bridges Bali

Address: Jalan Campuhan, Ubud, Bali 80581
Contact: +62 361 970095
Price Range: Mains from $6.50 to $20
Opening Hours: 11am to 11.30pm

Official site

8. The One and Only Dirty Duck Diner – Bebek Bengil

Better known as the original Dirty Duck Diner – Bebek Bengil has spent 35 years perfecting their Bebek Betutu (crispy roast duck).

Dirty Duck Diner makes this place sound like a Balinese greasy spoon café – instead you will find a fantastic polished restaurant in a spectacular green setting.


Photo via: Bebek Bengil

Word has got out about their famous duck dishes and Bebek Bengil now has branches in Jakarta, Tangerang, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran.

We still love the original Bebek Bengil in Ubud though, simply because the views are incredible.

Lush paddy fields surround the whole restaurant, and it will be your mission for the evening to take the perfect photo.


Photo via: Justin Foo

Private dining bales are dotted around the beautifully tended restaurant gardens. And the gentle trickle of running water from the water fountains and koi ponds will provide soothing music to accompany your meal.

If you are planning a visit, make sure to order the Bebek Betutu the day before, to ensure that you aren’t disappointed. This dish is the highlight of the restaurant and you would be crazy to miss it!


Photo via: archangels26

Duck is not the only dish though, so don’t be put off if bebek isn’t your favourite. You can also get some great local dishes and even sample more obscure fare – snails anyone?


Photo via: Marvin Lauw

Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner

Address: Jalan Hanoman, Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali 80571
Contact: +62 361 975489
Price Range: Dishes from $4.50 to $9
Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm

Official site

9. On top of the world – The Kampung Café

Eating at Kampung Café will make you feel like you are on top of the world.

The multi-level raised restaurant affords a spectacular view over the treetops, across the planted rice hillside and amazing gardens.


Photo via: risha.selvia

You can see it all from up here, the Sapat River Valley, and acres of beautifully landscaped private gardens.

Kampung Café is part of the Kampung Villas Resort – a private sanctuary of peace and beauty. Owned by a trained Japanese Chef and master woodcarver, his fondness for beautiful wood is obvious.

The Japanese influence can also be seen in the menu – the Tuna Tataki and rice paper rolls are to die for.

There is something for everyone on the Kampung Menu, authentic Indonesian, a touch of Mexican and even some European classics.


Photo via: Sarah ND, RiskaWG, Andrea S Piarah

The Kampung Café prides itself on great affordable food served with a smile. With a restaurant so clean and simple, all you need to focus on are the amazing views.


The sympathetic and authentically Balinese villas in the resort will also make it feel like you are dining above a real Balinese village.

Exquisite Japanese in a traditional Balinese setting? It’s one crazy combination that surprisingly enough, works perfectly together!

The Kampung Resort Ubud

Address: Jalan Ceking Tegallalang 80561 Gianyar Ubud
Contact: +62 361 901201
Price Range: Dishes from $1.50 to $6
Opening Hours: 8am to 9pm

Official site

10. The Queen of Ubud – Murni’s Warung

Everyone in Ubud knows Murni’s – ask any taxi driver and they will take you to her fantastic hillside restaurant.

Murni’s Warung is iconic; it’s almost as well known and popular as Ubud itself.


Photo via: Jonathan

Murni opened her little Warung with just 1 table, 2 chairs and an icebox in 1975, and her devoted and ever growing number of satisfied customers has been increasing ever since.

The restaurant now sprawls over four levels down the side of a steep valley – land that used to be farmed by Murni’s father.

7-lower-level-by-cindy.L-4Photo via: Cindy L

Murni’s Warung by the roadside on level 1, and immediately look out onto the luscious hillside greenery.

If you want to be by the river, then descend down to level 4 and find a table on the terrace. The lazy river snakes past below you, and in front of you is a sprawling wall of foliage.


Photo via: Aliya Yerbatyr

The only reminder of modern day life is the bridge above you; which makes the valley haven look and feel even more precious.

Murni’s serves a wide variety of homemade dishes with plenty of external influences from travellers that Murni has met over the years. Daily specials ensure that you never get bored of the menu – no matter how many times you go back!


Photo via: Yemima Kezia, Meidianakusuma, Triyono

The best thing? You can order as many desserts as you want and be guilt-free as a good workout is available via the steep stairs down to the river.

If you love Murni’s Warung, make sure to check out her guesthouse and craft shop for a truly authentic Balinese experience.

We love Ubud and we definitely love Murni’s!

Murni’s Warung

Address: Jalan Raya Campuan Ubud Bali 80571
Contact: +62 361 975233
Price Range: Dishes from $3 to $5
Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm

Official site

Are there any great Ubud restaurants we have missed? Comment below to let us know!

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