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You’re sitting side by side with your loved one, and snuggled into their side as you watch the setting sun paint wide strokes of colour over the beautiful Bali sky.

Wow, you think, look at this beauty! You can almost smell the fragrance of a sunny-side up egg wafting over from the fiery ball before you.
Your stomach trumpets in protest. Dang, if only you had some food on hand to match with the view…

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Well, ask and you shall receive! Why settle for a great sunset view when you can get that, and mouthwatering food at the same time?

At these 11 restaurants in Bali, you’ll find that unbeatable sunset views and delicious food are actually the perfect recipe for romance.

1. “The art, soul, and romance of Indonesia” – Wantilan Agung at Hotel Tugu Bali

With a slogan like that, and an incredible story behind Hotel Tugu Bali – those with a penchant for romance and culture will not want to miss this. Especially not when it’s coming with an awesome view of the sunset!

Photo Via The Luxury Bali

For a  quaint and romantic dinner date, head down to Wantilan Agung. Reverently lit by candles, get seated in the grand hall suitable for Balinese Kings and Queens of old, or by the tropical gardens.

Otherwise, there’s the other (maybe even better) option of having a private gourmet picnic in bed, yes, in a bed by the sea – only in Hotel Tugu Bali.


Photo Via Cfruean

There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s the stuff out of dreams. Lay in the 18th century antique bed with the ocean as your ‘bedroom’, surrounded by candlelight, and watch the setting sun dye the sky a warm red (the perfect colour for romance).

As you continue with your dinner, you’ll even meet the just awoken moon as it casts a dreamy filter on your date night… It’d be perfect for a proposal, or even to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries!


Photo Via The Luxury Bali


Photo Via Stephstz

For your moonlit picnic in bed by the sea, choose from a wide variety of cuisines from traditional Balinese, Javanese, Chinese Peranakan, seafood or gourmet continental cuisine – whatever you’re craving, you can be sure to have a good old hearty meal!

Oozing history, culture and a special undescribable something, Hotel Tugu’s fascinating ancient vibes will leave you mesmerised and falling in love all over again.

PS: All dining experiences at Hotel Tugu are open to non-staying guests, simply make a booking, head down, and enjoy a wonderful night.

Wantilan Agung at Hotel Tugu Bali

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Contact: +62 361 4731 701
Opening hours: 12pm – 12am

Official Website

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2. Romance gets “sea”rious – Rock Bar Bali at AYANA


It’s no doubt that at AYANA Resort’s Rock Bar, you’ll get nothing but the best quality. After all, it’s widely known as one of the best sunset viewing spots in Bali, and crowned by CNN as part of “30 of the World’s Best Hotel Bars”.


Photo via Tim Jordan Photography

Does sitting out at an open terrace, with the diminishing sunlight casting a golden glow on your cocktail, sound like the perfect way to spend a romantic evening?


Photo via mie_moi

You’ll be surprised at what else Rock Bar has up its sleeve.

That’s right – you thought these views couldn’t get any better, but that was before the bar’s recent expansion.

Villa guests will now get to enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset all around at the new, exclusive Round Deck. Walk through a gorgeous bridge, lit up by little lights in the evening, to a scenic spot that extends several metres out into the sea, perched on a gigantic rock.


Photo via m1schler, TripCanvas

Because of the Round Deck’s exclusivity, you’ll get to enjoy a truly intimate, movie-like romantic experience with your loved one.

And if that’s not enough, these views don’t just come alone – both your eyeballs and your tastebuds will be pampered here. Rock Bar’s new Mediterranean menu offers a selection of mouth-watering seafood dishes, created with only the best (hand-picked by the chefs!) deep sea fish and shellfish.


Photos via Cahyampramarta, Pujiyantie, Mynamelilis

With everything from king prawn, sardine, and swordfish to octopus, sea bass and lobster, we doubt that even the pickiest eater will be able to resist everything.

Good views, good food, and amazing atmosphere – if you ask us what’s the recipe for romance, we think you’ve got it.

And if you don’t already know, Rockbar’s recent expansion with a new dining deck is simply perfect for dinner.


Photos via ratnapertiwi68, cherish_chanel

PS: Dinner at Rockbar is open for reservations and it begins from 7pm to 10pm!

Rock Bar Bali at AYANA

Address: Ayana Resort, Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 1 am, Friday & Saturday from 4pm to 2am.
Breakfast from 8am – 11 am (if the weather permits and by invitation only)
Dinner from 7pm – 11pm (Last order 10 pm)
Price: Rp. 50,000 – Rp. 495,000 (USD $3.79 – USD $37.50)
Contact: +62 361 702222

Official site

3. A-plus entertainment – Yuyake Teppanyaki Restaurant

Legian Beach Hotel’s Yuyake Teppanyaki Restaurant is one place where eating can be really fun and entertaining.


Serving up a series of Japanese cuisine and seafood, this restaurant is perched high up above Bale Bajar Restaurant.


Thanks to that, you’ll not only get to choose from yummy seafood, chicken, sushi and other set meals, you’ll also enjoy sweeping views of the towering palm trees and the glowing sun as it heads to rest for the night.

If you’re not one to eat in silence, don’t worry, for this date is going to be one that entertains. And we’re not just talking about the gorgeous sunset views that will have you occupied for a long time.

Watch the teppanyaki chefs as they flip, scoop, toss and turn your dishes into yummy perfection, creating a performance in its own right.


Photo via Demi_lia, Travis c

You may even be invited to participate in the process – although we’re not too sure about whether we would want to dip our fingers into a bowl with fire in it.


Hey, but if you do burn yourself, all the better to get some tender loving care from your date, right (just kidding pleasedon’tdoit!)?

Yuyake Teppanyaki Restaurant

Address: Jl. Melasti Legian, Kuta 80033
Opening hours: 6pm – 11pm
Price: Main courses and set meals from IDR $120,000 – IDR $720,000 (USD $9.10 – USD $54.70)
Contact: +62 623 61751711

Official Website

4. The perfect match to sunset skies – Hitana Restaurant

You know how your other half complements you so perfectly, you just know that he/she is The One for you? Well, Sunset knows that Bali Niksoma’s Hitana Restaurant is The One for it.


Photo via Essentialbali

This restaurant was practically built to complement and bring out the very best of the ocean view. With floor length glass windows all around and a refreshing open air concept, you wouldn’t be able to run from the views even if you wanted to.


As the sun sets, the whole restaurant is covered in a warm golden glow. If you’re sitting upstairs on the terrace, lucky you – because the view can only get better! What else could make your day even more perfect as you sip at your 1-for-1 sunset cocktail?


Photo via brookepalmerr

We’re guessing it’s got to be the restaurant’s massive international menu, which has everything from light club sandwiches and seafood to the juicy Beef Tenderloin with Blue Cheese and savoury Nasi Campur.


Photo via Deliciousbali

As the sunset goes on a date with Hitana Restaurant, sit back with your partner with some yummy goodies and enjoy being the third and fourth-wheelers to what can only be the most beautiful romance in Bali.


Photo via jess_olwyn

Hitana Restaurant

Address: Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort, Jl. Padma Utara Legian Kaja, Legian, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: 7am – 10pm
Price: Main courses from IDR $79,000 – IDR $149,000 (USD $6 – USD $11.30)
Contact: +62 361 751946

Official Website

5. A view your friends will envy – ENVY

Never was a restaurant as aptly named as ENVY, Holiday Inn Resort’s beachfront establishment, is.


This classy restaurant is located right on the beachfront, and provides a wholesome sensory experience that will have you tingling all the way through your date.


Photo via andrew_eki

Not only are there panoramic and uninterrupted views of the sunset that go on and on, you’ll also get some chill live music to create the perfect romantic atmosphere.


And, to top it all off, exquisite European delicacies will be served up, including pizzas and some creamy pasta. As smoking hot as you probably think your date is, we reckon nothing can beat the Smoked Salmon here.


If you’re here for a special occasion and don’t mind spending more money, you can opt for an even better experience with the Romantic Candlelit Dinner.


Photo via fredferry

Imagine dining out on a private table on the beachfront, with special entertainment and little candles scattered all around. We promise you she’ll say yes!


Address: Jalan Wana Segara No. 33, Kuta, Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: 11am – 12am
Price: Main courses from IDR $65,000 – IDR $240,000 (USD $5 – USD $18.20)
Romantic candlelit dinner is available from IDR 1,300,000 (USD $98.80) nett per couple
Contact: +62 361 752527

Official Website

6. Fieriest date of your life – Boardwalk Restaurant

If bland dinner dates aren’t your thing, and you’re out to add a little sugar and lots of spice to your night, you definitely won’t get bored (geddit?!) at Boardwalk Restaurant.


This restaurant may already have the advantage of a beachfront location and stunning sunset views, but no, it’s not going to stop in its heroic quest to give you the most action-packed date night ever.


Photo via therealagung

Nightly entertainment goes on here, and activities range from live music and staff performances to Balinese Dance and even a fiery Fire Dance performance. Whichever day you decide to pop by, no worries, for it won’t be a dry one.

The restaurant also has various dining options for you to choose from.


While it serves up a Mediterranean menu with seafood and meat (and a really mean carbonara) from mid morning onwards – a wide selection of tapas and beverages will also be available after sunset for couples who just want to chill out.


You can also choose to sit within Boardwalk’s main dining area, or dine al fresco beside the pool for the very best views of the sunset.


After dinner, recline on one of the loungers with your loved one and a cocktail. Tada! There you have it – a night to remember for ages to come.


Boardwalk Restaurant

Address: Jl. Kartika, Tuban, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm
Price: Main courses from IDR $49,000 – IDR $115,000 (USD $3.70 – USD $8.70)
Candlelight Dinner Menu from IDR $650,000 (USD $49.40) per couple
Contact: +62 361 752725

Official Website

7. Dine in seclusion – Ma Joly

Located in a gorgeous garden on the private Segara Beach, Ma Joly serves margaritas with an unusual Asian twist and, in keeping with the mood, seafood.

ma joly cr 2

Choose between an atmospheric fine dining experience within a traditional alang-alang, dine amongst shimmery candle-light – or hang out at the Sand Lounge for the perfect mix of ambience and jaw-dropping views.


Not only do you have plenty of choices on where to sit, the variety of cuisine available here might dazzle you for a short while. From Indonesian and Seafood to Continental, Barbeque and even fusion buffets, we’re not sure how exactly you’re going to choose.


But fret not, indecisive ones! If your answer is “I don’t know” as well, you can always opt for the Standard or Deluxe Dinner Set, which will probably save you from that decision-making hangover.

And if you’re planning on going all out with romancing your date, why not splurge on the Tent Romantic Dinner experience?


You’ll get to enjoy ultimate privacy under your own private tent on the beach. Ain’t nobody’s head gonna block your eyes from witnessing that marvelous sunset!

Ma Joly in Tuban

Address: Jalan Wana Segara, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Opening Hours: 7 am to 11 pm
Price: USD $20 – USD $25
Tent Romantic Dinner costs IDR $998,000 (USD $75.90)
Contact: +62 361 753 780

Official site

8. An Amazing Beachy Fusion – Amazing Bali Cafe/K Resto

Having recently changed its name to K Resto, Amazing Bali Cafe (ABC) is still living up to its former name – as the food and restaurant itself is simply, Amazing.

6-via-nanijayadiPhoto via: nanijayadi

Basically a fusion restaurant, Executive Chef Karyadi is often praised for his food & service.


Photo via: Hannah Pattingale

Offering Italian dishes such as Pasta, to Asian dishes like Sate Ayam, Nasi Goreng Kampung and Mie Goreng, K Resto is also sought after for its cozy eating environment.


Photo via: Rudi Nuis, Deasy Nathalia Sagita

Yes, the food is definitely not the only amazing thing here. The setup may be simple, but you’ll dine under shimmery lanterns as the sun casts a golden glow on your food.

And afterwards, cuddle up to your loved one on one of the comfy bean bags right on the beach and watch the stars.


Don’t worry, for this place won’t disappoint if what you’re looking for is the most romantic date in existence. It’s so romantic, weddings are even held here!

Amazing Bali Cafe / K Resto

Address: Double Six Beach,, Jalan Double Six, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 474 1259
Price Range: Main courses from $5 to $34
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (may be closed in event of ceremonies)

Official site

9. Enjoy a cosy date night out – Mozzarella by the Sea

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the beach, you’ll be able to share an intimate date with your romantic partner in this cosy restaurant. It’s also a great place to enjoy a leisurely meal away from all the hustle and bustle!


Photo Via Natasharatulangiofficial

The laidback ambience coupled with a stunning ocean view makes for a delightful time, no matter when you arrive. Be it in the day, where you get to witness the Indian Ocean in its full-blown beauty….

Or at sunset, where the ocean view is romantically illuminated by the orange glow of candlelight, and your favourite ball of fire is lighting up the whole area.


Photo Via Remyirwan

Serving up a fine selection of both Western and Indonesian food, the two of you will be spoilt for choice when you dine at Mozzarella by the Sea!


Photo Via Vitasiregar,Azibachtiar

And if you’re there on a Saturday, you’ll be in for a treat! A popular band named Quartet Facebeat will be there to serenade you with all your favourite classic Beatles songs.


Photo Via Lena_ches

Hey Jude, Let it be, Strawberry Fields Forever – you name it and they’ll perform it to make your date night simply perfect.

Mozzarella by the Sea

Address: Jl. Padma Utara, Legian Kaja, Bali, Indonesia, Legian, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Opening hours: 11am – 12am
Price:  Mains from $6
Contact: +62 361 751654

Official Website

10. Watch a movie of the sunset – Lia Cafe Jimbaran

With little tables and chairs placed facing the beautiful white sands and ocean of the beach at Jimbaran, watching the sunset will probably feel like watching a movie.


Photo via celinelin780126

And we wouldn’t blame you for mistaking this for fiction, because how unreal is the beauty of the sunsets at Jimbaran beach?


Photo via clovvvver

Add to that an atmospheric candle placed on your table, which feels like your very own little sun. That definitely makes for one amazing date night – just don’t fall in love with the view instead.

And of course, we’re not forgetting the other thing that Jimbaran beach is so well known for – its succulent and super fresh seafood. Lia Cafe serves up everything from giant red snappers to lobsters, crabs and jumbo prawns.


Photo via fellldown, yongkyangga

It’s not the cheapest out there, and neither is it adorned with the air-conditioning and luxury that we Children of the First World love so much.

But if you and your partner are seafood lovers who don’t want to miss out on one of the best sunsets in Bali, this is a place you shouldn’t miss.


Photo via yogiju

Lia Cafe Jimbaran

Address: Jl Pemalisan Agung, Jimbaran, Indonesia
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm
Price: IDR $30,000 – IDR $800,000 (USD $2.30 – USD $60.80)
Contact: 08123981408

Official Website

11. The soft charm of East Bali – Lezat Beach Restaurant

While the most glorious sunsets are often thought to be regions like Legian, Canggu, Kuta and Jimbaran, the east side of Bali has its own unique flavour as well.

Namely, Lezat Beach Restaurant, an open establishment that perches on a stone ledge right before Candidasa beach. Tables face the sea, and if you’re sitting right out on the terrace, there’s nothing in this world that could stop you from drinking in that sunset with your eyes.


Sunsets here are a softer affair. Watch the sky as it transforms into a beautiful canvas that’s painted over and over again by hues of orange, pink and purple.


And while you’re staring, don’t forget to bite into Lezat’s eclectic menu (not literally of course), with Indonesian, Balinese and Western dishes ready for your pick. Try out some fried calamari and one of the juiciest steaks you’ll ever eat!


If you need some privacy (ahem), you can also choose to book a Candlelight Dinner Menu, which will have you and your loved one dining in a private dining area, with a long candle illuminating the night!

Lezat Beach Restaurant

Address: Jl. Raya Candidasa Beach, Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia
Opening hours: 8am – 10pm
Price: Set Menus from IDR $160,000 – IDR $195,000 (USD $12.20 – USD $14.80)
Ala Carte Main Courses from IDR $55,000 – IDR $140,000 (USD $4.20 – USD $10.60)
Contact: +62 363 41539

Official Website

Go ahead on your conquest, our dear friends – no date can fail when you’ve got the tummy settled. And with great views to boot? It’s in the bag.

Are there any more romantic restaurants with gorgeous sunset views that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments below so we can have a love life too!!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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