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Where’s a better place to escape from everyday’s stiff concrete jungle than a real rainforest?

Be it a weekend getaway or a longer stay, you’ll find the peace and quiet you seek in these accommodations tucked away in green corners.

Here, you can get your much-needed retreat and recharge after weeks and months of hard work.

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Note: The prices reflected below are the low season rates, and they exclude tax and service charges. Accommodation rates often change with room availability, and low or high seasons. We recommend double checking for the final prices before confirming your booking.

1. Glamping with a view in the highlands: Trizara Resorts

Glamping? Now it’s glamping with a view!

Photo via i_pratita, kanialaras

At Trizara Resorts in Lembang (45 minutes’ drive from Bandung’s city centre), you can relax in the luxurious tents with fully equipped bedding, bathroom and facilities.

Photo via vettykharisma

Photo via mayalwines, moulyacempaka

If your kids love playing in the water, they can do so at the resort, where they can indulge in the gorgeous green surrounding and lovely chilly weather. The most recommended time to swim here is in the mornings or afternoons because it gets pretty cold in the evenings.

Photo via journeyofmylife_

Other than their unique tents, Trizara Resorts also redefines family sunset time! You can gather around the bonfire while singing along to camping songs. Doesn’t that remind you of your old school days? Alternatively, you can picnic in the huge park, do yoga or simply lose yourselves in the cool atmosphere of Lembang.

Photo via runnyrudiyanti

Staying fit during your holiday also gets super easy with their sports facilities such as biking, archery, and more!

Photo via itsazizbah, muhkur

Trizara Resort

Rates from USD 72.40 ( Approximately Rp 977,000) per night
Location: Jl. Pasirwangi Wetan, Lembang, Bandung
Phone: 0858 7169 8923

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2. Vila Air: Greenery, Water and Fresh Country Air

This villa gives you the best of nature combined. With evergreen trees and beautiful ponds topped with fresh clean air, Vila Air assures you all of nature’s elements in its purest form.


Photo via: Herlina Surya


Although this place is located near Lembang, where all tourists naturally flock to for lush greenery and relaxation, you actually don’t need to go anywhere while you’re at the resort. The on-site leisure and comfort provided is enough, especially if you’re in desperate need for a relaxing break.

Photo via rafikausha

Photo via listyan

Photo via sisadoe

With its traditional interior, it’s perfect to sit back and relax, or play the provided traditional games with your folks or friends.



Photo via: Ade D Hermawan

Villa Air

USD 150 for one villa with three bedrooms

Location : Jl. Kolonel Masturi KM.9, Cisarua – Lembang, Bandung
Contact: +62 22 9191 0668, +62 22 9116 1668

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3. Family glamping in the pine forest valley – Legok Kondang Lodge

Kids innately love nature. All you need to do is to expose them to natural landscapes when they are young!


Photo via nana soegito

And where better to do it than an at outdoor camp? Well, in a tent with the comfort of a luxury hotel! You can do just that at Legok Kondang Lodge.


Photo via graceasn

Here, each tent is furnished with plush bedding, fluffy pillows, thick blankets, television and a private bathroom!

The tent is not the only amazing thing in this lodge. Your kids will love all the exciting activities designed to make them fall in love with nature.


Photo via panenco

Try fishing with bare hands or feeding cute rabbits and deer!

As for adults, get your adrenaline rush through outdoor adventures such as trekking, rafting or paintball.


Photo via lizzyrizky

And at the end of the day, simply unwind together by the bonfire while munching on the delicious barbeque dishes!


With temperatures generally ranging from 15° C to 20° C,  you can be sure the weather is lovely and chilly. Glamping Legok Kondang is located 700 metres away from the nearest village, and there are different categories of tents you can choose from, depending on the luxury level you prefer!

Legok Kondang Lodge

Rate: Standard Tent starts from USD 86.30 (Approximately Rp.1,165,500) per night, max occupancy 4 pax.
Location: Jl. Raya Ciwidey – Patenggang KM. 39, Ciwidey, Bandung.
Phone: 0857 9555 5666


4. Green Forest: Woods of Lux

With its “Go Green” design concept, Green Forest gives you the ultimate peace of dwelling in the midst of nature. Decorated with wood material in its interior and surrounded by woods outside, you’ll start to wonder how much purer it can get.


Photo via: Ismie Shaumi Ratna Arum, VNChar



Here, you can wake up to the melody of singing birds and flowing river – wonderful for a restful family getaway or romantic rendezvous.


Photo via: @tesyasblog


Photo via: @tesyasblog

Be sure to try its Jembatan Goyang (swinging bridge) and visit the iconic wedding hall.


Photo via: silvisilsilvi

Green Forest

Starting USD 69

Location : Jl. Sersan Bajuri no. 102 Cihideung – Bandung
Contact: +62 22 – 278 7939

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5. Wake up to the tea plantations: Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Remember Phinisi Resto in southern Bandung, the unique family friendly restaurant inspired by the traditional Bugis-Makassar ship, where you can dine with breathtaking views of peaceful Ciwidey in Bandung?



Phinisi Restro consists of both an indoor and outdoor area. Sit in the outdoor area to enjoy the beautiful stretch of panoramic tea plantation and the soothing view of Situ Patenggang Lake. Your kids can even pose as pirates on the deck with the steering wheel!


Photo by Gun Firdaus

And guess what, this cool restaurant is situated in the same area with the trending Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. You can spend the night in the luxurious tent with the most complete facilities by the lakeside of Situ Patenggang.


Imagine waking up to the spectacular view and enjoying fresh cool air all day.


Photo by Gun Firdaus


As an inhouse guest, you can stroll around the tea plantation (known as their “Tea Walk”). You can also participate in other exciting activities such as paintball, rafting, touring Kawah Putih, and even off-road adventures, and they are all pretty affordable!


Photo by Gun Firdaus

Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Rates: Tent Resort starts from USD 133 (Approximately Rp.1,800,000) per night for 4 pax
Location: Situ Patenggang, Kawasan Rancabali, Ciwidey, Bandung
Coordinates here.
Phone: 0821 8002 8888 | 0812 2161 8888.


6. Kastuba Resort: Adventure by Day, Romance by Night

Kastuba is a perfect escape from the noisy and polluted city – a quiet getaway where you can neither hear nor smell the traffic, but can still enjoy the city scenery from far, far away through your resort window – so you get the best of both worlds.


Photo via: rinnasuri


Photo via: Rinnasuri

You can find adventure in the day with outdoor activities’ facilities and snuggle with your loved one at night by the fireplace (which is in every villa) to warm you from the cold night air.



Photo via: @tesyasblog

If you want to impress your loved one even more, request to set up a romantic dinner outdoors too.


Photo via: nuraina

Kastuba Resort

Starting USD 77

Location : Jl. Bukit Maribaya Kp.Sindangwangi Desa Mekarwangi, West Bandung
Contact: [email protected]

Check Rate on Agoda

7. Recline in a Mountainous Utopia: SangRia Resort & Spa (From USD $52)

Drive up the winding roads towards Lembang and you will find this romantic getaway spot on a hillside, where the view from the balcony of every room is a guaranteed masterpiece.

10 SangRiaResort-Balcony-Official-Booking
10 SangRiaResort-Pool-Official-Booking

Sip a glass of martini by the poolside, while you enjoy the view of lush greenery in the woods that stretch beyond the horizon.

10 SangRiaResort-cocktail pool

You can also take a dip in the hot tub when the weather gets chilly.

If you want to get closer to the surrounding nature, ask the receptionist for nearby hiking trails.

The resort also offers a spa to loosen up those sore muscles after a day of trekking in the forest.

10 SangRiaResort-via resnadia

Photo via: resnadia

Located in the heart of Lembang, the resort is only minutes from many attractions – strawberry fields where you can pick your own fruit, De’ Ranch, and the Bosscha Observatory.

10 SangRiaResort-room

That’s not to mention the many restaurants where you can get the best picture-perfect angles of the valley.


Photo via: Angel Mitsy

SangRia Resort & Spa

From USD $52 (approximately Rp. 756,828) per room per night

Location: SanGria Resort & Spa – Jl. Hortikultura No. 88, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia
Contact: +62 22 278 8777

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8. Saung Gawir: Pick strawberries at your doorstep

Looking for an even more authentic experience with the Joglos?


Photo via: Saung Gawir, Liusi Wijaya, Tsonze

At Saung Gawir, not only are the Joglos bungalow-styled, but the walls are also made of woven bamboos – very much like the real traditional thing in Indonesia.

You can even pick strawberries at the neighbouring farms!


Photo via: Azizimohdsunip, Titis Ade Salihat

Each of these bungalows have a capacity for 6 persons.


Saung Gawir

From USD 45

Location : Jalan Raya Ciwidey – Rancabali KM. 05 – Alam Endah, Ciwidey, Bandung
Contact: +62 8122 113 3664

Check Rate on Agoda

9. Padma Hotel Bandung: Luxury and Lush Greenery in the Town Centre

You don’t have to right up to the highlands or into the woods to have that experience of living in divine nature. This elegant hotel offers you just that, and it’s located near the city centre where you can shop at the malls, dine at cool cafes and go to the movies.



Padma hotel brings nature to you with a spectacular hill view. And you can choose to make the best out of it with jungle trekking, or, for a higher dose of adrenaline, tightrope walking.



And to complete your tranquil experience, treat yourself to its yoga classes to find some inner peace.


Padma Hotel Bandung

Starting USD 98

Location : Jl. Ranca Bentang 56-58, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung
Contact: +62 22 203 0333

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

10. Patuha Resort: Refreshing Retreat in the Mountains

Located at the foot of Patuha mountain with cool, fresh water, a breathtaking view is a guaranteed feature here.


Not to mention Kawah Putih is only a short distance away by foot, just across the resort.

Relax and soak yourself in the natural hot water pool to soothe your muscles and recharge your energy for another working week.


An hour’s drive away from Bandung city centre, this place is a great escape from the city. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and come home refreshed.

Patuha Resort

Starting USD 40

Location : Jl. Raya Ciwidey-Patengan Km 8 Desa Alam Endah, Bandung
Contact: +62 22 5928062

Check Rate on Agoda

11. Cikole Resort: Perfect Hiding Place

If you’re planning for a family getaway, this is the perfect place for you. Find one another as you lose yourselves in the tall pine woods.


Photo via: bookingbandunghotels

You can set up a barbecue outside the woods or light up a fire to warm yourself up in the cool mountain air – at the height of 1,500 metres above sea level with an extraordinary view.


Photo via: Rangga Anugrah Prakesa

Protected and supported by the Perusahaan Hutan Indonesia (Perhutani), this recreation destination is maintained as close to nature as possible.



Cikole Jaya Giri Resort

Starting USD 31

Location : Jl. Raya Tangkuban Parahu 147 Cikole, Lembang Kab.Bandung Barat
Contact: (022) – 82780512/13

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

12. Bandung Giri Gahana Golf Resort: Sporty Escape

Golf your tensions away in this spacious golf-and-resort facility. Bandung Giri Gahana is truly a golfer’s paradise with its natural Bermuda Grass for the fairway and Bent Grass for the greens.


Photo via: Marcello Gunadirdja

Even for non-golfers, the all-green view of the field is relaxing to the eye. You can sleep comfortably in the rooms in the middle of the woods, with the green view of the vast golf course.


Photo via: Travelharmoni

This accommodation is also perfect for any sporting enthusiast, or simply for those who want to untangle their weary bones and muscles from the fatigue of work, as there’s fitness facilities and tennis courts for you as well.


Photo via: Anibaeksj, ahn syong


Photo via: Detri Man

Bandung Giri Gahana Golf Resort

Starting USD 61

Location : Jalan Raya Jatinangor, Km. 20 Bandung, 45363 West Java – Indonesia
Contact: +62 22 779 8401

Check Rate on Booking Official Site

13. Sapulidi Resort: Life, According to The Bandung People

When in Bandung, live like the Sundanese do. In this spacious place, all the 23 villas are named after the lalala Sundanese. Euis, Putri No’ong, Ti Kunclum, Kongkorongok, Congklak – you pick the fanciest name and stay.



Sapulidi Resort articulates everything special about its natural features with the traditional exterior and interior of every villa. Enjoy your own balcony and fresh air either by the lake or near the woods – your pick.


And if you fancy the lake enough, you can even row a sampan out to feed the fish in the lake.


Sapulidi Resort

Rates from USD $36.26 (approximately Rp.520,000) for suite room

Location : Jl. Sersan Bajuri, Kompleks Graha Puspa, Cihideung, Lembang, Bandung
Contact: +62 222 786915

Check Rate on Agoda Check rate on

14. Kampung Pa’Go: In the Midst of Nature

So you know all the natural attractions Bandung has to offer. But what’s even better – you can complete your experience with nature with an accommodation steeped in nature itself.


Photo via: Ciwidey Discovery


Photo via: Ciwidey Discovery

Better yet, it’s near famous attractions such as Rancaupas, Kawah Putih, Ciwalini, Situ Patenggang and many more.


Photo via: alinezeence

Here, you get lush greenery, fresh air, and an epic mountain view. You can even go fruit-picking at the nearby strawberry farm.

If you’re staying there with friends and family, be sure to relieve your muscles in its mini soccer facility and let the kids run around in the playground.

Kampung Pa’Go

Starting USD 26

Location : Jl. Raya Soreang Ciwidey Km 25 Kabupaten Bandung
Contact: [email protected]

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

Special Mention

Novus Puncak: Bunnies in the Mountains

If you’re planning your nth trip to Bandung from other parts of Indonesia, why don’t you leave the boring highway and travel via the Puncak highlands?


It will take just a little longer but the journey and views are much more exciting. You can even do a stopover and spend a night. Or if you don’t have that much time to make it to Bandung, this very special resort can be a thrilling alternative.


Novus Puncak is located in Cipanas, with its famous breathtaking mountain view and fresh air – the best place to rejuvenate and recharge.


Your kids will be well taken care of with its great kids club facilities while you can laze by the pool.


Be sure to take your kids (and yourself) to its famous rabbit farm too, where you can feed and play with the healthy, fluffy bunnies.

Photo via: novushotels

Novus Puncak

Starting USD 69

Location : Jl. Sindanglaya Raya No.180, Cipanas, Jawa Bar. 43253
Contact: +62 263 511511

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

Are there any other rainforest hotels in Bandung we’ve missed? Share with us in the comment section below!

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