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Having kids is great, and being on a vacation is always great. But unfortunately the two don’t always go smoothly hand-in-hand.

Family holidays can be challenging but also amazing if you know how to handle them.

We’ve found some resorts in Bandung which will keep your little ones happy, and you well-rested and refreshed. And if you’ve your kids’ energy, you can even join them on little family adventures!

Now what else can hold you back from having a ton of fun?

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Note: The prices reflected below are the low season rates, and they exclude tax and service charges. Accommodation rates often change with room availability, and low or high seasons. We recommend double checking for the final prices before confirming your booking.

1. Have quirky hot springs waterpark fun amidst gorgeous mountain views – Ciwidey Valley Waterpark Resort

Thinking of visiting Ciwidey Valley Waterpark Resort? Come with maximum energy, as you will need it here with the plethora of fun things to do – guaranteed to make you feel like a kid once again.

Photo via: ciwideyvalley

This newly built hot springs water park not only has some really fun water slides, but there also are quirky structures all around the resort you will have fun exploring amidst the gorgeous mountain views. (Think giant bird cages to explore!)

Photo via: putriwansah

If you’re not big on swimming, parents can laze in the pool – with natural hot spring water flowing from statues into the pool to ease your aches away!

Photo via: dederahmathidayat

And if your children are hyperactive, don’t worry. Let your children run around and have fun, as you relax in the lounge with a refreshing iced tea.

After running around all day, your children will be tired out, and that only means a good night’s sleep for the parents!

For an authentic outdoor experience, the resort also provides Indian camping tents for rent, at their camping grounds.

Photo via: rudhiaalfian

Lastly, apart from staring at the starry night sky, one of the most heartwarming things to do here at night – would be to have a jolly old bonfire complete with marshmallows.

Photo via: arleyandtahnee

Photo via: r.nurfajar

Your kids (and yourselves, of course) will treasure the memories made here for life!

Ciwidey Valley Waterpark Resort

From USD $63 (approximately Rp. 850,000) per night

Address: Jl. Raya Batununggul, Ciwidey, KM 17 Banndung Regency, West Java, Indonesia. Coordinates here
Contact: +62 22 85920222
Price: Rp. 10,000 (approximately USD $0.70, entrance fee for non-staying guests); Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD $1,71 to use the pool facilities)

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2) Sari Ater Hotel & Resort: Family playground and hot springs (Junior suite from US$178 per night, max 4 pax)

At this resort, fun starts at the recreation area for family, with flying fox, horse riding, kids’ pool, playground or even golf for daddies.


If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try off-road journeys in jeeps, ATV or let loose in the paintball arena . Who says you can’t go wild and crazy with your little ones?


For some peace, you can retreat to the hot water spring, which flows right from the volcano. It comes with numerous health benefits and utmost relaxation.


Sari Ater Hotel & Resort provides 10 resort types you can choose from, including family suites that can accommodate up to 10 persons, where you can have your own kitchenette to whip up delicious suppers!


Sari Ater Hotel & Resort

Junior suite from US $178 (approximately Rp. 2,597,592) per night, max 4 pax

Location : Jl. Raya Ciater, Subang, West Java
Contact: +62 260 471700
Entrance: Rp. 35,000 (USD $2.40). Hot springs pool from Rp. 75,000 (USD $5.14)
Opening hours: Open 24 hours

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3) Kastuba Resort: Adventure by Day, Romance by Night

Kastuba is a perfect escape from the noisy and polluted city – a quiet getaway where you can neither hear nor smell the traffic, but can still enjoy the city scenery from far, far away through your resort window – so you get the best of both worlds.


Photo via: rinnasuri


Photo via: Rinnasuri

You can find adventure in the day with outdoor activities’ facilities and snuggle with your loved one at night by the fireplace (which is in every villa) to warm you from the cold night air.



Photo via: @tesyasblog

If you want to impress your loved one even more, request to set up a romantic dinner outdoors too.


Photo via: nuraina

Kastuba Resort

Starting USD 77

Location : Jl. Bukit Maribaya Kp.Sindangwangi Desa Mekarwangi, West Bandung
Contact: [email protected]

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4) The Valley Resort Hotel: Enjoy spa while your kids have fun (3 bedroom from US$212, max 6 pax)

Spoiling your kids doesn’t have to involve expensive toys or sophisticated new gadgets.


Photo via: The Valley Bandung

Instead, why not give them a pleasant, pampering experience of roaming around this spacious resort with fun activities all around the corner?


Playground, indoor and outdoor pools, Kids Club… All’s designed to keep your kids entertained and happy.


And while they’re kept busy, it’s time to indulge yourself in the beauty centre, spa and sauna, and be assured that your kids are well-taken care of!


You can dine at The Valley cafe too, which is touted as one of the best restaurants with a view in Bandung!


Photo via: Sharon Travelogue

The Valley Resort Hotel

3 bedroom from US$212, max 6 pax

Location : Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28, Dago Pakar 40198
Contact: +62 22 2531052
Rates: Starts from USD 51

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5) D’Riam Riverside Resort: For rough adventure and family teamspirit! (Family room from US$63, max 4 pax)

This place holds just as many adventures as you can expect to experience in Bandung.


Photo via: D’riam Resort Bandung, Selatan, Ciwidey


Enjoy a day out with the teens – you can do wall climbing in the safe area while cheering each other on.

Or challenge your kids to go rafting down the river – it’s a great opportunity to bond with the family over teamwork.


And fret not, this resort has its own portion of river that’s been tested for safety, so it’s definitely suitable for kids.

You can also start a paintball game!

What’s a family outing without some splashes of colour and lots of fun and laughter?


D’Riam Riverside Resort

Family room from US$63, max 4 pax

Location : Jl. Soreang – Ciwidey Km. 25, Soreang, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40972, Indonesia
Contact: (022) 85921210, 85921282
Rates: starts at USD 61

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6) Villa Gardenia: Nature’s Paradise

You have to bring your kids here at least once – a place of comfort, peace, and calm.



Photo via: Natalie, Hermawan

Also a great place to enjoy an intimate family outing and spend quality time together.

villa-gardenia by charles

With the selection of 18 villas of up to 3 bedrooms, any villa you assign yourself to comes with an extraordinary swimming facility, including a whirlpool everyone can enjoy.


Photo via: Garden Villa Bandung

A very natural-looking wooden villa is complemented with a tropical garden where you can take a relaxing afternoon stroll, while the kids are free to dash around happily.


Villa Gardenia

Location : Komplek Trinity Blok L 17, JL.Terusan Sersan Bajuri, Cihideung
Contact: +62 22 2 784954

Official site 

7) Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole: The Jungle Book of adventure! (Pondok from US$65 per night, max 6 pax)

Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole is not just a resort; it is a whole destination of its own.


Not only are there attractions and activities, but you can also spend a night – what a bonus!

All your kids will worry about is not having enough time to explore every adventure this place has to offer!


Photo via: Celyngiselle, Indonesia

Outbound site and a treehouse? How can a kid not get excited?


Photo via: Ginairani, Bosmobil

If you step a little further, you can find a strawberry farm as well as a jungle to trek in.


Photo via: ragamtempatwisata

And guess what, even the accommodations have awesome options – you can choose one of the eight hotel rooms or take the villa, or even camp at the campsite!


Photo via: Bosmobil, Wahanacikole

Terminal Wisata Grafika Cikole

Pondok from US$65 per night, max 6 pax

Location : Jalan Tangkuban Perahu KM. 8, Lembang 40391
Contact: +62 22 2786906
Rates: starts from USD 35 for hotel room and USD 62 for villas

Official site 

8) Kampung Pa’Go: Natural habitat with a water playground (Family room from US$70, max 6 pax)

It’s amazing how nature can bond a family together.

Maybe it’s the relaxing atmosphere, or the calm nuances where everyone can experience a tranquility in mind and emotion, breathing the same fresh air and looking at the same pristine beauty.


Photo via alinezeence

Kampung Pa’Go can provide just that, with its preserved natural habitat. Various plants and vegetation as well as fresh fruits (which you are free to pick) will welcome you as you begin your expedition into the greeneries of Kampung Pa’Go.

After the green comes the blue-ish big pool with a water playground for kids where they can splash around and have fun.


Photo via: Ciwideydiscovery

You can choose from 33 rooms in different types of accommodation, according to your family size and needs.


Photo via: Ciwideydiscovery

If you want something more exclusiveness with greater privacy, choose Rumah Bali, where this 2-storey resort is entirely yours.

Kampung Pa’Go

Family room from US$70, max 6 pax

Location : Jln. Soreang Ciwidey km. 25
Contact: +62 22 85920696, +62 22 92630996
Rates: starts from USD 26

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9) Villa Minerva: Comfort of Home, Fun of Vacation (3 bedrooms from US$54, max 12 pax)

This villa is located in a well-known villa complex, Villa Istana Bunga.

Villa Minerva is located near the entrance, so it’s convenient to reach.


You can have the whole villa for your family with as much comfort as you have back home, only that this time, it’s topped with jaw-dropping views of the Lembang highlands and calm neighborhood.

Every facility is provided to support your comfortable stay, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with your own kitchen, including a rice cooker, refrigerator, and tableware.


Entertainment is also guaranteed with a karaoke set, barbeque kit, wifi, and kids’ playground.


Villa Minerva

3 bedrooms from US$54, max 12 pax

Location : Jalan Kolonel Masturi Km.9, Parongpong, Lembang, Komplek Villa Istana Bunga, blok B-7, Bandung Barat
Contact: +62 817407909
Rates: starts from USD 54

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

10) Lembah Bougenville: Cycle in a nature resort and fish (4 bedrooms from US$150, max 8 pax)

Very often, family and nature are two things we can’t live without. Bring your dear family to this tranquil nature resort and you can have it all.

Photo via: cibodaslembang

This beautiful resort is artfully decorated with parks where you can breathe in the flora and fauna all around you – bikes are also provided, so you can cycle around with the kids whenever you like!

Photo via: Tigerlilysbook

And if you are a fish lover, regardless of whether you love to eat fish or feed fish, you don’t need to worry about feeding fish (as pets) and subsequently catching them to eat in the next minute.


Photo via: ayowisata

There’s two separate ponds – a fish pond for you and the kids to feed the hungry carps, and another pond for you to fish out your catch of the day to feed your own hungry tummies.

A playground is also available for the kids – at all times!


Photo via: fotki

Lembah Bougenville

4 bedrooms from US$150, max 8 pax

Location : Kmp. Cisarongge Desa Cibodas – Lembang
Contact: +62 22-70845494, +62 22-70840660
Rates: starting USD 115

Official site 

Special Mention 1 – Sabda Alam in Garut: Fun water therapy – (1 bedroom from US$47 – 2 pax)

Your trip all the way to Garut will not be in vain when you reach this spacious and well-designed resort.


Despite its modern design, it’s situated far away from the city, and in the depths of nature – with green surroundings and a mountain view.



Photo via: infogarsela

And which child doesn’t love splashing around in a pool? Your kids will love this pool with great water slides where they can have their own fun water adventures!


This resort also offers what Garut have best – a hot water spring, which is a good therapy for the whole family.


Perfect for a relaxing session after all the fun!


Sabda Alam in Garut

1 bedroom from US$47 – 2 pax

Location : Jalan Raya Cipanas Garut
Contact: +62-262 540054
Rates: starting USD 57

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

Are there any more great family hotels around Bandung? Share with us at the comment section below!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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