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I’m not in the mood for bakso”, says no one ever.

This Indonesian meatball meal is not only everyone’s favorite bowl of delicious noodle and soup combined, but also an affordable belly-warming meal that reminds you of good times with friends, and a quick hunger fix that works any time of the day!

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Bakso is so popular that it’s pretty much everywhere along the streets of Indonesian cities. And inspired by the jumbo bakso trend in Bogor, one bakso vendor in Yogyakarta is bringing bakso to the next level – that will impress you (and your tummy) for sure.

Video via fardiansyahtaufik

So get ready to meet Bakso Klenger Ratu Sari of Yogyakarta!

1. The king of giant bakso – a 5 kg meatball!

No your eyes are not deceiving you. At Bakso Klenger Ratu Sari, you can order a meatball the size of a basketball!

Photo via helenavidianty

In fact, this place is most popular for their extra HUGE bakso creation. Their Bakso Klenger 5XL that weighs 5 kg takes the cake.

Photo via welladian

No more settling for tiny meatballs to satisfy your appetite. After all, ‘Klenger’ does mean “feeling full but still begging for more”!

Price: Rp. 600,000 (approximately USD 45) for Bakso Klenger 5XL

2. Crazy bakso sizes from normal (tiny) to bigger, to basketball-size!

Choose your weapon of deliciousness.  Ranging from your normal-sized meatball to bigger ones for large appetites, to the popular gigantic 5kg meatball that can feed an entire family!

Their crazy size starts from 250g, followed by 1 kg (XL). But if you’re looking for extreme culinary, gear up to double XL all the way to 5XL.

An XL portion can easily feed 4-5 persons, so if you do the math, the biggest 5XL one can feed a whole party.

Designed with a cafe concept instead of like your usual food stall, Bakso Klenger is a great place for birthday parties, gatherings and other social events too!

Price: Rp. 12,000 – Rp. 40,000 (approximately USD 0.89 – USD 3) for normal portions
Rp. 50,000 (approximately USD 3.70) for 250g (¼ kg)
Rp. 80,000 (approximately USD 6) for XL (1 kg)
Rp. 150,000 (approximately USD 11) for XXL (2 kg)
Rp. 300,000 (approximately USD 22) for 3XL (3 kg)
Rp. 450,000 (approximately USD 33) for 4XL (4 kg)
Rp. 600,000 (approximately USD 45) for 5XL (5 kg)

3. 100% halal and enjoyable for everyone of all ages

With flavourful chicken broth soup and meatballs made of beef, rest assured that Bakso Klenger is 100% halal!

Photo via adi_fhrezi

Using quality meat and always putting taste first, you can now happily munch on this bakso bad boy till you’re all full.

Photo via fardiansyahtaufik

4. Indulge in different bakso hybrids for a party in your mouth

From soft-textured bakso to chewier tendon meatballs, Bakso Klenger is a culinary experience you don’t want to miss.

Not stopping at texture, you can also order the spicylicious ‘Bakso Londo’ that’s cooked with black pepper sauce for a special Western infusion in this traditional dish. Or try the ‘Bakso Kaget’ – a juicy rib bone soup complete with a straw for that sinful last drop!

Photo via titapanca
Photo via hasan.pradana

With a side of deep-fried wonton, you’re guaranteed a delicious bakso love affair!

Photo via fherraberry

Price: From Rp. 18,000 – Rp. 40,000 (approximately USD 1.33 – USD 3)

5. A full egg and flavourful chicken shreds in the giant meatball!

Like a ribbon-wrapped present, cut through your giant meatball to unveil the heavenly surprise fillings!

Photo via erviris10

Savour a full-size boiled egg, shredded chicken meat and good bits of beef that now complete your flavourful meatball. Add on chilli sauce or tomato ketchup according to what you prefer, and you’ll get to the bottom of your bowl in no time.

Photo via asihjiho
Photo via fardiansyahtaufik
Video via renna_susan

6. Try a funky creative drinks to go with your meatball soup

What’s a good meal without a tasty beverage sidekick?

Order up a Klenger Ice Tea, Basil Seed Orange Juice, Grass Jelly Milo, Klenger Mix Cocktail, or Chocolate Ice Drink – all tested and proven to be just the right match for your soupy bakso ride.

Photo via odenk_
Photo via rendy_andeska, hilman_fauzie

Price: Rp. 1,000 – Rp. 20,000 (approximately USD 0.07 – USD 1.50)

P.S. Do come early! Their bakso is often sold out before 7pm!

Bakso Klenger Ratu Sari

Address: Jl. Wahid Hasyim No.296, Nologaten – Yogyakarta
Phone: 0274-4534508 / 081-2462-11014
Opening Hours: Daily from 10 am – 9 pm (or until sold out)

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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