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Welcome to Indonesia’s apple city, Malang.

No, Malang isn’t flooded with iPhone users. Apples are locally grown here!

It’s not typical for a Southeast Asian country to be growing apples, which is why Malang is one of the greenest, most chill (literally and figuratively) cities in the country.

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Not to mention the beach destinations, parks, and waterfalls you can visit whilst in Malang.

So spend your money on these numerous activities because you can scrimp on your accommodation with these 9 affordable but unique hotels under $40.

Note: The prices reflected below are the low season rates, and they exclude tax and service charges. Accommodation rates often change with room availability, and low or high seasons. We recommend double checking for the final prices before confirming your booking

1. Your one-stop shop in Batu – Kusuma Agrowisata Hotel (From USD $35)

Though not located in the center of Malang, Kusuma Agrowisata Hotel has a lot of things to offer.

And by a lot, we really mean, a lot. In fact, you’ll find yourself wanting to stay longer in the resort, rather than venturing outside.



Horseback riding, a huge swimming pool, riding in a quad, playing soccer on a real field, tennis courts, a big playground with carnival rides for the kids and kids at heart – these are just some of the few outdoor activities that you can do while staying here.

Photo via ayyip adimas, astridbunga, ichacindy, moch arif12
Photo via yunlestkeisyakimora

Tired of running and laughing all day? Don’t fret, simply relax in their spa after a tiring day doing all of these activities. And in case you’re not the outdoor type, you can also enjoy a round of karaoke or two.


Photo via iki efriandi, muhammad edyrahman, savira mirienda

Apple picking is also available next door! You don’t need to go outside and rent a tour bus or use local transport. Instead, you can actually do apple, orange and even strawberry picking in the resort!


Photo via fiskarostria

In fact, this property is the only agrotourism hotel in Malang. So enjoy learning about agriculture while staying here!

For those who can splurge a little more, their superior cottage surely won’t disappoint!

Kusuma Agrowisata Hotel

From USD $35 (approximately Rp. 426960)
Address: Jl. Abdul Gani Atas, Ngaglik, Kec. Batu, Kota Batu, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Contact: +62 800 1593333

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2. When in Rome… – Gajahmada Graha Hotel (From USD$24)

You are still in Malang, Indonesia. You have not traveled back in time to the majestic Roman empire. You are not in Italy. You do, however, feel like you are the moment you arrive in Gajahmada Graha Hotel.


It might take you a while to enter the building, as you stand before a picturesque facade that resembles nothing in Malang.


Photo via farah iipthessakaunangtuiiit

The Roman architecture is made more evident by the statues and paintings that you can see all throughout the hotel. And what else shouts Rome, more than the famous columns? Gajahmada Graha Hotel ain’t short of these either!

After a long day of apple picking and sunbathing, you would definitely want a hot tub bath. And thankfully, you’ll get just that since a private bath is included in this affordable price!


With the elegant decor of your room plus the awesome bath amenities, nothing can beat this.


Photo via aha.photograph

Gajahmada Graha Hotel is also a popular destination for weddings. And why won’t it be?

With their great hall fit for a royal banquet, you won’t be surprised if your weekend getaway involves wedding crashing. And by crashing we mean just probably take a peek. ;p

Gajahmada Graha Hotel

From USD$24 (approximately Rp. 320520)
Address: Jl. Dr Cipto No. 17, Malang Center, Malang, Indonesia
Contact: +62 341 331331

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3. Glamorously eco-friendly – Kampung Lumbung (From USD $33)

When you hear of a property that’s eco-friendly, you won’t really expect the place to be look grand. Especially if they are reusing reclaimed timber from old Java teak wooden houses.


Photos via febpsi, ifan_rosandy

However, lo and behold, a stay at Kampung Lumbung is just like traveling back in time. The property has managed to preserve East Java Kampong architecture.


Photo via gailsatiawaki

No other property actually has a place for backpackers, unlike Kampung Lumbung which has special backpacker’s huts. (They can only accommodate a maximum of two people though!)


Photo via indahnya be, daam42

True to their eco-friendly vibes, they have their own garden aka mini-forest too. There, the endangered plant species that they grow in their own backyard are properly labeled. Talk about love for mother earth.

Relaxing in their pool is like no other. Why? Though built like a modern pool, the water used is actually spring water!


Photo via kikiikass


Photo via kinanthihusodo

Kampung Lumbung

From USD $33 (approximately Rp. 533500)
Address: Jl. Puskesmas Dalam no.1, Raya Beji – Batu, Kec. Batu, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Contact: +623415406951

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4. Wake up to an inspirational sunrise: Omah Kayu Paralayang

The biggest attraction of Omah Kayu has to be the stunning views in the morning and evening. This is where inspiration will hit you.


Photo via: kudratrahmadi

Located at Kota Batu Malang, a beautiful hill top 1,340 metres above sea level, the air is clean and fresh, and the weather isn’t as humid as in the city.

There are six treehouses, and each has the capacity to comfortably sleep three people – perfect for small families and gatherings with friends. You can sit on the wooden chair by the balcony and gaze at the wonders of the natural world all day.


Photo via: chikoandrianto

You’ll have one bed, a thin but comfy blanket and tableware in case you need it. The two bathrooms are outdoors (not in the room), and equipped with hot water. The place serves a simple breakfast too if you want.


Photo via: missnovitakusuma, redhaqadiani, omah kayu

This hideaway is pretty far from the busy streets of downtown Malang and Batu (estimatedly 25 km away), but it is situated near Hill Para, a beautiful location for a hike. You might also get a great view of Batu town while you’re there.


Photo via: kudratrahmadi

Omah Kayu is relatively new, having opened their doors early February 2014, so rest assured that nothing is rundown.

Good fencing makes this treehouse secure, and the walls are made of pine wood, an incredibly durable wood. The roof is made of palm fiber which allows you to be as close to nature as possible. When rain hits this roof, it’s music!

Omah Kayu Paralayang

From Rp 350,000 (USD 24)

Location : Songgokerto, Batu Sub-District, Batu City, East Java, Indonesia. Coordinates here
Contact: Deddy at +628384 8020407 or Nanang at +628193 1843858

Official Site

5. Feel at one with nature – MaxOne Hotel Malang (From USD $21)

A hotel that has a rooftop swimming pool with majestic views, and a bar in the same space.


Photo via blowflow

And they even have a spa! Also, if you’re here for a business trip, they have meeting rooms as well. At the price you’re paying, this seems almost unbelievable right?!


Photo via faniaauba

A wall of greenery greets you once you step inside MaxOne Hotel. The reception area has a backdrop that looks like the lush greenery of the Amazon forest. You’ll also find lots of hanging plants scattered throughout the hotel, especially in the restaurant and the lobby.


Photo via deviyunitias

Being true to the nature theme of the hotel, you will find that the hanger area in your room is set against a wooden tree backdrop – along with the leaf designs on the wall, and green flip flops.


Photo via mycardco

And you will find that they don’t use your typical door knob hanging signs to indicate if you want to get your room cleaned or DND. Instead, there’s a quirky round pie you can spin to the different labels that you desire. (We think that’s a pretty cute touch!)


Photo via diarysivika

To contrast the nature feel, there are wall paintings everywhere that resemble graffiti art. In fact, a great indication that you’ve reached the facade of MaxOne Hotel is the colorful almost building sized artwork resembling a cute lion.

MaxOne Hotel Malang

From USD $21 (approximately Rp. 281,400)
Address: Jl. Jaksa Agung Suprapto 75 A Malang 65111, East Java, Indonesia
Contact: +62 341 350 000

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6. Visit Bali in Malang? – Ubud Cottages Malang (From USD$23)

Don’t be confused but Ubud Cottages in Malang will really make you feel like you’re in Bali.


Photo via bennythama

From the facade of the hotel, the swimming pool area details, the four poster bed, and the uniquely carved doors of the cottages, to name a few – you’d question yourself if you’re still in Malang.


Photo via ruly firmansyah

The cottages are named after different puppets in Balinese puppet shows. And each room and cottage have different themes to suit different tastes.


Photo via evancalisto

For example, the Sadewa cottage has a terrace and direct pool access. While the Bima cottage is designed for honeymooners with a four poster bed and of course, privacy. How cool is that?


Photo via evancalisto

We know there are so many exciting things to do around Malang. But hey, when you get tired from traveling to and from your hotel, the double pool and surrounding tropical garden will make you want to lay down on a lounge chair and chill.


Photo via savillaputrie

You have to make sure you reserve at least half a day to explore the hotel and take Instagram-worthy photos. There are a lot of details to see and discover all throughout the property so enjoy!

Ubud Cottages Malang

From USD$23 (approximately Rp. 308,000)
Address: Bendungan Sigura-gura Barat No 44 Karang Besuki – Sukun Malang, 65149
East Java – Indonesia
Contact: +623415071458

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7. Unleash your inner minimalist – Ibis Styles Malang (From USD $25)

An outdoor pool and a fitness centre are all you need, to keep fit while staying in Ibis Styles Malang.


Photo via geofandakd

There’s also a lush green wall in the restaurant where you can spend moments staring at to calm your eyes, while enjoying a hearty breakfast.


Photo via mellysa.s

Sometimes, less is more. And the concept that prevails throughout Ibis Styles Malang is exactly this.

No frills, no fuss. A comfortable bed, a shower and toilet, a place to put your luggage, and a wee bit of entertainment. What more can you ask for?


Though minimalistic in design, you can be soothed by the quirky wall art and decoration of Ibis Styles Malang.


Photo via-lusipuspitaningrum

From their reception area that looks like it must be from the future and wall designs that resemble an art school – your eyes will never be bored from all that color, it can even be therapeutic!

Ibis Styles Malang

From USD $25 (approximately Rp. 333562)
Address: Jalan Letnan Jendral S. Parman No. 45, Purwantoro, Blimbing, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Contact: +62 341 409900

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8. Mini art and handicraft gallery – Helena Guest House (From USD $19)

Once inside Helena Guest House, you might find yourself fleeting from one painting to another. These mesmerising works of art can be found at the entrance of the hotel, the corridors, and in the dining hall.


Not only will you be staring at the awesome paintings, but you will find your hand gliding across the wooden furniture used throughout the hotel.


You might be helping the world a little bit when you shower under a sunlit roof! No need to turn on the lights – there is just something spectacular with natural light pouring in while you’re showering.

Privacy while enjoying the cool breeze and sunshine is something that you won’t expect from this price point. But lo and behold.


Some rooms in Helena Guest House have private terraces where you can enjoy some drinks, and talk about today’s events with your travel buddies.

Helena Guest House

From USD $19 (approximately Rp. 254,000)
Address:  Jl. Muria No.5, Oro Oro Dowo, Klojen, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Contact: +62341327885

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9. Modern blast from the past – Kertanegara Premium Guest House (From USD $20)

Don’t be misled by the name. Staying in Kertanegara Premium Guest House is like staying in a 4-star hotel. Staff, location, facilities, room size – these are just a few of the things that are being praised numerously.


The fusion of modern decor with a hint of Javanese is what makes this guest house stand out. From the building’s facade, you will be welcomed by a mighty three-storey building with windows that are typically Javanese.


The reception area itself is furnished with traditional looking lounge chairs and tables, but when you enter the rooms, it’s a totally different story.


For the price that you pay, while you won’t be enjoying 4-star level of luxury, you’ll still get to enjoy all the amenities of a decent hotel room in the rooms at Kertanegara.

And as long as you request for a tour to anywhere in Malang, they can arrange it for you. They can even suggest places to visit, and drive you around in their private cars or even with available local transportation.

Kertanegara Premium Guest House

From USD $20 (approximately Rp. 268,200)
Address: Jalan Semeru 59 Malang, Indonesia
Contact: +62341368992

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Special mention: Let the Dutch heritage shine – Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Hotel (From USD $43)

If a property is named as a heritage hotel, you’d expect a grand and lavish facade, not to mention a reception that will give you the wow factor.


Well, Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Hotel does not come short.


Photo via hennyqiu

Not only is the Dutch colonial design a huge wow factor, you’d be able to take advantage of their numerous facilities such as the pool with a view of the mountains, a basketball and a volleyball court for the sporty individuals.


Photo via winaaditya

Oh, and they have a jogging track in case you’re in the mood for a run too!

If you don’t like getting under the sun but still feel the need to do some recreational activities, there’s a table tennis area and karaoke bar for you.


We know not everyone feels sporty at all times, so go ahead and take a book from their massive collection, if an afternoon of reading is what you delight.


Traveling with the little ones? You’ll be glad to know that there’s a small play area that can help to keep them preoccupied – as you sip on that cold smoothie to soothe you from the day’s outdoor activities.

Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Hotel

From USD $43 (approximately Rp. 570.000)
Address: 127 Panglima Sudirman Street, Batu East Java – Indonesia
Contact: +62 341 – 592600

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So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy an affordable getaway to Malang – without having to spend hundreds of dollars but experience the comfort just the same.

The temperatures are cool, the air is fresh, and you’ll have a lot of available outdoor activities to choose from.

Best of all, you’ll be able to say, “That’s money well spent!”

Are there any great budget hotels in Malang we have missed? Comment below to let us know!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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