Written by Nadia Crowe
Edited by Beverley Lennon
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Despite us being a travel publication, we do recognise the detrimental effects it has on the Earth. Of course, to stop travelling would be an extreme notion and as such we still encourage exploring and discovering new cultures in a sustainable way – virtual tours, online reading and more options are now available to avid-travellers at heart!

Unfortunately COVID-19 has made it so most of us can’t leave the house and so we must embrace the #StayAtHome lifestyle. However, we get that it can be really overwhelming when you have to cancel travel plans and be cooped up somewhere, I’m sure you can’t wait until this is all over and you can explore again, because that’s exactly how I feel!

Whilst we are forced to stop all flights though, maybe it’s a good time to reflect on how every change to our lifestyle has a positive side to it too, and maybe once you realise how big an effect travel and being out of home has on the Earth, you’ll readjust your travel methods and maybe even consider one less trip a year?

For now, let’s be grateful for how staying at home during this challenging time has helped Mother Nature recover just a little bit, and make sure that we don’t unintentionally make things worse in the future!

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The Best News Ever

Here’s something cheery to brighten up your day!

1. Take a deep breath, air pollution has dropped!

– Reports have shown that Nitrogen Dioxide levels in places where strict lockdowns have occurred have dropped! Hooray!
– Cleaner air also helps in recovery from COVID-19!
– China is seeing blue skies for the first time in years!
– In fact, it’s been thought that the drop in air pollution has saved more lives from premature death than have been taken away by COVID-19!

2. Less flying/driving = less Carbon Dioxide emissions!

– We all know that Carbon Dioxide is one of the biggest pollutants in the world, and contributors to climate change.
– Transportation contributes to the largest amounts of carbon dioxide emissions per year!
– Staying home (not going on vacation or driving to work) means that you’re helping to slow climate change!

3. Otters in parks and Toucans in suburbs: The animals are walking free!

– While the news of dolphins and swans in Venice might be fake, there are some really clear changes closer to home!
Otters in Singapore have taken to frolicking in the parks and tourist hotspots where they wouldn’t have been able to before!
– One lucky Bangsarian spotted a Toucan chilling on a tree, who knew these existed in Kuala Lumpur?!
– With zoos and aquariums being closed, animals get a break from being exploited, and some even get to roam around and get out of their cage!

4. Everyone of us gets more time to reflect on climate change!

– Thanks to the strict lockdown measures enforced, businesses and governments are being forced to reevaluate their responses to epidemics
– It’s opening up some really forward-thinking conversations on climate change policy, as we all know, it’s an epidemic that we may not be able to come back from!

5. You can now make a wish and watch the milky way!

– If you stop worrying for a moment and step outside your balcony or garden at night, you’ll notice how quiet it is suddenly.
– Thanks to most businesses being closed, and less cars on the road, light, sound, and air pollution are at the lowest they’ve been in decades!
– Gaze up into the night sky and you’ll find the stars are clearer than ever, make a wish!

6. Monkeys don’t need to pick up our trash anymore!

– Less movement and people means that there’s less littering going on
– No longer will you see monkeys licking leftover wrappers, or birds chewing on plastic!
– When quarantine is over, the roads will be free from half eaten food, there will be less stink, and a much healthier ecosystem!

How you can help further

Staying as eco-friendly as possible during this time is equally as important as health!

7. Think of other ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at home!

– Recycling is risky because of the potential transmission of COVID-19 through contact
– Many recycling centres are also being forced to close, resulting in most of our waste going into landfills
– It’s hard to think of recycling as a priority, but we urge you to save your recyclables where possible to dispose of properly after this is all over!
– You can also think of disposing your vegetables to compost in your own garden! Here’s how!

8. Don’t clog up your toilet, and spend some time away from screens!

– It’s inevitable, staying at home means more electricity being used. The TV is on the whole day, maybe even the air con too, and you’ll definitely be using the toilet more! Just be aware of these things so you can save both your wallet, and the environment during these times.
– Many of the sanitising products that we use, such as wet wipes, can’t actually be flushed down the toilet! You may unknowingly be clogging up your pipes and causing harm to the wastewater system!
– Let’s stick to the three P’s: Pee, Poo, (Toilet) Paper!

9. Our bulk-buying may lead to food wastage!

– It’s definitely good to be prepared, and buying in bulk is often seen as more favourable, but this only applies to non-perishable goods! Lots of vegetables, fruits, and other perishables will undoubtedly expire before you get the chance to use them.
– Plus, let’s remember that these aren’t normal times, everyone is in need of the basics, and bulk buying during a pandemic means that other people may go without!
– Supermarkets are considered an essential, they stay open, there’s no need to panic, it will do more harm than good and there IS enough food in the country!

10. Using too many masks and gloves might kill the fish!

– Thanks to increasing demand, mask and glove factories have been pushed into overdrive to produce even more than ever before
– While you are taking extra precautions and buying them in bulk, you’re not only creating shortages for medical professionals who need it to work in hospitals and help those who become sick enough to need treatment!
– But with no proper disposal, masks and gloves also end up in our oceans!

So while you’re sitting at home feeling bored or sad about not being able to go out for the next few weeks, take a moment to reflect on these things and be happy knowing you’re also helping the planet!

Share this with your friends who might be feeling lonely whilst #selfisolating so they know how much good they’re doing!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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