Have you ever felt the urge to travel to Hobbiton (New Zealand) after indulging in the gorgeous landscape in Lord of the Rings, or fly to Jeju Island for your honeymoon after watching all the beautiful-filmed Korean dramas?

In fact, why can’t you?

Regardless of whether it’s a simple holiday, or a self-discovery trip to Bali that Julia Roberts went on in Eat Pray Love, you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite movie stars all over the world.

One of these well-loved filming destinations is Bali, the very place to find love and adventure. Want to be the movie star of your very own movie? We’ll tell you how.

1. Find Love like Julia Roberts

julia roberts

Photo via Bali The Truly Paradise by Sony Pictures

Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) travelled to Ubud, Bali, on the last leg of her self-discovery trip in Eat Pray Love, and found love in the form of a Brazilian businessman.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll definitely meet your Prince Charming, you can always retrace her footsteps and try your luck!


Photo via Four Seasons Resort by Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

During filming, Elizabeth’s family stayed at the Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay Resort, which boasts of relaxing spa treatments, private tubs and cool open-air pavilions, perfect for a trip where you just want to chill.

ubud traditional market

Photo via Pinterest by Tamkeen Ryan

What’s more, you can also go souvenir (and hunk) hunting at the popular Ubud Traditional Market, where you can get exquisitely crafted slippers, bags, wood idols, and clothes.

2. Have the adventure of a lifetime like a police (just sayin’)

alex cross (Tyler Perry)

Photo via NBC News by Summit Entertainment

You don’t need to track down a killer in Candidasa, Bali like police lieutenant Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) did in Alex Cross, in order to find your adventure.

If you’re up for something nerve-wrecking, why not take a hiking trip up the Gunung Agung? At 10,308 feet, Gunung Agung is the highest mountain in Bali – and it’s an active volcano too.

mount agung

Photo via Pinterest by travelling BALI

 Two trails lead to the summit, where drop-dead gorgeous scenery awaits you. The mountain is best scaled between July to September.

3. Treasure hunting (metaphorically)

Touted as one of the best diving movies of all time, in 1952’s Road to Bali, two American song-and-dance men (Bing Crosby and Bob Hope) end up finding a treasure when they dived to the bottom of the ocean in Bali.

road to bali

Photo via Paramount Pictures

Although there’re likely no jewels lying in wait for you on the seabed, you can grab the chance to swim with the fishes – literally – as Bali is famous for having some of the best diving sites in the world.

One popular place is the Bali Bubbles Dive Center, where professional divers will show you some of the most beautiful underwater scenery and wildlife. And fret not, safety is never a problem, for diving trips are conducted in small classes and groups.

bali bubbles dive centre

Photo via Bali Bubbles Dive Center by Bali Bubbles Dive Center

4. Mend a relationship

Have you been struggling to mend a relationship that’s important to you? Regardless of whether it’s your rival or an estranged lover, Bali is the perfect place to do just that.

In the short film Love Once More, Chinese movie stars Chen Zihan and Zhang Xiaolong play bickering co-workers who came to terms with their differences during a trip to Bali, and even ended up falling in love.

love once more

Photo via ent163 by Garuda Indonesia

Who says you can’t follow in their footsteps and fill in the cracks of your own relationship just like in the movie?

One way to do it – via a therapeutic massage in Bali.

Unlike other extravagant masseurs, the Golden Hands Therapeutic Massage offers a no-frills massage – they only have two beds and a collection of fragrance oils – touted by many to be “one of the best massages” they have ever received.

golden hand massage

Photo by Golden Hands management

A good massage can lower your stress levels and open you and your partner up for some heart-to-heart conversation. Who knows – these ‘golden hands’ might be able to smooth over not just your muscles, but your relationship problems as well.

5. Ride the waves like a pro

Impressed by Robert “Wingnut” Weaver and Patrick O’Connell’s kickass surfing skills in the action documentary-film The Endless Summer II?

the endless summer 2

Photo via xfinity by New Line Cinema

You can do that – ride the waves in style!

If you’re a first-time surfer, head to the Kuta Beach for a milder terrain of soft waves with average height.


Kuta beach

Photo via Pinterest by Tommy Schultz

Once you’ve got your skills in check, you can proceed to the most famous surfing spot in Bali, the Padang-Padang beach. It boasts of the hollowest and most dangerous waves, from four feet till up to 12 feet in height.

padang padang beach surf

Padang-padang beach

Photo via IndoSurfLife by IndoSurfLife team

It’s also nearly always crowded – the perfect place to attract the attention of that hot beach babe.

padang padang beach

Photo via Pinterest by Fairus Khafiz

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