Written by Beverley Lennon
All photos commissioned by TripCanvas

Planning your next couple getaway and seeking to escape into the dreamy lush rainforests of Ubud?

My boyfriend and I had the whirlwind romance of a time in Bali’s luxe jungle book – Padma Resort Ubud, a romantic retreat hidden deep down in untouched nature and a 40-minute drive from Ubud centre.

We crossed the miles of Ubud’s paddy fields and were so ready for our “what happens on vacation stays on vacation” right in the jungle with the sounds of chirping birds and crickets, but in all luxury and comfort!

You’ll be spoilt with plenty of activities for all the picky and restless couples out there – the adrenaline junkies, the culture buffs, early risers, animal lovers and foodies. And once we were done with our sunrise yoga session, 7 am morning swim in the heated infinity pool and adventurous jungle trekking, our room was all the respite we ever needed!

Here’s how Padma Resort Ubud wins it at flirting with the idea of a romantic getaway for two…

I said “Yes!”… to Padma Resort Ubud, of course!

Come for the pool, stay for the weekend! Padma Resort Ubud also offers a Day Pass (Swim and Dine) that grants access to their heated infinity pool, a lunch meal and their afternoon tea session! Beware, you might not want to leave!

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1. Drop your bags at your little luxe oasis in the middle of the jungle

a. Have a bubbly time in your private jacuzzi at the One Bedroom Suite

The esteemed jacuzzi holds a special place in our hearts and the One Bedroom Suite at Padma Resort Ubud got us at living the luxe life with their balcony surprise – a jetted tub for two! We definitely brought on our bubbly, fuzzy feelings here…

Love is in the air – undeniably everywhere at the One Bedroom Suite; fit for any of your special occasion. If you are here celebrating your honeymoon, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just on a surprise weekend away, I would highly recommend you to show your better half your true romantic side by booking a sensual night here.

Champagne, bath salt and chocolate-coated strawberries are included in the resort’s special Soak & Soothe Package, which also includes a Balinese massage and a flower bath set-up.

Being real jacuzzi fanatics, a bubbly bath with each other was a must for our couple getaway, so we enjoyed a good soothing wade overlooking lush jungle views, and thoroughly loved that quiet and romantic time spent with each other.

Unlock the door back to your bedroom, where the deal gets all the steamer when you get to cuddle up in bed to the warmth of your lover! Effervescence guaranteed…

One Bedroom Suite

Rates: From USD$341 a night (Approximately Rp. 4,916,200)

Check best available rate

b. Posh meets traditional at the Premier Club Room

The resort takes the cake when it comes to affordable luxury rooms – in fact, the rooms might feel too big for some! Two words for the Premier Club Room we stayed at: SPACE GALORE!

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this room, I even checked back on the booking form to make sure it was the Premier Club Room and not a suite – the discretion and serenity of the room sank into me from the start; one where we were more likely to hear the sounds of the jungle than our neighbours.

The bedroom is definitely worth it if you’re craving a relaxed private vacation yet with some action not far away; it’s the perfect place to bring your significant other.

And the setting, traditional Balinese decor and in-room amenities are stunning (hello Nespresso machine!). Let’s not talk about the view from our private balcony – ours overlook the jungle of course but we also had a side view of their indulgent heated infinity pool.

The bathroom did not let us down either – spacious enough for 10 people, with a stand-alone bathtub overlooking the bedroom and the jungle views!

Since we were craving some deep, restorative sleep. They got us! The Premier Club Room was a dream to sleep in…

Premier Club Room

Rates: From USD$270 a night (Approximately Rp. 3,888,000)

Check best available rate

2. Take him/her on a breakfast date with gorgeous views!

a. Enjoy a delectable healthy start in the plunge pool with a floating breakfast

The only thing better than a great breakfast in bed is enjoying it in the pool, overlooking lush jungle views!

While we slid into the pool, they gently moved the floating tray over on the water and with a slight push, we had our flamboyant floating breakfast in the pool with us – something quite unusual especially for us who often skip breakfast (blame it on the several alarm snoozes)!

I personally think that although not super practical, this transforms the simple pleasures of a morning meal into a rare sensory treat with natural breeze, refreshing pool water and delectable freshly-baked goodies; these surely awakened all of my senses…

The comforting American breakfast is packed full of fresh fruits, bakeries, eggs of your choice, bacon, sausage and the whole shebang – just ask and you’ll get!

Floating Breakfast

Price: From Rp.550,000 per couple (Approximately USD$38.15)

Find out more

b. Combine romantic breakfast and endless jungle views: The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge

There are a few things that Padma Resort Ubud does pretty well – romance, breakfast and views… and we decided to experience all of them at The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge.

Here’s where we got to eat brekky with views to kill for. Of course they have a decent breakfast buffet with Western and Asian options, but the real drawcard is the side of spectacular forest views with every serving.

We came in and were greeted with locals playing traditional Balinese music on their Gamelan, which instantly puts you in the mood for the day! We ordered a fry-up and served ourselves from the generous buffet before we could take in the postcard-worthy views. I asked if we could retire here, someday… (my request is still pending).

The food was fresh and far from being your boring eggs, bacon and sausage kind of breakfast – I truly enjoyed their freshly-squeezed juices which felt like real detoxifying substances.

Clearly, their all-encompassing menu is suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you are here for a simple breakfast or a filling one, and it surely satisfies sweet tooths (doughnuts!!) and carnivores alike 😉.

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge

Price Range: Rp. 250,000-500,000 (Approximately USD$17.34-34.68)
Opening Hours :
Breakfast: 6.30 am – 10.30 am
Lunch: 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Afternoon Tea: 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm
Dinner: 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Find out more!

3. Swim to infinity with your lover at the heated infinity pool!

We all love infinity pools, but set atop the rainforest canopies, Padma Resort Ubud’s 89-metre-long heated infinity pool takes it to another level (literally!). This is what I call a showstopper of a pool!

Both of us couldn’t help but marvel; especially at 7am when it was misty and you could see the steam from the pool! Just imagine stepping in a warm comforting infinity pool, especially since it is chilly on the hills.

Combining its surrounding aesthetics and scenery, the heated infinity pool creates an exceptional experience – I must say that it was the highlight of our stay! We took a steamy yet refreshing dip and admired the world around us…

And if you are craving some peace and quiet, take the stairs down to the lawn area and get lost in your favourite book, or like us, simply take in the unobstructed views while sipping on cocktails!

Infinity Swimming Pool

Operating hours: Mon-Sun 7am-9pm

Find out more!

4. Order a passionate red slushie from the swim-up bar (The Pool Cafe & Bar)

Now, imagine never having to leave this warm pool for your next cocktail. That, my friends, is pure luxury! In addition to its warm water, the pool also features a swim-up bar shaped like a tree – magical at night if you ask me.

Panoramic forest views are the main draw, though their signature cocktails don’t hurt either.

We mingled and settled on the submerged bar stools and sipped craft cocktails in the pool, but opted for the poolside bean bags to enjoy more drinks when our fingers started to get pruny.

By lunchtime, simply take a few more steps and you will enter into a gastronomic haven at the Pool Cafe, conveniently located by the pool – an exquisite open-air terrace offering a colourful Mediterranean menu.

In here, we found plenty of vegetarian options, healthy meals including salads but also your good old post-pool hearty burger (every guest’s favourite – I looked left and right and there were burgers on every table!). Guests can also request for special meals based on their specific dietary needs (i.e.vegetarian or vegan meals) – you just need to let the staff know in advance.

The Pool Cafe & Bar

Price Range: From Rp. 160,000-300,000 (Approximately USD$11.10-20.81)
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am-9.30pm

Check their menu here

5. Get heated up at the jacuzzi!

If your room does not feature a private jacuzzi, you can simply head over to the one located by the infinity swimming pool.

We enjoyed a spa-like soak in a water that felt too hot at the beginning (40 degrees Celsius!) but oh-so-soothing when we got used to the temperature… Cocktails in one hand while the other is meant to be wrapped around your sweetheart!

Trust me, this is a honeymoon-worthy experience – relaxation and romance at its finest; I enjoyed this bubbly moment as a vacation in itself!

6. Take a happy turn back to childhood with your lover at the animal garden

Are you an animal lover or do you swoon over anything furry and cuddly?

Looking back at my younger years, there are plenty of happy moments with cuddly animals that are etched in my memory and some do really stand out! Just like these fun activities used to help me bond with my family, they are also as exciting for couples.

As we wandered around the animal garden, our eyes lit up at the several furry and feathery balls of cuteness – rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, ducks and love birds which we fed and had fun petting. We got to pick some fresh greeneries for them all – they are real gluttons, I tell you!

I was impressed by the cleanliness of the animal garden, and though it was drizzling while we visited, the grassy area was well-manicured and you have nothing to be scared of stepping on (if you get what I mean…)!

This quality time turned out to be a full moment of enjoyment, filled with laughter while we got chased by the chicks begging for more food, oh and those colourful love birds we fed were very picky with their healthy options!!

And yes, I sincerely think that being a kid with my partner-in-crime was a healthy way to relight that feeling of adventure and excitement in our relationship – try it for yourself!

7. Love tea time as much as you love each other?

a. Settle for a private high tea at the resort’s vantage point: The Club Lounge

If you both consider yourself as the prince and princess of the royal family, you definitely need to experience high tea at The Club Lounge of Padma Resort Ubud.

You might want to dress up for this occasion because you are about to feel and be treated royally! I think that there is a very skilled art in creating such an iconic experience as afternoon tea as the one in The Club Lounge – it’s private, intimate and all you can ever expect is peace and serenity while you sip on pure warm goodness and admire the unobstructed views from the resort’s vantage spot!

I am not even joking but I let you judge – the pictures speak for themselves. With floor-to-ceiling windows that open up completely, this could become a tourist sideshow, something to ‘tick off’ the list while visiting Ubud!

The skill in keeping its authenticity lies, as ever, with the staff who create this experience, keeping it a treat while keeping it real with freshly-made goodies that are meant to tickle your palate. We also spent time at the lounge reading corner where we found a collection of antique books to get lost in.

The highlight was the round-shaped tier with the all-time favourite sandwiches, buns and other fancy treats – a real feast for the eyes and stomach!

Note: High-tea at The Club Lounge is included in club members room rates. This experience is exclusively reserved for club members only and not open for regular guests and non-hotel guests. Breakfast is also available at The Club Lounge for club members.

The Club Lounge

Tea time: 2pm-3.30pm

Cocktail time: 4.30pm-6.30pm

Check their menu here

b. Experience a buffet dedicated to tea time: The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge

The tea time buffet at The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge bursts in colours and flavours! This is far from the usual cucumber-sarnie-and-dollop-of-clotted-cream feast, so venturing here means getting in for a proud traditional treat!

When it was time for a comforting cup of hot tea, we headed to the restaurant and picked from the array of crunchy, flaky, fruit-filled goodies with items such as local corn fritters, sandwiches, mirror-glazed chocolate cake, sesame balls and more!

The extensive range of cake varieties and even more tea flavours tasted like they were all freshly made with love! But let’s face it, we were here for the sweet treats and they did not disappoint – perfectly doughy and warm to accompany your side of hug in a mug!

Obviously it’s a buffet, so it was perfect because we arrived very hungry and could not wait to splurge with a view of the jungle!

P.S. Rest assured that you can expect professional service from the staff; if you are a true tea-taker, you know that milk goes first 😉

Note: Tea time at The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge is included in the room rates.

The Puhu Restaurant & Lounge

Price for non-hotel guests: From Rp. 250,000 per person (Approximately USD$17.32)
Tea time: 2pm-3.30pm

Find out more!

8. A table for two please!

a. Get blown away with an intimate romantic dinner!

First thought: What every couple deserves!!

We walked away from the happening area of the resort and were welcomed with nicely decorated candles which led to the Bale Bamboo… is he going to propose?!

The dreamy low-lit setting was amazingly romantic and though a little cliché with flowers shaped into “I love you”, but I really enjoyed how private and intimate this dinner experience was. We tucked into an elegant meal (choose from Balinese, Western or Italian menus), while sipping on wine and taking in the natural breeze from the surrounding jungle.

Trust me, you and your S.O will definitely feel cozy in this romantic setting! I truly appreciated how the on-site buttler was attentive yet gave us our privacy at the same time.

Besides the warm and inviting atmosphere, the dishes were bursting in flavour as the dedicated chef does his best to provide you with the most memorable dinner date…

And if you’re lucky, the candles won’t be the only sparks in the room (wink!).

Romantic Dinner

Price: From Rp. 1,780,000 per couple (Approximately USD$124)

Check their menu here

b. Go on an around-the-world buffet dinner with your partner: The Pool Cafe & Bar

If the way to each other’s heart is through good food, you shouldn’t miss the daily special buffet dinner nights at The Pool Cafe & Bar, with themes ranging from Indonesian, Italian, Mediterranean, Western and many more!

We experienced the Mediterranean BBQ and decided to come back the next night for their Western Delight. The dining experience takes place by the poolside and we got to enjoy live entertainment with acoustic music from local artists; cosy enough for a romantic date!

If you are here on a Monday, don’t miss on their Indonesian Market that’s accompanied by a traditional Balinese dance; Friday works good too for everything cultural!

This is not where you go crazy on caviar but the buffet is well spread and god I would definitely go back for their desserts – a good mix of local delicacies and Western items, with my favourite being the mini peanut and chocolate martabaks – I was looking for them at breakfast the next morning too!!

It really depends on the day you drop by but my favourite was the Western dinner, with baked macaroni being a winner – I actually served myself several times (which, as a non-foodie, never usually happens!). The mashed potato topped with roasted beef is also to-die-for! You can get your BBQ, fresh pasta and kebabs done on the spot at the live cooking stations too!

You’re set for a pure delight with very-well-executed dishes so you might want to look really prepared and with a plan to impress your date 😉 Just saying, by the pool… with a diamond ring!

Padma Ubud Buffet Dinner at The Pool Cafe & Bar

Price: From Rp. 362,000 per person (Approximately USD$25)
Operating hours: Mon-Fri 6.45pm-9.30pm
Tip: Entertainment starts from 7pm. Book before 2pm for a 10% discount!

9. Lace each others’ sneakers for an adventurous jungle trekking!

We know, sometimes maintaining good physical health can get very challenging while on vacation – blame it on all the good food! But nothing compares to some outdoor time with your partner!

Photo Via Cr1857

The jungle trekking experience at Padma Resort Ubud takes you to the nearby Taro Village, where you can get acquainted with the locals; in fact, it is much more than what we usually refer to as ‘jungle trekking’ – you get a cultural immersion too!

Here, you’ll get to see the daily lives of villagers up close, wander in the rice paddy fields and watch farmers at work, as well as learn where the resort sources its fresh vegetables.

I find this experience very valuable for travelers who wish to meet locals and learn about their culture – it’s a good way to interact with the villagers to get to know about their natural way of life, where they live and how they keep themselves busy the whole day.

All in all, it is a good way to go local. With the help of a guide, you will also learn lifelong lessons on how to interact with the local community while traveling, plus you get to burn some calories at the same time!

Jungle Trekking

Price: From Rp. 200,000 per person (Approximately USD$14)
Trekking time: 9am-12pm

Find out more

10. Hit the roads for a memorable car cruise: Bali Voyage

Hop on a classic VW convertible safari (you get to choose from a range of colours!) and roam your way through Ubud and the villages around the resort.

We set off from the resort’s lobby with the warm welcome from our smily driver and guide for the day – the tour is meant for a good 5 hours and takes you to Ulun Danu Batur Temple, the Coffee Plantation, Tirta Empul Temple, and Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

It’s a whole lot of fun to set free and enjoy an open-air adventure! We felt like we were in some sort of 80’s movie scene driving through endless roads with rice paddy fields on both sides, up bridges and over rivers while locals stared in wonder!

Along the way, you will stop over at the attractions, and with the help of your guide you get to discover all of what Ubud has to offer (to culture buffs out there)! You will also be provided with lunch boxes and luwak coffee from the coffee plantation.

Besides all the excitement, I found the tour very informative as our guide was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very passionate about his country as a whole; rest assured that they speak perfect English!

Bali Voyage

Price: From Rp. 948.000 per person (Approximately USD$65.75)

Find out more

11. Go on a cave adventure to treat yourselves at the spa

What better way to relax as a couple than going for a spa together? And how about a spa in a cave?

Photo Via kittyisgood_

At Padma Resort Ubud, the spa interior that is shaped like a cave – nowhere does originality and romance like this one!

Check out their couple massage room that comes with a bathtub – perfect for the popular spa milk bath, which you can indulge in while overlooking the lush greenery from a round-shaped window.

We went for the traditional Balinese massage and it was pure indulgence – two therapists massaged us side by side in the couple spa room, before leaving us to enjoy a luxurious cream bath which was very intimate, and you can even choose your water temperature.

Our spa room was very spacious and there was plenty of natural lighting which simply leveled up our pampering session. You can also opt for body wraps, scrubs, as well as facials, pedicures and manicures!

At the end of our treatment, we headed to the spa lounge and were treated to a comforting cup of hot tea and some dried fruits (the apricots and pineapple are my favourite)! You’ll get all the post-spa privacy you need here with a side of lush greenery from the arch-like floor-to-ceiling glass window!

Photo Via patricia.p.del_

This idyllic oasis got us completely refreshed and rejuvenated!

The Spa

Price Range: From Rp. 330,000-1,800,000 (Approximately USD$22.89-124.85)
Contact: +62 361 301 1111 (Extension 1911)
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9am-9pm

Find out more

12. Pick up a new culinary skill together!

a. Spice it up at the cooking class

If the way to your lover’s heart is through his or her stomach, you know what to do! Why not learn how to whip up Balinese cuisine together?

This experience also brings you closer to traditional Bali – you get to go on a quick tour to pick your ingredients from the local market, as well as within the resort’s botanical garden!

If you are keen on a fishy treat, don’t miss on dropping by the resort’s Fish Lagoon to fish your own dinner! There will be someone helping you as well, but they’ve got a variety of fishes so you might as well try as hard as you can! We had fun here; while the tiniest fishes were stealing on the bait.

Here, you will learn how to expertly tickle your partner’s palates… The on-site gourmet chef will guide you in every step and nothing compares to the feeling of being dressed like a real chef with an expert’s utensils! Never have I ever thought that a knife could cut such thin slices, impressed!!

The experienced chef demonstrated the practices before allowing us to be the MasterChefs of the day! No overly complicated processes here, all ingredients were displayed at our cooking table and we could be imaginative and do as we please while having fun creating a tasty 4-course Balinese meal – that’s a perfect spring roll (Lumpia Udang Galah), creamy chicken soup (soto ayam), Pepes Ikan (a famous Indonesian banana-wrapped fish) and we ended with their special Black Rice Pudding and Banana fritters!

We left with a delicious meal, skills and recipes that we can recreate at home!

Cooking Class

Price: From 700,000 per person (Approximately USD$48.57)
Class duration: 7.30am-2pm

Find out more

b. Who is better at making cocktails?: Mixology class

You probably know who is better at drinking, but how about making your very own cocktails?

We went for this special mixology class, which takes place at the lounge bar, and you will be accompanied by an on-site mixologist who is super energetic and encouraging!

Every guest who signs up for the class is expected to make three drinks of their choice and what’s awesome is that we got to enjoy it after the class; the mixologist also offered to bring our creations over to the dinner table because… you get three drinks after all! Interesting fact – some of the ingredients are actually sourced directly from the resort’s botanical garden!

Lots of fun and laughter guaranteed here (I was legit tearing from laughing!), and we even spent the rest of the night convincing each other who was the better mixologist – I swear, they did not taste that bad even though we missed out the lemon juice, and there was a tad bit extra alcohol!!

What a fun date-night idea!

Mixology Class

Price: From Rp. 350,000 per person (Approximately USD$24.29)
Class duration: 2 hours (Come in anytime between 10am-4pm)

Find out more

13. Get on some hearty fun activities together!

a. Take a romantic stroll in the gardens: Agroforestry tour

If you are lucky, you might spot some cherry blossoms. Yes, right here in Ubud!

We were taken on a memorable agroforestry tour, through the resort’s perfectly maintained botanical garden with the help of an inspiring gardener!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of plants, trees and fruits growing within the resort’s grounds, and yes, they are growing cherry blossoms now, though none had bloomed yet when I was there!

It’s always good to see where your food is coming from and the agroforestry tour is what I call a real farm-to-table experience; we even got to pick papaya, guava and passion fruits and we had a fruit feast right in the middle of nature!

Recycled bottles are used to collect dew and keep the plants healthy while also maintaining them in shape. We learnt so much about conservation from our enthusiastic guide!

The agroforestry tour is complimentary for all in-house guests at Padma Resort Ubud.

b. Be farmers for the day in the rice paddy fields!

Nothing like a good ole’ fashioned farm fun! If you’re curious about the work of farmers in Ubud’s rice paddies, here’s your chance to get an up-close-and-personal experience, right within the resort grounds!

With the help of a local farmer, we were taught how to plant and farm the paddies, and it was then that I realised how challenging it is. Kudos to all farmers, as rice plantations are planted and farmed manually in Bali, and it surely requires lots of patience and determination!

We were provided with a rice paddy plant and taught how to carefully plant them by hand, deep in rows in a slightly drained, puddled field. It was fun to get our hands dirty and step out from the comfort of our rooms to immerse in local culture together!

I ended up getting stuck in the puddle of mud and struggled to move around, much to my partner’s amusement! Classic.

The farming activity is complimentary for all in-house guests at Padma Resort Ubud.

c. Head up the bamboo bridge, straight to the forest and down to the river

You know it – the little things matter. How about adding that little touch of magic with a soothing running river in the middle of the forest and a beautiful bamboo bridge?

Down the jungle tracks from the resort, you will find a beautiful bamboo bridge planted in the middle of the jungle, taking you through a bamboo forest (major Insta-worthy!) and down to a secret river.

Photo Via Alixbrandt, Octavianahunardyy

I personally consider it thoughtful for the property to conserve natural wonders of that sort – not only is it a way to protect the environment but it also allows guests to get up close with nature!

Don’t miss this opportunity to take a long romantic walk, hand-in-hand, through this dreamy forest with your lover!

d. Play Cupid at an archery class!

Did you know that archery can be the foundation for love and a successful relationship?

Pick up the bow and arrow at Padma Resort Ubud – this exciting, fun and challenging activity will surely bring a sense of competition between both of you, but most importantly, it will build teamwork between you and your life partner!

Photo Via Spohjone, Dodi_uno

The on-site archery expert will also guide you to make sure your Cupid experience is a safe and memorable one! After all, you are here to strike some fun!

Private Archery Class: From Rp. 165,000 per person for 1.5 hours (Approximately USD$11.43)
Free of charge if no lesson is required.

14. Breathe in and breath out love with a sunrise yoga session!

As a weekly yoga practitioner, I was overly excited for this sunrise yoga session at the Bale Bamboo and was pleasantly surprised – the ambience, peace and serenity of the morning and oh the views! Waking up before the whole world does felt like something else!

With the help of a professional yogi, we fell into perfect sync with each other throughout our private sunrise yoga session – our breath, movement, and body positions found a rhythm together while the sun gently rose and the rays made way through the Bale Bamboo.

Don’t worry, if you have no yoga experience, this is the perfect time to give it a go as the on-site yogi will take pleasure in guiding you through the best practices and positions for beginners. He will also help to adjust and correct your posture if it is not proper. And we started with basic breathing exercises before the actual yoga practice.

I truly cherished this fulfilling time as we were able to relax together – while this beautiful practice is meant to be serious, it felt more lighthearted to practise it as a couple and it was enough to create an undeniable harmony between us for the rest of the day!

Private Yoga

Price: From Rp. 200,000 per person (Approximately USD$13.88)
           From Rp. 300,000 per couple (Approximately USD$20.83)
Sunrise Yoga: Daily at 7am
Morning Yoga Class: Daily at 8.30am
Sunset Yoga Class: Mon,Wed,Fri at 5pm

What I loved from my stay!

I loved my peaceful retreat with my S.O, it felt like a detox weekend for the both of us where we had a complete rejuvenation. And with all the spa, restaurants and retreat facilities at your doorstep, you barely have to leave the resort!

I could not forget the sexy jacuzzis, our morning dip in a heated infinity pool as we listened to the hypnotic sounds of the jungle, our spacious and airy room fit for the king and queen, stellar dining options and top-notch service – it’s such an ideal destination for a romantic getaway in the serenity of Ubud.

After all, what’s there not to love about enjoying each other’s company in such a spectacular setting?

Beware; being thrown back to the real world and hustle will hurt! Time to plan our next stay at Padma Resort Ubud!

Padma Resort Ubud

Rates: From USD$195 for Premier Room (Approximately Rp. 2,808,000)
Address: Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572
Contact: +62 361 752 111

Check best available rate

Comment and share with us your experiences if you planning to stay or have stayed here before and we will PM you a special offer for this hotel!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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