Written by Matin Firas Haharap
Co-written by Beverley Lennon

The hype roots back to 1936 when an American surfer, Bob Koke moved from Hawaii to Kuta in search of greener pastures. Not long after, locals started to pick up surfing and the word eventually spread worldwide.

Without a doubt, surfing is one of the most fun activities you can have on water, and certainly the grooviest!

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Besides being physically fit, surfing involves knowledge of the waves, as well as concentrating on timing every movement just right. It requires a great deal of understanding and ‘feeling’ of the waves to carve up a perfect break.

To avoid getting hurt, it might take a few sessions with a coach before you can head out to the open waters for yourself.

Don’t ruin your vacation by settling for the wrong surf school – here are the 10 best places to learn how to surf in Bali.

PS: We’ve made sure to provide both surf schools where you may pick up surfing, and surf camps which provides accommodation for you to stay with your surfer buddies.

Sponsored by Surf Is Up Bali

Hate group classes? Here you get private & semi-private surf lessons only! – Surf Is Up Bali

First things first – besides signing up for surf lessons at Bali’s top wave spots, your classes here also involve some extremely friendly surfing instructors! If you’re in the pursuit of riding Bali’s unbelievable waves, Surf Is Up is a good place to get started – make sure to pack your determination, a good amount of fun and good mood, while they do the rest!

With their unique one or two students to instructor ratio, you’re in for some exclusive surfing lessons with local experts who make sure you are always safe in the water as you get on your surfboard and ride through the ocean!

A surfing lesson at Surf Is Up isn’t your typical by-the-road class – hear me, it is like enrolling at a surfing university where you get to learn the basics before plunging into the sea. What’s more, the instructors make sure to give you constant feedback so you get to improve throughout your lesson – they’re real teachers at heart. But above all, this surfing school is one where you’ll have unlimited fun!

They are also ideally located in Bali’s hipster surfing coastal town – Canggu, which features breaks for different levels, be it you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, you’ll surely find your perfect swell around Batu Bolong and Old Man’s for beginners or longboarders, Berawa for intermediates and Canggu breaks for the more advanced.

Not to worry, you’ll be provided with all necessary equipment too – a wet shirt to protect you, surfboard and safety box to keep your valuables as you head over to the beach and later in the water to come back as a pro surfer!

Book your surf lesson here and become a pro! Surf Is Up


SURF CAMPS (with accommodation)

1. Wake up to an ocean of adventures: Dreamsea Surf Camp

With a name that says it all, Dreamsea Surf Camp is where all of your sea fantasies come true, a place where you swoon away with an ocean lullaby. The modern beach house is located in dreamy Uluwatu – the little Greece of Bali!

Photo Via aswetravl
Photo Via dailygio, agidonna, eva.meleva

This is the kind of stay that gets us excited for vacation and with its top location, you can be sure you’ll have some of the best waves around Bali! The stay offers various weekly surf packages with different room categories, breakfast, dinner, surf lessons and yoga sessions. The surf camp also gives you access to a semi-private beach that is known to offer amazing sunset views in the evening.

Photo Via juzantino, kaneboucaut

Sitting atop a cliff, the contemporary boutique property serves more than just a base camp for waves chasers from around the world. If you are a gypsy at heart and love meeting people from around the world, you’ll enjoy a stay at Dreamsea Surf Camp. You will find your own share of happiness in their all-white boho style room that comes with endless views of the majestic Indian Ocean.

Photo Via g.saitbatalova, lenakonda

Nomad, surfer, free-spirit, gypsy, wanderer or even artist – whichever moniker you identify with, you’ll feel right at home at this surf camp. Rooms are also gifted with a private balcony, from which you can directly look out for waves. There is no television so you know you’ll feel better by spending the day outside, on your surfboard.

Photo Via vero_nobert, weiwei_1009, wanderlustandhungry

Dreamsea Surf Camp

Surf lessons: From USD $22 per person per day (2-hour group surf lesson)
Surf camp: From USD $419 for 8 days 7 nights (Inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, dinner, 10 hours surfing lessons, 3 hours of yoga lessons and free access to equipment) per person
Address: Jl. Labuansait No.432, Pecatu, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80364, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 3350 603


2. Choose where to catch waves today – Kima Surf

Kima Surf is located around Bali’s best surfing spots, so you get to choose where you stay and where you think would be ideal for you to catch your first (or fifth) wave.

But if you were to ask us, people simply love their Canggu Camp and it is not hard to see why – learning how to surf at Canggu Beach is very enjoyable!

Photo Via Fancynomads

From gentle rollers for beginners to beach breaks for the pros, there’s a variety of waves for everyone!

Kima Surf offers both surfing lessons and accommodation, which by the way is completed by a large natural stone pool, surrounded by a tropical garden – the perfect scene for your post-surfing snooze!

Photo Via Nate0711,Christafish

With surf lessons tailored to each level of experience, you don’t need to worry about getting to the best waves. After your session, your Kima instructor will give post-breakfast briefings and post-session video feedback, analysing any bad habits and potential improvements.

Photo Via Sara.ac12,Anna_ringen,Rosaliegrobet

At the end of your stay with Kima Surf, you will be sure that surfing is addictive and you are bound to get other inexplicable sensations for it – the ones that will keep you coming back for. 😉

Photo Via Anna_ringen
Photo Via Stagedives

Kima Surf

Surf lessons: From USD $ 48 per person per day (Standard beginner surf course – 2 hours sessions, twice a day)
Surf Camp: From USD $ 370 for 7 days (including 3 meals, 2 surf lessons per day, surf theory class and video analysis, airport transfer, use of bicycles and camp vans and other benefits)
Address: Jl. Munduk Catu, Batu Bolong, Canggu 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 846 9186


3. A surfer’s popular hotspot – Kamafari Surf Camp

Besides its dramatic waves and luxury resorts nestled on the clifftops, did you know that Uluwatu is a lively surf town renowned for its waves and surf scene?

Photo Via Kristenleo

Uluwatu is probably less appealing to novice surfers than Padang Padang Beach, yet hardcore surfers will love to be incredibly challenged with the spectacular waves. Both are conveniently accessible from Kamafari Surf Camp!

Photo Via Kamafarisurfcamp

Needless to say, your surf instructor will know best on where to bring you depending on your surfing level – for beginners, you will spend a couple of hours in the warm waters learning how to paddle, time the wave and get up on the board.

Photo Via Murmurnika,Die.janii_

Raved as one of the best on the island, the team from Kamafari Surf Camp focuses on delivering fun, professional and informative lessons, getting you up for the first time with good technique, confidence and style! At the end of your stay, they will turn out to be the best of both worlds – family and friends!

Photo Via Tiagosimoes19

Rooms at Kamafari Surf Camp come well-equipped and some of them even directly looks out to the ocean.

Photo Via Selina.se_

Surf your day out and at the end, enjoy the surroundings by renting out a scooter to more lively places!

Kamafari Surf Camp

Surf lessons: From USD $ 34.15 (Approximately Rp. 485,636) per person per day (Surf lesson only)
Surf Camp: Shared Dorm from USD $ 278.75 per week (Approximately Rp. 3,966,333, including 7 breakfasts, 6 dinners, 1 surf lesson per day). Note: No dinner is served on Saturdays.
Address: Jalan Labuan Sait Pecatu 43, Padang Padang Bali
Contact: +62 878 6195 3010; [email protected]


4. Where surfing blends with yoga and martial arts – Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village

A typical week at Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village includes an introduction to surf theory, surf and yoga lessons, photography and martial arts, nutrient-packed meals, lots of surf stoke and new friends!

Photo Via Iconiclife_travel
Photo Via Isaryogi

And yes, you can mix and match your classes depending on what you like!

This surf camp stands out from the growing number of surf escapes with its gentle and holistic approach in helping every guest achieve inner balance and pick up new skills.

As you bob about in the gloriously warm Indian Ocean, your instructor chooses which wave to send you into, and gives you a gentle shove just as the swell picks up your board. Suddenly you’re up, going with the speed of the ocean and its bliss.

After hours of gliding on the water, return to your retreat and lie in a hammock with a healthy juice in hand, and wait for your evening yoga session to stretch your aching limbs!

The surf camp is a barefoot-chic base with stunning rustic furnishings that sustain the traditional aesthetics of Balinese culture with a touch of contemporary design.

Photo Via Arvidnicolas

And this is what we call taking your surfing experience to extreme comfort, far from the little surf shacks you would see around!

Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village

Surf lessons: From USD $ 52 per adult per day (Surf lesson only – 2 sessions in a day)
Surf Camp: From $615 per person (Shared mixed room, including 7 nights’ accommodation, 7 breakfasts, 2 surf lessons every day, 2 yoga sessions every day, free use of scooter and much more)
Address: Jalan Munduk Batu Belah, Gang Frangipani No. 9 Pererenan – Canggu – Bali
Contact: +62 812 3902 0499 or +62 813 3740 5260 (WhatsApp)


5. Become ultimate wave riders – Endless Summer

Not a surfer? Well, get ready to become one with Endless Summer!

Endless Summer is the surf camp that will steal you from Bali’s raves to its waves; and you won’t be ready to go back to the parties (you will eventually, but with your surf crew)!

Photo Via Ki_kari
Photo Via Yanamadley

Their surf camps are located at two of the best surfing spots of Bali – Kuta and Canggu, both with ultimate surf-shack groove and legendary waves any surfer would go wild over!

Photo Via Troshinadina

At Endless Summer, the team insists on less-crowded surfing spots for beginners. This is to ensure that the intimidating hipness of surfing disappears and to guarantee that you stand on your first lesson!

There’s even a whole surf tuition programme ready for every surfer-to-be.

They focus on the basics, starting from theories on safety, paddling, stance and board control and many more before you get to the water, improve your skills and later head to bigger waves. So that tricky balance between laid-back vibe and professional teaching is cleverly maintained.

Photo Via Curtiswackett,Shumilin_alexander

If the water conditions are not favourable, the team will gladly drive you out to other spots that suit your surfing level, though you might want to take a day off and laze around the Balinese gazebo at the camp!

Both camps have well-maintained rooms to accommodate you at the end of a tiring surfing day out. A restaurant and a café are also available and there are plenty of common areas to hang around with new friends! The camps are as much about socialising as surfing!

Photo Via Sandresaaa,Lucaakula

Endless Summer

Surf lessons: From USD $ 52 per adult per day (Surf lesson only – 2 sessions in a day)
Surf Camp Kuta: From $45 per person per night (Superior Twin Room, including 6 surfing lessons per week, airport and surf-spot transfers, surfboard and surf wear rental)
Surf Camp Canggu: From $40 per person per night (Dorm, including 6 surfing lessons per week, breakfast, one free Bali trip per week, airport and surf-spot transfers) Note:Free Bali trip is to Ubud or Uluwatu on Sundays only (Depending on customers demand)
Address 1: Jl. Benesari, Pantai Kuta, Bali
Address 2: Jl. Munduk Batu Belah, Gang Sukun No. 2, Canggu, Bali
Contact: +62 8 123 600 27 27 (Kuta) or +62 8 123 633 14 14 (Canggu)


6. Soak in the Good Vibes – Padang Padang Surf Camp

A pair of shorts is all you need to surf here, so let Padang Padang Surf Camp do the rest for you. When you’re done hitting the waves, lounge on the hammocks by the pool, and treat yourself to the freeflow of fresh juices – before heading back to your room at the surf camp!

 Padang Padang Surf Camp Hammocks
Photo Via rusdisanad
Padang Padang Surf School Pool
Photo Via lachiechall

Located on Bukit Peninsula, the camp is walking distance from some of the most famous surf beaches on the island, including the world renowned Padang Padang, Balangan beach, home of the ‘barrel’ waves, and Dreamland where the beach is as beautiful as the waves. There is just too many to choose from!

Padang Padang Beach
Photo Via abeachaday

If you have only started picking up the board, this side of the island is perfect to get to know the different types of waves and their unique approaches with the help of the surf guide team at the camp. And since safety is the main concern, the guides will arrange transportation to a safer beach when the water gets too brutal.

 Padang Padang Surf Camp Surfer
Photo Via lucassparapane
 Padang Padang Surf Camp Two Surfers
Photo Via sylviadrenalin

Bring 6 of your best buddies along and pitch in for the Villa, with glass window panes surrounding every room to appreciate the view of the surrounding mountains, rivers and Balian Beach which is just a few footsteps away. The Padang Padang Surf Camp also offers great packages for a whole week of surfing fun! All their surf camp packages are inclusive of 2 meals per day, private room, surf guiding and transfer to surfing spots.

 Padang Padang Surf Camp Rooms

Padang Padang Surf Camp

Surf lessons: From USD $34.15 (Approximately Rp. 485,636) per person per day (Standard beginner surf course, 2 sessions per day) for staying guest; Non-staying guest from USD $28.50 (Approximately Rp. 405,448) per person (2-hour session)
Surf Camp: Standard fan room from USD $581.78 per week (Approximately Rp. 8,275,364, including 2 meals per day, daily surf lessons, surf guides, and transfers to surf spots)
Address: Padang Padang, Jl Labuan Sait, Pecatu, Bali
Contact: +62 821 4781 2880

Official website

7. Be a Part of the International Surf Scene – Rapture Camp

The founders of Rapture Camp had one thing in mind; to set up surf camps that are safe and easy to get to, located in exotic countries, and affordable for everyone.

Rapture Surf Camp

Surfing classes range from complete beginner classes to professional-level surf schools, instructed by registered Australian Qualified surfers complete with adequate equipment as well as insurance.

Rapture Camp Surfing Lessons
Rapture Camp Surf Boards, Surf Shop
Photo Via thejourneyjunkie, noorensurf

With Balinese-styled bungalows providing bathrooms with hot water (thank God), prices for accommodation at Rapture Camp are extremely reasonable !

Rapture Camp Rooms
Rapture Camp Pool

Established in Portugal, Nicaragua and two branches to choose from Bali; the Padang-Padang beach and the Bukit Peninsula beach – the Rapture Camp lives up to its reputation as an international surf community, or at least as a really cool place to hang out with people from different places all over the world.

Rapture Camp - Cool place to hang out

Pay tribute to the founding fathers of Bali’s surf scene at the ‘Cliff Camp’ located at the legendary Bukit Peninsula beach, away from all the hustle and bustle so you focus on finessing the waves, or chill with the rest of the crowd at the ‘Padang Camp’.

Cliff Camp

Rapture Surf Camp 

Surf camp: From USD $51.25 per day (Approximately Rp. 729,438, Including dinner from Mon-Fri, Surf Guiding twice a day from Mon-Sat, daily Yoga class, and beach transfer)
Address: Rapture Garden Bungalows, Jalan Labuan Sait, Buana Sari Pecatu, Bali
Contact: +62 813 3757 8261

Official website

8. Awaken, Inspire, and Celebrate the Goddess in You – Surf Goddess Retreats

Regarded as one of the best women’s wellness retreats in the world, Surf Goddess Retreat offers a boutique wellness holiday for women of all ages, combining health, fitness, culture and divine pampering.

Brought together by women, for women, the exquisite atmosphere of the Surf Goddess Retreat is the ultimate vacation to replenish the mind and the body – away from all the stresses of modern life, and maybe make new friends along the way.

Surf Goddess Retreats Pool
Photo Via geelord

Spoiler alert: after you have made your way past the pool in the courtyard, the scent of potpourri welcomes you into your room, where your name will be spelled out with flower petals that trail from the door.

Surf Goddess Retreats Rooms

Especially if you’re a lady and are more comfortable learning surfing from another lady, Surf Goddess Retreats is perfect for you. Bring your girlfriends along, and make it a great girls’ trip with the added bonus of taking up surfing. (Then go home and brag about your newfound skill! ;P)

Surf Goddess Retreats Surfing

Customise your getaway to your liking! There are other activities available at Surf Goddess Retreats if you’re interested – ranging from water activities like stand up paddling, rafting and snorkelling, to cultural indulgences such as gourmet Indonesian cooking classes, Batik printing, and even eco bike trails through the jungle.

Surf Goddess Retreats Standup Padding, Cooking Classes

We also know you ladies love a good round of relaxation, so pamper your tired feet after a day of sightseeing at the resort’s spa, where you can choose from ten different massages available. Or restore your mindfulness and partake in the many yoga classes held at different times of the day!

Surf Goddess Retreats

Rates: From $1995 for 2 persons (7 days all inclusive with 5 days surf or SUP and daily yoga, spa treatments and much more)
Address: Jl. Beraban 333, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: USA: +18586338845 | AUS: +61894679887

Official website

9. More than just Surfing – Ripcurl School of Surf

Brought to Bali by the pioneers of the surf scene, it is no doubt that top-notch service is expected from Ripcurl School of Surf. Only the best equipment make it through their selection to ensure safety, and even helmets are made compulsory to beginners!

Ripcurl School of Surf

Their largest club in Jimbaran is the perfect place for young surfers since the waves are much calmer than elsewhere, protected by the crescent shaped bay and with shallow waters. Better yet, if you’re looking for a surf camp located nearby luxurious accommodation – Ripcurl School of Surf gives you exactly what you need.

While they do not have their own accommodation, Ripcurl School of Surf Jimbaran is located at Intercontinental Resort. This means you get to enjoy staying at a really nice place, while being able to conveniently go for surf lessons!

A Surf Lesson at Ripcurl School of Surf

Ripcurl School of Surf is a hub for all sorts of water activities. Besides surfing, you can wakeboard, kite-surf, wind-surf, paddle board, sea kayak, body board, and even qualify for diving certification.

Ripcurl School of Surf Water Activities

There are also several surf school programs depending on your goal and how much time you want to spend. For beginners, you will want to take up the Level 1: Beach Surfer course.

Ripcurl School of Surf Beginners Course

At $224 for 3 sessions with a course study book that includes surf science (wind, swell, waves, tide), you know you’ll be getting a comprehensive introduction to all you need to know about surfing as you learn from these pros.

For experienced surfers, Ripcurl School of Surf also offers a programme called the ‘Surf Safari’ where you will be taken on a three day adventure to explore the best waves on the island. There is just so much to do at Ripcurl School of Surf!

Ripcurl School of Surf

Rates: From $224 for 3 sessions (any level)
Address (Jimbaran): InterContinental Bali Resorts Bali, Jl.Uluwatu No.45 Jimbaran, Bali – Indonesia 80361
Contact: +62361701888 Ext Rip curl
Opening hours: 7am to 5pm

Address (Legian): Jl. Arjuna (Doublesix Beach) Legian Kaja, Kuta, Bali – Indonesia 80361
Contact: +62361735858 | +6285100871889

Address (Sanur): Jl. Danau Tamblingan 33, Sanur, Bali – Indonesia 80361
Contact: +62361287749 | +6285100038445

Official website

SURF SCHOOLS (no accommodation)

10. Chilled out Hawaiian surf vibes – Aloha Bali Surf

Aloha Bali Surf is great for thrill-chasing veterans and beginner surfers, and you can even initiate your kids to surfing here. Plenty of kid’s activities packed in a full-day programme that will get your little ocean lovers excited!

The camp’s guides will take you to the best waves, be it the crunching tubes of point breaks or the benign beaches closer to the camp.

If the thought of post-surf poolside cocktails seems too much, you can also choose an exciting skateboard tour with the team!

Photo Via Alanarblanchard
Photo Via Aizalovesam

At the surf camp, amenities can be regarded as fairly basic, but the vibe is pure, chilled out surf. Rooms can fit up to five people and the camp even features a pool!

As part of their community service, Aloha Bali Surf regularly donates and helps various villages throughout the archipelago, while employing and training locals too.

Note: Accommodation is also provided, please request rates from Aloha Bali Surf directly.

Aloha Bali Surf

Surf lessons: From USD $ 40 per adult per day
Family session: From USD $ 175 (including photos)
Skateboard tours: From $60 per person (Half-day tour)
Address: Jalan Raya Uluwatu Pecatu No. 108, Kuta Selatan, Ungasan, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Contact: +62 812367 47280 or +62 812367 47260


11. Learn from the Pros – Pro Surf School

Having won multiple awards over the years, and being crowned as on of the top 5 surf schools in the world, it is no wonder the Pro Surf School eventually received sponsorship from Billabong, one of the biggest names in surfing.

Pro Surf School Surf Lesson
Photo Via tprosurfbali, surfmania_camp

Situated along the face of the Kuta beach, the Pro Surf School is where the party is at. Monthly events on the camp make getting to know the family at the camp so much easier. Not feeling 100% the morning after? Take part in the Yoga classes by the pool to get your head in place, or have a hearty breakfast to get your stomach ready for your next surf session.

Pro Surf School Yoga Classes

Classes at the Pro Surf School are divided into six sessions – three beginner lessons starting at the swimming pool inside the camp, and three intermediate sessions out at the open water.

Pro Surf School Pool

Choose between the 6-person or 4-person shared rooms and get to know your neighbours, or the superior room if you’re looking for a bit more privacy. Make sure to opt for the seawards facing room for a view of the Kuta Beach from your balcony.

Pro Surf School Rooms

Besides being qualified by the Academy of Surfing Instructors in Australia, the instructors are also trained lifeguards familiar in handling all sorts of emergencies in the water. Here at Pro Surf School, you know you’ll be in good hands, beginner or not!

Note: The surf camp is currently closed for renovations until further notice.

Pro Surf School

Surf lessons: From $33 (for beginner surf lessons)
Address: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80032
Contact: +62361751200 | +628113920503
Opening hours: 7am to 3pm (lesson timings vary according to wave and tide conditions)

Official website

12. Have it Your Way – UP2U Surf School Bali

UP2U Surf School Bali Kids Lessons

If you can forgive the cheesy name of the surf school, the UP2U surf school delivers the biggest bang for the buck! For just about $22, you can get intensive surfing lessons from a registered professional for a whole day. Simply rent your board from UP2U’s shop on Legian Beach, get connected with your instructor – and start surfing!

Surf Lessons at UP2U Surf School Bali

Located in the heart of Kuta next to the Legian Beach Hotel, you won’t have much trouble finding the UP2U Surf School. Although beginner classes are usually carried out in the nearby Padma Beach, surfers with experience can choose among the many killer spots with even better views all around the island.

Surf Lessons at UP2U Surf School Bali

Safety and service is a big deal to the crew – dedicated to sharing the life-changing experience of surfing, the UP2U Surf School ensures that guests enjoy surfing as much as they do. With a crew that is more like a family, it is no wonder why the UP2U is known to be one of Bali’s top Surfing Schools.

UP2U Surf School Bali Office

UP2U Surf School

Sur lessons: From $22 per pax per day
Address: Kuta, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Denpasar, Bali 80361
Contact: +623614727805
Opening hours: 7am to 6pm

Official website

13. Get on a Personal Level – Surf Buddy Bali

The key to an unforgettable experience is the people you are with, especially when you are learning how to surf. With affordable surfing lesson packages for beginners – whether you prefer private lessons or group lessons , Surf Buddy Bali offers a pretty great environment for learning to surf.

Surf Class at Surf Buddy Bali

Run by a super chill local surfer called Buddy (we know), the focus is to give more than just surfing lessons. Born and raised in Bali, the guy knows everything there is to know about the island, including the best sights and eateries you won’t find on the internet.

Buddy from Surf Buddy Bali

Buddy brings guests on two daily trips to Medewi, his native village, lodged in the part of Western Bali that has remained intact despite the rapid development that has happened on the rest of the island.

If you are an experienced beginner, Medewi also has powerful swirls that will have you riding on the waves for a longer time, and even barrel waves if you’re lucky. Perfect if you want to take beginner surfing up a notch.

Surf Class at Surf Buddy Bali

Bring friends and family along for an even better deal. Don’t worry about not getting enough exposure, Buddy usually brings his friends along to ensure every student gets enough attention.

Surf Buddy Bali

Rates: From $41 (for private beginner surf lessons), from $37 (for group beginner lessons for 3 pax or more) (Including 1 surf lesson, transfers and equipment)
Contact: +6281999 341430 / [email protected]

Official website

14. Stand Up on Your First Session – Odysseys Surf School

Odysseys Surf School

Sitting right in front of the Mercure Hotel in Kuta, it’s hard to miss the surfboard with a burly figure of a long haired dude as you drive along Jl. Pantai Kuta. Established in 2003 with support from Oakley, the Odysseys Surf School is one of the most prominent surf schools in Bali, just 10 metres from Kuta beach.

Odysseys Surf School
Photo Via nakasei424

Making sure you know how to surf is their main priority – even better, you get a free lesson if you can’t stand up on your board during the first surf lesson.

Surf Lesson at Odysseys Surf School

And even after that, your sessions are recorded on GoPro cameras, not just as memoirs, but more importantly to help in perfecting your surfing.

Apart from that, they also provide plenty of facilities such as free safety lockers, changing rooms and clean shower.

Odysseys Surf School Facilities
Photo Via meowsyy

Slump on a bean bag at their beach lounge after a day of surfing, as you watch a replay of the session, and discuss where you can improve in either Bahasa Indonesia, English, or Japanese!

Odysseys Surf School

Rates: From $35 per pax (for group lessons for 4)
Address: Mercure hotel, Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali 80361
Contact: +62361767410
Opening hours: 24 hours daily

Official website

15. Get Closer to the Local Community – Santai Surf School

Owned and operated by Gede, a family man native to the island of Bali, the Santai Surf School is the place to go if you are looking for a warm surfing experience. His wife Henney from England takes care of what happens behind the scene, and furthermore, a chunk of their earnings go straight to a local community foundation.

Santai Surf School Lessons

Previously an instructor of the Ripcurl School of Surf, Gede knows exactly what he’s doing and understands how to deliver surfing lessons. It is no surprise that the Santai Surf School is listed as one of the best places to learn surfing from. Born and raised on the island, you can ask Gede about anything Bali-related.

Santai Surf School Lesssons

Without the fancy brand endorsements or a stylishly furnished office, the Santai Surf School gives you exactly what you want, at almost half the price of most surf schools! And they are also an accredited surf school by the Association of Surfing Instructors (ASI).

Santai Surf School Beach

Make sure you make a booking in advance since Gede and his small team of friends work on a freelance basis that can’t take too many students at a time.

Santai Surf Scool

Rates: From $25
Address: Jl. Pantai Double Six | In Front of Trattoria & Dejavu Restaurant, Seminyak, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +6281936538139 | +6282147588546
Opening hours: 7am to 6pm

Official website

16. Hang out with a Local Legend – Desu de Bali Surf

Many people surf, but few can actually teach. Om Suwastiastu delivers his knowledge through personal approach and lots of patience. His shack is located in the well-known Double Six Beach of Kuta, where he usually hangs out – and maybe have a beer or two with his students to discuss the progress made.

Desu de Bali Surf Om Suwastiastu

Since the beaches of Kuta could become overcrowded, Om Suwastiastu takes his guests in his minivan to other cool spots nearby, depending on the different wave levels most suitable for his students.

 Desu de Bali Surf, Surfer

If you are taking a full-day class, he will plan out the day according to your goals and abilities, and consult tide charts to locate the best conditions for you.

Surf Lesson at Desu de Bali Surf

Unlike most surf shacks in Kuta Beach, Om Suwastiastu is a qualified lifeguard and prioritises the safety and service he offers. As a local Balinese, he is very concerned of the history and culture of his island and would be more than glad to share his knowledge.

One thing he always reminds his students? There is no way to fight or outswim the waves of Bali – so respect the waves, learn to read the waves and utilise them well.

Desu de Bali Surf

Address: Jl. Double Six, Seminyak, Bali 80361,Indonesia
Contact: +6285339636120

Official website

What are you waiting for? Strap on a pair of boardshorts, put on some sunscreen, and get your hair wet! These surf camps and surf schools will get you started on an incredible surfing journey.

Are there any more great surf camps and surf schools we have missed? Comment below to let us know!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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