Written by Kristyna Schonova and Nadia Crowe
Edited by Beverley Lennon

What’s more trendy than being a digital nomad lately? Maybe smashed avo on sourdough toast? But it seems like wandering the globe all the while being able to get work done has become the dream of many! Reason being? This is the ideal way to combine your love for travelling, and making a sustainable income to fund your adventures.

And what better place to do so than from Bali? In fact, most digital nomads and influencers have somehow made the island their home base for work and travel, thanks to ample coconuts, relatively affordable lifestyles, hipster cafes and beautiful beaches!

Now, if you too are heading to Bali for more than just a mere holiday, you might want to settle at a cafe but be ready for the noise and constant disturbance from those here on vacation. This is why opting for a day pass at a co-working space is more likely to get you productive! What’s better yet is that you can even find co-living options where you’ll just have to head downstairs your little nook to get work done!

Time to check out the hidden gems we’ve got for you so as to both live/work peacefully, affordably, and yet be near to all the best spots to enjoy during your free time!

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Co-working Spaces (no accommodation in same compound)

Focus in spaces away from your holiday (with day pass)!

Now, for those of you who have snagged yourself a nice private villa, love spending time alone but you also need a place just for work so you can switch from relax mode to focus mode, a good idea is to drop by a co-working space throughout the day. With a day pass, you can simply drop by at any time, or opt for a monthly membership!

1. Spend your days working with your toes in the water: Biliq (Seminyak)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take your laptop in the pool with you and work with your body surrounded by refreshingly cool water? Well, you might not be able to get super soaked, but Biliq provides you with the opportunity to have at least your legs in the water thanks to their pool desks!

Photo Via Nicknock_28, Biliqbali

With both an indoor and outdoor area ready for you to use, and two dedicated soundproof meeting rooms available free of charge (depending on your package), Biliq helps you set up for your business day seamlessly!

Photo Via Biliqbali

If you’re aching for a pick-me-up, head over to their cafe/pantry for some strong coffee, or if you’re finding yourself falling asleep then head to their napping rooms for a short power nap!

Photo Via Biliqbali
Photo Via Biliqbali

Besides the Seminyak co-working space, they also have a second co-working space along Sunset Road, for those of you who prefer a more convenient and easily accessible location.

Biliq also has a co-living space around 7 minutes’ walk from their co-working space. It’s a comfortable and quiet stay – a few of us stayed there for a month and it was lovely. It’s also only a 10-minute walk from Jalan Sunset Road – but note that if you are coming back at night, the road in can be rather dark and secluded so it’s better if you drive or ride a scooter.

Are you a KTP holder and thinking of staying longer? They offer special rates for you because they know how important it is to support local talents!


Rates: From USD $10 per day (Approximately Rp. 150,000)
Address: Jl. Yudistira No. 3A, Seminyak, Badung, 80361, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 819 3738 7372
Co-working Hours: For members, 24/7 access; for first timers/flexi users, Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm; Sat, Sunday no hosting


2. Immerse yourself in Bali’s tropical side while working: Tropical Nomad Coworking Space (Canggu)

Just a stone’s throw away from Batu Bolong Beach and all the trendy cafes/spas/boutiques that come along Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, you’ll find Tropical Nomad Canggu to be the perfect place to base yourself while in Bali’s most hipster area.

True to its name, this place really is a tropical haven, with palm trees dotted around the garden, dried up palm fronds hanging from the roof, and extensive gardens for you to wander around when you’re feeling like your creative juices just aren’t flowing anymore.

Photo Via Brian_wolf7, Tropicalnomadcanggu
Photo Via Pop_watts, Crewbloom, Янина Кондратюк

You’ll be greeted by a light and airy vibe inside the space, which seriously helps in decluttering your brain. When you’re starting to feel a little peckish, a short stroll will take you past the Canggu shortcut and into a cafe lover’s heaven!

Photo Via Brian_wolf7, Tropicalnomadcanggu, Tropicalnomadcanggu

Tropical Nomad Coworking Space

Rates: From USD $12 (Approximately Rp. 180,000) per day
Address: Jl. Subak Canggu No.2, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Badung, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Contact: +62 812-4692-6929
Co-working Hours: 24/7


3. Slide into a fun day of work: The Onion Co (Ubud)

More often than not, work is not considered fun but co-living spaces such as The Onion Co are determined to make that statement false. Equipped with a slide that goes straight into their pool, this is definitely where you’ll have fun taking little breaks from work in order to reset the mind!

Photo Via Markkuan, Theonionco, Iizzywalton

With their space nicknamed the “passion lab”, you’ll find it hard not to meet people who are completely devoted to their work. You’ll experience tantalising conversations with like-minded nomads, a fun environment, and several events put on throughout your stay that will absolutely wow you!

Photo Via Theonionco

Better yet, you get access to a podcast studio where you can work in peace, take phone calls or… record a podcast and inspire others! Enjoy their unlimited drinks, restaurant discount, and fast optic fibre Wi-Fi and you’re all set for a productive day!

Photo Via Nomadic_habit, Theonionco, Theonionco

The Onion Co

Rates: From USD $10 per day (Approximately Rp. 150,000)
Address: Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali, 80571, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 479 2252
Co-working Hours: Fri – Wed, 8am – 1am; Thu, 8am – 12am


4. Sun, sand, surf, collaborations!: Colabo (Jimbaran)

For the digital nomads heading down south to Uluwatu, options can be hard to find. Surf camps are plentiful, but considerably more noisy, and can host a number of different distractions.

That’s where Colabo comes in! Located slightly further away from the party scene, heading into Colabo will ensure you’re in the right mindset to get your work done. Afterall, the quicker you finish, the quicker you can hit the waves!

Photo Via Colabocoworking

Colabo has a whole range of facilities for you to use – call booths are plentiful for when you need to speak to someone overseas without prying ears or too much background chatter, indoor and outdoor spaces are also ready for when you need a change of scenery. Plus, if you’re starting to feel a little weary, they have yoga classes six times a week to help you unwind!

Photo Via Colabocoworking
Photo Via Colabocoworking
Photo Via Colabocoworking


Rates: From USD $10 per day (Approximately Rp. 150,000)
Address: Jalan Karang Mas, Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia, 80361
Contact: +62 822 4197 0544
Co-working hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm; Sat – Sun close


5. Trendy meeting rooms for larger teams: Kembali Innovation Hub (Seminyak)

Nestled strategically in the heart of Seminyak, Kembali is a trendy co-working complex, well-equipped with modern decorations yet stays close to the local traditions. This is where big ideas turn into reality!

There are various private offices, meeting rooms and co-working spaces for you to choose from. The small meeting room for up to 6 people is richly decorated with plants and its glass windows give you a feeling of being in a greenhouse. You can also use the big meeting room, which holds up to 25 people and it is equipped with LED TV, microphone and sound system. There is also a mid-sized meeting room for up to 8 people.

Photo Via Kembali

Alternatively, you can also work in the co-working area, TEMU. It accommodates up to 200 people and has a space big enough for ideas to flow around. It is easy to get into the workflow when everyone around you is so focused!

For events and seminars, there is also a large event space that holds up to 80 people. Perfect for any presentations or seminars!

Or why not work in a traditional Balinese ambience? Book the Backyard Space & Joglo. It is surrounded by a beautiful lush garden and can hold up to 200 people. However, the absolute luxury is the cosy and comfy Bayu rooftop meeting room with its spectacular view!

Photo Via Jeannygrace, Pritasuyudi

Check out more information and rates here.

Kembali Innovation Hub

Rates: From USD $10 for a day pass (Approximately Rp. 150,000) for non-members
Address: Jl. Sunset Road No.28, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 3939 3595
Co-working Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 2pm. Closed on Sunday. (It is also possible to work after hosting hours, please check directly with Kembali.)


6. Sunset cocktails on the roof: PUCO Rooftop Co-working Space (Canggu)

If you’re a fan of rooftop views, aesthetic office spaces and speciality coffee, we’ve got something for you. Puco Rooftop is for any professional digital nomad to help them keep a healthy work-life balance!

Photo Via Pucorooftop

A friendly team takes care of your comfort and runs an amazing cafe, which gets you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a heavenly breakfast, for example Mango Chia Pudding or classical Eggs Benedict,  it is easy to jump right into work!

The working space is definitely a highlight of this place. The decor is simple, professional and functional. You can take advantage of the communal table that seats up to 22 people or seat yourself at the dedicated table which offers a more personal and conducive space.

Photo Via Pucorooftop

For those who prefer not to be disturbed, there is a Focus Room where you can make your calls or focus on a demanding task. Teams can put their heads together in the meeting room that seats up to 7 people and comes with a Smart TV

As a member, you will also be able to join activities such as chess games or take Bahasa Indonesia classes that Puca Rooftop organises.

Photo Via Pucorooftop

And what can be better than ending your day with a cocktail or smoothie while watching the iconic Bali sunset from the rooftop?

We know that you will always want to be near this place – their co-living space which comes with a pool is only a 7-minute walk away. How convenient is that?!

PUCO Rooftop Co-working Space

Rates: From USD $10 for a day pass (Approximately Rp.150, 000)
Address: Gg. Pratama No.1A, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Contact: +62 851 710 888 61
Co-working Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 12am, Saturday to Sunday 8am – 10pm


Co-living Spaces (with accommodation)

Live, work, and play all under one roof!

If you’re looking to connect with like-minded travellers, a co-living option might be ideal for you. This is where you all get to live under the same roof.

Besides featuring a co-working space, you’ll also have an accommodation option with other facilities attached (pool, gym and more). Basically an all-in-one home-away-from-home and tad less boring than a mere Airbnb stay as you finally share interests with other guests!

7. Canggu’s ricefield paradise: Shashvata Bali (Canggu)

Clean, airy and inspiring space, with a community of like-minded digital nomads and divine food – who says you can’t have it all in one place? Shashvata is located in the middle of Canggu’s ricefields where living feels easy.

Photo Via, _shashvata.bali_

The rooms have large glass windows so you can wake up to calming views of the rice fields. In the morning you can hear the birds singing and we can simply not imagine a better start to the day! On top of that, the rooms are cleaned every day to ensure everything is spotless.

Photo Via Shashvata.bali_

Living in Shashvata feels like being on a holiday each day. Reward yourself with pool breakfast for all the hard work. And while you’re swimming you can still enjoy the view of beautiful rice fields.

Where will you work today? By the pool, on the open-air rooftop co-working space terrace or inside the funky cafe? Regardless of where you choose, breakfast and lunch are sorted out too. At their Nu Day Cafe, you can dig into the local Nasi Campur, smoothie bowls or an American big breakfast.

Photo Via Shashvata.bali_

Or why not enjoy a floating brekkie in the pool to start your day?

In Shashvata, you will not only be cared for physically, but they also give you a mental boost – the walls are decorated with positive quotes to help you stay motivated. And in case you need to brainstorm with your team, there is a meeting room where you won’t be distracted!

Shashvata Bali

Rates: From USD 13.40 (Approximately Rp. 199,000 a night) per night for a double room
Address: Jl. Pura Batan Kepuh No.8, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Contact: +62 813 3884 5710
Co-working hours: 24/7


8. Stay on the quieter side of Bali’s hipster coastal town: Outsite (Canggu)

5 minutes walk away from the cafe-loving hub of Canggu and 5 minutes drive to the beach, lies a slightly more peaceful locale – Outsite Canggu! Traditional Javanese villas surround a refreshing aquamarine pool, and wooden accents help make you feel so much more connected to nature; hello creative juices!

Choose to work in their dedicated workspaces, or if you feel like you need a little Vitamin D, head to one of their sun loungers for a work experience that’s unlike any other! Connect with other like-minded digital nomads like you, and lounge in the pool while brainstorming ideas!

Getting hungry? Their kitchen is fully equipped, so why don’t you show off your cooking skills and cook up a storm for all the other guests. Not so much of a chef? Suss out someone who is, and learn from them! The possibilities are endless at Outsite!


Rates: From USD $47 (Approximately Rp. 700,000) per night for a private room
Address: Br. Pentgembungan, Canggu Jalan Pantai Pererenan Pererenan Kecamatan Mengwi, Pererenan, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351
Co-working Hours: 24/7 (quiet hours after 10pm)


9. Mingle over Indonesian buffets, Friday night BBQs or by the pool: Cornerstone Bali (Canggu)

Right on the edge of Canggu resides another beautiful home for remote workers. Cornerstone is a friendly environment that provides you with anything you need to create positive and productive days.

Photo Via Cornerstonecoworkingbali

You can either get a bed in a mixed dormitory for a very affordable price, a private double-bed room or a split-level king-sized loft with a garden view. All the rooms are decorated so that you can feel right at home.

Photo Via Cornerstonecoworkingbali

The open plan co-working space can accommodate up to 40 people. You’ll make connections over a coffee or in the shared kitchen while preparing your meals together or while swimming in the garden pool.

Photo Via Cornerstonecoworkingbali

To get your body moving, they offer a fitness class on-site every morning and every afternoon for Rp. 80,000 (approximately USD $5.40).

They offer themed dinners too where you can mingle with other residents – on Wednesdays, don’t miss their traditional Indonesian buffet dinner or you can also join the Friday Night BBQ!

One of Cornerstone’s goals is to leave a positive social impact. You can get involved in their projects, which involve developing entrepreneurial skills in underprivileged children in the local communities, contributing to sustainable tourism as well as a greener and more eco-friendly Bali.

Cornerstone Bali

Rates: From USD $5.70 (Approximately Rp. 85,000 a night) per night for a bed in a mixed dorm. From USD $10 (Approximately Rp. 150,000 a night) per night for a split level king size loft with a private bathroom
Address: Jalan Beringin, Perumahan Batulumbung No 20, Tuka, Dalung, Kuta Utara, Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 8810 3881 0571
Co-working hours: 24/7


10. Be in the middle of Bali’s buzzing lifestyle: Bali Bustle (Kuta)

In the heart of Kuta, and roughly 25 minutes walk from one of the most bustling beaches in Bali (Legian Beach), Bali Bustle will be where you want to stay if you’re keen to stay looped in on all the action.

Photo Via Balibustle

Housing a variety of different rooms, from 2-bedroom family apartment style rooms to private studio lofts, you’ll find all of them equally as comfortable. Don’t forget to have a few meals in their cute cafe, or if you are craving a home-cooked meal, whip one up in your private kitchen! Also don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending more time outside of the room than in it.

Photo Via Balibustle
Photo Via Balibustle, Thebustlecafe, Thebustlecafe

The space is located smack bang on Jalan Dewi Sri and within a few minutes walk you have access to an outdoor food centre, while you can also find several cafes and restaurants along the stretch too!

With a gym, swimming pool, rooftop lounge (yoga classes are available too), and of course, the co-working space where they host multiple workshops and networking sessions, there’s so much to do in Bali Bustle besides just hustling! The co-working space even has private offices for those looking for a little more privacy!

Photo Via Balibustle

Bali Bustle

Rates: From USD $17 (Approximately Rp. 240,000) per night for a private studio
Address: Bali Bustle, Jl. Dewi Sri II No.23, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 878 6182 9035
Co-working Hours: 24/7


11. Indulge in the quiet side of Kuta for ultimate focus: The Paica (Kuta)

A hotel turned co-living space in the north of Kuta, away from all the noise and disturbances, The Paica offers a perfect escape while still being in close vicinity to all the necessities. With different accommodation options ready for solo travellers and group travellers alike, there’s no need to overcomplicate things here.

Coworking at The Paica is unlike any other experience, you can work right by the soothing sounds of a rushing river! It’s like your own real life classical symphony! The rushing water, the rustling of the leaves, and the soft howls of the wind all make for the optimal focused mindset and ultimate inspiration.

Photo Via Thepaica, Janeeapril, Thepaica
Photo Via Thepaica

Don’t forget to head to their cafe – Egg Baby, that’s right, it’s completely dedicated to eggs! You’ll find an array of delicious eggy goodness for you to sample in between your long working hours or simply to kick off the day with!

Photo Via Thepaica

The Paica

Rates: From USD $12 (Approximately Rp. 175,000) per night for a private room
Address: Jl. Wy Gebyag No.16, Kerobokan Kaja, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 399 5404
Co-working hours: 24/7


12. Where art is set free: T-Lofts (Kerobokan / Seminyak)

Open doors to new possibilities! At T-Lofts, art gets a green light. The modern and stylish interior awakens each creative spirit and the jungle garden is a perfect environment to unwind whenever you need to take a break from work. All of that is located on the edge of Seminyak, where it’s bursting with life.

Photo Via Sssattt Tlofts

At T-Lofts, they offer 3 different room types, which can be rented daily (minimum of two nights), weekly or monthly. General housekeeping services are included (such as cleaning and linen change, etc), as well as laundry services of up to 3kg a week, so you will have nothing to worry about.

All the rooms are equipped with rattan and wooden furniture and embellished with beautiful artwork.

Photo Via Tlofts

If you want to enjoy working in your own private mini jungle, we recommend going for the Garden View Loft, which comes with a mini patio and garden. Being surrounded by greenery is known to enhance creativity and help you keep a positive mindset.

And if you are feeling exhausted in between your conference calls, why not take a dip in the calming pool? A refreshing swim can compensate your body for those long hours of sitting.

Photo Via Yusfird Oktavialesmana

The co-working area offers 18 seats, perfect for anyone who prefers working in a cosier office space.


Rates: From USD $27 (Approximately Rp. 400,000) per night for a basic studio room (minimum two nights)
Address: Jalan Pengipian No. 5, Banjar Pengipian, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 2288 9905
Co-working hours: Monday to Sunday 9am – 7pm


Now you know where to get work done for a day in between travels, or even if you’re after something a little more long term with accommodation options! 

Share this with your fellow digital nomads’ squad so they too can experience some of Bali’s quieter co-living and co-working spaces!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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