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Heading to Bandung for that annual shopping spree to stock up on your wardrobe for the year?

And after you’ve got all your shopping plans all lined up, what’s next?

Booking an affordable hotel that’s within walking distance to all the prime locations of course! And like many things in life, it’s only human nature to want the absolute best for your much-awaited holiday, especially your hotel stay:

–  Within walking distance to the heart of the action – check!
–  Unique theme and awesome decor – check!
–  Absolute bang for the buck – we hear ya!
–  Genuine hospitality and good service – yes!

Compared to many cities in Indonesia, Bandung has always delivered when it comes to pretty accommodations in the prime locations of the city, with a price that fits right within your budget. You can expect warm hospitality and great service too!

So who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Our selection of 17 most unique budget hotels in prime areas of Bandung proves otherwise!

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A. Old art deco charm meets modern establishments – Braga and Sukajadi

Braga and Sukajadi area is often unofficially regarded as the street mascot of Bandung city. This historical area is filled with centuries-old colonial buildings but is also dotted with upscale restaurants, souvenir stores, tourism spots and the famed Paris Van Java – everyone’s go to mall!

Photo Via Katon.films,Phutugraphehe,Dolandolen

1. Luxurious Parisian chic with mountain view – Park View Hotel Bandung

This luxurious palatial hotel is all about posh interiors, crystal chandeliers, marble flooring, and empire furnishings.

Photo Via Moxsoliv,Adlykudil

You’d expect to pay an arm and a leg here, but no, the rooms start from very affordable rates – the prices of regular boutique hotels in Bandung!

You can choose from 3 exclusive thematic rooms: Vintage Retro adorned in subdued orange hues, the romantic Parisian Blue and Midnight in Paris dressed in elegant bronze and dark grey.

Photo Via Mutiarakirana

The cherry on top? Draw back the curtains and you’ll be greeted with gorgeous scenic panorama of the surrounding hilly landscape. And what can be more refreshing than an early morning dip in the outdoor garden pool?

Photo Via Jollynmolly

Park View Hotel Bandung

Rates: From USD 31 (approximately Rp 423,000)
Address:Jl. Sukajadi no 153, Bandung 40162
Phone: +62-22-203-3424

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Distance to locations:
48m-60m to local eateries (1-3 minutes’ walk)
240 m to FO Rainbow (3 minutes’ walk)
450 m to Paris Van Java (5 minutes’ walk)

2. For the party goers: Gino Feruci Braga

Just the name of the hotel itself will remind you of some expensive Italian brand. And you’ve got it right – Gino Feruci Braga will not disappoint!

The hotel features a Sky Lounge with a stunning view of the cityscape and a party venue, and it’s close to several shopping and dining areas such as the Braga City Walk and bars and cafes.

Photo Via Blog Kagum Hotel

After all your shopping and partying, retire to your comfortable rooms for a good night’s rest!

Gino Feruci Braga

Rates: From USD 35 (approximately Rp 472,000) per night
Address: Jalan Braga No. 67, Bandung
Contact: +62-22 420 0099

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Distance to locations:
87 m to Braga City Walk Mall (1 minute walk)
110 m to Upnormal and other cafes (1 minute walk)
450 m to Rasa restaurant and other eateries (6 minutes’ walk)
650 m to EST Factory Outlet and other shops (8 minutes’ walk)

B. The #1 shopping district in Bandung – Riau

With a district lined with happening multi-outlet stores, Riau is the place to be when you’re in Bandung, especially if you are here to stock up on your wardrobe for the year!

Photo Via Sebandung

And to complement your shopping experience, you’ll be surprised that Riau is also a food haven offering a large variety of gastronomic pleasure. After you’re done shopping and eating, don’t forget to treat yourself to a spa session to relax!

3. European vintage hotel almost fit for royalty – Noor Hotel

Nestled just within walking distance from all the best shopping stops in RIau, this modern and elegant hotel appears just like a castle from all young ladies’ fairytale fantasies.

Photo Via Amalialuvi

Photo Via Larasatiadinda

Decked in European vintage furniture, the hotel is basked in a slightly palatial and classic vintage ambience with a hint of the contemporary. The rooms are equally pretty with soft French elegance that will spoil you right away.

This Muslim boutique hotel is also equipped with prayer essentials. Thoughtful hospitality, count me in!

Noor Hotel

Rates: From USD 58 (approximately Rp 780,000) per night
Address: Jl. Madura No.6, Bandung 40115
Phone: +62 22 424 2010

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Distance to locations:
150 m to Donwoori Korean Restaurants and other shops (2 minutes’ walk)
400 m to Heritage Factory Outlet and other shopping stores (5 minutes’ walk)
650 m to Hummingbird Cafe and other eateries (8 minutes’ walk)

4. Modern colonial mansion with a hipster touch – De Paviljoen

Want to have a taste of Bandung’s colonial history with a modern twist?

De Paviljoen was previously an old mansion owned by a respected Indonesian Colonel who passed it on to his architecture professor daughter.

Under the care of her and her husband, you can still experience the authentic colonial style fused with local Indonesian influences at De Paviljoen. If you enjoy traditional patterns, old school branding and artistic vibes, you’ll feel right at home.

Check out the Royal Lagoon rooms, where you can slip right into the main pool from your private suite. Large space and sophisticated fixtures all work together to provide the best night’s stay that will sweeten your shopping experience in Riau!

Photo Via Sintachristina

De Paviljoen

Rates: From USD 39 (approximately Rp 533,000) per night
Address: Jl. R. E. Martadinata No.68, Bandung 40115
Phone: +62 22 86012 888

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
42 m to Two Cents and other cafes (1 minute walk)
400-500 m to factory outlets (6 minutes’ walk)
800 m to Happy Go Lucky Fashion Store (8 minutes’ walk)
1 km to Riau Junction Mall (12 minutes’ walk)

5. Stylish, super cozy and affordable – Hummingbird Eatery & Guesthouse

Nestled at the back of the popular Hummingbird Eatery, a simple guesthouse with only 8 rooms welcomes you to the cozy abode.

Photo Via The Gastronomy Aficionado,Devi Dwiyani

While the cafe is constantly buzzing with customers, you’ll hardly feel the commotion from the guesthouse. The first floor serves as a humble reception, while the second and third floor is where you’ll find cozy rooms with a slight quirky touch. Instead of numbers, you’ll be assigned to cute room names such as Ruby, Anna, Rufous and others.

This guesthouse is both comfortable and spacious, equipped with all the basic amenities like a regular hotel. If you ever feel bored in your room, step outside to the common area with laidback bamboo furniture and a small daybed. Wouldn’t it be lovely to simply laze here and read?

Photo Via Noveetasary

Pair all these features with affordable rates and the strategic location – it’ll be fair to say Hummingbird Guesthouse is a winner!

Hummingbird Eatery & Guesthouse

Rates: From USD 22 (approximately Rp 298,000) per night
Address: Jl. Progo No.14, Bandung 40115
Phone: +62 22 421 2582

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
210 m to Please Please Please and other cafes (2 minutes’ walk)
300 m to Heritage Factory Outlet and others (4 minutes’ walk)
350 m to Two Cents and other cafes (4 minutes’ walk)
900 m to Riau Junction Mall (10 minutes’ walk)

6. Luxury doesn’t always come at a price: Amaroossa Bandung Hotel

If you don’t mind stretching your budget a little, you can land yourself in a world of luxury at Amaroossa Bandung Hotel.

Its plush velvety interior and dim lighting is sure to make you comfortable, you won’t want to venture out – perfect for a romantic evening together with your beloved after a day of crazy shopping at the nearby boutiques.

You can find two restaurants, an exquisite swimming pool, gym, spa, and even a games room for children!

Photos Via Amaroossa Hotel

Amaroossa Bandung Hotel

Rates: From USD 54 (approximately Rp 729,000) per night
Address: Jalan Aceh 71 A, Riau, Bandung, Indonesia 40115
Phone: +62 22 4222221

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
160 m to Eatboss and other cafes/restaurants (2 minutes’ walk)
350 m to Terminal Mode (4 minutes’ walk)
650 m to The Secret Factory Outlet and others (5 minutes’ walk)
950 m to Riau Junction Mall (12 minutes’ walk)

C. A vibrant recreational district with everything you need – Dago

As one of the favourite tourist destinations in northern Bandung, Dago offers a comfortable and chill ambience that’s rich in history, where streets are lined with Dutch architecture, reminiscent of the city’s colonial past.

So come on now, enjoy this one-stop holiday area where factory outlets (shopping!), culinary options, natural greenery, and exciting entertainment await.

7. Straight out of Pinterest pages, the Scandinavian home you ‘bee’-long in – Beehive Boutique Hotel

Step into the spacious lobby and you will be greeted with a green concept, clean architectural lines, and an overall open space that allows natural lighting to reach all corners. There, you’ve arrived at the Instagrammable Beehive hotel.

Photo Via Anitacs,Missdluha

We won’t be surprised if you take a while to get to your room, because every corner of this boutique hotel is just begging to be photographed!

Photo Via Nico.setiawan03,Itsmegrid_,Lgdmaya

Everything here spells understated perfection, as though you’ve stumbled upon a dreamy Scandinavian home that serves both functional and aesthetic goals in the right balance.

There are a total of 5 delicious subthemes to choose from: Dusty, Olive Green, Maiden Fern, Lily of the Valley and Lily of the Nile – all with a price tag that’s well worth the comfort. The Lily rooms are the most coveted ones with balcony access and a rooftop concept (as though you are staying in an attic room with windows in the slanted roof!).

Photo Via Vinaprisqla

Besides its Beehive Eatery & Cafe, this pretty hotel is also connected to Kapulaga, one of the most photogenic restaurants in town with a huge garden and even a playground for kids.

Photo Via Siannejuliana,Almahanifahh

Beehive Boutique Hotel

Rates: From USD 32 (approximately Rp 440,000) per night
Address: Jl Dayang Sumbi No. 1, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Phone: (022)2505801 / (022)2510671

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
200 m to Amanda Brownies (2 minutes’ walk)
300 m to Istana Plaza Bandung (4 minutes’ walk)
350 m to Nike Factory Store (4 minutes’ walk)
350 m to Mimiti Coffee & Space  (4 minutes’ walk)
700 m to House of Donatello and other shopping outlets (8 minutes’ walk)

8. For the young and vibrant: The 101 Bandung, Dago

Located in the heart of the city, the trendiest cafes, restaurants and boutiques are all within walking distance of The 101.

Perfect if you’re looking to shop and feast!

With the hotel’s chic design, both interior and exterior, it makes it impossible to take a bad photo!

Photos Via The 101 Hotels

The 101 Bandung, Dago

Rates: From USD 36 (approximately Rp 491.110) per night
Address: Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 3, Bandung, Indonesia 40115
Phone: +62224260966

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
140 m to The Harvest Cafe (2 minutes’ walk)
190 m to Riau Junction Mall (3 minutes’ walk)
210 m to Bandung Indah Plaza (3 minutes’ walk)
500 m to Secret Factory Outlet and others (6 minutes’ walk)
500 m to more restaurants and cafes (6 minutes’ walk)

9. Wake up to the view of a lily pond: Lotus Hotel

Hidden from the hustle and bustle of Bandung, the Lotus Hotel offers a harmonious stay, while located just minutes away from the city’s beating heart – the best of both worlds!

Staying in Dago near all the hippest cafes and fashion outlets doesn’t have to mean you will walk out of the lobby into a traffic jam.

If you’re tired after a whole day of shopping (something you can’t imagine, we’re sure!), you can relax in the comforting ambience of the off-white hues and wooden floorboards.

Photo Via Raja Kamar

Remember to opt for rooms facing the lily pond for an refreshing view from the balcony!

Photo Via Lotus Bandung

Lotus Hotel

Rates: From USD 18 (approximately Rp 250,000) per night
Address: JL. Tubagus Ismail VIII- 45, Dago, Bandung, Indonesia
Phone: +622282523471; +622282523483

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
700 m to Damai Restaurant and other cafes (11 minutes’ walk)
1 km to Dago Pakar Waterfall (15 minutes’ walk)

10. Convenience at its best: super luscious & spacious luxury – The Luxton Hotel

This exclusive 4-star hotel has it all – star location, awesome furnishing and super price.

Luxton definitely puts the ‘luxe’ in your stay with its flying glass stairs, carpeted corridors and sophisticated ambience. You can also find a lovely swimming pool that overlooks the cityscape and a kids’ club, family restaurant, spa and other facilities that will complement your holiday.

Photo Via Novy_oi_monic,Anastasia.wulandari

Photo Via Kikiagustianti.

Photo Via Endahamaliaa

Most appreciated for its extra spacious rooms with hardwood floor, your stay here will not only be satisfactory, but pleasant for you and your friends and family. Combine that with good service and strategic location, you’ll soon find yourself right at home.

The Luxton Hotel

Rates: From USD 43 (approximately Rp 580.500) per night
Address: Jl. Ir.H.Juanda No.18, Bandung 40115
Phone: +62 22 4220 700

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
190 m to The Harvest Dago and other cafes (2 minutes’ walk)
450 m to Living Plaza Dago (6 minutes’ walk)
550 m to Istana BEC and Bandung Indah Mall (6 minutes’ walk)

D. From charming local shops to high-end malls – Pasir Kaliki & Pajajaran

From the new Paskal 23 mall and Paskal Hyper Square at Pasir Kaliki to interesting local cuisines of Pajajaran, you will be in for a delightful surprise in these two neighbourhoods!

Photo Via Eatineraryid

11. A cafe-themed stylish stay – Summerbird Bed & Brasserie Hotel

Don’t be fooled by this cozy three-storey boutique hotel, Summerbird Bed & Brasserie Hotel is an Instagrammable stay decked out in different fancy cafe themes.

Photo Via Karinabdmn

Photo Via Natasshadina

Pick your mood and flavour – be it Vintage (Chocolate), French (Tea), Industrial Rustic (Coffee) or Scandinavian (Milk), all rooms are guaranteed to be comfortable with soft fluffy bedding, furnished with modern amenities and an affordable price tag.

Photo Via Yusfird_

Hop over to their cafe where you can sit in equally photogenic spots all around. And if you’re feeling fidgety, take a stroll outside and you’ll find yourself in one of the most happening neighbourhoods in Bandung!

Photo Via Siuun,Taritagangga,Paskha.rngultom

Summerbird Bed & Brasserie Hotel

Rates: From USD 26 (approximately Rp 350,000) per night
Address: Jl. Kesatriaan No.11, Bandung – 40172
Phone: + 62-8-7866372473; +62-22-603-022

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
53 m to Morning Glory and other cafes (1 minute walk)
400 m to Batagor Riri and other local eateries (5 minutes’ walk)
550 m to Paskal 23 mall (7 minutes’ walk)
700 m to Paskal Hyper Square Food Court (9 minutes’ walk)
750 m to Living Plaza (9 minutes’ walk)

12. Industrial rustic concept stay with vertical garden – Triple Seven Bed & Breakfast

Pop art meets vintage retro, Triple Seven will have you hooked right on its dazzling yet quirky interior.

Photo Via Mfaldhysp_

As soon as you’ve finished checking in at the cool lobby, you’ll be walking along the open corridors that connect one room to another. Deliberately decked in unfinished walls, the simple industrial concept is enhanced with vertical green gardens of hanging flower pots and lovely greens from the second-floor balcony.

Photo Via Arismaranisa

In the cozy room, you’ll be greeted with eye-catching murals either in retro pop or classic vintage. Not all of their 25 rooms have the same decor, so you’ll have to enquire further if you want to enjoy a specific Instagrammable room.

Triple Seven Bed & Breakfast

Price: From USD 15 (approximately Rp 214,000) per night
Address: Jl. Pesantren Wetan No.20, Bandung 40173
Phone: +62 22 87803681

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
500 – 700 m to local eateries (5 to 9 minutes’ walk)
1km to Istana Plaza (12 minutes’ walk)

13. Explore the old city in style: Grand Sovia Hotel

You can’t miss the view of the cityscape and bordering verdant hills from Grand Sovia’s rooftop infinity pool.

Photo Via Dwi Rahmawati

As you enter the hotel, its interior is a combination of velvet, purple, and gold-brown hues that create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

And when it’s time to shop and dine, simply step out and you are within walking distance from everything!

Grand Sovia Hotel

Rates: From USD 23 (approximately Rp 312,000) per night
Address: Grand Sovia Hotel – Jl. Kebon Kawung no. 16, 40171 Bandung, Indonesia
Contact: +6222-4268731

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
65 m to Mayasari Souvenir Store (1 minute walk)
120 m to Mayasari Train Station (2 minutes’ walk)
270 m to The Lounge Bar Swiss Belhotel (3 minutes’ walk)
300 m to Batagor Lili and other local eateries (4 minutes’ walk)
1.1 km to Taman Kota (13 minutes’ walk)
1.1 km to Braga CityWalk (14 minutes’ walk)

14. Gorgeous Korean guesthouse for your daebak holiday – Tama Boutique Hotel

You don’t need to be a K-pop fan to appreciate this beautiful boutique hotel!

Located next to Bornga Korean Restaurant, the first and second floor of the building are dedicated to the restaurant, while your accommodation journey begins from the fifth floor where the rooftop lobby is, all the way down to the third and fourth floor where you can sleep in Korean-style rooms.

Photo Via Cherriececilia_,Fadhil_isdianto

Decked in minimalistic wooden interior, the 24 rooms here are guaranteed to be super Instagrammable!

You’ll especially enjoy their in-room breakfast service. Delivered on time daily, you’ll be served a hearty Korean meal on a wooden tray, and you can have breakfast right in the comfort of your plush bed. Jinja Daebak!

Photo Via Yovitakendrawijaya

Tama Boutique Hotel

Rates: From USD 34 (approximately Rp 465,000) per night
Address: Jl. Dr. Rajiman No.5 Bandung 40154
Phone: +62 22 4264 888

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
170 m to bakeries and pastry shops (2 minutes’ walk)
220 m to Kenken Bigul Kitchen (Babi Guling restaurant) and other cafes (3 minutes’ walk)
300 m to Ujenk Mart – a supermarket selling imported snacks (4 minutes’ walk)
400 m to Istana Plaza (6 minutes’ walk)

E. Green landscapes with shopping, culinary & sightseeing spots! – Setiabudi

You must have heard of Rumah Mode – the factory outlet for local or international tourists.

This outlet is nestled in the heart of Setiabudi, another swanky district of Bandung with plenty of amazing tricks up its sleeve. Here’s also where you get a change of scenery – from buzzing modern to soothing green.

Photo Via House of Donatello,Dolyiqbal_

15. Classy comfortable stay at good value – Grand Serela, Setiabudhi

Only a few minutes’ stroll from the Grand Serela will bring you to leading factory outlets such as Rumah Mode – a popular shopping spot for all you shopaholics out there.

With classy and comfortable interiors, you can be sure to get a good night’s rest after your spree.

And if you’ve got a bit more time to spare (if you’re ever done with the shopping!), check out the karaoke rooms, spa and the swimming pool!

Photos Via Grand Serela

Grand Serela, Setiabudhi

Rates: From USD 43 (approximately Rp 580,000) per night
Address: Jl. Hegarmanah No. 9-15, Setiabudi, Bandung, Indonesia 40141
Phone: +62-22-2041680

Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
230 m to Saisan Japanese Restaurant (3 minutes’ walk)
400 m to Setiabudhi Supermarket (5 minutes’ walk)
600 m to Rumah Mode Factory Outlet (7 minutes’ walk)
750 m to Giggle Box and other cafes (10 minutes’ walk)

16. The quirkiest hotel in town – Stevie G Hotel

Most of you hipsters must have heard of this quirky hotel. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth dropping by!

And it’s not just about the sheep sculptures in the lobby.

Each room is unique, brightly decorated with contemporary pop art to suit every guest’s taste.

Nestled on the top of a hill, not only will you get a great view from the hotel, but you’re literally only a short walk away from many attractions in Bandung!

Stevie G Hotel Bandung

Rates: From USD 26 (approximately Rp 350,000) per night
Address: Jl. Sersan Bajuri No. 72 Isola Sukasari Bandung Jawa Barat, 40154
Phone: +62-22-2788-465


Check Rate on Agoda

Distance to locations:
29 m to Maja House (1 minute walk)
71 m to Waterboom Kampung Gajah Wonderland (1 minute walk)
350 m to Millenia Bakery and other pastry shops (5 minutes’ walk)
850 m to Saung Sunda Betawi (13 minutes’ walk)

Special Mention – Cute stay slightly out of town

17. A Country chic Instagrammable holiday – Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast

Are you a fan of country chic vintage furnishings? Cottonwood B&B will be an eye candy you will love staying in.

A snug accommodation nestled in a corner of Bandung, this pretty guesthouse is located just far enough from the city centre where you can enjoy a peaceful night.

Rooms are decorated in bright pastel colours, sweet on the eyes, with perfectly Instagrammable decor. You can even purchase the decorative trinkets here!’

Photo Via Daniel Sebastian

Don’t forget to check out Cottonwood Cafe just the below the main lobby, which is equally beautifully furnished with vintage ornaments and wood furniture too.

Photo Via Escape Sweetest

Cottonwood Bed + Breakfast

Rates: From USD 25 (approximately Rp 337,500) per night
Address: Jl Mustang B2/ 1A (Kompleks Kumala Garden), Pasteur, Bandung, Indonesia 40164
Contact: +6285-1011-91234

Check Rate on Agoda

P.S. You might encounter traffic jam enroute to Cottonwood and the commuting distance can be quite far from the city centre, so do plan for more time on the road.

Which affordable hotel are you most impressed with? Are there any we missed? We’d love to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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