When we think of hot springs, the image of onsen in Japan immediately comes to mind.

But you don’t need to travel so far to soak in the comforting healing hot spring waters – we have a wonderful selection just in Bandung and its surrounding area.

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Before you know it, you’ll fall in love with the sulphuric water known to possess healing properties.

Time to say goodbye to sore muscles and welcome the new vigorous you after your very own ‘hot spa’.

Here’s an overview of our guide to hot springs around Bandung and Garut area (tap to scroll to the relevant section):

1. Hot spring resorts around Bandung

2. Natural hot springs around Bandung

3. Hot springs in Garut

Hot Spring Resorts around Bandung

1. Let out your inner child: Ciwidey Valley Waterpark Resort

Come fully-charged before hitting this hot spring water park because you will need it. With the array of water slides installed, you can rest assured that your inner child will be ultra-satisfied.

This newly built water park has a way to charm you with its beautifully built cottages that can be rented and state-of-the-art pools equipped with natural spring water.


Photo via: ciwideyvalley

Parents with hyperactive kiddos need not worry. Let your children roam free and go ga-ga here, while you seat on the lounge sipping your iced tea. As the kids drain their batteries, you’ll be promised a good night’s sleep at bedtime.

There is even a large bird cage in the resort compound!


Photo via: putriwansah

For those seeking an authentic outdoor experience, the resort also offers tents for rent on their camping ground.


Photo via: dederahmathidayat


Photo via: rudhiaalfian

What better way to spend your night, than stargazing with the company of firecamp to warm your soul?


Photo via: arleyandtahnee


Photo via: r.nurfajar

Ciwidey Valley Waterpark Resort

From USD $63 (approximately Rp. 850,000) per night

Address: Jl. Raya Batununggul, Ciwidey, KM 17 Banndung Regency, West Java, Indonesia. Coordinates here
Contact: +62 22 85920222
Price: Rp. 10,000 (approximately USD $0.70, entrance fee for non-staying guests); Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD $1,71 to use the pool facilities)

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2. Soak in hot spring water in a fairytale resort: Gracia Spa Resort

Look no further if you are seeking to get away from your typical city life.

Feel instantly rejuvenated in this idyllic spa resort, which is complete with manicured lawns and pools filled with natural hot spring water so blue that it actually hurts – when you leave.


Photo via: karenpermata

The resort looks like a cut-out from Enid Blyton’s fairytale stories you’d probably have read when you were a child.


Photo via: Graciaspa

If you can afford, why not even book yourself a villa?  You’ll get your own private hot spring pool. That way, you get to enjoy the ambience to its maximum in privacy.


Photo via: fahadal3obed

Gracia Spa Resort

From USD $141
Entrance fee for non-staying visitors: 75,000 IDR (USD $5.60) for adults and 45,000 IDR (USD $3.50) for children
Address: Jl. Ciater Blok Dawuan, Ciater, Subang, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia 41281
Contact no.:  +62 817-219-997 | +62 811-221-9997

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3. Hot tub time machine: Sari Ater Hotel and Resort

If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, Sari Ater would do well for you. As one the of first few establishments to be built around the Ciater spring, Sari Ater is well-known by revellers, both local and international.

This homey resort serves their loyal guests with all the good things: fun-filled activities, outbound games and a comforting pool filled with hot spring water. Those who aren’t too keen to tread into the wet-and-wild zone can opt for milder activities like horse riding or golf.

Things get a little crazy during weekends with families seeking staycations away from the city. So book early or you’ll really miss out, ‘cause you know what they say, “oldies are the goodies”.


Photo via: Sari Ater

Sari Ater Hotel and Resort

From US $44.29 (approximately Rp. 645,949) per night

Location : Jl. Raya Ciater, Subang, West Java
Contact: +62 260 471700
Entrance: Rp. 35,000 (USD $2.40). Hot springs pool from Rp. 75,000 (USD $5.14)
Opening hours: Open 24 hours

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4. Alternative treatment for chronic aches: Ciater Spa and Resort

Give yourself the tender loving care that your body deserves in this spa resort that comes with a breathtaking panorama of the Ciater tea plantation.

The extensive list available in the spa menu will ensure that you are pampered from top to toe.

Get those tensed muscles and nerves smoothed away by the highly-trained masseuse who will guarantee you get the royal treatment you’ve come for.


Photo via: panoramio

For those seeking alternative treatment to chronic aches, Ciater Spa and Resort may just be the place for you. There’s even a rehabilitation centre with a team of qualified physiotherapists who promise to cure physical ailments by combining the use hydro, electric and magnetic therapy.


Photo via: Anjarkurnia

Sounds too good to be true?

As part of the therapy, guests and patients are encouraged to dip into the famed medicinal ‘Kunang-kunang’ and ‘Kiara’ thermal spring pool for an ultimate wellness retreat experience.

One thing for certain – you will feel ultra-recharged at the end of your visit.

Ciater Spa and Resort

From USD $95

Entrance fee for non-staying visitors: 35,000 IDR (USD $2.60) on weekdays, 40,000 IDR (USD $3) on weekends. Free for children below 5 years old.
Address: l. Raya Ciater-Subang 41281 Jawa-Barat
Contact no.: +62 260 470351-55

Official site

Natural Hot Springs around Bandung

5. The mother of all hot springs: Ciater natural hot spring

Ciater is well-known for being the ultimate hot spring junction for tourists and locals alike.


Photo via: paddyandintan

Nestled between Bandung and Subang, the spring water comes from Tangkuban Perahu. At a satisfying 43 to 46 degrees Celsius, the water is just about right to give you that extra ‘oomph’ you so badly needed.


Photo via: rajakamar

If you suffer from skin ailments or even rheumatism, you’re definitely in for a good treat as this sulphuric pool is known to possess healing properties.

You’ll be bewitched by the surroundings decorated with mountain ranges and crisp fresh air as you enjoy a good soak.

Ciater natural hot spring

Getting there: From Bandung, drive towards Ledeng Terminal. Take a bus from Ledeng to Lembang. When you’re in Lembang, in about 30 minutes, drop off at Jalan Cagak, Ciater district. Coordinates here
Opening hours: 24 hours
Price/Entrance fees: 14,000 IDR (USD $1) and 20,000 to 50,000 IDR (USD $1.50- $4) to enter the pool area. 80,000 IDR (USD $6) for the exclusive pool area.

6. Simple hot water bath with tea: Ciwalini hot spring

Nestled at the foot of the Ciwidey tea plantation is Ciwalini hot spring. As you’re greeted by the cold air, nothing will come close to the pleasure of submerging your body in a pool of warm spring water to ease that chill away.


Photo via: septimarniadewi

This spring may not get the vote for being the best-looking hot spring, but hey, sometimes simple is good and enough.


Photo via: transbandung

Shrouded in a cloud of mist and steam from the heated spring, Ciwalini is an alluring place in its own right. Complement your soak there with the famous Walini tea produced from the nearby tea plantations.


Photo via: autoanto

Those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of urban lives will appreciate the quiet this place has to offer.

Ciwalini hot spring

Contact no.: +62 225927057
Getting there: Jalan Raya Rancabali-Ciwidey. Coordinates here
Opening hours: 6 am to 5 pm daily
Price/Entrance fees: 15,000 IDR (USD 1.20) comes with a complimentary Walini tea sachets for every visitors. To enter the pool 5,000 IDR (USD 0.40).

7. Water therapy for the night owls: Cimanggu hot spring

Nestled at 1,100 metres above sea level, Cimanggu offers a breathtaking view of the rolling hills with fresh air to boot. Being open for 24 hours make it a popular site among late-night travellers (night-owls)  and people who’d like to experience soaking in the hot spring under the twilight sky.


Photo via: tejomurti

Dipping in the hot spring waters at night is quite something – it has the sense of being otherworldly.

Curious much? The only way to find out is to be there and immerse yourself in this magical place.


Photo via: raditsubakti

That being said, this hot spring spot holds the same allure at daybreak, as the sun casts its rays on the foliage in the surrounding area, creating that captivating gradient of yellow and golden hues. Totally instagram-worthy!

Cimanggu hot spring

Contact no.: +62 22  5895643
Getting there: Drive to Patengan village, Rancabali District of Bandung
Coordinates here
Opening hours: 24 hours
Price/Entrance fees: 16,000 IDR (USD 1.20) on weekdays and 24,000 IDR (USD 1.80) on weekends

Special Mentions: Hot springs in Garut

Swiss van Java – that’s what the locals call Garut, this idyllic village peppered with hot springs, resort retreats, mountains and the beach, a perfect symbiosis of sun, water and earth.

8. The Venice experience: Sabda Alam Resort

Here, you can play at the water theme park doused in hot spring water.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you swoosh down the thrilling ‘slider boom’ at the height of 12 metres. Maybe even have a go at the ‘lazy river’, which mimics a bona fide river with manmade currents to make you feel like you’re in the real wild, wild world.

If you’re planning on staying here, this is where walking to your hotel room is too normal – so yes, you can row a sampan to your room in style. This is possible in Sabda Alam Resort where cottages are built on water.


Photo via: infogarsela

Sabda Alam Resort

From USD $98

Entrance fee for non-staying visitors: 30,000 IDR (USD $2.20) on weekdays, 40,000 IDR (USD $3) on weekends. Free for children below 80 cm in height.
Address: Jalan Raya Cipanas No. 3, Tarogong Kaler, Garut Kota, Jawa Barat 44151, Indonesia
Contact no.:  +62 262 550054

Check Rate on Agoda Official Site

9. A spring with a ‘bomb diggity’ view: Puncak Darajat

The best way to warm your heart and body in the chilly weather is to soak in a thermal pool, enjoying a view so breathtaking you’d probably suffer from withdrawal symptoms upon leaving.


Photo via: puncakdarajat_garut

Built at the peak of Darajat, Puncak Darajat is probably the best-looking hot spring pool that exists in Garut.


Photo via: wisnuwidiarta

Shrouded in mist with sprawling Cikuray mountain ranges as your backdrop, your sights are bound to be tantalised as you bathe in the wholly heated groundwater.


Photo via: gilangmnoor

Complete your trip here by ordering a succulent bowl of Garut’s mie bakso (beef noodle), a specialty of this region, along with a glass of hot sweet tea to wash it down.

If you are planning to bring your young ones along, the water slides here will definitely put a smile on your face.

Puncak Darajat

Rate of hotel : From USD $30

Entrance fee for non-staying visitors: 20,000 IDR (USD $1.50) on weekdays, 24,000 IDR (USD $2) on weekends.
Address: Jalan Raya Darajat Km 25, Pasirwangi, Garut
Contact no.: + 6281313031114

Official site

10. Endless fun in hot water wonderland: Darajat Pass Resort

You will not be disappointed the moment you step into this resort. Surrounded by lush verdure, neatly planted bungalows and hot pools smack in the middle, you’ll be a happy person here.


Photo via: darajatpass

You can find everything you’d imagine in a waterpark here, from the Giant Bucket Splash to Boomerang Slides, so regardless of whether you’re young at heart or simply just an adrenaline junky, you’ll certainly come to appreciate this place.


Photo via: zigra

If you’re getting cold feet, fret no more, the spring water that goes up to 45 degrees Celsius will keep you warm and dandy (pun intended) during your water play.

Darajat Pass Resort

From USD $30

Entrance fee for non-staying visitors: 20,000 IDR (USD $1.50)  for children aged three to ten years old, 22,00 IDR (USD 1.60) for adults on weekdays. 25,000 IDR (USD $2) on weekends.
Address: Jl. Darajat KM. 14, Kampung Bedeng RT/RW : 09/02, Desa Karyamekar, Kecamatan Pasirwangi, Garut, Jawa Barat 44161, Indonesia
Contact no.: +62 813-2040-5837

Official site

11. Blow thy steam off spring: Cisolok hot spring

Ever wondered how a geyser works? You need not head to Iceland to find out.


Photo via: stumbleabroad

Unlike the other springs around Bandung and Garut, Cisolok hot spring is probably the only one in Bandung that’s situated near a beach, along the Pelabuhan Ratu coast.


Photo via: disparbudporakabsukabumi

What draws folks to this place is none other than the source of the spring – a geyser which ejects columns of hot water that people have found the use for.


Photo via: echomusic

Witness the geyser in action as it sprouts up heated water so high you’d be completely soaked.

Be warned though, the water sprouting from the geyser can go up to a mighty 80 degrees Celsius and can cause mild burns if caution is not exercised.

Cisolok hot spring

Address: Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu, Desa Cisolok, Kecamatan Cisolok, Kabupaten Sukabumi
Coordinates here
Opening hours:  Not available
Price/Entrance fees: 2,500 IDR (USD 0.20 ) for the common pool area. 15,000 IDR (USD $2) for the private pool with tub and 35,000 IDR (USD $2.60 ) for the hot water therapy.

Are there any more therapeutic hot springs in Bandung you would recommend? Let us know!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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