Do you love hidden valleys with bewitching views?

You will find not just stunning waterfalls (Curug) in Bandung, hidden from the tourist crowds, but  also walking trails with adventure at every corner, through overgrown vegetation, and mysterious stories behind every curug (which means waterfall in Sundanese).

Get your eyes and hears ready to receive the beauty of water, folklore, and scenic routes littered with rice paddies that will lead you into a native territory.

1. The elevated rainbow waterfall: Cimahi Waterfall (Curug Cimahi)

Although this waterfall is located right off the highway, as soon as you reach it, you’ll feel like you’re like the middle of the woods.


Photo via: Gilang-Pamungkas

This is an astounding location for couples to just have some couple time together – hold hands and enjoy a bit of heart-to-heart talk.


Photo via: nativeindonesia

At a height of 87 metres, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Bandung and the first to have coloured lights integrated – done so to increase night-time tourism, so you can spend all day admiring its brilliance after sunset.


Photo via: infodbg


Photo via: Maourin Tannia, Melinda Ayu Pertiwi

Cimahi Waterfall

Address: Curug Cimahi Parongpong Kab. Bandung Barat 40559. Coordinates here
Opening hours: 7am – 5pm (lights are up from 5pm – 9pm)
Price/Entrance fees: Rp. 15,000 (USD $1) before 5pm and Rp. 17,000 (USD $1.17) after 5pm for locals. Rp. 25,000 for foreigners (approximately USD $1.71).

2. The Jack and Jill waterfall of Cinulang Waterfall (Curug Cinulang)

This waterfall is located in the Village of Sindulang, between the borders of Sumedang and Bandung.

Within the area there are two waterfalls 50 m tall, and the other one 30 m away. Here, the clear water bears tranquility and peace. The swift flowing stream lets visitors enjoy the river water, but there’s actually more.


Photo via: Indriani

On top of the magnificent waterfall, you can also climb up the hill right beside the river which flows into the main waterfall. A children’s playground, a variety of dishes, stalls and accessories are nearby.


Photo via: cepamagz

This is definitely the place to bring your family to – and get the kids to learn about nature and its beauty.


Photo via: sebuahsarandio

Cinulang Waterfall

Getting there: Driving on the smooth road makes it easier for vehicle access. East of Bandung for 11km, there is a sign that says Cinulang Waterfall. The waterfall is about 2.5 km from the sign.
Address: District Cimanggung, Sumedang regency, West Java province. Coordinates here
Price/Entrance fees: 2,000 IDR (USD $0.20) per person, 1000 IDR (USD $0.10) per vehicle

3. Infused forest of immaculate vegetation: Maribaya Waterfall (Curug Maribaya)

Here, you can enjoy eating grilled corn on the cob or sticky rice made by the locals in the area while you watch the waterfall. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect day trip?

A forest melded with a waterfall, and only 15 km north of Bandung, it’s a splendid place to take a break under the dense vegetation with the whole family.


Photo via: pulasinn

This place was famous for thermal bathing areas in the past. Now, a relic cave (in Juanda Forest) is the attraction. Remember to bring flashlights if you plan to venture in.


Photo via: sandy wijaya pagi

When arriving at Maribaya, there are 10-15 different routes you can take, making it a very comfortable place for you and your family to explore the riverside, cross the bridge, listen to the gurgle of the waterfall and soak in the the chill of North Bandung.


If you are returning from Lembang, don’t forget to buy fresh milk as a pleasant souvenir after the beauty of Maribaya.


Photo via: traveling007

Maribaya Waterfall

Getting There: There are two ways to get there. First, you can trek your way from Dago (Juanda Forest Park), and 5 km from Lembang, you can take public transport towards Maribaya. You will have to buy a ticket to go in. Coordinates here
Price/Entrance fees: To enter Maribaya 3300 IDR (USD $0.30) per person, 3000 IDR (USD$0.30) per car, 2000 IDR (USD$0.20) for a parking ticket. A ticket to Juanda Forest Park is 7500 IDR (USD $0.75).

4. Suspension bridge, a Dutch cave and monkeys: Omas Waterfall (Curug Omas)

From the suspension bridge, you can view the waterfall Curug Omas from above – with a height of 30m and a depth of 10m, falling 30m from the river’s Cikawari and Cigulun.


You can enter the waterfall through the WWII Dutch cave, where you will be able to see a youthful treeline and monkeys!


Photo via: panduanwisata2

Crystal clear waters, singing monkeys and photographic places are perfect in May.

Omas Waterfall

Getting There: 21 km from Bandung, heading east of Lembang or about 7km from Lembang itself. Coordinates here
There are four entrances to this waterfall. Doors I and II are in Dago Pakar, entered from the terminal. Or you can also enter from Door III at the Pool of Experts from the direction of the hydropower crook from Curug Dago. Door IV is from the direction of Lembang, which is also close to Maribaya hot springs. (The last entrance is the only one that can be accessed by all types of vehicles.)
Price/Entrance fees:  8000 IDR (USD $0.80) per local person, 35,0000 IDR (USD $3.50) per foreigner. Parking is 10,000 IDR (USD $1.00) for a  four-wheeled vehicle and 5,000 IDR (USD $0.50) for two-wheeled vehicles.

5. The hidden bat cave at the thriving Lalay Waterfall (Curug Lalay)

This is one of the more special waterfalls, 1800m above sea level in Juanda Forest Park – because Lalay actually means bats.

Yes, there’s a bat cave here, and it’s famous for the natural beauty that exists around this waterfall.


Look at the bats!

Getting to the waterfall is not an easy task, because it is rarely visited, so there are minimal signposts. There is only one sign post that you can rely on – ‘Islamic Elementary Cisasawi Cihanjuang Village’.


Photo via: gelartaufiqkusumawardhana

It is highly recommended to ask the locals for directions.

Lalay Waterfall

Getting There: Travel from the town of Cimahi at Terminal Pasar Atas via the yellow “Angkot”: the Pasar Atas – Ciuyah line.  It costs around 2,500 IDR (USD $0.25). Alight before Kantor Lurah Ciutah, Citeureup Cimahi Utara. From there, you will have to go on foot, past rice fields, vegetable gardens. Follow the river flow to reach the waterfall. This walk takes about 1.5 hours.
Location: Desa Padaasih, Kecamatan Cisarua, Kabupaten Bandung Barat.

6. Roaring waterfall neighbouring the Village of Cibeusi: Cibareubeuy Waterfall (Curug Cibareubeuy)

Do you enjoy talking to locals?

The walking trails here have grown a little dense, so finding the entrance will require you to talk to the locals from Cibeusi.

From the jungly concrete path, you will take a windy route up the hillside, where you will pass vegetable gardens on the left and a resting area with a few huts.


Photo via: Suasana C

A simple 5 km walk through lush greenery, with the occasional low branch alongside a water channel, will leave you feeling rejuvenated when you arrive.


Photo via: Suasana C

In this valley, you can hear farmers chattering while tending to their rice paddies and fresh water running as you approach the waterfall.


Photo via: Jessica Indriyani Simarmata

There is a high side of the ridge where you will need to take a left turn and follow the river to a small bamboo bridge to a village retreat, where you will see huts amongst the garden rocks.

Here is the most enchanting spot for visitors to rest. A couple hundred metres from here, the waterfall appears all of a sudden and you can hear the loud roar.


Photo via: rhinochofathanoilham2

Well worth the exhilarating experience!

Cibareubeuy Waterfall

Getting There: An hour drive from Bandung near Ciater, after turning right off the main road, you will follow a narrow road past the hot springs resorts, which is approximately 10-15 minutes from the village of Cibeusi. The entrance is a dirt track that is on the right side of the road and is quite steep. Coordinates here

7. Thai legacy with a tea house next to a forest: Dago Waterfall (Curug Dago)

Curug Dago has an added extra dash of culture sprinkled into your trip.

The water comes from Maribaya Cikapundung and enters the city of Bandung. Due to its location, it’s considered to be pretty hidden and only a few visitors.


Photo via: tripdomestik

Not far from the waterfall, there are two inscriptions on a slate of legacy of the Kingdom of Thailand. The two inscriptions are from King Rama V and King Rama VII 1818 AD.

A very peaceful place for you to just catch a breather and enjoy some time away from civilization.


Photo via: Alberta Trades Crush

Dago Waterfall

Getting There: It’s located 8 km north from the centre of Bandung. Coordinates here

8. The mysterious bride bridge: Panganten Waterfall (Curug Panganten)

Here’s a beautiful valley where you can listen to crickets, dragonflies and even squirrels from the cliff. The waterfall glistens in the sunlight, bouncing off the rocks – it’s definitely necessary to get at least one commemorative photo.

It’s unique in its own way as both waterfalls face each other like ‘penganten’ ( which means bride and groom in Bahasa Indonesia).


Photo via: Anindya-Puspita-Arumsasi

According to a local folktale, a long time ago, there was a pair of newlyweds who was lost here, and the groom died in extreme agony at this location. Devastated, his bride killed herself soon after.

This heartbreaking story adds to the serenity of the area, bathing it in beautiful melancholy.


Photo via: dessycn

The road leads to this waterfall is unpaved and unsigned. Please trek with care as it could be dangerous.


Photo via: ksanaksini

Panganten Waterfall

Getting There: Panganten waterfall is about 7 km from Cimahi in the direction of Paraongpong. It’s just down the road from the housing and nature of Katumiri Parongpong. To access the road to the location, it’s a 2 km walk through winding, rocky and slippery path, so it’s a muddy (and dangerous) trek when it rains. Coordinates here
Price/Entrance fees: To the Nature Katumiri area:​ 6,000 IDR (USD$0.60) per person. After that, another ticket of 5000 IDR (USD $0.50) to enter the waterfall area of Panganten.

9. Contemporary million-year-old waterfall: Bugbrug Waterfall (Curug Bugbrug)

Do you want to find a hidden paradise, away from the tourist attractions?

In Sundanese, Bugbrug means overlap. Here is a million-year-old lava formation that now shapes a dead mountain stream. With clear water and the surrounding greenery, it’s a mini paradise.


Photo via: Dya Iganov

Huts and pavillions litter the west side of the waterfall, where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful natural water feature.


Photo via: Aka Rifqul Maula

If you want to dip your feet in and take some lovely photos without a million people in the background, you can either sit or stand on the rocks.


Photo via: ariefmarret2

And in front of the waterfall hangs a wooden bamboo footbridge – where you can also admire the beautiful scene.

Bugbrug Waterfall

Getting There: To reach the waterfall from the direction of Curug Cimahi, walk east and then right near the bridge, turn north up the path past the fields and plantations. The waterfall is located exactly on the corner of the cliff fault. Coordinates here.
Price/Entrance Fees: 7500 IDR (USD $0.60) per person , 2000 IDR (USD $0.20) bike parking, 5000 IDR (USD $0.50) for a car

10. The mini silk thread Niagara: Malela Waterfall (Curug Malela)

A tropical Niagara will not only astound but impress.

The five segments of the waterfall that intersect into each other resembles silk falling from the cliffs.


Photo via: schariev

But this waterfall is often not popular due to the rough terrain. Even locals may not know about this place.

But this is makes it a fabulous adventure destination – perfect for trekking through the hilly jungle, coarse paths and a village of cicadas to reach a hidden paradise.

You will not be disappointed.

Curug Malela

Address: Kampung Manglid, Desa Cicadas, Kecamatan Rongga, West Bandung Regency, West Java
Getting There: By public transport, you can travel from the city of Bandung, although you can go through Sukabumi or Cianjur. Coordinates here
Entrance: Rp. 5,000 (approximately USD $0.34)

Are there any other gorgeous waterfall that needs to be on this list? Let us know today!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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