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Written by Cisca Lim

This newly launched and trending quaint European mini town in Bandung is not just your regular Instagrammable spot.

At Kota Mini Lembang, not only will you be excited to step into pretty cafes and pose with the cutest architectures, but you can also don Holland-inspired dresses, pet fluffy cats, hug huge teddies in an absolutely cute bear house, and let your kids role play as masterchefs, police officers, firemen and even hop on board a train that runs around the entire mini town! (Think of it as an outdoor Kidzania, but with double the fun for kids and adults too.)

What’s even better – since this is in Lembang, the lovely cool climate resembles that of Europe, only that you don’t need to fly to the opposite end of the globe.

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This super adorable Instagenic place recently opened in late June 2017, and is located in Grand Hotel of Lembang – the very same area where the famous Floating Market and beautiful Rainbow Garden are.

Designed to be the next up-and-coming family destination in Bandung, this place is going to be a kid’s haven while teens and adults Instagram every inch of it.

Curious to find out more about the buzzing Kota Mini Lembang? Here’s 11 reasons why you need to head there now!

1. It’s a small world with a happy town

As soon as you step into this bright mini town adorned with vibrant architecture, a lovely European vibe and colourful gardens, you won’t be able to help but feel happy in an instant.

Photo via silvi_wahyudi

Photo by alfafithriya

Here, with rows of newly-built houses in European design, complete with lines of low white picket fences and doorsteps that lead to each house, you’ll feel instantly transported off to the other end of the world.

And no, these houses are not just for show or pretty pictures. Each house serves a different purpose, be it a cafe, cooking school, gift shop, teddy bear home or more, they will thrill you and your little ones!

Entrance Fee : Rp 15.000/person ( approximately USD 1.2)

Purchase the “ Passport Program” for Rp 150.000 ( approximately USD 12) to get free access to 10 different houses or plays.

2. Picture purrfect and “im-paw-sibly” cute Cat House

Cuteness overload alert!

The Kota Mini Cat House is every cat lover’s paradise, where you can pet, feed and pose with these furry friends as much as you they want.

Photo by jenn_yoenna, liechendawan

There’s also a big playground in the middle with tiered cat houses for these babies to roam around!

Entrance fee: Rp. 25,000 including cat feed (approximately USD 1.85)

3. Give the cutest, fluffiest and most adorable teddies a huge bear hug

How can you resist throwing yourself into the middle of these fluffy teddy bears?

Photo by erlinprasetyo

Enter the Bear House filled with at least a hundred of them and spend lots of hug-therapy here, your furry friends won’t complain! They come in all sizes and colours, and are all waiting for your attention!

Photo by mei.drn

If you can’t bear to leave them, why not bring one home? The bears are all up for sale.

Photo by anitahartanti

Entrance fee: Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD 1.85)

4. Dress up in the bounciest Holland-inspired costumes

What can be more awesome than snapping selfies in this adorable town? Getting beautifully dressed up as a resident so you will look like you really belong here as you dance and twirl around in vintage European dresses.

The costume rental is available in the first bright red house after the entrance, and the costumes range from Holland-inspired frocks and broadway gowns, available for both kids and adults.

Photo by fineamanda, dj rba

So channel your inner vintage goddesses with all the floaty dresses, giant flowery hats, dashing colors and all.

Photo by nurkomalasari, enike_lusiana76

Your little princesses will love it too!

Costume rental fee: Rp. 75,000 per hour (approximately USD 5.60)

5. Enroll your little masterchefs in a mini cooking academy

Are your kids always excited to help you out with that new recipe at home? Have you always suspected that they are masterchefs in the making?

You can test that out at this cooking school for kids! Grab the aprons and chef hats ‘cause your little ones are going to have some fun whipping up cute delicacies!

Photo by alfafithriya, jjna13

They will be taught how to make cute bento sets, sandwiches, bake pizza and more! And don’t worry about safety, the staff will closely supervise and help their little hands along the way.

Just sit back, snap fun photos and look forward to enjoying your little chefs’ tasty creations with them!

Photo by alfafithriya

Price: Classes start from Rp. 25,000 per child (approximately USD 1.85)

6. Craving some real snacks? Check out this pretty cafe!

Feeling peckish? Head over to the cafe where you can get your fill of more snacks and beverages on the ready! Parents will especially love this place, as you can chill and wait while the kids enjoy more fun around town.

Photo by jenn yoena

You’ll even find a vintage snack cart filled with your favorite munchies, parked right outside the fruit house!

Photo by vhero.perdana

Photo via dewi kr

Price: Around Rp. 50,000 per person (approximately USD 3.70)

7. Play police and thieves!

Do your kids love to play “catch”? They can do so on another level!

Boys will love this – they can head directly to the Police House and start looking extra gallant in police costumes.

Photo via mei.drn

If you have a girl who loves some action, make sure she joins in the fun too. Trade the dresses with the brown police uniforms, complete with accessories (yes, toy guns!) and get ready to engage in exciting role play!

Photo via xiauwila, alfafithriya

The little police officers will be given a mission to put a thief behind bar. So off they will go to capture the bad guy under the staff’s instruction, and rest assured, your trustworthy officers will not rest under justice is served behind bars.

Price: Rp 25.000 per play/game for around 30-45 minutes (approximately USD 1.85)

8. Put out the fire!

Fire alert! But fret not, your little firemen are here to save the day!

Here’s another task for the kids – change into bright red waterproof fireman coats, ride out to the “burning” building and put the fire out!

With installed water hoses painted in matching red and that burnt-looking building in front of them, don’t you adults want to join in the fun squirting waters from these big guns too?

Photo via mei.drn

Price : Rp. 25,000 per play/game for around 30-45 minutes (approximately USD 1.85)

9. Choo-choo! All aboard the train to Mini Town of Lembang

Time for the kids to hop on and make a round of town inspection on the one-and-only train of Kota Mini.

Just look at that shiny locomotive, spinning wheels and spacious carriage! Your little ones will surely love to be taken on a journey around town!

Photo via agus rachmansyah

Price: Rp. 35,000 per ride (approximately USD 2.60)

10. Dine outdoors with a gorgeous lake view

Want to take a break from the vibrant colors and retreat to a natural setting? How can you not make full use of the cool Lembang highland climate? Head over to Kota Mini’s outdoor restaurant!

With thatched roof gazebos, you’ll be dining amidst the chilly breeze while enjoying the vast blue sky and breathtaking lake view from the distance.

You’ll be served Indonesian cuisine, along with a thirst-quenching whole coconut for that leisurely lakeside vibe. So order up and chill out, you’ll definitely be here for a while.

Price: From Rp. 75,000 per person (approximately USD 5.50)

11. Run around this hobbit playground

Are the kids tired of role playing? They can roam around the wooden playground with hobbit-like dwellings and quirky houses and have lots of fun!

Photo by ungu violet

Let them play while you stop to take a few Instagrammable selfies!

Photo by kikimuchrizki

Photo by egie jhon3

Entrance fee: Rp. 35,000 per person for unlimited play (approximately USD 2.60)

12. Doctor, my baby has a fever!

Do your little ones love playing doctors and nurses, especially the girls? Do they enjoy being the big sister and care for their little siblings?

From bathing, swaddling, checking, weighing and dressing these baby dolls, your daughters get to experience it all at Baby Clinic, while donning the sweet white uniforms.

Photo via jenn yoenna

Photo via alfafithriya

And when they are done, it’s time to put the baby doll in a stroller and take a walk together. No wonder this is many girls’ favourite!

Photo via alfafithriya, jenn yoenna

Entrance fee: Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD 1.85)

13. For the little girls who love dolling up

Do your girls love dolling up their sisters and friends?

Let their imagination soar as they enter the Barbie Playhouse, where they can play hairdressing and makeup all they want!

Photo by hannafransiska

As your little girls take their seats in the vanity stations, they can start combing, styling and putting makeup on rows of Barbie heads available.

Entrance fee: Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD 1.85)

Kota Mini

Address: Jl. Grand Hotel No.33, Lembang, Bandung, West Java 40222
Contact: +62 812 2000 8168
Kota Mini Entrance Fee: Rp. 25,000 (approximately USD $1.71)
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 9am – 6pm, Weekend: 8am – 7pm



With so many fun-filled activities and Instagrammable playgrounds to choose from, don’t you want to head down to Kota Mini for your next weekend getaway? Don’t forget to tag TripCanvas, we’d love to hear all about your trip!

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