When mid-day comes… you start to think about snacks to power through…

Then you remembered… You’re on a diet.

So you reached for water.

But it is not the same when you’re feeling snacky.

Why must losing weight remove my favourite pastime? 

It does not necessarily have to be that way.

I wish someone had inspired me earlier on what kind of snacks are GOOD for you (both nutrition and taste-wise) — while still losing weight.

And because I have been through this, I’m hoping to shorten the journey for you (if you are struggling with the same problem!).

Below are some of the MOST important factors to look out for when buying healthy snacks, as well as some snack inspirations for you (so your snack life is not boring)!

TL;DR: Snacks on repeat that would not ruin your diet

For context:

● These are just ideas, and some snacks contain some sort of sugar. But I am a true believer that moderation is key so it is an A in my books.
● I will always try to include vegetables or fresh fruits in my snack options. So some of these snacks pair with cucumbers or apples!
● Personally I don’t count calories. But always take in moderation.



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3 Pillars you need to look out for in healthy snacks to lose weight

Disclaimer: No snack is perfect. That is why we must always take in moderation and in variety.

1. Watch out for hidden sugars and ‘No Added Sugar’

You have probably heard of this before. And it’s still very true.

There are a lot of sneaky sugars even in ‘healthy’ snacks.

I’m no food scientist but I’ve learnt these tips to look out for to avoid these sneaky sugars.

Look at the ingredient list and avoid these stuff:

● syrups like corn syrup or rice syrup.
● the word ending with a ‘ose’ like fructose or sucrose. (in chemistry lingo — it is a type of sugar)

On top of that, you might want to be a bit more skeptical with those branded as ‘No Added Sugar’ snacks.

For example, granola bars, yoghurt, and dried fruits. They can be high in sugar on their own but with no added sugar!

But they are marketed as healthy. So you must be careful if you want to watch your sugar intake.

Generally, I will just keep sugar to the minimum (to the best of my ability).

2. Some ‘clean’ snacks can be junk food too

Healthy snacks that are marketed to be ‘clean’ can be highly processed.

Processed basically means it is changed from its natural state. So some food is more processed than others.

The super-processed foods that contain added sugar, artificial ingredients, trans fat and many other preservatives are the ones you need to avoid.

These are substances that promote inflammation which then increases health risks in your body.

And you don’t want that.

On top of that, they are usually low in fibers and nutrients.

Look for these kinds of ingredients instead:

Notice how you understand all of the ingredients?

And honestly, this is just my way of going around finding snacks because I don’t have the time of day learning about the type of chemicals (and their potential side effects) in food.

3. Opt for high fibre snacks to keep you full longer

Since watching our weight means keeping our insulin levels low, fibres are your friend.

Fibres keep our insulin levels low.

So you can actually benefit from your snacks by loading up on fibres which would potentially create a thriving environment in your gut.

For example, mixed nuts or high-fibre crackers. Sometimes I just cut up slices of cucumbers and dip them in hummus. It is good enough too!

My smart snack ideas on rotation:

1. Roasted Chickpeas

● This timeless snack, roasted chickpeas, do not contain any preservatives whatsoever.
● They are high in protein, fibres and are delicious! I actually include them in my salads.
● So besides being part of my meal they make a great snack as well.

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2. Rice Thins or Cakes

● Lundberg rice thins ingredients are very straightforward. Only brown rice and sea salt.
● High in fibres as well
● Rice thins are very versatile — good on their own and best with a spread like nut butters.
● Sometimes when I’m feeling extra, I pair it with some cucumbers and tuna!

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3. Tempeh chips

● This product might only be available in Malaysia and Singapore but if you can find tempeh chips in your area it would be awesome!
● Great alternative to potato chips
● High in protein.

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4. Almond Butter

● Amazin’graze’s nut butters are amazin’ because they are 100% real ingredients. Crunchy Almond is my favourite because I love some texture to my spreads.
● Great with rice thins.

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5. Peanut Butter

● Their peanut butter is good when paired with apple slices too!

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6. Mixed Nuts

● Amazin’graze’s Antioxidant Berry is my favourite trail mix!
● Packed with fibres and antioxidants this is the best pick me up.
● However, this is not sugar-free due to the dried fruits so you might want to be careful with your intake

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7. Konjac Jelly

● Konjac jelly is a low-calorie option to satisfy your sugar cravings. Besides that they are also high in fibre too.
● Signature Market’s konjac jelly is a great option because they did not mix it with unwanted artificial ingredients.
● The only downside is it contains sugar so you might want to watch your intake on this snack!
● And here’s a little secret: Japanese girls love to snack on these because it makes them full without adding to their waistline!

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What kind of hidden truths on health and wellness products do you want me to share next? Do comment and share with me below!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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