Bali is well-known for its luxury villas and beautiful beaches, but how much do you know about events that really make its mark in Balinese history?

Lesser known fact: The island is home to some world record-breaking events too.

From a mass massage event to the largest ever potluck party, we bring you five records that beat all the rest.

1. Mass synchronized surfing

If you’ve always been impressed by synchronized surfing, can you imagine 53 people riding the same wave, in the name of harmony?


Pre-record attempt

Bali’s Kuta Beach was the backdrop for this world record attempt in 2006.

Local and international surfers came together to promote Bali beaches, incredible surf and generous spirit of the Balinese – a perfect combination that lures tourists to return to the island year after year.

At the locally-organised event, 125 surfers attempted riding a wave for at least five seconds at any one time – the main aim was to get as many people as they could on the wave – no easy feat.

surf world record jason childs

First attempt


Another attempt

And finally, on the fifth attempt, a record-breaking 53 surfers were all riding the wave together!

2. 1000 Spa treatments by the beach

They say many hands make light work.

Have you ever been to a mass spa event?

It happened in 2014, on Sanur Beach – 1000 masseurs gathered for a record-breaking session of pampering.

You can even say it was healing in the name of history.

Clients were massaged simultaneously for 15 minutes, breaking the former record set in Bangkok, Thailand the previous year. This was followed by body scrubbing, Balinese body masks, herbal steam baths, traditional saunas, exfoliation treatments, and detoxifying rituals.

Imagine 2,000 hands kneading, pummeling and scrubbing in a blanket of matching purple t-shirts, all set against Bali’s stunning coastline – would you ever dare to try it?

3. Christmas under the sea

Want to do something special and a little different this Christmas? How about Christmas at more than 30 metres underwater?

That’s exactly what a group of scuba divers did in Tulamben in 2012, setting a new world record for ‘planting’ the deepest underwater Christmas tree.

A concrete base was sunk to 37.5 metres and an artificial tree ‘planted’.  The festive spirit even came complete with Christmas baubles and glow sticks!

What’s more – this is not simply a publicity stunt.

Apart from making it into the Guinness Book of Records, this underwater wonderland was built to spread the love of human rights and respect for all.

Isn’t it such a wonderful underwater Christmas?

4. Largest potluck for a cause

Many of us have been to potluck parties.

But how many can say that we have broken a record simply just by turning up?

Well, that actually happened in Bali, when the largest potluck party organised by the Bali International School in 2011 broke the Guinness World Record for its 597 attendees and – yes naturally – the same amount of food.

With everyone contributing a savoury plate, sweet dessert or drink, the BIS football field was filled to capacity with delicacies!

And the best part?

It was for a good cause – there were live music, dance performances and sports games throughout the day, to help raise 4 million rupiah for selected charities.

Have you heard of any other world records (broken) in Bali that’s worth a mention? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo via Surfersvillage by Tim Hain, Jason Childs,,, scubadiverlife, BaliTV

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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