You may not be a football superstar, but you can definitely live like one.

Heard about David Beckham’s holiday in Bali? Want to sleep on the same beds, take in the same sights, and experience all the luxury that he and his family indulged in?

EXCLUSIVE. Victoria and David Beckham on holidays

Photo via The Lala Report

It’s not completely impossible. Here’s how you can do Bali just like Beckham.

1. Stay on a mountain villa

If you have always dreamed of enjoying a gorgeous view of the mountains, from the comfort of your own private 1,500-square-metre Balinese-style compound, you can do so at the Amandari Villa, where the Beckhams had their private vacation.

amankila 1

Located on the edge of a beautiful gorge on the outskirts of Ubud, the resort boasts of exclusive suites that include five pavilions, a two-tiered swimming pool, two butlers and a private car on call 24/7.

amankila 2

Photos via Aman Resorts

It may cost up to USD$4,500 a night, but hey, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is probably worth much more than that.

2. Meet an elephant


Photo via Elephant Safari Park

It’s not every day that you get to befriend an elephant, but that’s exactly what the Beckhams managed to do at the Elephant Safari Park.

They were spotted not just trekking through the jungle while riding on the elephants, but bathing them as well. And the best bit? You can afford to do so too.

Day trips to the Elephant Safari Park at Taro is approximately USD$80 including lunch, and you can ride, wash and feed some of the biggest buddies on the planet.

elephant ride

Photo via Bali Tour Organize

For a more luxurious choice, there’s the Elephant Safari Park Lodge, where you can stay and play with 30 Sumatran elephants in their natural habitat for one night or more.

3. Pamper yourself with a Gold Dust Facial

Rumour has it that Victoria Beckham herself tried out the gold dust facial at the GoldDust Beauty Lounge in Canggu, which supposedly has anti-aging and anti-bacterial qualities.

Looking at what’s on offer, we’re guessing she went for the ultra-luxurious Golden Feather Package, which includes five glowing treatments over 3.5 hours for every part of the body.

This day-long extravagance also has budget options at just under USD$100, a more affordable feel of the rich-and-famous lifestyle.

gold facial

Photo via Pinterest by Ruth Campbel

Living a gold life.

4. Live the High Life at the Treetop Adventure Park

With all those boys, the Beckhams would definitely have taken the opportunity to get out in nature at the Bali Treetop Adventure Park, where you can zip from tree to tree, which can reach up to 20 metres high!

You too can find yourself swinging among the trees, overcoming obstacles – and most excitingly – plummeting down a 160-metre flying fox at the beautiful Bali Botanical Gardens.

A full day trip package is great for families, but if you just want a no-frills adventure, it simply costs USD$20-24 per person.

Who said living the high life has to cost big?

treetop adventure park

Photo via Weekend Notes

5. Create Your Own Perfume

Victoria has one, Becks has one, and now you can have one too: your own perfume scent.

It might not be Intimately Beckham, but it will be your very own creation – a scent completely unique. Take a 90-minute or three-hour workshop at L’Atelier Parfums et Créations to learn all about the art of perfume making, and soon you’ll be more of an expert than any A-lister!

This small little gem located in Ayana Resort and Spa, where it’s world class Rock Bar will wow you with its jaw dropping views.

Like all great Bali activities, this caters for all budgets, and gives a truly luxury experience for just USD$80 (90 minutes) or USD$125 (three hours).

create your own perfume

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