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Some time ago (read: last month in September 2019), I officially entered what many refer to as “the quarter-life crisis”; I like to call it my quarter-life adventure. It’s not as if I felt older or different but deep thoughts hit me – I now want to have a happy little family.

So when I spent a weekend at Hyatt Regency Bali, surrounded by the happiest families, full of waves of laughter from kids and joy in parents’ eyes, it simply hit me again – THIS is what I dream of in life! I was touched to see how intimate a family holiday could turn into – in here, it isn’t necessarily about dropping your kids at the most exciting kids’ club but rather spending some amazing quality bonding time with them, by the beach or right in the pool.

Now, if you too think that you are in need of some special together time, why not consider a family vacation to what I now call the “real side of Bali” – the lovely Balinese beach town of Sanur. Mornings here are spent cycling along the beach and the laid-back vibes are incredibly appreciated when you’ve had enough of busy Kuta and Seminyak.

Photo Via Berkatglo, TripCanvas

And for those of you who are unaware – signing up for a vacation at Hyatt Regency Bali means you get to enjoy newly-renovated facilities (as of 2018), warm Balinese hospitality and hotel grounds that incorporate local culture in its design. What’s more, it’s located just 30 minutes from the airport and you can also easily walk out to nearby restaurants and shops!

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It’s now time for me to tell you why my first-ever family trip to Bali (when I’ll have kids), will be spent at Hyatt Regency Bali:

1. You get to experience local culture at your Balinese-inspired home-away-from-home – King Bed Premium Room and Family Suite

Gong! “Welcome to the Hyatt Regency” – yes for every check-in at the resort, the welcoming attendant will hit the giant gong at the lobby before seating you comfortably for your welcome drink. It’s an almost royal welcoming if you ask me.

My check-in process went quite fast and as I sat to sip on the refreshing iced tea they served me, I could already see why the hotel is a great choice for families. Though as cliché as it sounds, it has something for everyone! An expansive garden for kids to run free and plenty of “no-fry” zones for elder ones to relax.

Now, moving on to the most important aspect: your home-away-from-home. The rooms at Hyatt Regency deserve all of the attention they receive on the daily – they are spacious and contemporary but what struck me were the little details and touches that bring you even closer to local Balinese culture – the batik design, the strong presence of natural materials and so much more that I kept discovering throughout my stay!

If you’re here with young kids, I’d recommend you to opt for their Premium Room category – these are located on the ground floor and give you access to a garden area where your little ones can enjoy plenty of outdoor space while you relax on the terrace.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Or, you could even make use of the green space to work on your tan! I can also promise you that ALL rooms here boast space – in fact, being by myself, I felt quite lonely in there so if you have a mini-you who’s at his “I walk as fast as I can run” phase, it’s a good option to consider! The only disadvantage I could pick is that it can get noisy as almost everyone has to go through the corridors of the ground floor.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Now, they don’t ignore older kids too – their Family Suite is an option that accommodates up to 3 adults with partial views of the ocean from the balcony. This exquisite home-away-from-home option also grants your little family access to their regency club where you can enjoy drinks and snacks!

Note: For your general understanding, rooms at the resort are separated into three different blocks, namely – Hibiscus, Frangipani and Bougenville. I kept getting lost at the beginning but a little tip to help you locate yours – you can simply refer to your room number which is made of four digits (the first is the block number, the second is the floor, and the last two are the room number)

King Bed Premium Room 

Rates: From USD $200 for Premium Room (2 adults + 1 child) (Approximately Rp. 2,830,455)

Family Suite

Rates: From USD $380 for Family Suite (up to 3 adults) (Approximately Rp. 5,377,865)

Check best available rate 

2. It allows you to spend quality bonding time at the pools (yes, there are 3 pools!)

Parents, is it really a family vacation if there ain’t a pool at the hotel you’re staying at? As a child, I recall this was the most exciting thing to do with my parents – in fact, I am not sure why but it seems that it’s ten times more fun when parents join you in the pool (am I the only one?).

Well, what if I told you and your kids that there’s a total of three surprises waiting for you at Hyatt Regency? Oh yes, darlings – three expansive pools (two for adults and one for kids) overlooking the beach!

Besides being shallow and safe, the kids’ pool is beautifully equipped with a cave and slide – I am told that these are the remains of the previous hotel before it underwent a 5-year renovation. Again, we see bits and pieces of local heritage smack bang in a newly-restored hotel, I am impressed! And if you’re worried about your hyper-active little one, don’t worry as it’s also extremely convenient for parents who are chilling in the adults’ pool – they have a direct view of the kids’ pool for surveillance.

Photo Via TripCanvas

As I park myself at one of the many sun loungers that surround the pool area, I watch kids running around with nothing but pure happiness on their faces. Oh, how I wish I had my own or rather how I wish I could go back to childhood!

Photo Via TripCanvas


Opening hours: Mon – Sun 8am – 7pm

3. You can make your picky little eaters happy at the resort’s restaurant – Omang Omang

If your little one is sensitive to tastes, smell and textures, you’ll be in awe when you get to see the menu at Omang Omang – one of the restaurants at Hyatt Regency Bali.


Far from the very typical “nuggets and fries” kids’ menu, the venue also proposes various options that come in kids’ portions (half price for kids under 12) – even their chicken satay dish or oxtail fried rice (recommended by the chef!) can be served as a half portion so they get to do just like mommy and daddy! I’ve personally never seen this at any other hotel so another star added to their kid-friendliness!

Photo Via TripCanvas

I am also informed that meals at the restaurant are fully customizable, with options for those with diet restrictions too (gluten-free and vegetarian).

Their Omang Omang restaurant specialises in grilled dishes so you should absolutely not miss their grilled fish and meat options – even their burgers have a perfect grilled/smoky taste and their crispy potatoes topped with grated parmesan cheese are to-die-for!

I found the charming ambience at the restaurant very inviting, making a night-in super special. I also like the fact that you aren’t confined to four walls – it is airy and spacious enough so you don’t have to worry about your screaming kids disturbing other guests.

Photo Via TripCanvas


Now, fast forward to breakfast – nowhere else does croissants as crispy and fresh as the ones I’ve tasted at their expansive buffet spread. No seriously though, pick some (yes not one but a few) of their almond croissants and you’ll go “it’s sooo fluffy I’m gonna die”!

The breakfast options are unlimited and they even have an antipasto section! There are a million choices for kids – pancakes, yoghurt, cereals, pastries and more!

As you dig in, enjoy views of the pool and ocean in the background. Again, this makes it easy for parents whose kids are in a hurry to enjoy the pool – you get to keep an eye on them right from the breakfast table itself!

Omang Omang

Price range: Mains from Rp. 75,000 (Approximately USD $5.30) (Half portion = half price)
Opening hours: Breakfast 6.30am – 11am; Lunch 11am – 6pm; Dinner 6pm – 10.30pm

Wednesday Backyard BBQ
Wednesday: 6.30pm – 10pm (subject to weather condition)
Price: From Rp. 360,000++ per person (Approximately USD $25)

Night Market
Friday: 6.30pm – 10pm
Price: From Rp. 390,000++ per person (Approximately USD $27)
*For above prices, children 6 to 12 years old get 50% off and children under 6 years old eat free

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4. You get to save some time for romance at the spa (adults-only) – Shankha Spa & Wellness

If there’s something else that often rhymes with a family vacation, it is – relaxation! But how to do so with kids, you ask… Well, rejoice parents! The Shankha Spa at Hyatt Regency Bali is a stunning venue for all of your desired muscle-melting body treatments and it is adults-only! Now that you’re wondering what to do with the kids while you get pampered; well, the hotel offers babysitting services (at an additional charge) to grant you a few hours of peace and quiet away from your little ones!

Photo Via TripCanvas

The night before my stay at Hyatt Regency, I had a massage at a roadside spa (with excellent reviews online) and I was utterly disappointed, so walking through Shankha Spa, you can imagine how I regretted not coming here instead!

The spa reminded me of a traditional Balinese water palace – the pavillions seemed to be floating on large ponds and as you walk to your private spa villa, you get to enjoy a green atmosphere and natural breeze that simply put you in the mood for deep relaxation and royal treatment.

Here, you’ll find both single and couple spa villas, fully equipped with a bathroom and outdoor deck with a plunge pool. It definitely isn’t your typical spa room – no wonder they refer to it as a “villa”.

Spa guests also get to enjoy an exclusive tranquil pool while all resorts’ guests have access to the jacuzzi and sauna. There’s also a fully-equipped gym for those who prefer the indoors (personally I’d go for a morning run along the beach if I were you!).

Photo Via TripCanvas

Shankha Spa & Wellness

Price: 1-hour Signature Balinese Massage from Rp. 900,000 (Approximately USD $63)
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 9pm

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5. They help you turn your lazy day extra special with a feast at the Sunday Brunch! – Pizzaria

Now, I can’t possibly think of my time at Hyatt Regency without a special thought for their incredible Sunday Brunch. Even though you aren’t a hotel guest, I’d highly recommend you to slot this on your itinerary; trust me, just call in to make a reservation, you won’t regret it!

I’ve been to several brunches throughout my life and god do I always complain about how overly-buzzing they are but surprisingly, the one at Hyatt Regency Bali was nothing comparable. It is set at their Pizzaria Restaurant, facing the calm waters of beautiful Sanur, tables are well dispersed and kids can enjoy running free along the beach while parents watch from their dining spot!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Plus, I could see that there’s been lots of work behind the scenes to decide on which food items would make it to the brunch menu – it’s not one of those big, fat brunch buffets – it’s well-thought and definitely contributes to reducing food wastage.

Nevertheless, there are several stations to check out at their Sunday Brunch, my favourite being their fish tacos, freshly-made pizzas, roasted meat and of course their array of colourful desserts (I’d go back for their Lemon Meringue Tart, seriously!). You should accompany those delicious plates with a glass (or two) of their traditional concoction –  jamu (it is an essential drink for locals to start the day!).

Photo Via Hyattregency_bali

As I filled the table with dishes, I also enjoyed relaxing acoustic music from the live band, and the most beautiful sight of happy families making the best of their Sunday together.


Price: Wood Fired Oven Pizza from Rp. 105,000 (Approximately USD $7.40)
Opening Hours: Lunch 11am – 6pm; Dinner 6pm – 10.30pm

Sunday Brunch
Sunday: 11:30 am – 3pm
Prices: Non-alcoholic Package: From Rp. 450,000++ per person (Approximately USD $32)
Alcoholic Package: From Rp. 1,050,000++ per person (Approximately USD $74)
*Children 6 to 12 year old get 50% off and children under 6 year old eat free
** Enjoy 20% discount for in-house guests

Happy Hour: Mon – Sun 5pm-7pm
Price: Rp. 100,000 (Approximately USD $7) for each selected cocktail and Prost beer bucket

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6. You won’t regret signing up the kids for days of exciting fun-filled activities! – Camp Sanur

This is perhaps what excites both parents and kids at a family-friendly resort – the kids’ club. Firstly because parents can get some divine time on their own and secondly because that’s where kids have the most fun and make new friends!

The array of activities proposed by the kids’ club at Hyatt Regency can definitely save you from being your little ones’ personal entertainer – no joke; the staff here makes sure that your bambinos have a vacation as memorable as the adults.

They’ll have you and your teens on water activities such as Stand Up Paddle, while your little ones get to learn local culture through a class of Balinese Dance and Canang Making or even turn them into real little master chefs with a complimentary pizza-making class at their Pizzaria Restaurant and an authentic Balinese cooking class (at additional charge)!

As I roam around the resort, I am also chased by a group of pre-teens speeding on their scooters – how fun! Later, they seem to trace me back on the beach as they show off on their bicycles.

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

See, that’s what I want to stress on – in here, kids are not confined to a four-walled room where they spend the day watching TV, colouring or drawing (the too typical, if you ask me). It’s absolute fun guaranteed for them as they get to spend time running free! Plus, you’re in luck too as this will probably get them to head to bed super early!

7. This is where you can catch sunrise and volcano views at Sanur Beach

Of course, there are more pristine beaches around Bali but if you’re up for calm shallow waters and some water sports (parasailing as well!), I’d recommend you to check out Sanur Beach.

Probably the number one thing on my list whenever I am in Bali, is to spend some time at the beach – right where I belong, so having a stay that’s located smack bang by the sea is always a plus point. And, I believe that as a parent, that’s very likely what you look for when choosing a family-friendly hotel as well? At least, that’s definitely something I’ll consider when having kids!

What’s best here in Sanur is that you get away from the crowd of other popular beaches – well, this also saves you from all the stress of having your kids disappear in the big mass of tourists, right?

Photo Via TripCanvas

And for those of you who complain of having to wake up extra early in the morning due to your daily alarm clock (ahem, also known as your ‘mini-you’), well, things can turn up much better here as you can step out to witness the magical sunrise right in front of your stay!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Sadly, it was a bit cloudy when I woke up for sunrise that day but with super clear weather, you can even bask in spectacular volcano views of Mount Agung in the background! Mornings can’t get more magical; who agrees?

8. You are allowed to reward yourselves with a date night! – Piano Lounge

If you ask me what’s possibly stopping me from having kids, there are a few things on the list: firstly, the finance – I mean, how did our parents manage to make enough money to raise kids? I spend most of mine on flight tickets. Secondly, what happens to our date nights and couple time once we have a little one?

Well, seems like there’s no stress involved when you holiday at Hyatt Regency since you can always opt for their babysitting services (at extra cost) while you both escape on a whirlwind romantic night to the Piano Lounge.

Photo Via TripCanvas

The venue is located right beside the main lobby, it’s charming, rustic and contemporary all at the same time. There are different seating options to settle at – overlooking the grand gardens, right by the bar or by the majestic pond? You choose, it’s your night!

Photo Via TripCanvas

On weekends, your hubby is even allowed to surprise you at the piano as it is open to the public while some other nights, they have a professional pianist soothing you away.

And as you settle in your life partner’s arms, grab a few cocktails from the bar, with a side of local peanuts (what they call as Kacang Disco – “Kacang” for peanut and “Disco” because it’s quite spicy and goes dancing all over your mouth).

As I sit to enjoy a handful of those delectable peanuts, I see couples around me, with glowing eyes, proud of how far they’ve come… then it hit me again; this is the life I dream of!

Piano Lounge

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 1am
Happy Hour: Mon – Sun 5pm – 7pm (Rp. 100,000 per cocktail/wine by the glass)
Live Pianist (Jazz and Pop Hits): Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri: 5pm – 7pm and 9pm – 11pm, Thur: 8pm – 10pm
Open Piano Night: Sat 8pm – 10pm

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Why you too should consider a family getaway here?

Pairing kid-friendly perks with luxurious amenities, I can’t possibly see why you would say no to a family getaway to Hyatt Regency Bali.  They cater to kids with wild spaces but also promise parents some lavish attention too.

All around is this natural playground with expansive gardens and a sandy stretch of beach – it’s a real deal when you’re located just a short 30-minute drive from the airport while you could go to other popular beach towns like Kuta and Seminyak within 40 minutes and further up to Ubud’s jungles within an hour drive!

Now it’s really up to you but I personally think that the hotel having three pools will put your kiddos in a forever good mood! And considering that you can have a snippet of local culture and heritage throughout your stay … I mean, I am completely SOLD!

Hyatt Regency Bali

Rates: From USD $200 for Premium Room (2 adults + 1 child) (Approximately Rp. 2,830,455)
Address: Jalan Danau Tamblingan 89, Sanur Bali, Indonesia, 80228
Contact: +62 361 281234

Check best available rate 

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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