Eating a whole tub of ice cream in one setting when you are heart-broken, having a compulsive sweet tooth, bribing your kids to get them to do whatever you want, or simply cooling down on a hot day in a tropical destination like Bali, there are numerous reasons why we eat ice cream and loving it!

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For those who even travel to Bali to have an excuse to indulge in all the icy goodness, your holiday mission to find the best ice cream on the island will soon be accomplished.

We’ve tasted so many and here are the few that will make you addicted – the best of the best. Let’s travel to ice cream heaven!

1. Ice table with a view – Alila Ubud

What do we call “eating ice-cream in style”?

If eating the finest homemade ice cream with natural ingredients and fruits of the season is not good enough for you, we’ll tell you now – you can actually experience not just wonderful ice cream, but 5-star service and beautiful landscape at Alila Ubud, a hotel beautifully overlooking the tropical jungle and rice fields, known for its excellent personalized service and experiences.


9 flavors to choose from and they change according to season, so you have an excuse to come back every season to sample new ones

Unknown by most, you don’t need to have the bank account of the rich and famous to enjoy a glimpse of their luxury.

For a mere IDR 175.000 ++ (not including 21% taxes and service charge) you will be presented with an ice cream table with 7 flavors, one more delicious than the other.  They are the “brainchild” of Chef Erwan, who enjoys the time and creative freedom at Alila Ubud to come up with new flavors.


Chef Erwan, the creator of the home-made ice cream, all smiling. No wonder, he gets to sample his creations every day, closely followed by the GM with a sweet tooth himself.

Fruits and flavors are sourced locally, Lemongrass and Kamanggi from their own garden, vanilla from Singaraja, coffee from Kintamani and so on and the flavors change according to the season.


Alila Ubud has its own organic garden and some flavors are used for the ice cream. Kafe Lime, Lemongrass and also Kamanggi

I could not make up my mind which flavor got me hooked for life, but Ginger-Stracciatella was definitely a strong candidate for a life-long love story, a very different and delicious combination.


You don’t want to leave your newfound luxury retreat after you have savored your ice cream ?  If you are lucky that day and subject to availability, you might be allowed to use the pool and carry on enjoying the stunning views.  Definitely worth the trip to Ubud for me.


Seeing yourself after having savored 7 scopes of ice cream enjoying the beautiful views and peaceful environment ?

Alila Ubud

Address: Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar, Bali 80572, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 975963
Email: [email protected]

Official site

2. Icy fruity Mexican popsicles: Paletas Wey

These unbeatable popsicles hail from Mexico and they are immensely tempting, especially during hot summer days.

They don’t contain any preservatives or food coloring, using only pure frozen fruit!

Try classical strawberry milk, dragonfruit (which is full of antioxidants), durian, the dulce de leche for sweet cravings, or the ultimate combination of avocado and chocolate.

As we are in a Mexican place, of course the Tequila flavour can’t be missed! Olé!

Photo via afhychan, feliphoebe

Paletas Wey

Address: Jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan, Kuta utara, Badung, Denpasar
Contact: [email protected]
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 am – 22:30 pm
Price: USD $1- 3 (Approximately Rp. 20,000 – 35,000)


3. Whipping up Italian gelato culture in Bali – Gusto Gelateria

Gusto Gelateria is the vision and brainchild of Italian/French couple Manuela and Regis, who now call Bali home.

Regis is a chef by trade and creator of all the recipes, and his wife Manuela is the daughter of gelateria owners in Bologna, Italy (a country that is hard to beat for making some of the best gelato in the world).

So rather us having to travel to Italy, they have brought Italian gelato to Bali.

Gusto’s opening hours are from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. Does a discipline like “Ice Cream eating marathon” exist? I would register.

Manuela was a pharmacist by profession, and she’s using those skills now to mix together delicious ingredients with her husband.  And surely ice cream could also be called “medicine for the soul”.

So what makes Gusto’s ice cream so special and addictive?


They only use natural ingredients (makes up for the guilt of the ice cream calories), fresh fruits, nuts, real milk, sugar, butter, chocolate and so on.   You will not find any artificial colorings nor gelatin. And I love the fact that they support the local economy. 70% of all their ingredients are from Indonesia.


Only the freshest ingredients find its way into Regi’s kitchen. 70% from Indonesia

Flavors change with the season, and you’ll get seasonal fruit like Soursop, Dragon fruit and Tamarilla during certain months – they are constantly experimenting with new flavors.

Soursop is a seasonal fruit so don’t be disappointed if you do not see it all year round at Gusto, but it means they stick to their principle of working with the seasons and not against.

Almond Brittle (Nougatine) is their bestseller, while children’s top of the picks come as no surprise – vanilla, fraise, choco, stracciatella, milk chocolate and croccante.


Bestseller Almond Brittle

On a hot Bali day, try the refreshing lemongrass and mango flavor.

Starting at IDR 20,000 per cone or cup with two flavors of choice, Gusto is certainly a gelateria that offers fantastic quality ice cream at an affordable price.


So much happiness in a small cup for just IDR 20.000 and you can mix and match 2 flavors

Despite its huge daily fan base, no worries about finding a seat, there is ample indoor and outdoor seating. In case you bring your car, there is a big carpark just opposite (if you know the area, you would know that this is actually a very thoughtful service for their customers).


Ample space indoors and outdoors

Have a guess who are Gusto’s champion fans.

Top 5 nationalities with the sweetest tooth for ice cream at Gusto:

  1. Indonesians

  2. Singaporeans

  3. Koreans

  4. Chinese

  5. Russians


As long as I am in Bali, I know where I go on a day when I need a pick-me-up and I am not even among the top 5 nationalities.

Gusto Gelateria

Address: Jalan Mertanadi 46B, Kerobokan 80361 Bali
Contact: +62 0361 5522190
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10.00 am – 10.00 pm; Closed on Sundays

Official site

4. The smurfs in a cone – Massimo Il Ristorante

If you believe that ice cream should not be a “stand-alone” treat, but the icing on the cake after a delicious feast of homemade Italian pasta and pizza, it’s time to rush to Massimo Il Ristorante in Sanur.


At Massimo, you’ll get surprising smurf flavored ice gelato (but no worries, Chef Massimo assures you that no smurfs are harmed in the process) or strawberry-laced gelato.


The only trouble you will have to go through is to pick your favorite flavor among numerous irresistible choices. All of them only contain real fruits and nuts, and no flavoring or additives are added.  Thumbs up for so much quality in a cup.


Photo via: fajartrisna

Is that Grand Marnier there in the front? I have it.

Fruit Sensation, Mocca, Fruit Mix and Strawberry laced gelato, 4 of many more flavors

If you like your gelato while on the go, simply buy it from the front store and enjoy it while you stroll down Sanur’s alleys.


Indoor seating for those for whose cool gelato is not cool enough. Air Conditioning guaranteed

Being a true southern Italian and loving people, it is not rare to see fun Massimo stepping out of his kitchen to chit chat with customers.

If you are not up for a trip to Naples, Massimo’s gelato is close enough to “Bella Italia”.

Massimo Il Ristorante

Address: Jalan Danau Tamblingan 228, Sanur
Contact: +62 (0361) 288 942
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Official site

5. Cozy gelato getaway from Seminyak beach – Lello Lello

Lello Lello’s slogan says “Without gelato there would be darkness and chaos”, and who am I to disagree?

I am all in favor of the light that brings their creative creations, such as Snoop Dog, Pandan & Ginger, Guava & Mascarpone or the Cookie Monster, to a tropical holiday in Bali.


One of the bestsellers Snoop Dog: Espresso & Cheesecake

This cozy gelato shop is just a short stroll from Seminyak beach and all the hipster shops, and with its lovely décor and relaxed seating, it is the perfect place for a cool pitstop before continuing with your partying or shopping.


Cozy and right in the centre of Seminyak

Find the bubblegum gelato in the photo !  No, you cannot chew on it for hours.

Are you also one of those people who need a savory treat after the sweet one or vice versa?

Think curry and gelato are a weird mix? Let’s talk again after you have tried their delicious curries, followed by the gelato as the icing after the meal.

Lello Lello is famous for being a “curry house”, just as much as a gelato paradise.


Photo via: thelostguides, littlemissbali

Roti Canai & Curry meets Gelato – Unusual mixes are exciting !

If your gelato needs to be accompanied by some drinks, you will have no shortage to choose from either – juices, coffee, smoothies. fresh coconuts or a cold beer are just an order away.


Photo via: thelostguide

And now that you have developed a serious Lello Lello gelato addiction (yes, it exists, I am the living example) that needs to be constantly nourished, how about getting their loyalty card?

Lello Lello

Address: 21 Jl Kayu Aya Seminyak
Contact: +62 (361) 733815
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday  8am – 11pm

Official site

6. Cube In Ubud filled to the brim with hand-crafted gelato – Gaya Gelato

Minimalistic and sleek and once you step through the door, heaven’s gate opens


How lucky are we, that so many Italian gelato masters leave Italy to settle in tropical Bali, to delight us with so much artisanal gelato?

Gaya was Italian couple Massimo’s and Colette’s initial brainchild, and they have since then moved on to use their talents and passion to open ITALO GELATO in Sanur. (It’s at Jalan Danau Tamblingan No.178, check it out and let us know what you think!)

Successful Gaya itself opened two other gelateria in Legian and on Echo Beach in Canggu, so no excuse not to sample their delicious flavors such as coconut, passion fruit, chocolate orange or even black rice.

Only natural aromas are used and preservatives and artificial colouring are prohibited.


Gaya perfectly marries Balinese spices and fruits with locally sourced ingredients, such as nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and coffee.

If you are standing in front of all the flavors, but are overwhelmed by all the choices and want it all, you can actually try the flavors before deciding on what to get for the big scoop.


As refreshing as an evening breeze in Ubud’s lush rainforest

If your sweet tooth does not stop at gelato, just keep on walking around the shop you find other treasures such as cakes in cute tins, Italian tiramisu, or hot or frozen Cappuccino.


Aren’t the cute tins filled with cakes not a cute gift idea?

And if you’re just sitting at home in front of the latest DVD and craving an ice cream, keep their number on speed dial – Gaya makes home deliveries and even sells party packs of gelato.

Thanks Massimo and Colette for having left Italy to settle in Bali to sweeten our lives

Gaya Gelato

Address: Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud, Bal, Indonesia
Contact: +62 (0361) 979252 / 979253
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday : 8am – 10pm

Official site

7. Artsy and colourful beachside ice cream parlour – WaLa Gelato at Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran

WaLa Gelato cafe’s home is in the très chic 5-star Le Méridien in Jimbaran.

The street frontage to the fishermen’s village makes it the perfect place for a stopover on the way back from the beach, to indulge in some of their homemade gelato or their divine eclairs which are simply soooo French.


A cooling and relaxing place for a hot summer day in Bali

Besides indulging in some of their homemade gelato (which was already enough to make my taste buds go into overdrive), how about trying their Parisian pastries as well?  Their divine eclairs that come in flavors such as pandan mangosteen or raspberry-rosella are to die for.


Photo via: bestlittlecoffeeshops, foodcious

6 parisian eclairs to die for.  At WaLa, your hungry sweet tooth will not be left untreated.

WaLa’s classic beachfront meets loving retro touches – check out the cute gelato cart or the retro walls – it goes nicely with hotel’s lagoon pool surrounded by their lush garden.

Once you soak up the upbeat yet relaxed atmosphere, it’s time to sample the sweets and ice cream, which come in a variety of unique flavors and are homemade using local products.


A bit of retro, a bit of art married with a French touch

Are you more of a coffee aficionado and need an energiser after a tiring day at the beach?.

They also serve Illy coffee in different variations, so you surely will walk out ready for a night out in town.


Photo via: foodcious

Illy Coffee in lots of variations to go with your hand-crafted gelato or as a stand-alone pick-me-up

WaLa Gelato – Ice Cream & Coffee

Address: Le Méridien  Bali Jimbaran, Jalan Bukit Permai,Jimbaran, Bali 80361
Contact: +62 (0361) 8466888
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10.00pm

Official site

Have you gone ice cream and gelato hunting around Bali too? Tell us in the comment section below where else can we indulge in such sweet icy goodness?

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