We recently explored every inch of InterContinental Bali and finally reached this verdict – InterContinental Bali is one of the best places to have an unforgettable beachfront family vacation with the kids in Bali.

Don’t believe us? Check out the never-ending awesome family activities, excellent kid-friendly facilities, and all the other great ways to enjoy the hotel that we’ve unearthed during our stay!

InterContinental Bali has successfully infused true Balinese culture within a vast green oasis complete with amenities guaranteed to give your family the best settings for a holiday that allows you to bond, have fun, and create beautiful memories.

Without further ado here are the 6 fantastic ways to have the ultimate family vacation at InterContinental Bali!


1. Fun family bonding begins in these luxurious pools!

Always a highly anticipated hotel feature, InterContinental Bali has 6 incredible pools with a different pool for everyone. Here are our 3 favourite picks that will definitely satisfy every family member’s needs!

(We certainly took this chance for a quality swim, and mingled with other guests who were enjoying their own down time with their kids!)

1-a) Fun for the whole family (with a swim-up bar too!) – The Main Pool

Positioned right smack in the middle of the resort gardens, the 35-metre long pool comes with different pool depths.


Photo by Yuko Shimokawa


Photo by joeondagram

Feel free to relax in style and float adrift while the kids play a round of marcopolo or ball tossing – and when you need refreshments, swim up to the pool bar at the side to order up some drinks and snacks for everyone! If you prefer to catch longer break, there’s also a sun terrace on the other side of the pool with rows of sunbeds perfect for lounging in the sun.


Photo via thedecoland

1-b) Everyone will love this special replica of Bali’s famous public baths – Balinese Bath Pool

The Balinese often enjoy public baths in a temple courtyard, and it is one of the Bali ways of life. InterContinental Bali replicated this extraordinary experience in a pool with a shallow depth especially dedicated for children where they can enjoy water flowing out of the 5 sculptures that look just like a real public bath.


Parents are also welcome to lounge in the surrounding lazy chairs and enjoy some quiet.


1-c) Have fun with water spouting out off the walls of this pool! – Fountain Pool

Perfect for the family, the Fountain Pool is placed beside a stone bridge that leads to the resort garden. With a traditional Balinese design, it’s an instant favorite especially for kids and teenagers, since there are plenty of mini fountains spraying cool water from its walls. Though it’s also quite shallow, this irresistibly fun pool will make even the adults long to jump in for a splashing time.



PS: There are other great pools that you wouldn’t want to miss out too! For some off-kids swimming time, get in the exclusive club pool with a dedicated bar.


Your kids can also enjoy some private and personal time at the kid’s pool at Planet Trekkers. Lastly, two other fun pools are also available at each side of the mid-section of the resort garden (near Balinese Bath Pool).

2. Have a blast with exciting family bonding activities at every corner of the hotel!

We were surprised at the wide variety of activities were available at InterContinental Bali! This hotel is constantly livened up with recreational options every hour. Designed for kids and adults alike, check out the activities you simply must try!

2-a. Good times ahead with endless complimentary guest activities.

Fast service and awesome activities that are free? Surely it can’t get better than this

2-a-i. Chill around the best spots & playground in the Alun-Alun Garden.

The hotel’s vast Alun-Alun Garden is a huge green estate with strategically placed gazebos, sun terraces, long recliners, and cosy bamboo pods. There are even several hammocks if you fancy a quick nap or a suntanning session.


Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort

Despite our best efforts to stay awake and fully enjoy the scenery, the whole ambience put us most at ease that we dozed off (more than a few times!) on the lazy long chairs. Now if that isn’t the very definition of relaxation, we don’t know what is.


Tip (Secret areas around the resort!):

– Hidden at the left side at the rear end of Alun-Alun Garden is a small playground that is perfect for your little ones, with swings, a tube, a slide and more on a neatly-trimmed grass expanse.


– The Spa Garden right in front of Uluwatu Spa also has a hidden resting place shaded by tall trees with a calm pond and the perfect view! We’re not ashamed to admit that we exploited the place by instagramming every inch of this spot #heavenonearth.

2-a-ii. Have a family sports day anytime you want

InterContinental Bali provides balls so you can always challenge your kids to an impromptu soccer game. If you prefer something more relaxing, hop on the parked bicycles and explore every nook and cranny of the resort. There are also watersport activities and a volleyball field at Sunset Garden, all of which are free for your use!

2-a-iii. Frolic at InterContinental Bali’s stretch of Jimbaran Beach

The InterContinental Jimbaran beach is most favoured for its views and and pristine white sand that allows kids to explore without parents having to worry too much. The waves are soothing and mild for all kinds of swimming, surfing, and other water sport activities.


Lined with long rows of lazy chairs and bamboo shades, InterContinental Bali presents 600-metres of the impeccably clean beach strip that is the perfect sunset viewing spot!

Photo via Antoine

While the Jimbaran Beach of Intercontinental Bali is not a private beach, we definitely saw how its strip is much cleaner and more well-kept than the rest. It’s easy to tell where the hotel’s side of the beach begins and ends – it is THAT obvious!

2-b) Exclusive and extraordinary activities at InterContinental Bali worthy of the price.

If you’re ready to take your family to the next level of excitement, then there are options available such as the most popular and recommended Kedonganan Fisherman Bike tour. With a bicycle and a helmet, have a fun exploration with a trusted guide.


The experience begins with a 10-minute cycle to the colorful and lively  local market with fresh produce and tasty local breakfast. Next, you’ll get to see a banjar ( community hall) up close, a primary school, a beachside, and the largest fish dock in Bali before finally hitting the pedals back to hotel for your scrumptious breakfast.

The whole cycling trip takes around 2 hours due to the stops, and the track is quite mild and relaxing. Overall, it’s a different experience that allows you and your family to witness firsthand how the locals live, especially in the Uluwatu area.

To us, the highlight of our trip was the rare glimpse into the everyday life of the Balinese – the primary students’ morning exercise routine in their school, and fishermen preparing their nets and boats to go out to sea in the late morning.

Price: From Rp.150,000++/ USD $11++ person. Book a day prior as the tour starts quite early at 6am in the morning. Find out more here

PS: If you are looking for more relaxing resort activities, introduce your teenagers to the blissful spa or simply try out the Inspiration Space.

The Inspiration Space is for the exclusive use of Club InterContinental guests, and it is filled with DVDs and personal computers. It also comes with free refreshment!

3. Let the kids have fun at the cultural and educational kids’ club – Planet Trekkers

Kids come first when you’re in InterContinental Bali. Let your kids learn the Balinese ways of life in their signature kid’s club, Planet Trekkers. The consistent Balinese theme is applied in an educational way so that every child can experience local perspectives and skills!

The best part is that they have a professional on-call nanny facility that you can count on by the hourly rate. Check out what your kids can learn in their unique daily schedules.

3-a. Feed the ducks, visit a cow farm, and release sea turtles

While the kid’s club is a spacious room with an outdoor playing space, Planet Trekkers loves giving kids an unforgettable experience interacting with animals. Every afternoon, kids will pack a bucket of bread to feed ducks at the pond of Alun-Alun Garden, or visit the cow farm that is located within the hotel complex.


Their sea turtle release program is also a favorite for every Thursday and Sunday. Just make sure to check in with their daily activities to plan the best time for your kids to have fun at Planet Trekkers.


Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort

3-b. Hone your kids’ cultural understanding and artistic skills.

Introduce your kids to the charming local lessons that take place every day in Planet Trekkers. From learning to speak Bahasa Indonesia or the Balinese dance – they may even practice their artistic skills in T-shirt or egg painting, and Balinese art & craft!

This experience was one of the best parts of Planet Trekkers for our kids, partly because they were introduced to something entirely different and yet meaningful to them. Our biggest salute goes to the staff and the nannies who put in every effort to win our kids’ hearts – and guide them through every little process with such care.


Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort, TripCanvas

3-c. Simply relax in Planet Trekkers‘ complete facilities and professional care

As you step into the cosy kids’ club, be prepared to be greeted by friendly staff who are always ready to help your kids play. The indoor club is divided into a computer section for interactive learning, a clean mat area for play pretend with toys, and a movie area with bean bag chairs.


The outdoor space promises an equally awesome playtime where a sandpit, pool, playground, and a mini basketball court awaits. There is also a mini foosball table and hockey table for their enjoyment. Let your kids play to their hearts’ content in this kid’s paradise under the watchful eyes of the staff!



Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort

PS: Many parents use the time away from their kids to indulge in some private time. These are some of the things you can try while the kids are occupied!

Visit the beauty & wellness centre at Spa Uluwatu for a quick massage. (If you want a more luxurious treat, head on to the Villa Retreat to enjoy a full spa treatment in a gorgeous ocean-view balcony.)


Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort, TripCanvas

If you are booked in any of the Club InterContinental rooms, time to make use of their tea time for a relaxing break of mini cakes and English tea or other beverages. They also provide complimentary cocktails and canapés starting from 5 to 7.30pm. You can also head out to the private Club pool for a quiet moment in the pool while ordering up drinks from the pool bar.

4. Redefine the meaning of family bonding in each dining experience.

A meal is never simply a regular occasion at InterContinental Bali. With a mission to spoil you with their tasty culinary creations, here are the best spots to dine with your family throughout the day!

4-a. For breakfast (or brunch), enjoy an extensive selection! – Taman Gita Terrace

There are actually several breakfast options you can enjoy ie. the Club Lounge or Jimbaran Gardens, but Taman Gita Terrace will be the best choice. It provides the most complete choices from fresh pastries and local delights, to international buffet, tasty desserts and fruits. This endless selection will put your mind at ease as your kids will be able to pick from the many alternatives available.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day of our kids – and we definitely enjoyed this vast selection! Even our picky young one had more than enough of her fill before the day started.


The ambience is also a defining factor. You can choose from dining indoor in their posh restaurant or enjoy the lovely tropical garden from the terrace outside.


Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort

4-b. For lunch, you’ll love the views and relaxed environment – Jimbaran Gardens

How about an extraordinary meal with the sea right in front of you? Make use of the resting area shielded by bamboo shade just beside the Jimbaran beach as the cafe rolls out your order made by the hands of professional chefs.


From local delights such as the signature suckling pig (Babi Guling) and mixed rice (Nasi Campur), to the heavenly oxtail soup. Get ready to have your tastebuds tantalized. There are of course, other lunch menus where pasta, steaks, sandwiches, and other international favourites are available!

creme bulee

Don’t forget to get your kids the fine creme brulee or black rice pudding with vanilla ice cream on top for a little sweet ending to your lunch-by-the-beach experience.


Kids buffet corner (Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort)

4-c. For afternoon tea, lounge around the private posh club facilities – Club InterContinental Lounge, Club Pool Bar

Paying for a Club InterContinental will get you more than what you pay for. A dedicated exclusive club lounge means complimentary flow of snacks and drinks every hour, complimentary afternoon tea, and also 3 hours of complimentary cocktails and canapés every day including alcohol and other beverages.


This makes it the perfect time to cool down if your kids are still off exploring the hotel. If they want to stay in tow, then head out to the Club Bar where the wooden deck provides seats for younger kids who wants to relax with cool drinks in their hands.

Either way, anyone can always appreciate a tall glass of Rosella Ice Tea and a few bites of mini tarts and cakes arranged in tiered glass plates before you carry on your awesome day at the hotel. We certainly did!

4-d. For dinner, treat your family to an unforgettably fancy experience! – KO Japanese Restaurant & Bella Cucina

There’s no harm in treating your loved and little ones with extra attention in these fancy dinner options :

4-d-i. The award winning & highly entertaining Japanese venue – KO Japanese Restaurant

Head to KO for an authentic contemporary Japanese dining experience situated at its own lavish wing with two options, Teppanyaki or Sushi. Teppanyaki promises an interactive culinary experience, where chefs cook and grill Japanese specialities before your eyes, then serve them directly on the elegant marble counters.


They will not only fill your appetite with fresh ingredients and matching taste – but also provide entertainment for your kids in the form of live acrobatic skills in the kitchen accompanied by the chants and claps of amused patrons


What really stood out for us was the quality and freshness of raw ingredients that they prepared. We could tell that they provided only A grade and nothing less! Combined with the generous chef who was willing to cook certain dishes to your liking – we definitely requested more red wine with our ribs!

4-d-ii. The Italian dinner with a twinkling view – Bella Cucina

An Italian dinner always means a warm family affair and Bella Cucina definitely provides that intimate dining experience. Bella Cucina or the “beautiful kitchen” is housed in a posh restaurant with cosy ambience and a busy kitchen that serves classic Italian dishes.


This opulent restaurant also offers various vintage wines and champagnes that are kept with care in the fully-stored wine cellar. You may request to be seated in the al fresco dining section in front of the building to enjoy your family evening under twinkling stars and lanterns.


4-e. Beachfront supper and desserts not to miss – Sunset Beach Bar & Grill

Overlooking the sweeping Jimbaran bay, Sunset Beach Bar & Grill is an open-air beachfront bar for the more casual crowd. As the soothing ocean breeze puts an end to your fun-filled day, get the best front-row seat to the beach and its crashing waves.


With your toes in the sand and tall shades above your head, order some cool drinks from the bar for yourselves with complimentary salted peanuts. Treat the kids to gelato cones or cups with variety of tropical flavors from the counter to quench their thirst .

The fancy flavours had us coming back two nights in a row since the kids simply couldn’t have had enough of Tiramisu and Lemon Meringue Pie.


The balmy evening will serenely pass you by as the tree lanterns and fire torches burn their last fickle flame, while the memory stays with you forever.

5. Watersports at its finest – Learn & bond as a sea-loving family

Remember when we mentioned how Jimbaran beach is an all-around family-friendly beach? Yeap, InterContinental Bali brings it to another level by working with Rip Curl to establish a watersports centre!

5-a. Little surfers in action – Little Ripper by Rip Curl

Coached by professionals themselves, your little ones can brave the relatively calm waters and learn how to ride the ideal waves. Specially to educate kids on this fun sport, Little Ripper is a one-hour basic surfing lesson.

However, if you have experienced teenagers who already know how to surf, they can have fun on the experienced surfing trip where Rip Curl organises traditional fishing boats trips to the outer reefs in the bay and hunt for bigger surf breaks to surf!

As parents to young kids, we know how such a different experience can make a memory of a lifetime. It’s not everyday we can have our girls connect with the sea, and learn something that is not only fun but also good for physical fitness as well!


Photo via RipCurl

5-b. Boogie down with your kids – BodyBoarding

Nowhere else is better to learn BodyBoarding than at Jimbaran Bay. Sometimes known as Boogie Boarding, it is a water activity that is highly suitable for beginners and children. In this 1-hour session, embrace the waves while boogie-ing on the epoxy boards provided by the hotel with your kids!


Photo via RipCurl

5-c) More for adventurous teens – Sea-Kayaking

Great for your older kids, calm waters means some kayaking is in order. Hire a single or double sea kayaks and pair up! As you paddle ahead, the hotel will also encourage you to do some fun light fishing and gear will be prepared for you.


Photo by InterContinental Bali Resort

PS: Can’t wait to begin your water adventure with the family? Book your Day Passes for the opportunity to try all the available water sports activities available!

Day Pass Price:  Rp.500,000 (USD $35) per person for unlimited use of kayaks, bodyboards, surfboards, and stand up paddleboards. The Watersports Center of InterContinental Bali opens daily from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

6. Want to head out? Unveiling more of Bali just minutes away from the hotel!

Located just 15 minutes away from the airport, InterContinental Bali is also strategically placed right in the middle of Kuta and Nusa Dua. Depending on your mood and schedule of the day, you can visit the more tourist-famous beach destinations or the more laidback and tranquil south.

There are also two famous spots just minutes away from InterContinental Bali that you can visit for the family entertainment of the day:

6-a. The epic cultural park – Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Uluwatu

Devoted to the Hindu God Vishnu and the majestic Garuda Bird as his fierce mythical companion, this 60 hectare cultural park is often chosen to host many large-scale local and international events.


Photo via vettypanjaitan, rio_va, bali_homestay_paket_tour, annakor8

Blurring the line between fantasy and modern technology, the uniquely themed park is an all-age tourist spot with breathtaking panorama, traditional performance, and impressive gateway to an unforgettable cultural experience.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Address: Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Ungasan, Badung -80364
Contact: +62 361 700808
Opening hours: Daily from 8am to 10pm
Price: Rp.110,000 / USD $8 per person


6-b. The internationally renowned ceramic workshop – Jenggala Ceramic, Uluwatu

With over 3 decades of handmade experience, your family will get a taste of local glass and ceramic handicraft.


Photo via nyokepo, mamidiva

Aside from enjoying the refined kitchenware & tableware in the factory and showroom, you can also experience your very own ceramic-making and painting with their trained and friendly staff! Once you’re done, the Warung Keramik cafe will delight you further with their tasty menu.

This place was brimming with amazingly awesome and cute kitchenware. Be forewarned, it’ll be tough to resist the temptation to get your hands on one of them! We certainly couldn’t get enough.

Jenggala Ceramic

Address: Jl. Uluwatu II- Jimbaran 80361- Bali
Contact: +62 361 703 311
Opening hours: 8am to 8pm


Now that you’ve got the rundown on reasons why InterContinental Bali gives you the best family vacation – here’s our picks for the best family accommodation available!

Get a bang for your buck – Club InterContinental Room

Always get more than what you pay for when you book the roomy Club InterContinental. The extra benefits follow wherever you go with a 24-hour room butler, club advantages, and many more.


The Suite itself can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children as they prepare a lavish roll-out day bed. With a balcony overlooking the sprawling gardens, everyone can enjoy in-room entertainment and refreshments that are replenished daily.

PS: We personally found that the butler service was extra helpful. Intercontinental Bali is a huge complex and even the best of us could get lost in it, literally so. Having this personal assistance saved us many times from ending up at the wrong side, and he even helped us with packing too!

Quirky and spacious split-level rooms – Duplex Suites

Welcome the family friendly Duplex Suites, there are 2 types of Duplex you can choose from: Singaraja Duplex and Club Duplex.


Singaraja Duplex Suite


Club Duplex Suite

They both come with an interesting exterior which is a split level style, allowing you to enjoy each section of the spacious room with ease. The perks of Club Duplex is similar to those of Club InterContinental Room.

The lower level consists of a living room with a sofa bed, while the wooden staircase leads you to an open-plan mezzanine bedroom with a charming attic. The room fits up to 4 persons, perfect for families!

So, there you have it, everything your family might need for the perfect vacation in Bali! Trust us when we say you can’t go wrong with InterContinental Bali.

Staying at InterContinental Bali Resort

From USD 225 ++

Contact: +62 361 701 888
Email: [email protected]

Check best available rate 

This post was made possible by InterContinental Bali Resort. All other pictures not credited commissioned by TripCanvas.

Comment and share with us your experiences if you planning to stay or have stayed here before and we will PM you a special offer for this hotel!

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