During the course of planning, you will also come across hotel’s event or wedding manager as one of the potential options to consider for your wedding planning. So what’s the difference of destination based wedding planner vs a hotel’s event/wedding manager?

Here’s the summary in a nutshell of the differences between a destination based wedding planner vs a hotel wedding manager:

When to consider a wedding or event manager at a hotel and how to deal with them:

  • If you have a very clear idea that you want only one particular hotel, you have done your research carefully and you are comfortable with the Wedding Planner or Event Manager at that hotel, there is no reason not to work with the hotel directly.  However, do keep in mind that this hotel will only sell its services and will of course not present you with a choice of other locations and hotels. Bali is a very competitive market and weddings are lucrative businesses for hotels.

  • When booking directly with the hotel, ask about external suppliers they work with, because most hotels outsource many services (stage, entertainment, hair and make-up, etc) and they often have preferred suppliers (just like wedding planners). Make sure you are happy with their recommendations and do not feel pressured into using them if you don’t want to.

  • Please also make sure that your hotel contact is competent, as you may not have professional wedding planners onsite in every hotel. Ask very clearly about the background of your hotel wedding planner – you want to be in safe and trustworthy hands.  Also make sure that you have one “Key Account” Manager, who is your main contact, as you do not want to have the initial discussion with the Manager and later be “handed over” to a Junior coordinator for the planning and coordination on the day.

  • A lot of hotels have very good Event Managers, but keep in mind that they only work for one property.

When to consider a wedding planner:

  • Wedding Planners have the ‘privilege’ of being more unbiased than a hotel, because they are allowed to present you with more choices, so they have more freedom to guide you towards a hotel or private villa which they think will suit your wishes best.

  • A good wedding planner has visited numerous hotels and is familiar with their strengths and weaknesses and it is his/her job to match the right location/hotel with the wedding couple.  A good wedding planner is also someone who is has a natural curiosity to keep up with the hospitality development in Bali. What may be the perfect location and hotel for one couple, may be a completely wrong choice for another.

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