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Accommodation is usually one of the highlights of your holiday – it makes or breaks your trip, doesn’t it?

Imagine staying at a typical traditional accommodation, versus one that can give you the heartwarming experience of a homestay, where you get to befriend the locals and live like them.

Which would you choose?

If you’re keen to try out homestays like Airbnb, we tell you the best reasons why you should – here’s 7 cool experiences you might never get with a typical traditional accommodation booking, especially in Bali.

1. You save money

Why pay $100 for a night stay at a traditional lodging room when you can get your own private pool like the one at this beautiful villa/apartment for just half the price? (Yes, just $50!)

5. Beautiful apartment for rent by Airbnb

Plus if you’re travelling in a huge group, a large villa with private pool like this would be a perfect stay to save more dollars for shopping.