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Written by Cisca Lim
Assisted by Mohammad Yanuar Firdaus

What first comes to mind when you think about Bogor?

Most of us probably only know that it’s a city south of Jakarta, only an hour’s drive away. It’s also widely favoured as a little town for a quiet retreat located on the highlands, with a cooler climate, beautiful nature and impressive botanical gardens.

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But did you know that wedged between the majestic Mount Salak and Pangrango are stretches of emerald lush jungles and the famous Ciliwung river, creating countless waterfalls of unparalleled beauty. And somewhere among all that, more natural hidden gems are unearthed.

So get ready and pack your bags – these 18 gorgeous natural attractions will prove that Bogor is worth the sleepover.

1. Glamp in the pine forest at Pondok Rasamala

If you love nature but don’t want to give up the comforts of modern life, Pondok Rasamala provides just the right balance.

Settle yourself in the midst of the pine forest, minus the camping equipment because this place prepares all the equipment, food, and even toilets.

Photo by yana shuyen

On this campsite, you’ll get to listen to the flowing water from the nearby waterfall, learn to set up a bonfire, and fall asleep to the sounds of crickets at night.

Photo by diananiken
Photo by ubaybabay, lutfisungkar

If you’re lucky, in the morning, you’ll see the mist from the top of the mountain – a surreal sight to wake up to!

Pondok Rasamala

Address: Gunung Salak Endah Tourism Area, Jl. Gunung Bunder, Gunung Sari, Pamijahan, West Bogor, Picung Mt, Pamijahan, Bogor, West java 16810
Getting there: From the city centre, head to Dramaga IPB and continue to Leuwiliang, to the tri-junction of Cikampak. Turn left towards Gunung Bunder Tourism Area, and drive to the location.
Coordinate here.
Contact: 021 725 0730


2. Admire cherry blossoms in the Sakura Garden (Cibodas Botanical Garden)

You don’t need to travel all the way to Japan just to see the sakura flowers (commonly known as cherry blossoms).

Photo by Djanoe_

Did you know that Bogor’s very own Cibodas Botanical Garden is actually filled with dozens of beautiful sakura trees too?

Photo by Cmichaelreza_, Erza_Kartorejodiningrat_, Gripa.Design

Due to the chilly climate, you’ll be able to see the pink and white blooms of sakura in the green fields of the Sakura Garden, which is part of the Botanical Garden. You may even see dewdrops resting on the petals – a photo-worthy sight!

These short-lived flowers usually bloom in January and February, with a short life span of less than a week. So if you’re planning to make a trip down, we recommend that you call up the office first to check for the best dates to catch the blooms before coming!

Photo by Djanoe_

Cibodas Botanical Garden

Entrance fee: Around USD 0.68 per person (Rp. 9,000). Motorbike parking is around USD 0.38 (Rp. 5,000) and car parking is around USD 1.20 (Rp. 16,000)
Address:  Jl. Kebun Raya Cibodas no 131, Cimacan, Cipanas, Cianjur, West Java 43253
Contact: (0263) 511385
Opening Hours: 8 am – 5 pm


Uncover the hidden gems in Halimun Salak National Park

Comprising of two towering mountains, Mount Salak and Mount Halimun, this national park has long been everyone’s favourite weekend getaway destination.

Photo by _Kate-Evans For CIFOR

While the park borders have been well-explored since it established in 1992, the heart of Halimun Salak National Park continues to excite people with new discoveries of hidden gems.

This is often why many travellers love to book a tour spanning a few days with a local guide to truly experience nature here – exploring hiking trails, craters, plantations, rice fields and volcano with billowing smoke and hot fountains.

Photo by Enohitchyooow
Photo by Panjiumbaran

Don’t forget to check out these two newly discovered places:

3. The hidden Curug Ciampea

As you walk past the pine forest, you’ll find a path leading down to a waterfall, and the first is Curug Ciampea. At less than one metre deep, take a quick refreshing dip and enjoy the tranquility of this hidden waterfall.

Photo by _Nyongbogor

4. That unknown oasis – Green Lagoon

Walk down from Curug Ciampea and you’ll be greeted by this Green Lagoon.

Photo by _Nyongbogor

At two metres deep, it is just as mesmerising as Ciampea, if not more. Don’t you want to simply laze the day away here?

Photo by _Dimaspatto

Halimun Salak National Park

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.75 per person (Rp. 10,000)
Address: Tapos I, Tenjolaya, Bogor, West Java 16370
Getting there: Head to Desa Tenjolaya and ask the locals for directions to Curug Luhur. From there, take a left turn at the intersection and drive on till you see a green field on your left and a narrow road on your right. Follow the narrow road until you reach Curug Ciampea.
Coordinates here.

5. Get a complete bird’s eye view of the exotic Lake Quarry

Who would have thought that a lake in a former sand mine can hold such potential?

Photo by n0s13

It took just one Instagram post from a sharp fellow traveller to spark interest in this lake framed by majestic cliffs. More people caught sight of it on social media, Lake Quarry soon became a new must-visit spot in Bogor for every nature enthusiast.

Photo by bagasarif007

The combination of the blue sky, high green landscapes and clear, clean water filled to the brim after rain will prompt you to take more than a dozen selfies here.

Photo by jaelaniabdullah, marwankaharu

Just be sure to watch your steps on the high cliffs, as this raw beauty has yet to be equipped with proper infrastructure for hiking!

Lake Quarry

Entrance Fee : Around USD 0.15 per person (Rp. 2,000)
Address: Tegalega, Cigudeg, Bogor, West Java 16660
Getting there: From Jakarta, travel to Parung and Tjang Semplak Bogor. Then, proceed to Rumpin or Parung Panjang
Coordinates here.

6. Soak in nature’s jacuzzi at Mount Peyek Hot Spring

Imagine soaking in a warm jacuzzi soak overlooking the green fields in the cool climate – isn’t it such a welcome break?

Photo by huda yudha

Located in Mount Ciseeng, which is rarely explored, Peyek Mount Hot Spring offers tranquility with a remedy for body and soul. Believed to cure various illnesses, the warm water is sure to sooth your stress away while the unique pool formations will leave you in awe at nature’s gift.

Photo by keenanmaulana
Photo by heriand

Mount Peyek Hot Spring

No entrance fee.
Address: Jl. Pasar Ciseeng, Parung, Bojong Indah, Parung, Bogor – West Java 16330
Getting there: From Parung, head to Kedung Halang and you will pass Tirta Sanita Hot Spring. Continue your journey to Komplek TNI AD (The Residence of Indonesian National Armed Forces) and all the way to Kampung Jeletreng, before asking the local villagers for directions to this hot spring.
Coordinates here.

7. Trail the hidden beauty of Agung Garunggang Cave

You’re advised not to sleep on your way to Agung Garunggang Cave. During the journey, you’ll be treated to a sweet view of the sloppy green hills, lush fields and plantations, along with a sparkling river.

Photo by sofadiell,normansukardi

But of course, the highlight of your trip is the exotic cave itself. With wavy-like textures on the external walls, find the most Instagrammable spot under the natural lighting of the sun and snap away!

Photo by jazztin ap,monicamocaciuw
Photo by vandy 182,muhamadtulusardi

Although to get here, you need to trek for two hours, we assure you that you will leave this place highly satisfied.

Agung Garunggang Cave

No entrance fee.
Address: Jl. Ptp Terusan, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Bogor – West Java 16810
Getting there: Head to Jungleland Sentul Bogor, where you’ll come to a tri-junction at Karang Tengah area. Take the left road and follow the route.
Coordinates here.

8. Begin your expedition to the limestone mountain Klapanunggal

Perhaps only a few travellers would have heard of this spot, but many hiking communities would have known the challenging Klapanunggal limestone mountain by heart!

Photo by miftah alfalah

Once a chalk-mining location, Mount Klapanunggal is highly praised for its nature-formed caves and unique surface textures and colours. A haven for hikers, adventurers and photographers alike!

Photo by memey.cimey,ruhamarynt

Not only is the surrounding view gorgeous, but the subtle trails of stalactites and water running through the stone walls are worth lingering for too.

Photo by little bogor


Address: Klapanunggal, Klp. Nunggal, Bogor – West Java 16710
Getting there: Exit Jagorawi expressway and get onto Raya Narogong street. You will need to ask the locals for directions to get to the mountain.
Coordinates here.

9. Enjoy the green panorama from the treehouses of Pabangbon Panorama

Who doesn’t love treehouses?

The main attraction of Panorama Pabangbon, located in Leuwiliang which is around 1.5 hours from the city, is the collection of treehouses. You can find lovely gated treehouses and many colourful ones – all of which offer a heavenly green vision of God’s creations, with the silhouette of Mount Meranti in the distance.

Photo by Mhfu01_-Evmarifah_-Akuderaa

At 720 metres above sea level, this area is not only cool and refreshing, but is also equipped with camping facilities, a magical swing, the Cilame waterfall, a pine forest and a meranti forest, both of which are used as education centres for the locals.

Photo by Iya_Del
Photo by Ahaaziz_

Pabangbon Panorama

Entrance fee: Around USD 0.41 (Rp. 5,500)
Address:  Pabangbon, Leuwiliang, Bogor, West Java 16640
Getting there: From the city centre, head to Leuwiliang which is around 25 km away. Drive along Jalan Raya Dramaga to the location.
Coordinates here.

Play and chill in Bogor’s most beautiful waterfalls

Due to the hilly and mountainous land contours, there’s no shortage of amazing waterfalls in Bogor. In fact, there are up to dozens of noteworthy waterfalls and these three ‘curugs’ (which means ‘waterfalls’ in Bahasa Indonesia) take the cake.

10. Take underwater selfies in the awe-inspiring green waterfall: Curug Leuwi Lieuk

Surrounded by lush jungle greenery in the midst of rocky cliffs is this little paradise. The water is not only cool and fresh, but so clear that underwater selfies are a must!

Photo by photolucu
Photo by rioramadhanii
Photo by josaphatezra,hafizgatem

Curug Leuwi Lieuk

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.75 (Rp. 10,000)
Address : Wangun Cileungsi, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Cibadak, Sukamakmur, Bogor, West Java
Getting there: Head to Sukamakmur region and follow the road to the location.
Coordinates here.
Opening hours: 6 am – 6 pm

11. Enjoy the backpackers’ version of little Green Canyon: Curug Leuwi Hejo

Some people have marvelled at the resemblance of this waterfall to the famous Green Canyon of Bogor, only at a much cheaper and authentic experience.

Photo by artuaria
Photo by egoparaxenos

So arm yourselves with your underwater camera and snap away!

Photo by rianmhtzam

Curug Leuwi Hejo

Entrance Fee: Around USD 1.15 (Rp. 15,000)
Address: Cibadak, Sukamakmur, Bogor, West Java 16830
Getting there: Either from Sentul City or Citeureup Bogor, follow the road to the location.
Coordinates here.
Opening hours: 6 am – 6 pm

12. Take a dip and selfie at the mini Niagara Falls: Curug Country

This spectacular tiered waterfall is the perfect place to take a cool dip along with a few selfies. The currents from the clifftop are not too fast, so you get a majestic view from all angles.

Photo by ophanizer
Photo by ekolistiono10,yoedha13
Photo by sukmachmd

Just be sure to watch your steps on the slippery stones!

Curug Country

Entrance Fee: USD 1.50 (Rp. 20,000)
Address: Tanjungrasa, Tanjungsari, Bogor, West Java 16840
Getting there : From Cibubur, take the route towards Jonggol all the way to Pasar Cariu. Follow the road to the location.
Coordinate here.
Opening hours : 6 am – 6 pm

Climb and conquer the exotic mountains of Bogor

The majestic Mount Gede Pangrango and Mount Salak are just preludes to the collections of the amazing mountains in Bogor. If you feel like heading up top, these are our most recommended names.

13. Perfect for beginners, loved by even the pros – Mount Batu Jonggol

At around 875 metres above sea level, Mount Batu Jonggol offers a hiking experience that is mild enough for beginners.

Photo by masga gap

While the trek is not very challenging, the reward from the top is mesmerizing. With the beauty of Jonggol area and Mount Gede Pangrango in the distance, you might be just hooked for more.

Photo by Alvindaeng,naresthi
Photo by mulia.prabowo

Mount Batu Jonggol

Entrance Fee: Around USD 1.15 (Rp. 15,000)
Address: Sukaharja, Sukamakmur, Bogor, West Java 16830 – Indonesia
Getting there: Head to Cileungsi and drive all the way to Jonggol. Follow the Mengker route until you reach Gunung Batu.
Coordinates here.

14. A worthy climb for the sunrise and gorgeous landscape: Mount Munara Rumpin

At 1,119 metres above sea level, it will take you nearly a day to reach the peak of Munara Rumpin. Many mountaineers would camp and treat themselves to the breathtaking sunrise at the top.

Photo by emul mulyadi18,b747vid
Photo by henanrickgunawan
Photo by meellyps

If you didn’t bring enough refreshment to keep you energised, fret not. On your way up, you will find stalls selling drinks, food, and other items for bold adventurers.

Mount Munara Rumpin

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.38 (Rp 5,000)
Address: Desa Kampung Sawah, Rumpin District, Bogor – West Java
Getting there: Head to Parung market and drive to Ciseeng, Rumpin, until you reach Mount Munara.
Coordinates here.

15. Get up close and personal with eagles at Elang Loji Sanctuary

Eagle sightings are rare, but at Elang Loji Sanctuary, you can not only see them up close but also learn everything about these large and powerful birds of prey.

Photo by bernard_curr

Penangkaran Elang Loji is a rehabilitation centre for Javanese eagles that are seized from illegal hunters and traders, before they are released back into the wild. As a place to nurture these kings of the sky, the eagles get to roam freely and receive proper care without being domesticated.

Photo by lia.rmb 2

And guess what? This place is not just a haven for the birds but for tourists as well. With a generous spread of pine forest, fresh air, and cool climate, travellers get to explore the grounds or camp in the company of eagles.

Photo by imtaovan,little kumbang

Elang Loji Sanctuary

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.53 (Rp. 7,000)
Address: Cijeruk, Bogor, West Java 16740
Getting there: Follow the Cihideung-Cijeruk route to reach the location.
Coordinates here.
Opening hours: 8 am – 6 pm

16. Find back that lost childhood at the Cipamingkis Treehouse

Has it always been your childhood dream to climb up and live in a treehouse?

Now that dream can come true at the extraordinary Cipamingkis treehouse. As you set foot in the area, nature greets you with a pine forest and a flowing river amidst the stone garden. Perched on top is a miniature ship deck for that photo-worthy effect.

Photo by yudhieyudhiestira
Photo by syahrii666

And that’s not all. Don’t forget to take the time to stop by the refreshing Cipamingkis waterfall. Take in the natural beauty and just let the water wash all your worries away!

Photo by adianrep

Cipamingkis Treehouse

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.75 (Rp. 10,000)
Address: Jonggol, Sukamakmur, Wargajaya, Sukamakmur, Bogor, West Java 16830
Getting there: Head to the Sukamakmur area, and go all the way down to Desa Wargajaya. Follow the road to reach the location.
Coordinates here.
Contact: 0251 8790726

Be inspired by nature’s beauty at Gunung Gede National Park

The Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park is one of the best national parks in Indonesia. With an area of over 22,000 hectares, this place is home to hundreds of wild flora and fauna species.

Check out these relaxing spots where you can chill with your loved ones and enjoy the scenery!

17. Take a treetop walk in the rainforest: Canopy Trail

Offering an impressive perspective of this grand rainforest, the Canopy Trail is a 130-metre treetop walk, beginning in the forest and ending at the Ciwalen Waterfall.

Photo by umashanti89
Photo by faizalramadhand

As you stroll among the heavenly green panorama, you’ll be thoroughly refreshed by the cool breeze of fresh air. Make sure you stop for selfies!

Canopy Trail

Entrance Fee: Around USD 2.30 per person (Rp. 31,000)
Address: Resort PTN Mandalawangi entrance of Cibodas climbing spot, West Java 43153
Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm


18. Wander among the Edelweiss blooms at Alun-Alun Surya Kencana

Alun-Alun Surya Kencana is a savanna of over 50 hectares, located at an impressive height of 2,750 metres above sea level.

Photo by sonytbb317

The cool temperature and location is the perfect climate for the elusive Edelweiss, the flower of eternity, to thrive. It’s quite a bit of a hike to reach here, but needless to say, it’s definitely worth it.

Photo by marjan.ibn.amin

Alun-Alun Surya Kencana

Address: Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango Cibodas, Sukamulya, Cugenang


19. Reach the summit of Mount Gede

The ultimate destination for most travellers at the National Park is the top of Mount Gede Pangrango.

Photo by nadaardilla
Photo by laely hidayati

Hike up, and you’ll be treated to a massive and most satisfying view of the entire national park.

Photo by angga_adeputra

Mount Gede

Address: Jl. Cibodas, Bogor
Coordinates here.
Phone: 0263 512 776
Email: [email protected]


20. Take in the panoramic night view at the Alesano Cijeruk Hill

As one of the newer natural attractions in Bogor, Alesano Cijeruk Hill offers a panoramic view of Bogor city from the top, with the silhouette of Mount Gede Pangrango in the backdrop.

Here, a canvas of glimmering metropolitan lights is created with an exhilarating natural aura, one that will stop you in your tracks to admire the perfect picture.

Photo by agztokith
Photo by septianadventure

Many travellers also bring up their sleeping bags and camping equipment, fully prepared to stay overnight so that they can catch another magnificent view – the sunrise at Alesano Cijeruk.

Photo by ensiiyyy

Alesano Cijeruk Hill

Entrance Fee: USD 0.75 for bike parking and USD 2.20 for car parking (Rp. 10,000-30,000)
Address: Village Cijeruk, Bogor, West Java 16740
Getting there: Take the route heading towards Batu Tulis Train Station, and continue to Warso Farm. Follow the road to Balai Ternak Embrio and ask the locals for directions.
Coordinates here
Contact: 0858 6291 5435

21. Paraglide down the hill at Paragaya Puncak

Ever wondered how it feels like to fly? Head to Paralayang Hill for the answer.

Here, you can chill at this wooden platform, perched at such extraordinary height to give you a  breathtaking view of the natural scenery below.

Photo by diskaputriii,gathon eko
Photo by elenawidiatna

If you’re brave enough, you can actually paraglide from here! There’s a community on the grounds who will happily assist you to ride in the sky for a couple of minutes with the birds.

Photo by ekkyhmzh,abdul azis muhammad

Paragaya Puncak

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.98 for entrance (Rp. 13,000) and an additional USD 1.13 for photo-taking (Rp 15.000).
Address: Jl. Raya Puncak, Km 87, Paralayang Hill, Puncak, Tugu Sel, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java 16750
Getting there: From the Jagorawi toll road, drive to Cisarua and up to Puncak.
Coordinates here.
Contact: 0818 491 472
Opening Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

22. Pet your own Bambi at Cariu Deer Conservation

Want to meet, feed and pet a deer? You can do so at Wana Wisata Penangkaran Rusa Giri Jaya (Cariu Deer Conservation)!

After you cross the bridge at the entrance, where the river flows, you’ll enter a green savannah that has an area of around five hectares.

Photo by Dgoreinnamah

The soothing and refreshing nature is definitely wonderful for the soul, but unsurprisingly, it’s the deer that steal the show. With over 70 deer in this conservation park, these four-legged beauties roam free and are tame enough to wander near visitors so you can feed them.

Photo by Steffy_Ai

These deer were brought in from all over Indonesia, such as Bali, Java and Nusa Tenggara. There are also a few species from India and Sri Lanka. For the purpose of tourism and forestry, this place is managed by Perum Perhutani, a government-appointed Forestry division.

You can feed the deer from the bridge, rest in a gazebo or simply run around in the field with your bucket of sweet potatoes. Make sure you come early in the morning or between 3pm to 5pm, which is their feeding hours!

Photo by Yudhieyudhiestira

Wana Wisata Penangkaran Rusa Giri Jaya

Entrance fee: Around USD 0.60 per person (Rp. 8,000). Feeding bucket costs around USD 0.38 (Rp. 5,000)
Address: Buanajaya, Tanjungsari, Bogor – West Java 16840
Getting there: Take the Cibubur route to Cileungsi and drive past Mekarsari Fruit Farm. Continue to Jonggol until you reach Cariu.
Coordinates here.
Contact: 0813 -8389-2251
Opening Hours: 7 am – 5 am.

23. Bathe in the mystical lake with rainbow colours at Telaga Warna

Less than two hours’ drive away from Bogor city, Telaga Warna is a lake the middle of the forest, with a mysterious exotic charm.

Photo by Asyakhaa

This hidden gem is gaining popularity as people flock here to witness the changing colours of the lake at different times of the day, with up to seven different shades of green, yellow and brown! This phenomenon is attributed to the sunlight hitting the water and the algae that live on the waterbed.

Photo by Asyakhaa

In addition to its mystical allure, legends also tell of two enormous ancient fish lurking in the water – one yellow and one black. The water is also widely believed to bring youth and good luck – a winning combination!

The surrounding area is huge, with plenty of green spaces where you can roam around and explore. Don’t be surprised if monkeys or other wildlife greet you when you do. You can also sail across the lake, birdwatch or get on the flying fox.

Photo by Maryaninanin

Telaga Warna

Entrance Fee: Around USD 0.50 for locals (Rp. 1,500) and USD 1.88 for international tourists (Rp. 25,000).
Address:  Desa Tugu, Cisarua, Bogor – West Java
Getting there: Drive along the route leading to Puncak or take the public bus towards Cianjur. Ask to stop at Telaga Warna.
Coordinates here.
Opening Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

24. Indulge in your durian cravings at Warso Durian Farm

Durian lovers alert!

Located in Cihideung of Cipelang Bogor is an all-durian playground – the Warso Durian Farm. Founded by a former army man named Soewarso Pawaka, this is a garden with free entrance that welcomes all durian addicts and curious hearts.

Photo by Dimul75

With over 900 trees and more than 25 types of Grade A varieties such as Monthong, Lay, Sunan, and more, visitors are not allowed to pick from the trees unless it’s during the durian season (from December till May). The euphoria peaks in January to March.

Photo by Aisahkamelia_-Aldow82

You can also find other trees such as jackfruit, dragonfruit and water apple (jambu monyet). Interestingly, this place also provides a paintball facility, a fishing pond and a hall that can hold up to 90 people.

Photo by Erginamartaria_-Habibiaria

So pick the best time to enjoy durians, including the fruit’s derived desserts such as durian ice and durian juice!

Warso Durian Farm

No entrance fee.
Address: Jl. K. H. Halimi, Cipelang, Cijeruk, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16740
Getting there: Head to Sukabumi and take a right turn at the Caringin tri-junction. Drive straight ahead until you see another tri-junction, where you can take a right turn. You will see the giant durian tower right in front.
Contact: (0251) 8211344
Opening hours: 7 am – 5 pm

Special Mention: Unleash your inner cowboy at Apache or Mongolian glamping (Highland Park Resort Hotel Bogor)

Tempted by the glamping (glamorous camping) hype? How about doing it in an Apache or Mongolian style?

Photo by Carinachintya

Located in the laidback Highland Park Resort at the foot of Mount Salak, the Apache tent is a marbled-floor and air-conditioned hotel room with triangle-shaped roof, replicating the ingenious tent of the largest Indian tribe in West America.

Photo by Detiktravel2-Mongolian_-Rezi_Depp

The Mongolian tent is of a similar style, only that the room is built with a cylindrical shape.

Photo by sherlymey, geena1802
Photo by Fandipn

You will truly get to enjoy modern comforts even as you bask in the natural gorgeous panorama of Mount Salak. Worry no more about mosquitos or canned food, simply order up and enjoy your glamping experience!

Highland Park Resort Bogor

Rates: From USD 90 a night for Mongolian Tent (approximately Rp. 1,199,070)
Address: Jalan Curug Nangka, Kp. Sinarwangi, Desa Sukajadi, Kec. Tamansari, Sukajadi, Tamansari, Bogor, West Java 16610
Contact: (0251) 8485777

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Ready to Instagram Bogor’s best natural attractions? Follow our amazing finds and you’ll soon name Bogor as one of your favourite cities in Indonesia! Come share with us, which attraction has been added to your travel plans?

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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