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Written by Nadia Crowe
Co-written by Kim Wilson
Edited by Beverley Lennon

Anyone who hasn’t been to Bogor is missing out because anyone who has knows that it’s love at first sight! Romantic, relaxed, and incredibly beautiful – less than 2 hours will get you away from the busy streets of Jakarta and into the serene landscapes of Bogor!

This wonderful little city is filled with amazing coffee shops and chill restaurants, and if you’re keen to stay the night then you’ll definitely love the quirky rainforest hotels there! You can’t visit Bogor without indulging your sweet tooth, as well as strong coffee, most of these unique hang out spots come with insane views too!

So if you’ve got any friends who claim Bogor is ‘sleepy’ or ‘lame’ show them this list and change their mind, because these dining experiences are out of this world!

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1. Step into nature – ForesThree

As soon as you walk through the doors of ForesThree you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm, afterall nature has that effect on you! With large rooted trees all over, and different shades of majestic green surrounding you, it’s almost as though you’ve been transported to the lush jungles of Indonesia!

Photo Via Littlechidee, Mrsmaulana_

People rave over their cheesy pizzas, and for a more refreshing taste try out their cool and colourful smoothie bowls. Whatever it is, most of the food is organic and sourced from local farmers! From picnic tables under the large tree branches to chairs covered in synthetic grass, the atmosphere inside is far different from the warehouse exterior!

Photo Via Mon_cheriea, Rinimulyana98, Amaliasav3
Photo Via Ayuanggrainiahmad, Viveratakarinaleime, Febriyantikusumastuty
Photo Via Bogoreatery, Devi_renat, Ladzidzladzidzah

For the little ones, there’s even a playground for them to jump around on so that mummies and daddies can eat in peace!


Price: From Rp. 30,000 (Approximately USD $2.10)
Address: Jl. Achmad Adnawijaya, Tegal Gundil, Bogor Utara, Kota Bogor 16152
Contact: +62 251 857 5517 / +62 813 1551 4135
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 8.30pm


2. Shrouded in mist, and serving up refreshing drinks! – Kopi Daong

Surrounded by mist, towering trees, and incredible ambience is Kopi Daong. Though not far from the city at all, its vibe definitely makes it seem so, and you’ll be left wondering if you’ve actually travelled thousands of miles to visit this unique cafe!

Photo Via Adoelsohib

With picnic benches hidden amongst the trees, and gorgeous fairy lights floating above your heads, the Instagram vibe is on point! Head there early in the morning for some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle and avoid the crowd that likes to come later in the day.

Photo Via, Tyoadje, Daongsignature
Photo Via Fadilla.nurul, Sharitadynati, Aquilinatitin, Muniroh4

Coffee is strong, fresh, and a delicious way to energise yourself for the upcoming day. Make sure you have breakfast beforehand though as food choices can be a little limited.

Photo Via Kopidaong.id_

Kopi Daong 

Price: From Rp. 25,000 (Approximately USD $1.70)
Address: Pancawati, Kec. Caringin, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16730
Contact: +62 878 3506 7370 / +62 897 202 0213
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 8pm


3. Take in magical sunsets filled with colour – Pelangi Cafe & Resto

Green scenery dotted with colourful bean bags and twinkling lights make for the perfect hang out spot for you and your friends during one of Bogor’s lovely sunset sessions! While the indoor seating area is in a cultural style of building, the outdoor area takes the cake! It’s almost like a picnic without all the fuss of bringing your own food!

Photo Via Abudeven
Photo Via Andinii.arn_

Speaking of food, there’s a mix of both traditional dishes like Colenak to western favourites like chicken burgers! However, thanks to the popularity of this place, the waiting time can get a little long so either order some snacks or a nice hearty drink!

Pelangi Cafe & Resto

Price: From Rp. 15,000 (Approximately USD $1.05)
Address: Jl. Bukit Pelangi Jl. Kp. Sawah, Gn. Geulis, Kec. Sukaraja, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16711. Koordinat di sini
Contact: +62 822 6063 3335
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm


4. Ready to feel like a prince/princess? – Edensor Hills Café & Resto

Hidden on top of the hills of Bogor is a fantastical castle-esque type cafe! A romantic chilly escape where you can eat dinner overlooking the majestic mountainous landscape is perfect for the next date night. Sunset is a wonderful experience, and considering you’ll be surrounded by colourful flowers it will truly be like stepping into your favourite fairytale.

Photo Via Windiastrianii
Photo Via Luthfahns, Jansennababan

The indoor area is just as magical, with red leather sofas and bright open windows that allow in so much natural light! Food is delicious, local favourites include Ayam Betutu while Steak is the go to for those looking for something more American!

Photo Via Christinamargaretha
Photo Via Ceritaandy, WongAkbarPhotography

Edensor Hills Cafe & Resto

Price: From Rp. 20,000 (Approximately USD $1.40)
Address: Edensor Hills Villa & Resort, Jl. Air Terjun No.11, Bojong Koneng, Sentul, Bogor
Contact: +62 858 9152 6384
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 6pm


5. Take a trip to the pavilions of Morocco – Medja Restaurant

One of the most unique cafes in Bogor, this place is light, airy, and incredibly decorated with blue and white mosaic tiles! There are fountains surrounding the entire area providing you with a constant cool breeze, that’s not the only area worth eating in though!

Photo Via Egiatarigan, Astieputri, Shellygishel, S__venton

There’s a woodsy, forest type seating area surrounded with climbing plants on each column that’s perfect for when you’re feeling like a little nature getaway! For the ones who are in search of a more desert vibe, the brick walled high ceiling part of the cafe is perfect!

Photo Via Febyeles, Yudiisetiawan

The local food here is divine, Sup Buntut, Ayam Taliwang, and so much more! Plus, no matter what it is, it’ll be completely photo worthy for your Instagram feed!

Photo Via Ayocicip, Chrisnawatinovia

Medja Restaurant

Price: From Rp. 37,000 (Approximately USD $2.55)
Address: Jl. Pajajaran Indah V No.6, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16143
Contact: +62 251 838 5841 / +62 857 7022 9892 (Whatsapp)
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11am – 9pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 9pm


6. Submerge yourself in luxury – The Lake House

The first thing that you’ll notice about this incredibly luxurious setting is the enormous manmade lake! To make it even more special though, The Lake House has actually modified its seating areas so they look like they’re almost submerged in the middle of the lake, how crazy! Topping it all off is the misty pine forest surrounding the entire place, magic vibes are a plenty here.

Photo Via Separuhakulemak
Photo Via Rose______ive______

The food that they serve will tickle the fancy of all Western lovers. Though good, some say that it doesn’t live up to the incredible surroundings, so soak in the view instead of the food if you’re looking for something mind blowing!

Photo Via Ranisanthya
Photo Via Raissatanto
Photo Via Ravicky_fajar, Ithaa_thata

The Lake House

Price: From Rp. 45,000 (Approximately USD $3.10)
Address: Jl. Taman Safari No.101, Cibeureum, Cisarua, Bogor 16750
Contact: +62 812 1303 1613 / +62 857 7022 7209
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 8pm


7. A neon wonderland that makes us happy! – Kopi Tuya

Colour has been scientifically proven to affect your mood. Bright colours, neon signs, adorable flamingo figurines and so much more are guaranteed to lift your mood when you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. What’s more is the distinct tropical theme to the place!

Photo Via Wilda_29, Nurlinimarisa_

Their beachy vibes will make any island lover squeal in delight! Start your day with one of their refreshing drinks/smoothies and it’ll set you up with enough energy to explore spectacularly for the day!

Photo Via Niaramalias, Intnfbryarni09

Kopi Tuya 

Price: From Rp. 20,000 (Approximately USD $1.40)
Address: Jl. Durian Raya No.27B, Baranangsiang, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16143
Contact: +62 812 8976 8909
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 8pm


8. A view to die for – Anthology Coffee & Tea

Cool winds blow over the water and give you relief from the heat. A panoramic view of the lake gives you a sense of calm as you sip your morning coffee. This large cafe is a sight for sore eyes! Despite the fact that it is very much immersed in nature, its minimalist style actually gives off a whole different vibe.

Photo Via Bellasyana
Photo Via Ririttriandini, Samkrisnaa_
Photo Via Sir_riandysaputra

The Iced Coffee here is the perfect blend of strong caffeine and creamy milk, definitely something that coffee connoisseurs will want to experience, especially if it’s accompanied by their decadent chocolate brownies! If coffee isn’t your jam, make sure to head there with some friends in the afternoon for their High Tea set, a truly exclusive experience!

Photo Via Dianrasati, Mrsfitch88
Photo Via Efrongisyard, Irmasutisna, Marisamaro

Anthology Coffee & Tea 

Price: From Rp. 18,000 (Approximately USD $1.35)
Address: Komplek Danau Teratai, Jl. MH Thamrin, Sentul, Bogor
Contact: +62 21 2293 0210 / +62 859 4519 0800
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 5pm


9. A futuristic experience that leaves you wanting more – Warung Nako

Modern and futuristic, Warung Nako is far from the usual type of warungs you see dotted along the side of the road. Exquisitely designed to fit inside a warehouse but definitely not dark or dingy like a warehouse might suggest. The floor to ceiling glass windows bringing in ample natural light might have something to do with that!

Photo Via Gracelaneoh, Dionakairupan, Plan8plant

Colourful mosaic tiles line the floor, and massive cacti line the sides making for a truly unique vibe. However, this is still a warung, and the menu is very much true to that name! You’ll find all the yummy warung style meals here at a much higher quality!

Photo Via Tjioherlin, Limmasulin, Plan8plant
Photo Via Kopi.nako_

Warung Nako

Price: From Rp. 20,000 (Approximately USD $1.40)
Address: Jl. Pajajaran Indah V No. 7, Bogor Timur, Bogor 16143
Contact: +62 251 889 6321 / +62 895 7042 64518 (Whatsapp)
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 11pm, Sat 8am – 12am, Sun 8am – 10pm


10. Coffee is more fun in the middle of a greenhouse! – Popolo Coffee Sentul

A completely transparent glass house is the home of Popolo Coffee Sentul, and it makes the cosy cafe seem much larger and immersed with the surrounding forest! Popolo is one of Bogor’s pride and joys, with one branch situated in the heart of the city, and more in surrounding Sentul, dozens of people head over to visit!

Photo Via Abem46, Tuningsoebagjo
Photo Via Degembulers, Luciaratup, Mytaviandhi

Dotted with vertical gardens on the side, and lush green plants on each table, the full nature experience is not something you’ll miss here. True coffee lovers, this cafe has dedicated many of their dishes around the aromatic bean such as affogato and brogato! As for food, their hearty lasagna is perfect for warming up your body!

Photo Via Raissatupamahu, Arielfadillah
Photo Via Yusticiana_af, Faniatamimii, Anak.kuliner, Octathursina

Popolo Coffee Sentul

Price: From Rp. 32,000 (Approximately USD $2.20)
Address: Taman Budaya Sentul, Jl. Siliwangi No.1, Sentul City, Bogor
Contact: +62 251 754 5475 / +62 811 119 912
Opening hours: Bogor & Yasmin: Mon – Sat 9am – 7pm, Sentul: Mon – Sat 9am – 6pm


11. The Germans really know how to eat! – Bavarian Haus Bratwurst ‘n Grill

Oktoberfest is by far one of the most famous festivals in the world. The Bavarian outfits, the folk music, the delicious sausages are all something you have to experience once in your life! Sadly, flights to Germany are expensive, but a car ride to Bogor is much more doable!

All the architecture and design in this cafe is made to look like the gorgeous Bavarian region in Germany, so you’ll definitely be able to satisfy your wanderlust for a while. It’s all about meat here, for example their braised beef with apple, red cabbage, and sausage roulade is to die for!

Photo Via Essy_iskandar, Dellicotyero, Moixmanda
Photo Via Ernahdy, Visitbogor
Photo Via H4ih4i, Windiladya
Photo Via Visitibogor

Just be aware that the prices here reflect the Euro a little more, so be ready to spend a little extra for some delicious food!

Bavarian Haus Bratwurst ‘n Grill

Price: From Rp. 25,000 (Approximately USD $1.70)
Address: Jl. Raya Puncak – Cibogo, Cisarua, Bogor
Contact: +62 251 825 9805
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 11am – 9pm


12. Throwback to the good ol’ days – Kopikenalan by Imah Nini

Millennials might not be so familiar with the vintage lifestyle led by our parents/grandparents, but we can’t deny how pretty their aesthetic was! Kopikenalan by Imah Nini pays homage to the colourful china plates and the wrought iron chairs of the good old days in the most adorable way.

Photo Via Ipeh
Photo Via Isthiananrhdt, Yustikaa

If you’ve got an old soul, then this place will just speak to you! Don’t forget to try all of Granny’s classic recipes, Mac n’ cheese is a decadent delight, and the Green Tea Cheesecake is the perfect sweet ending. Time machines are overrated, head to this cafe instead for reminiscing and getting inspired!

Photo Via Nadya_ep, Thagnes, Silviasari, Bramadhie

Kopikenalan by Imah Nini

Price: From Rp. 20,000 (Approximately USD $1. 40)
Address 1: Jl. Sancang No.7B, Bogor Tengah, Bogor
Address 2: Jl. KH Soleh Iskandar No.91, Bogor
Contact: +62 878 7450 1129 / +62 251 857 1955
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 9am – 9pm


13. Our SEA neighbours have some of the best food and cutest houses – Thai Haus

Now, let’s not deny the magic of traditional Indonesian architecture, it’s incredible! It’s also something we’re used to seeing around Indonesia, why not feast your eyes on something different, colourful and equally as pretty!

Traditional Thai houses are regal, intricately designed, and have spectacular decor! Stepping into Thai Haus will make you feel like you’re in the heart of Bangkok and about to feast on the fragrant flavours of Tom Yum or Pad Thai! No matter what you order, you’ll find yourself wanting more and more, Thai food is loved by us all near and far, get your fix of it here now!

Photo Via Visitbogor, Biteandbrew
Photo Via Anak.kuliner, Biteandbrew

Thai Haus

Price: From Rp. 25,000 (Approximately USD $1.70)
Address: Cilember, Kec. Cisarua, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16750
Contact: +62 251 826 1225
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm, Sat – Sun 9am – 10pm


14. Rome is calling you! – Padre

A trip to Italy is definitely one for the bucket list, but there are options for you closer to home if you’re craving a meal from the ancient streets of Rome! Padre is the perfect place to practice your Italian chef’s kiss, the food is definitely worthy!

Take a seat next to one of the beautiful fountains and spend the day listening to the calming sounds of running water or maybe the classic brick interior is more to your liking for a much more rustic feel.

Photo Via Karinayolandaa, Alvinnap, Ichaask, Nuritafebriani
Photo Via Helloiti

Pizza is definitely the food of choice here, and you’d be hard pressed to find a place with creamier pastas! Make sure you come hungry, because these carbs will show you no mercy!

Photo Via Fheksa, Graziaasim


Price: From Rp. 12,000 (Approximately USD $0.85)
Address: Jl. Pajajaran Indah V No.37, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16143
Contact: +62 877 7024 6555
Opening hours: Sun – Fri 11am – 9pm, Sat 11am – 10pm


15. Go crazy and race for who pays the bill! – Crazy Speed Karting

Have you ever wanted to pretend you lived the fast and furious kind of lifestyle? Where bills and disputes were settled by 2-minute adrenaline pumping car races? Now you can! Crazy Speed Karting is not only a cool cafe, it’s also home to a racing track where you and your buddies can zoom around all day!

Photo Via Yuni yuni, Riapuspitasari, Wildan_ice

Replenish all the energy lost while on the exhilarating tracks by munching on one of their many yummy snacks! Some suggestions include fried rice for a classic taste, whereas grilled banana fritters are the perfect sweet tooth satisfier!

Photo Via Super dom, Amelmelmel10
Photo Via Shifamarissaaa

Crazy Speed Karting 

Price: From Rp. 15,000 (Approximately USD $1.05)
Address: Lippo Plaza Keboen Raya Lantai 6, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16129
Contact: +62 812 1845 3933 / +62 877 1121 1253
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 12am


16. A romantic getaway without having to travel! – Roofpark Cafe & Restaurant

Roofpark Cafe & Restaurant is completely filled with flowers, plants, gorgeous lamps, and adorable nature-themed decor. There’s a distinct romantic feel to it that you’ll notice as soon as you walk in, dinner with your partner will be absolutely magical here.

Photo Via Tampariatampubolon, Stephanieangela.id_

Despite feeling like it’s completely outdoors, this unique cafe is actually completely inside so that even if it rains you don’t have to worry about cutting your special meal short! From classic western dishes to infinitely adored traditional local dishes, there’s no shortage of food choices.

Photo Via Samuelputra_l, Ritakusuma95, _tnstyle

If you’re with friends why not go for the Gurame Rice package which is perfect for sharing between three good buddies!

Roofpark Cafe & Restaurant

Price: From Rp. 20,000 (Approximately USD $1.40)
Address: RAJA FO Bogor Lt.3, Jl. Raya Pajajaran No.3, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16128
Contact: +62 251 857 6519 / +62 822 6118 7733
Opening hours: Sun – Fri 10am – 10pm, Sat 10am – 11.30pm


17. Sunset, sausages and sightseeing – Cimory Riverside Puncak

Cimory is renowned for its range of nutritious probiotic drinks and carefully sourced local produce.

The riverside restaurant sits just above the river and has a beautiful open-air terrace. Arrive in the early evening to watch the sun set to the soothing sounds of the river in the background.

Photo via Enzopratama

Cimory sausages are famous but be prepared; these are monster-sized sausages so make sure you are hungry before making a trip down!

Photo via missnomnomdotcom, kulinerindas, love2eatcouple, kokohgembul

You can’t visit Cimory without a trip to the Chocomory gift shop. Buy chocolate gifts for friends, family – and yourself.

Photo via Neighbourlist

Try the matcha tea chocolate – who knew that you could have healthy chocolate!

After all your feasting, take a stroll along the river, see the sights and burn off all those calories.

Photo via Putrinadias

Cimory ticks all the boxes – just remember to buy enough chocolate to last your whole trip, otherwise you will have to go back!

Cimory Riverside Puncak

Price: From Rp. 49,000 (Approximately USD $3.35)
Address: Jl. Raya Puncak KM 76, Desa Cipayung, Megamendung, Puncak, Bogor
Contact: +62 251 825 2678
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 10pm, Sat 7am – 10.30pm, Sun 7am – 10pm


18. Shake up your calcium intake – Momomilk Barn

You will probably think that you are about to step into a traditional American milking barn when you arrive at Momomilk. Who can argue with that? A barn is the perfect place to get your dairy fix!

Photo via Whatsnewjakarta

Unsurprisingly, the star of the menu at Momomilk is milk – from yogurts to flavored milk, and a huge array of unusual milkshakes.

Photo via Kartikaastri86

The shakes are served in jars and come in more flavors than you can imagine. The bright green, frothy shake might look scary but it’s actually delicious mint Kitkat – yum!

Photo via Momomilk

Don’t get too full with those delicious milk goodies – you should also check out the variety of Western, Chinese and Indonesian dishes on the menu.

Photo via Dantiindira

What goes better with milk than bread? Try the Momomilk special – cheese and chocolate on bread. Weird but strangely satisfying! The peanut butter roti is a delicious, safe option for the less adventurous.

Photo via Momomilk

PS: If calcium in milk gives you strong bones, then a few trips to Momomilk will (hopefully) get you closer to being a superhuman with super strong bones!

Momomilk Barn

Price: From Rp. 39,000 (Approximately USD $2.70)
Address: Jl. Kantor Pos No.6, Bogor Timur, BogorContact: +62 251 8387303
Opening hours: Sun – Fri 9am – 10pm, Sat 9am – 11pm


19. It’s funky, fresh, and super cool. – Nicole’s Kitchen & Lounge

From the outside of Nicole’s Kitchen, you might think this is yet another simple and traditional restaurant.

Photo via Desym

However, once you get inside you enter a white, minimalistic and super cool oasis – with funky cushions and grape vines snaking through the central pillars, adding a splash of color and a bit of fun.

Photo via Unlimitbless

Life doesn’t get any better than when you have some delicious cheese balls, a specialty at Nicole’s kitchen. These golden fried delights are filled with gooey cheese – who can resist them?!

Photo via Gogirlmagz,Opensnap

The menu is varied and includes plenty of International dishes and cordon bleu specialties.

Photo via riskaimelyatni

Relaxing daybeds on the top floor terrace also offer you a space to chill, enjoy your drinks and watch the sunset.

Photo via euisis31

Nicole’s is the place to be; it’s funky fresh and super cool.

Nicole’s Kitchen & Lounge

Price: From Rp. 52,000 (Approximately USD $3.60)
Address: Kampoeng Brasco, Jl. Hanjawar No.1, Cimacan-Puncak, Cisarua, Bogor
Contact: +62 888 0870 2338
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 9pm, Sat 9am – 11pm, Sun 9am – 10pm


20. The best way to die live – Death by chocolate Bogor

*Temporarily closed due to COVID-19*

For a chocolate lover like myself, the best way to live, is definitely by chocolate – with emergency chocolate slabs in the fridge or exciting trips to the places with the best chocolate.

Photo via Selvianggrainy,Anadesyliana

Death by Chocolate is one of those not-to-be-missed places – a spooky themed restaurant that, unsurprisingly, specialises in chocolate – oh, and spaghetti!

Photo via Opensnap

The interior of this old house is decorated with ghosts, ghouls and even some coffins. Nothing too terrifying for children though; it’s all good fun!

Photo via Rendijulian

You have to try the famous ‘Death by Chocolate’ dish, a giant coffin shaped chocolate brownie with a soft fondant center, complete with a mini tombstone. You can even buy them to take away.

Some of the dishes might look spooky but they taste delicious. Eyeball pudding is actually two whoopee pies with a skeleton face.

Photo via Yen-sri-wahyuni

Visit on a Friday or Saturday night for a spooky ghost performance – it will scare you silly.

What are you waiting for, get down to Death by Chocolate where everyday is Halloween!

Death by Chocolate Bogor

Price: From Rp. 39,000 (Approximately USD $2.70)
Address: Jl. Ceremai No.22, Bogor Tengah, Bogor
Contact: +62 251 839 2121
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 7am – 10pm


21. Wholesome family fun, and great food – Rumah Air Restaurant

Rumah Air Restaurant is an impressive sight – a gathering of traditional, open sided Indonesian pavilions set across a shallow lake.

Photo via Likun8

The most unique part of this restaurant is the amazing range of activities available for children at the Kid’s Adventure Center.

Photo via Savitrisabarsih,Ruby.aliqa

While you enjoy your meal, your little ones can take part in puppet shows, team games and even water activities on the Rumah Air Lake – all starting from $1.50 per activity.

Photo via Kabogor,Nath12lie

The fun doesn’t stop with the children; you can relax after your meal with a spot of fishing at the water’s edge.

Photo via 8penjuruangin

Rumah Air has a mainly traditional menu and makes the most fantastic Nasi Tutug Oncom. This authentic Sudanese dish is made with rice and roasted Oncom, a fermented food similar to tempeh, and served with crackers and chili paste.

Photo via Fika8586,Novilalita

Visit during the day with the children or in the evening as the sun sets across the water. The atmosphere in the evening is relaxed and serene, with the warmth of the lights illuminating the lake.

Photo via Gieenatashia,Vee_bracelets

It’s traditional, it’s fun and the fish in the lake are massive!! Save them some nasi and watch them gobble it up!

Rumah Air Restaurant

Price: From Rp. 68,500 (Approximately USD $4.70)
Address: Jl. Boulevard Bogor Nirwana Residence CBD, Bogor Selatan, Bogor
Contact: +62 251 820 0666 / +62 818 0885 4611
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 9am – 6pm, Fri 9am – 10pm, Sat – Sun, 9am – 8pm


22. Love Nutella? Love Lemongrass Resto – Lemongrass Modern Kopitiam

Lemongrass is the perfect example of a kopitiam – a traditional coffeeshop found in Southeast Asia. But don’t worry, you will find much more than just coffee in this unusual restaurant.

Photo via Lemongrass

The relaxed and cosy atmosphere makes you feel right at home and with just one glance at the menu, you know you are in for a treat.

Photo via Lemongrass

Lemongrass is famous for its eccentric fusion food, serving everything from dim sum to dessert.

If you love Nutella then this is the place for you. Try a Bakau Nutella, a soft sweet bun filled with gooey chocolate. In fact, try two just to be sure!

Photo via Foodproject,Vincentiastepfanie

One particular highlight is the Roti Tissue. A giant, yet delicate, roti cone pyramid with chocolate dripping down the sides – heaven!

Photo via Suryantoraymond

Finally when you’re done eating, remember to take a photo next to the iconic bright light bulbs of the Lemongrass sign as it goes dark; it will feel like you are on a Hollywood movie set.

Photo via Einstein And Associates

Lemongrass gets everything right, the décor, the atmosphere and especially the Bakau Nutella!

Lemongrass Modern Kopitiam

Price: From Rp. 42,000 (Approximately USD $2.90)
Address: Jl. Raya Pajajaran No.21, Bogor Utara, Bogor
Contact: +62 251 832 8800
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10am – 10pm


23. What’s your story? – Two Stories Cafe

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, so be prepared to be amazed when you get inside Two Stories.

Photo via Geovanirr,DelfiA

The restaurant interior has an unfinished, industrial feel and a quirky rabbit theme. Giant rabbit murals adorn the otherwise bare walls, and you can spend hours simply walking around ‘rabbit’ spotting.

Photo via Surjorimba

Mismatched vintage and retro furniture gives Two Stories a relaxed and comfy vibe, but their unique food combinations will keep you on your toes.

Photo via Homediarymagazine

If you fancy trying something different, then the Durian Rissole and Avocado Coffee Float are a mighty combination!

Beer lovers will be impressed by the range of fruit beers: strawberry, peach, or lychee beer anyone?

Two Stories is the ideal place to catch up with friends and hangout in the afternoon. Grab a coffee or a bite to eat, and share your stories.

The best thing about two stories? The third story! The top floor terrace houses a funky bar and often has live music in the evenings.

Photo via Neighbourlist
Photo via Rk.atok

So come on, it’s time to start a new story!

Two Stories Café

Price: From Rp. 45,000 (Approximately USD $3.10)
Address: Jl. Pajajaran Indah V No.7, Bogor Timur, Bogor
Contact: +62 813 1453 7799
Opening hours: Sun – Thurs 11am – 10pm, Fri – Sat 11am – 11pm


24. Epic all-you-can-eat BBQ parties – Lemon8 Cafe

Lemon8 is a café with an outdoor concept, so even if you sit inside the glass walls, you’ll still get that open-air feel.

Photo via Asfarini

This café is not only open 24 hours a day – it also does deliveries so you can always get your favourite foods.

The menu is reasonably priced with both Indonesian and Western dishes, and the toasted chicken sandwich is a great choice if you fancy a snack after a night out!

If you’re looking for something particularly special, then you need to know that Lemon8 is famous for its Saturday night BBQ feasts.

Photo via Lemon8cafe

Open air, all-you-can-eat BBQ and live music, all for $11 per couple – how else would you spend the weekend?

It isn’t fine-dining but it has great food, chilled atmosphere and the most epic BBQ parties.

It’s time to party and Lemon8!

Lemon8 Café

Price: From Rp. 13,000 (Approximately USD $0.90)
Address: Perum Danau Bogor Raya Jalan Danau Bogor Raya D6 no 16, RT.01/RW.13, Katulampa, Kec. Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16126, Indonesia
Contact: +62 811 8586 870 / +62 251 836 5242
Opening hours: 24 hours


25. Fun, food and floating markets –  Ah Poong Pasar Apung Sentul City Food Court

Ah Poong is a giant sprawling food court with lots of different dining options to suit even the fussiest of eaters. It’s like a food theme park!

To get to Ah Poong, you have to cross one of two suspension bridges over the river – and the view is one of the highlights!

Photo via Alfanoharun,Kakadevi

Add credit to a pre-paid Ah Poong food card and use that to pay for all the dishes and drinks that you select. No need to worry about paying for each different item.

This is an adventure for all the family; children will love trying new food, sitting in a boat and trying all the other children-friendly activities on offer. (Don’t eat too much before the bouncy castle though!)

Photo via Almaist23i

Try and grab a table on the terrace overlooking the floating market. Afterwards you can even have a ride in one of the little riverboats – for free!

Photo via Den.yanuar,Tika_nainggolan

Ah Poong is the essence of unique – where else in the world can you make yourself a mini buffet with samples of food from all over the world?

Photo via Riafhidayati

Ah Poong (Pasar Apung Sentul City)

Price: From Rp. 10,000 (Approximately USD $0.70) for entry, from Rp. 9,000 (Approximately USD $0.65) for food
Address: Sentul City, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Babakan Madang, Sentul, Bogor
Contact: +62 812 1102 289
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm, Sat – Sun 7am – 10pm


It’s time for a day trip out to Bogor for some cafe hopping! Share this with your friends and start planning a road trip from Jakarta! 

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