Think Bali and you’d think fun activities and hip restaurants and cool bars where you can laze and chill by the beach.

Going to the unique farms would probably be one of the last thing on your mind, no?

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But if you’re up for a special and peaceful experience with nature, we’ve dug out some hidden gems for you – 9 farms that preserve  a Balinese culture that’s cherished across generations.

1. Hatten Wines: Fine Vine, Fine Wine

Fine wine indulgence and breathtaking scenery meet up for a toast in Hatten Wines, along the North Coast of Bali.

Covering a land of over 35 hectares, Hatten Wines never run out of vine supplies to produce premium quality wines.

4) Hatten Wines vineyard -

Photo via: Wikipedia

If Bali is the island of gods, then Hatten Wine must be the drink of the gods.

The people of North Coast of Bali also built their lives around this vineyard. Some workers even live near the Pergolas, overhead trellis where the vines spread.

4) wine picking - mozzaphotography-inpainted

The long process of wine-making takes place in the laboratory facility, with a capacity of bottling up to 5000 bottles a day.

If you take the tour, you will be able to wander around the vineyards and sip Bali’s finest wines.

That should be one of your finest days in life.


Photos via: Mozza Photography

Hatten Wines

Address: Jl. Raya Seririt-Gilimanuk, Desa Sanggalangit, Bali
Phone: +62 812 3964 5077

Official Website 

2. Serangan Island coral farm: Underwater experience

Another fine thing from Bali’s waters.

Who says the colours of the rainbow belong solely to the skies?

A person who says that clearly owes Serangan Island coral farm a visit – one of the main ones in Bali.


Photo via: Coral Morphologic

What you witness here is something you can’t see elsewhere, even in the finest coral habitation.


Photo via: Coral Morphologic

Especially the vibe of farming activity unique to this farm.


Photo via: Coral Morphologic

Serangan Island Coral Farm

Address: Serangan beach, Serangan island, Denpasar, Bali
Phone: +6285857751960 (Address 1), +6281384028550 (Address 2)

Official Website 

3. Sari Segara Silkworm Farm: More than just beautiful fabric

Meet the little creatures that are responsible for the grandest fabric in human history.

If you cannot fathom how such luxury comes from such a humble worm, you can let your journey to Sari Segara Silkworm Farm transform your knowledge and experience.


Photo via: Harry Sutama, Foursquare by Nina S and Gladys R

To get premium quality silk, Sari Segara doesn’t stop with just natural work.

You’ll need staff with lots of care to weave the silk.

silkworm farm via green school

Photo via: Green School

Here, there’s two ways you can take a piece of exquisite silk home with you.

You can attempt to weave and draw a batik pattern on it by yourself, or you can simply buy the completed pattern in Sutera Sari Segara Art Shop.

Silkworm farm via Badung Bali trading

Photos via: Badung Bali Trading

Sari Segara Silkworm Farm

Address: Sibang Kaja, Br. Lateng, Abiansemal, Badung
For details, please contact: [email protected]
Phone: +62 361 2757900 (Address 1), +62 819 99789007 (Address 2)

4. Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory: The Legend in Making

What’s better than taking a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of something you love?

Calling all chocoholics – it’s time to gather and witness the making of those chocolate bars you’ve been having some serious crush on.

2) cocoa beans -

Photo via: Big Tree Farms

You can do so at this perfect and exclusive place, which is also known as one of Bali’s best hidden gems.

Take the one-hour tour to watch your favorite ‘substance’ being transformed from beans to bars.


Photos via:

Even if you’re not a chocoholic, you’ll still find it difficult not to love this place – the unique structure of this factory isn’t something to miss.

In fact, CNN even named this world’s largest commercial bamboo structure as a bamboo cathedral!


Photos via: Nina Adventures by Nina

Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory

Address: Br. Piakan, Desa Sibangkaja, Kecamatan Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali Indonesia
How to get there: From Ubud, travel 25 minutes south to the village of Sibangkaja where the Big Tree Farm is located.
Schedule: Mon-Fri (2pm and 3pm)
Entrance fee: With reservation ( 40,000IDR/$3)
Drop-in ( 60,000 IDR/$5)
Private tour ( 120,000IDR/$10) – reservation required

Official Website 

5. Atlas Pearl Farm: From oysters with love and care

Ever wondered how a beautiful pearl can come out of a mollusk?

If you’re in Bali, you’re in the right place to get your questions answered – Bali hosts three pearl farms for Atlas Pearls.


Photos via: Garuda Bali Travels, Faap

The treasure that the rest of the world have in stores, Bali has in its most natural habitat.

8) underwater pearl farm -

Photo via: Asia Dreams Bali

Let the staff at Atlas Pearls show you how to put a small particle inside the oyster to produce the pearl.

As you observe the pearl nets in clean waters, you’ll never look at those gems the same way again.


Photos via: Daily Boat Journal by Progden

Atlas Pearl Farm

Address: Jalan Nelayan, Penyabangan Village, West Bali
Phone: +62 81 238 77012 (Address 1), +62 361 284455 (Address 2)
Cost: Free

Official Website 

6. Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant: Little red priding fruit

Although Bali has unquestionably stunning beach and sea views, there’s so much more than that.

The mountainous and highlands of Bali also hold attractions you can’t miss.

10) strawverry farm -

Photo via: Bali Mangkin

In this vast strawberry farm, you are allowed to handpick the strawberries you want to bring home.


Photos via: Endra Yuda

And this site is not just for sight, but for your stomach as well.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the restaurant, which offers great variation of strawberry-derived foods, such as strawberry milkshake, ice cream, and cakes.

10) the restaurant -

Photo via: Bali Mangkin

Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant

Address: Desa Taman Tanda Bedugul, Kab. Tabanan, Bali 82191, Indonesia
Phone: +62 368 22032
Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 6pm

Official Website 

7. Kusamba Village salt farm: A little taste with style

A trip to Kusamba Village should make you take a moment and cherish every dish you have on your table, at least during your stay in Bali.

For every heavenly taste on your tastebuds, you owe some humble salt farmers.

5) salt farmers (3) - Ricky Ari Nugraha

Photos via: Prima Wardani

Salt farming in Kusamba Village is not just labour, it’s also a tradition passed from generation to generation.

The farmers use conventional ways of harvesting to produce natural salt with the most natural flavour and colour.

5) kusama salt -

Photo via: Bali Driver, Villa

You can watch and learn, and better yet, do it yourself.

Immerse yourself in the culture and the richness of the method that has been sustaining the lives of many families for centuries.

From the sea water container called teku-teku, you can carry the seawater to the drying area, using natural instruments.


Photos via: Tropical Island, Maxine

Kusamba Village

Directions: Kusamba Village is located 29km from Denpasar and 7km to the east from the city Semarapura. You can rent a car or take any transportation to Kusamba Port in Kusamba Village. No entrance fee, a donation may be required. Coordinates here

8. Lembongan Island seaweed farm: For your daily dose of weed

Many would agree that the very best things of Bali come from its shores and seas.

And for many Balinese, life is in the seas.

So for Lembongan Island villagers, seaweed down the sea is everyday life.

In fact, this island on the southeast of Bali is among the best seaweed farms in Bali, even in Indonesia.

6) seaweed farming -

Photo via: Wikipedia

Nusa Lembongan Island is a place-and-people attraction.

By place we mean stunning beaches with perfectly white clean soft sands and blue ocean view.

6) the lembongan island -

Photo via: Terrace at Kuta

And by people, you choose for yourself if it’s the friendly manner of the people or their adventurous activities that’s more attractive.

Join the farmers or the women processing raw seaweed to ready-to-eat delicious snacks.

Although Nusa Lembongan houses the largest seaweed farm in Bali, if you want to stay on the main island and get a taste seaweed farming as well, you can head on to Nusa Dua’s Geger Beach, a hidden beach paradise in Bali.

30-geger beach via fotopedia

Photo via: Fotopedia

Getting to Nusa Lembongan: You can reach the island via Sanur Beach using fast boat that serves daily. Or, you can leave from Benoa Harbour with fast boats and cruises for about USD 20 for one-way and USD 40 for return tickets. Seaweed farmers can often be spotted harvesting and drying seaweed at the Jungut Batu beach area. Tourists may be charged US$0.30 for biking around the farms.

Alternatively, you can get a Lembongan Island Tour:

Getting to Geger Beach: Driving from Kuta approximately about 30 minutes, Geger beach is near Hilton Bali Resort, and you can reach there via an alley. Best time to watch farming: The local villagers usually collect twice a day in every morning and afternoon.

9. Bali Island Horse: Fly with Pegasus

Bali is the very place where you can have an utmost magical experience.

And Bali Island Horse offers you just the perfect creature.

As exquisite as the legendary Pegasus, the horses are well looked after not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


Photos via: Bali Island Horse

You’ll get to ride on the calm and friendly animal across the traditional village, rice fields, river, and beach for two hours.

Also available are one-hour rides that include beach riding, creek crossing, river crossing, and a stop at a bat cave for a stunning clifftop view.

You also get wide selection of horses to choose from, suitable for beginners to advanced horse-riders.


Photos via: Kecak, Fabulous Ubud

Bali Island Horse

Address: Jl. Pantai Yeh Gangga, Sudimara, Tabanan, Bali
Cost: USD 70 for 2-hour ride, USD 40 for 1-hour ride
Phone: +62 361 8469616 (Address 1), +62 361 8893383 (Address 2)

Official Website 

Are there any other hidden farms we’ve missed? Do share it with us!

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