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Co-written by Fiona Davies

You’ve heard all about Bali’s hidden beaches, therapeutic hot springs and luxurious villas.

But did you know that the island is also home to many gorgeous waterfalls, many of which are actually off the trodden path?

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to enjoy Bali away from the tourist crowd, we bring you seven secret waterfalls that will guarantee you a refreshing retreat.

1. Adventure to seven falls – Sekumpul Waterfall

If you are really adventurous, here’s your chance at trying out another challenge: Sekumpul Waterfall.

sekumpul waterfall dwi sucipta blackmajesty

Full image credit: Dwi Sucipta BlackMajesty Photography

It’s not entirely unknown, but its inaccessibility renders it to be hidden from many visitors.


 Photo via: ArtStudio23

Getting to the waterfall is very difficult, and you must travel down many slippery steps and across a river to see the falls close-up.


Photo via TripCanvas

You can ask people to take you to the waterfall for a little bit of money and they will take you until the end of the road, from where you can walk around 50m to find the most beautiful views from high ground.


Photo via TripCanvas

But what’s interesting about Sekumpul Waterfall is that instead of one waterfall, there are seven! (“sekumpul” means “group” in Indonesian) These are all scattered around the area, with the tallest being more than 50 metres high.

So, are you up for it?

Important: At the entrance, there will be a group of people beside the booth asking you to take their tour for 200,000 Rupiah (USD 14), and they will claim that it’s compulsory. Do NOT fall for this scam. The route leading into the Sekumpul waterfall is quite well maintained and you can walk by yourself. Although there are 2-3 junctions, but you can ask the locals for direction. Trust us, you won’t get lost in there.

Directions: To get to Sekumpul Waterfall, travel from Denpasar to the Singaraja region and to the village of Sekumpul. The drive takes around 2 hours, and is well signed. Entrance fee: Rp 10,000. Coordinates here

Where to stay: Find hotels near Singaraja on Agoda  

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2. The lesser known twin beauty – Banyumala Twin Waterfall

This is not an easy waterfall to find, but it will be well worth your effort.

The sight of this twin beauty can be overwhelming, as you take in the gush of uninterrupted water pouring against the steep cascading rocks.


Photo via Yudik Photography

Absorb the thunderous sounds among the rich green plants, trees and ravine around you while taking a cool dip in its freshwater. All you need to do next? Simply aim with your waterproof camera – focus on framing both twins of Banyumala in your shot for the most magnificent results to bring home.


Photo via: komangayutriadnyani

Located in Wanagiri district near Lake Buyan, we definitely recommend getting a local who knows his way around this remote area to guide you here!

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Address: Desa Pakraman Wanagiri, Kec. Sukasada, Sambangan, Kec. Buleleng, Buleleng, Bali 81161, Indonesia. Coordinates here

3. Treasure at the end of 500 steps – Nungnung Waterfall

Nine hundred metres above sea level, in a small village in the middle of nowhere, Nungnung Waterfall is waiting for you.

Listen and watch thousands of litres of water cascading down 50 metres into a beautiful pool.

Nungnung-Waterfall-Foursquare via Pavlo G

Sounds gorgeous? Getting there is a real challenge, though. Situated at the bottom of a gorge, you must descent 509 steps to reach the falls.


But you’ll be greeted with a magnificent view of the waterfalls and rice paddies all around.

Nungnung-Waterfall-Jordan Crookes-sentemail

It’s picture perfect, and totally worth it!

Full image credit: Jordan Crookes Photography

Directions: To get to Nungnung Waterfall, travel about 90 minutes towards Sangeh. The village of Nungnung is about 45 kilometres from Denpasar, and there are easy signs to get to the falls. A carpark is available, and tickets must be purchased to descend the stairs (the proceeds go to its upkeep). Coordinates here
Entrance feeRp 3,000


Where to stay: Find hotels near Kintamani on Agoda  

4. Twin falls – Aling-Aling Waterfall

The Aling-Aling Waterfall is just 11km from the city of Singaraja, around 80km from Denpasar.

And it’s unique for a very special reason – the 35-metre tall Aling-Aling Waterfall is split at the top, leaving two streams that fall at completely different speeds.


Have you ever seen anything like it before?

But don’t believe the photographs alone. Take the long, steep walk down to the falls yourself, and admire it up close!


But what’s the most unique thing about this waterfall that sets it apart from the rest? The water flowing down has slowly created a natural water slide.

12. AlingAling-Waterfall-by-ibhekti-3

Photo via: ibhekti

If you’ve ever thought how great it would be to slide down a waterfall, Aling-Aling is your fantasy come true.

Directions: To get to Aling-Aling Waterfall, drive from Singaraja to the village of Sambangan, where there are some road signs. However, asking a local may be required as the waterfall is rarely visited by tourists. Coordinates here.

Where to stay: Find hotels near Singaraja on Agoda  

5. A waterfall pool that you can lounge in – Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan is one of the few waterfalls in Bali that aren’t situated in the highlands or mountains.

Young woman at Tegenungan Waterfall near Ubud

Tegenungan waterfall is unique for its lush green surroundings and heavy water flow, perfect for swimming and enjoying the fresh water.


Photo via febrian

With a nearby temple and bathing spot, it’s no surprise that Tegenungan is popular among locals looking for a quick escape from the city rush!



Photo via crzrachelle

Directions: To get to Tegenungan Waterfall, drive from Denpasar to the Tegenungan Kemenuh village, in Gianyar. The drive is just 16 kilometres, or about 30 minutes. But the falls remain quite isolated and you will need to descent hundreds of steps along the bank of the River Tukad Petanu to access it. Coordinates here.
Entrance feeRp 10,000

Where to stay: Find hotels near Ubud on Agoda  

6. Peguyangan Waterfall, Nusa Penida

Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida isn’t a towering vertical torrent of water like the jungle falls in Central Bali.

Instead, it’s a series of short, cascading spring fountains that eventually make their way over a steep ravine and into the sea.


 Photo via: travellifelove

Away from the ravine, the cascades make a great place for all to enjoy a ‘natural spa’ and a massage from the fast flowing waters, as they burble over the shallow ledges and pools.


 Photo via: travellifelove

Reaching the springs involves a descent down narrow stairs against the wall of the ravine. After some 460 steps, the gorgeous sight of the cascades is both exhilarating and relieving.


Photo via: travellifelove


 Photo via: travellifelove

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Peguyangan Waterfall

Getting There: This waterfall is tricky to find – a lot of the locals don’t even know it. To visit Peguyangan, arrange a tour with a knowledgeable Penida tour operator, or hire a private driver on the island who knows how to reach this hidden paradise.

7. Coffee-scented retreat – Blemantung Waterfall

Hidden away in the Tabanan region of Bali, Blemantung Waterfall (or Blahmantung waterfall) is a gorgeous green sight, enjoyed by only a small number of dedicated travellers.


Tucked among the region’s many coffee plantations, Blemantung Waterfall is 50 metres high and is the perfect place to soak in the water and take in the fresh air of the rainforest.


If you pay close attention, you may even detect a faint coffee fragrance in the air!

blemantung waterfall wisatabali

Directions: To visit Blemantung Waterfall, drive around 75 kilometres, or approximately 2 hours, from Denpasar to the Pujungan village in the district of Pupuan. From the village, the way to the waterfall is well signed, and the walk from the parking area is just 200 metres. Coordinates here.

Where to stay: Find hotels near Munduk on Agoda  

8. The overshadowed hidden gem – Jembong Waterfall

Locally, Jembong Waterfall is known as one of the best waterfalls in Bali.

But it is in fact rarely visited due to its proximity to the famous Git Git falls.


And that may actually be a blessing in disguise – Jembong offers stunning unspoiled beauty.

Although the falls isn’t very high, its gentle slope and regular water flow makes it ideal for soaking in to enjoy the beautiful green jungle surroundings, and for spiritual healing.

spiritual healing

Directions: Getting to Jembon Waterfall takes about 2.5 hours from Denpasar, a distance of around 70 km. Simply travel towards the Singaraja regency, and past Git Git Waterfall. Signage is not often clear, and you may need to ask for directions. Coordinates here.

Where to stay: Find hotels near Singaraja on Agoda  

9. In that faraway village – Yeh Mampeh Waterfall

Away from the overcrowded tourist centres of Kuta and Ubud, there is a small village called Les, wherein lies a beautiful waterfall.


This beauty, Yeh Mampeh Waterfall (which means ‘flying water’ in Balinese), is a virtually untouched one nestled in serene surroundings, and it is also one of Bali’s tallest waterfalls.

You can hike down the falls and visit the nearby caves, or just simply bathe under the gentle flow of the water.

Directions: Getting to the village of Les will require you to travel through Kintamani and towards Singaraja, before turning off at the junction between Jalan Raja Singaraja and Amlapura. There are roadside signs that point the way to both Les, and the waterfall. Coordinates here
Entrance fee: Rp 2,500

Where to stay: Find hotels near Kintamani on Agoda  

Have you heard of or been to any other hidden waterfalls in Bali? Share with us below!

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