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Have you been searching for that epic romantic experience that will give you memories for a lifetime?

You can live that dream at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay.

Nestled along the coastline, Four Seasons Resort Bali is a sprawling 14-hectare luxury estate. With an authentic and luxurious charm of traditional Bali, this well-known international brand welcomes you to a slice of paradise in an exclusive resort.

From the short driveway leading to the main lobby, an immediate sense of tranquility envelops the entire compound, and you’ll feel your heart quieten down instantly. With an aura of quiet elegance and intricately-crafted interior, the open-air lobby is basked in an ambience of modern living fused with Balinese architecture.

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With 9 residence villas and 147 private luxurious villas, all decked with complete amenities and some with private pools, coupled with numerous international-standard facilities such as fine-dining restaurants, infinity pools, cultural centre and spa tucked away in the elegantly manicured garden, you know that you’re in for your next romantic adventure with your loved one!

In fact, the villas have been undergoing major renovations to provide guests with a new look and improved experiences, and the revamp is estimated to be completed by the end of 2017.

My husband and I loved our romantic oceanfront experience, and we were impressed with the personalised service and classy resort facilities that redefine luxury indulgence.

So come, why not pamper yourselves with royalty treatment by one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches with that special someone at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay?

1. Romance in an exquisite private villa

What’s a romantic stay without a villa with private pool, endless views of the ocean and breakfast delivered right to your doorstep? You and your partner can simply stay in all day and enjoy each other’s company!

1-a. Indulge in romantic oceanfront dreams at the Premier Ocean Villa

If you are looking for an extra romance with a cherry on top, you’ll love the Premier Ocean Deluxe that is inspired by a Balinese courtyard house.

With an inspiring ocean view, this 300-square-metre luscious villa boasts of a private infinity pool on a wooden deck with two lazy chairs. Don’t you want to simply wake up in the morning and take a lovely dip, as you breathe in the panoramic ocean view?

Photo by Taramilktea

We loved lounging around the pool and enjoying some heart-to-heart talks that we haven’t had in ages.

If you’re feeling warm, you can hide under the small bale with two sunbeds that can double up nicely as your outdoor dining and resting space.

Under a thatched roof, a plush king-size bed awaits beneath a thin canopy of soft mosquito net, where you can wake up to peaceful sounds of the ocean.

The little glass back door also opens up to an outdoor shower, where the refreshing water rains down from a bamboo tap in the midst of nature – doesn’t the thought simply rejuvenate you? Alternatively, take a long soak in the bathtub with your partner for an extra romantic night in!

PS: For families or groups, you can opt for the Royal Two-Bedroom Villa or Imperial Three-Bedroom Villa. Both residences come with an oceanfront private infinity pool with a fully equipped kitchen and a personal gym space.

Photo Via Tom_Belton

Premier Ocean Villa

Rates: From Rp. 13,891,500 (approximately USD 1,043) per night


1-b. Enjoy a private in-villa breakfast by your infinity pool

Can’t get enough of your villa? There’s just one option – stay in and order an awesome in-villa breakfast!

Once the doorbell dings, expect a hearty tropical breakfast tray carried into your villa. The extensive menu starts with two selections of tea or coffee and fresh juice, followed by your choice of food – Continental, American, European Countryside, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian or Alternative. Regardless of your pick, you’ll find yourselves indulging in a range of delicious snacks such as freshly baked pastries, tropical fruits and the must-have Indonesian Nasi Goreng Kampung.

Photo by Polkadotpassport

Ask the waiter to set your delectable breakfast either on the gazebo outside, next to the pool or even on the bed (for those of us who don’t even want to roll out of the comfy sheets)!

While the usual buffet breakfast at Taman Wantilan restaurant offers a good spread, we highly recommend going for an in-villa breakfast at least once during your stay. For us, it was such a special treat for two, giving us plenty of excuses to stay in late, enjoy a romantic private meal, while spoiling ourselves with the beachfront view and all its facilities.

2. Enjoy a romantic soak in the double-tiered oceanfront main pool

Just a few steps below the breakfast buffet at Taman Wantilan is the gorgeous double-tiered main pool that overlooks the vast ocean.

The top tier is an infinity pool that blends perfectly with the magnificent view of the crystal blue waters. Descent further down the steps, and you will unearth another waterfall pool on your left and two mini cold plunge pools on the right.

We had a lovely soak, and the water was gentle and cool against our skins while we took in the gorgeous sight of Jimbaran Bay.

Shaded by tall frangipani trees, the pool area is tastefully furnished with many lounge chairs and sun umbrellas, so you can get up and rest or sunbathe when you’re tired of soaking in!

A concierge is also always on the standby to offer you cold towels and complimentary amenities such as ice cream, fresh fruit, water, and sunscreen.

Photo Via Damiencrosse_Official

As we lazed by the pool, with refreshing drinks from the adjoining Pool Terrace Cafe, our afternoon was completed in absolute bliss.

3. Dig into Bali’s longest Sunday brunch by the infinity pool at Sundara Beach Club

Forget romantic dinner, it’s time for the signature longest Sunday brunch at Sundara Beach Club. This epic and one-of-a kind brunch starts with an unlimited à la carte menu every Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

During the six-hour meal course, you’ll be savouring a full-day menu consisting of exquisite tapas-size appetisers, hot meals and four free-flow drinks such as sparkling water, juice, mocktails, cocktails and wine.

Photo Via Sandramajuki, TripCanvas

We ordered literally everything on the Cold and Hot menu, sampling the fine Chicken Betutu, Little Gems (crispy bacon), Swimmer Crab in coconut and lime dressing and more. And what we especially couldn’t forget were the taste of the delicious melt-in-your-mouth Torched Foie Gras and exotic Roti Canal!

Photo by Audreyconan

You’ll also get to taste a full range of dessert indulgences, ranging from the classic Bali Chocolate Ice-Cream to interesting hybrids such as Dulcey Exotic Panna Cotta or Frambos, a raspberry rose lychee custard with caramelised macadamia nuts.

Photos by Stylist_Maiko, Andikaadam, Yusuke.1019, Muelll05, Edhenin

After your meal, you’ll want nothing more than to just laze by the pool, so guess what, Sundara also comes with its own row of sunbeds with an infinity pool right above the sand, where you can gaze at the spectacular ocean on Jimbaran Bay.

We’re sure any couple will love this six-hour meal, during which you can share quality food and stories over drinks in the cool ambience of Sundara Beach Club – a place where you can swim, brunch, lounge, and romance in style. Our verdict – it’s a MUST!

Photo by Cartiamallan, TripCanvas

Sundara Beach Club

Prices: From USD 50 per person (Approximately Rp. 650,000)


4. Learn how to whip up authentic Balinese cuisine together at Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy

Nothing spells romance more than a mission in the kitchen, so enroll yourselves at the Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy.

Once you have reserved couple spots in the cooking class, order up a buggy to transport you to the herb garden, where the ingredients of your delicious meals are grown!

Under the supervision of the Head Chef, Chef Kris, Jimbaran Bay Cooking Class commences at 9 am sharp. You’ll be taken on a 10-minute Jimbaran Fish Market tour to get a closer look at how the locals get their everyday produce. After which, you’ll return for an hour of interactive Balinese cooking and endless fun.

Chef Kris is a dedicated instructor who knows more than just a handful of secret local recipes, including Four Seasons’ signature traditional Balinese menu to Javanese, Sulawesi and Sumatran dishes.

While his skills are exceptional, it is his warm personality and witty attitude that really lightens up the mood during the class – it was such a pleasant experience for both of us. After learning some serious cooking skills from the man himself, we were actually pretty full from all the laughing! And we actually couldn’t resist that tantalising aroma from our own culinary creations.

Not only did we learn how to cook up delicious Balinese meals, but we also learnt a lot about patience with each other – cooking is good way of testing your teamwork with your other half! Our personal thanks to Chef Kris for bringing out our passions for cooking and love at the same time.

Photo Via Hautegateaway,-TripCanvas

Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy

Prices: From USD 90 per person (approximately Rp. 1,200,000)


5. Epic romance with champagne on the Indian Ocean on the Sunset Cruise

Having beachfront access means the Indian Ocean is yours for the taking.

With Four Season Jimbaran’s Sunset Cruise, you can sail to the middle of the sea on a traditional ‘jukung’ boat, and enjoy the glistening sunset, together with the view of Bali’s traditional fishing village on Jimbaran Bay.

Photo by J_Jules_J

As you step inside this quaint little vessel manned by professional staff, you can choose your sparkling wine or champagne served with delicious canapes.

Photo by Celine.W.O.R.L.D

As the boat drifts along the calm water and passes the dramatic cliffs, you’ll soon be surrounded by nothing but the vast blue ocean and that breathtaking sunset in front of you. The boat will soon settle down to a gentle sway, creating an absolutely surreal feeling of being on the calm water.

The picturesque combination of the soft golden sunbeams, the crimson-orange cloud-speckled sky and the coast of Jimbaran from afar is simply beyond words.

It’s a moment of romance that needs no exchange of words, but will surely be one of the most unforgettable moments for every couple.

Sunset Cruise

Price: From USD 210 – 275 per couple (approximately Rp 2,800,000 – Rp 3,700,0000)


6. Renew your body and mind together with a private oceanfront spa journey

How can any romantic vacation in Bali be complete without a couple spa?

Inspired by ancient Balinese rituals of traditional healing, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay offers 3 couple spa experiences that are guaranteed to renew and restore the wellbeing of your mind, body and spirit.

First is the Blessings of Bali, a ritualistic and traditional spa journey that heals and renews your spiritual energy. It begins with therapeutic breathing techniques that balances your energy, with a climatic cleansing blessing by a priest.

Another experience you can try is the Welas Asih, a romantic and tender spa ritual designed to strengthen relationships, leaving you feeling at one with yourself and your significant other.

The one my husband and I experienced is the Suara Jimbaran (otherwise known as the ‘sound of Jimbaran’), which takes place at the bale overlooking the majestic ocean and the bluest sky among the lush garden.

Our session began with a soft gong that vibrated gently and awakened our senses. Paired with the faint overlapping sounds of the ocean, we both received a two-hour blissful glass stone massage with aromatic infused oil and face treatment.

Photo Via Fourseasons

With the skilled hands of the masseuse and the lulling sounds of nature around us, it was a profound physical and spiritual healing session – a therapy we’d love to revisit and was worth every second.

Couple Spa Journeys

Rates: From USD 220 – 260 (Approximately Rp 3,000,000- Rp 3,500,000)


7. Learn about Bali’s culture from local artists at Ganesha Cultural Centre

Designed as a Balinese village, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay is dotted with significant Balinese statues and almost a hundred ‘canang’ (Balinese daily offering to the gods). In addition, there is a temple of its own, and the Ganesha Cultural Centre, where you can learn about various arts, crafts and cultural rituals from the experts and artists themselves.

This interactive and experiential space is where you can take part in workshops with the local artists or priests. Learn or observe the art of Balinese dance, weaving, wood carving and canang-making. You just need to refer to the daily schedule provided in your villa.

We had the opportunity to experience a lovely canang-making session, during which we wove our own square basket from banana leaves.

Photo by Ristynurraisa

With the help of two lady experts, we were shown how to decorate each canang with flowers, biscuits, rice and incense sticks. We were also provided with explanations for each symbolic meaning behind every offering item. The finished package is called Banten.

Photo by A-Lovely-Planet

In fact, the Ganesha Cultural Centre is not merely a place where guests are entertained. It’s an authentic way of life that supports local artists, priests, and also sustains the practice of Hinduism in the resort.

Activities and prices may vary from day to day and guests who prefer to observe can witness the Balinese Dance Performance, join the Shrine Tour or Sila Girih Experience that are complimentary.

But we personally feel that joining the class and having a heart-to-heart lesson really livened up our stay, and added more depth to our Bali vacation that’s so much more than just a luxury resort experience.

8. For the adventurous lovebirds: Go heli-surfing, windsurfing, water-biking, kayaking or private rafting together!

Tired of simply chilling at your resort? Are you and your sweetheart the kind of travellers who need to keep yourselves active during every holiday?

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay provides you with a variety of adventurous activities you can take part in

First, head on to Coconut Grove Beach, an exclusive in-house guests-only area. The beach houses a watersports centre where you can rent equipment for water-biking, windsurfing, kayaking and other beach games such as badminton or beach soccer.

Photo Via Angelikatimanina

Their Tropicsurf programme will also provide you with beginner or expert surf lessons, stand-up paddleboarding and heli-surfing classes. If you prefer slower-paced activities, try out their private guided rafting along the Ayung river.

We tried out water biking for two, and it took us less than a minute to paddle the crafts all the way off the shore and we soon found ourselves alone on the ocean – feeling so carefree as we paddled along the waves with the sea breeze in our faces.

Whenever you are exhausted after all the water activities, return to the Coconut Grove Beach. It’s also secluded retreat space and the perfect relaxation spot equipped with lounge chairs and hanging hammocks under the leafy shade of tropical trees. So take an afternoon nap on the beach until you’re ready for your next activity!

Coconut Grove Beach


Note: Some programmes are available immediately on-site while others may require prior reservation. You can direct your enquiries to your resort concierge for watersports arrangement.

9. Wake up to sunrise yoga with ocean view

You don’t need to be a yogi to appreciate the daily yoga and meditation sessions that Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay provides for guests.

Choose from the complimentary Sunrise Yoga and Surya Namaskar Yoga from 8 to 9am every morning or the afternoon Anti-Gravity Yoga for a more advanced yogis. If you’re not an early riser, fret not – there’s even a Night Fire Yoga class for that amazing pre-sleep stretch.

Head over to Nirvana Shanti Bale, an open-air pavilion perched on the west side of the resort where you can get a direct view of the Indian Ocean. Under the guidance of master yogi Muliawan, take in the bliss of being at one with nature with the warm breeze of the salty air to rejuvenate your holiday spirit.

The class capacity welcomes up to 8 people per session and is quite a favourite activity among many guests. We felt extra fit and perked up after – the perfect start to our day!

Spa and Yoga Experiences


Note: To get your yoga schedules, simply refer to the available list placed in your villa. You may also call your hotel concierge to enquire about available yoga and meditation activities.

Have we inspired you with our luxurious and romantic experiences at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay? Every couple deserves a once-in-a-lifetime royal treatment for two. So take your partner for that special treat!

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Feel tempted to stay here? You will always get the best prices by booking direct with Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay!

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Email: [email protected]

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This story was made possible by Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay.

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