Written by Alya Maisarah
Co-written by Beverley Lennon, Cheng Ying Xuan

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Glamping in Bali is now more than just a trend.

What started off as Instagrammable ‘glamourous camping’ and bubble hotels have now spun off to luxury stays in some of the most scenic locations in Bali, where you can go glamping right by the ocean, river, mountains, lakes and waterfalls in the depths of Bali’s luscious rainforests.

The map below shows you where you can find some of the trendiest glamping sites, and yes, many are located in remote areas of the island (how else can you get that exotic, off-the-beaten-path luxurious adventure vibes, right?!).

Ubud: Known as Bali’s cultural hub, Ubud is where you can be surrounded by lush greenery, rice fields, pristine river streams, and majestic waterfalls. Here’s where you can also find ancient temples, art galleries, wellness retreats, museums, and handcrafted goods!

Tabanan: Known as the Rice Bowl of Bali! Tabanan treasures some of the most majestic rice fields on the island and impressive coastal views. If you are looking for untouched beaches not too far from bustling Canggu, here’s the place to be!

Kintamani: This is where you can get chilly weather in Bali and gorgeous mountain views over calm, glossy lakes! Located in the north of Bali, it’s around two hours’ drive from the main towns of Seminyak and Kuta. As this is a relatively undeveloped area, expect narrow terrains and bumpy roads. Kintamani is also a region with mainly farming activities, and as most farmers use organic fertilisers, you will likely encounter a number of flies in the daytime. So just arm yourself with insect repellent if you are concerned about this!

Pro tip – We recommend travelling during the day as the routes may be confusing and there might be a lack of lighting at night. Set the coordinates points on Google Maps first before traveling as there’s a possibility of lack of service in some areas.

Besides glamping, you can also check out some of the most quirky and unique hotels in Bali. Fill your itinerary with these extraordinary attractions and activities in Bali that many haven’t heard of! Your trip will be a memorable one!

1. This oceanfront glamping is the latest Bali secret that’s going viral – Bali Beach Glamping, Tabanan

You’d tend to forget that you’re lounging in a tent when you’re at Bali Beach Glamping. True to its name, this establishment brings out the glam in glamping.

Photo Via Corypramita, Sorayarasyid12

The highlight of this establishment is how close it is to the beach and also paddy fields! You can enjoy the best of Bali in one place. It’s currently trending among Indonesians on social media, but not as known in the international community – yet!

Photo Via Vennakirei, Tripcanvas, Harivalzayuka
Photo Via Tripcanvas

Bali Beach Glamping is never short of things to do because you can take an ATV down the beach or even do horse riding! Adults and kids alike can enjoy a quick dip in their oceanfront pool. If you don’t feel like swimming, you can just soak in the sun by the deck.

Photo Via Tripcanvas

On top of that, they have a spa massage service overlooking the serene paddy fields as your view.

Their warm hospitality and comfort make you want to bring your family here over and over again!

Bali Beach Glamping

Rates: From USD $44 (Approximately Rp. 685,762)
Address: Jl. Kebo Iwa Jl. Batu Tampih Kangin No.Banjar, Pangkung Tibah, Kec. Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82121, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 8001 5758

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2. Dreamy, Romantic, and Luxurious Glamping at Kanva Glamping by K-Club, Ubud

K-Club brings their A-Game when putting the “Luxury” in Luxury Glamping. So although this glamping site comes with a heftier price tag, you can be sure that you will be getting its value.

The adults-only tents are immaculately designed with a luxurious feel. A mix of bamboo and canvas in their overall architecture, the decor, and finishing have clearly been well-thought-out in detail.

There are two types of tents – both with a private jacuzzi. The other comes with a private infinity pool! Imagine taking a morning dip overlooking the majestic jungle… We wouldn’t want to leave!

Photo Via arturrobali

The cherry on top? Each sensual tent comes with a romantic package – flower baths, spa treatments, and scrumptious desserts to wait on you and your partner.

And did we mention that you will get your own butler too?

If you want to treat yourselves, go for the fine dining experience at their Akar Restaurant too! After all, what is a romantic getaway without a fancy dinner to end the day?

Photo Via balilivin

Kanva Glamping by K-Club Ubud

Rates: From $297 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 4,458,500)
Address: Jalan Raya Cebok, Kedisan Tegallalang, Kedisan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Phone: +62 877-0003-3888

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3. Like in Switzerland – Lake Garden Bali

There can be few views as the ones offered at Lake Garden Bali.

Sitting right on the shores of Lake Batur, the stay offers exclusive access to one of Bali’s most breathtaking landscapes. It’s a view guests get to enjoy from every corner of the property – the rooms, terrace, hot tub and infinity pool.

Photo Via Diandraandina, Yudhi.kurniadi, Tripcanvas, Amnindye
Photo Via Shinta_tata12, Tripcanvas, Valencias____
Photo Via Amandacdv, Christianpoetoe.psd

The area is remarkably peaceful and quiet. There are no restaurants or shops in the surroundings so we’d recommend you come prepared with snacks, although the hotel does offer room service and there is also the possibility of setting up a barbeque.

There’s also only 7 cylindrical rooms, so it’s really just you and a few others enjoying the amazing feeling of remoteness along with some of the most enchanting views.

There’s so much to look out for that you might not want to go to bed at all. Not that it gets any less magical at night, as chances are you’re in for a stargazing treat!

Photo Via Yudhi.kurniadi, Imyushii
Photo Via Dianutamidewii, Amnindye

Lake Garden Bali

Rates: From USD $82 (Approximately Rp. 1,250,000)
Address: Jl. Jempana, Songan A, Kec. Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 877 2602 0201 (Reservations via WhatsApp)


4. A glamping gem for everyone – Natya River Sidemen, Karangasem

Ever want to camp near mother nature… but you’re not one who can sleep in tents and on sleeping bags? Natya River Sidemen got you!

You can have the camping experience without actually camping. The glamping site is situated near a river stream – so it’s best to opt for the Hammock Glamping to be nearest to it! These tents have their own bathroom too.

Photo Via Aprilliatan10, Sidi_subadia

If you want to experience real camping in a tent, don’t worry, Natya got that covered as well.

Photo Via Ginaaayoubi

What makes the stay here even more unique is that their dining and chill areas are designed around and over water features.

You can even experience river tubing down the stream!

Have a picnic by the stream during the day and chill by bonfires at night – the vibes are immaculate for an escape and you can have a restful getaway with family and friends.

Photo Via Gek_cantik25, Tary90_, Kagnihorta
Photo Via Ayu_segara, Rinayip

This glamping experience is the escape you never knew you needed!

Natya River Sidemen

Rates: From USD $21 for glamping tent (Approximately Rp. 318,024)
Address: Jl. Pura Dalam Banjar dinas, Jl. Wangsean – Klungah, Wismakerta, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80864
Contact: +62 821 4636 5541 / +62 812 5214 3708

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5. Dip in the hot spring pool in the Mountains! – Sunrise Hill Camp, Kintamani

Looking for a unique glamping experience? Swim in a natural hot spring pool while watching the stars here at Sunrise Hill Camp! Truly a magical experience.

Photo Via adnyana_omannoviarini_76, rrdhd

Nestled in the mountains of Kintamani, you’ll get an exquisite view of Mount Batur and Mount Abang as the backdrop to the glossy Lake Batur. Getting there can be a bit challenging so be sure to travel during the day.

Sunrise Hill Camp welcomes your furry friends too. So if you’re an animal lover, this is a fun glamping option!

Their luxury VIP tents has been the talk of the town – you will get your very own private hot spring tub, shower, hot tub and fireplace! These tents fit 3-4 pax comfortably.

Photo Via travelwithgeriecharistaaditya

However, if you are on a smaller budget, their natural tents are just as comfortable. The property even has a shared hot spring infinity pool! And the mountain views are just magical from here.

You can throw a barbecue session at night with your friends and family here. If you’re on your honeymoon, feel free to ask the team to arrange a candlelight dinner!

Photo Via anne.d7, simbe.c

And one thing for sure is, every shot here would definitely be Insta-worthy!

Sunrise Hill Camp

Rates: From $56 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 850,000)
Address: Jl. Song Dikit, Songan A, Kec. Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia
Phone: +62 812-3757-6767


6. BBQ River Glamping under the stars at Pelaga Eco Park, Pelaga

If you like to “glamping-hop”, Pelaga Eco Park is a MUST! This is another rare river glamping option in Bali. Peace is the overall theme here.

Located in the heart of Pelaga, about 30-45 minutes’ drive from Bedugul, Pelaga Eco Park is surrounded by lush greeneries and clear water streams.

Photo Via Rameliavitra

You will also be near the the Goa Gong waterfall! Since this area is relatively more remote, you might even end up having the waterfall all to yourself!

Photo Via camolensenoviiratnadi_deofanykrist

Of course, your stay here wouldn’t be complete without their BBQ menu. What better way to spend chilly nights in the jungle under the stars, than with a delicious grilled meal?

If you are not a fan of BBQ, they also offer a variety of local cuisines at their in-house restaurant. They also have freshly brewed coffee!

However, do be wary of slippery steps towards the river and waterfall. You are staying in nature after all!

If you are a party of 3, consider their Superior Tent for a bigger space. These tents have wooden terraces hanging over the jungle where you can sunbathe, indulge in a good book while enjoying the sounds of the river.

Photo Via niaratmeliacindytamaradewi

Opt for their Super Deluxe Tent if you prefer a private bathroom!

Pelaga Eco Park

Rates: From $56 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 843,939)
Address: Pelaga, Petang, Badung Regency, Bali 80353, Indonesia
Phone: +62 812-3848-4468

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7. A barefoot luxury beachfront glamping experience – Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Glamping and Dive Centre

Have you ever wondered what hidden gems are tucked away in the west of Bali?

This luxury beach glamping resort bordering West Bali National Park and surrounded by lush jungle and mangrove forests will get you completely obsessed with glamping! Time to forget all about the hustle and bustle of the more touristy sides of the island. It might take you slightly more than 3.5 hours’ drive to get here from the airport, but it’s totally worth it!

Photo Via Bsconsulting, Twinklywigglytoes

The luxury tents at Menjangan Dynasty Resort are of high standards and are packed with your much-loved creature comforts (electricity, beds with linens, high-pressure showers and more) while still allowing you to be right in the middle of nature!

You’ll feel like you’re back in a luxe summer camp with their collection of high-end tents right by the beachfront. And needless to say; you’ve got world class snorkeling right out your front door (or, erm, tent flap)! If you’re up for some added luxury, we recommend the Cliff Tent Villa which comes with your very own private plunge pool!

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via Chyuna18, Ellchintya

Your staycation at the glamping site looks adventurous but trust us as it is 100% comfortable. The surrounding environment is kept as natural as possible, so you can wake up to the chirping of birds and fall asleep with the natural white noise of bugs and you only need to take a few steps to an incredible underwater world.

Photo Via Ellchintya

You’d almost forget you are camping glamping – check out the resort’s infinity pool!

Photo Via Chyuna18

So if you are looking to sleep on a queen-size bed while not missing the peace in the middle of nature, these glamping tents make fantastic weekend getaways. Now that you entered the world of glamping, the fancified version of roughing it out, you might put a cross on all of the camping plans you’ve got!

Boots and trendy bikinis are all that you are required to pack, or anything fancy is also fine!

Also: Check out our full review of Menjangan Dynasty Resort!

Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Glamping and Dive Centre

Rates: From USD $89 for Luxury Glamping Tent (Approximately Rp. 1,323,074)
Address: Pejarakan, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81155
Contact: +62 362 3355000

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8. Go au-naturel in the paddy fields: Sandat Glamping Tents

In the middle of the rice fields of Ubud, you will find this spectacular gem known as Sandat Glamping Tents.


As one of the most well-known glamping sites in Bali, they offer 5 safari-style tents (each with a private infinity-edge plunge pool and a terrace looking out into the forest) and 3 lumbung cottages for travellers.

glamping sandat tent
The main swimmingpool and the lunbung at Sandat Glamping tents,Ubud

Decorated with great attention to detail, each tent has a theme that gets you in touch with Bali’s nature. From pure white shells to coffee plants, pearl chandeliers and hand-painted furniture, you will inevitably feel at home in the wild.

The interior is elegantly canopied with Italian designer touches, yet complemented with mesh windows and canvas walls to give the ‘camping’ feel. A tempting infinity pool appears to flow into the paddy fields and past the swaying coconut palms.

sandat-glamping-tents by Andrea cacopardi 3

To achieve perfect seclusion, the tents are separated by bamboo screens and vertical gardens, to give some much-needed privacy.

Two of the tents are actually suites come with unusual canopied round beds. Every tent comes with mosquito nets, wifi and even in-room dining, so you don’t need to give up on your modern comforts.

Sandat Glamping tents,Ubud

Ubud town (less than a 15-min drive) – where you can find popular restaurants and cafes such as Ibu Oka, Seniman Coffee shop, Caramel Patisserie etc.

Sandat Glamping Tent

Rates: From USD $182 a night (approximately Rp. 2,768,957)
Address: Jalan Subak Sala Pejang Kawan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80571
Contact: +62 361 9083 222 / +62 821 4408 1998

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9. Swim in your own private waterfall at Galalima Glamping, Tabanan

Imagine waking up to the natural symphony of waterfalls and birds. Experience this yourself here at Galalima Glamping where they take luxury camping quite literally in Tabanan, Bali.

The property preserves the natural beauty and landscape of the area. There are only 4 luxury tents designed around a private waterfall just for you!

That said, this might not be the best choice for people with walking difficulties or young children as you may need to climb flights of steps around the property.

Galalima Glamping is about 30 minutes off the main road to Denpasar. However, the roads get narrower as you get closer to the glamping site, so it’s recommended that you reach here before sunset. It would be extra challenging during the rainy season.

Spend your days here swimming underneath the waterfall, taking a dip by the streams, indulging in a book by the waterfall, or fishing in the paddy fields! If you are the adventurous type, go trekking and cliff jumping! Just ask the Galalima team for assistance to arrange your trips.

One thing for sure is, you won’t be bored here. It’s a perfect getaway for both couples and families with pre-teens and older.

Each luxury tent is designed like a suite, with indoor and outdoor lounge areas. If taking a dip in the waterfall or river is not really your thing, you can soak in the en-suite bathtub while overlooking the lush greenery.

Galalima Glamping

Rates: From $125 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 1,898,356)
Address: Jl. Apityeh, Gn. Salak, Kec. Selemadeg Tim., Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82162, Indonesia
Phone: +62 822-3773-1818 / +62 812 3856 8090

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10. Catch the sunrise while still in bed! – Bobo Kintamani

If you are looking for a new experience, Bobo Kintamani offers you exactly that. Owned by a startup, Bobocabin has these cabins around Indonesia and Bobocabin Kintamani is one of their iconic stays in Bali.

Photo Via Shofifadhil, Tripcanvas

Located between Mt. Batur and Lake Batur, you will find yourself waking up to sunrise over the lake.

Each cabin has a large window so you can enjoy the sunrise view cabin at the comfort of your bed. An added bonus, if you opt for their deluxe room, they even have an outdoor private hot tub with hot spring water that flows directly from Mt. Batur!

Photo Via Tripcanvas
Photo Via Susanand7922, Tripcanvas

It is a different kind of hospitality in Bobo Kintamani where you are assisted by technology. Most of their functions are controlled by their app. For example, the check-in and check-out process can be swiftly done via the app!

You can grill steaks which can be bought there, or opt to bring your own and have your BBQ party according to your fancy. This stay is recommended for friends and families who are looking for a new, refreshing experience around Bali!

Bobo Kintamani

Rates: From USD $44 (Approximately Rp. 685,762)
Address: Jl. Mundukan Ngandang, Songan A, Kec. Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia
Contact: +62 821-1900-7791 (WhatsApp)

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11. You’d forget you’re in Bali – Hideaway Glamping, Kintamani

Set at the foot of Mount Batur, Hideaway Glamping has got views that are literally worth travelling for. There are only three tents on the property so you’ll have to be lucky to score the best one in the house…

Photo Via Her_journeys

Whether you check into the Mandala or Madya tent, the sweeping views of the lake and mountain on the horizon will have you question your current location – so much so that you’d even forget you’re in Bali.

Photo Via Her_journeys, Auliaputry

There is also the dreamy Mediterrani tent from which you can enjoy Kintamani’s greenery and still have access to the pool. Each tent is equipped with its very own bathroom and all other necessities to ensure your comfort. They also come with an air cooler just in case it gets too warm – not that you really have to worry as it is usually chilly in the Kintamani region.

Photo Via Katnisfatimah, Hellohaem, Goldmillie, Riiska_
Photo Via Yeniputry, Cokistrimirah

Hideaway Glamping

Rates: From USD $66 for 2 pax (Approximately Rp. 699,938)
Address: Songan A, Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali 80652, Indonesia
Contact: +62 812 3672 4909 (Reservations via WhatsApp)


12.Your “Out-of-Africa” glamping experience – Sebatu Sanctuary, Tegallalang

Enter glamping at Sebatu Sanctuary! Forget about sandy tents, sharing toilets and showers, the time and energy that goes into the set up and pack down for just a couple of nights; it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors of the lush tropical forest in all comfort and luxury.

If you’ve always dreamt of that grand jungle African escape, rest assured that you don’t have to travel too far to get a perfecto ‘camping’ experience. Enjoy an eco experience at Sebatu Sanctuary, where you can experience the romance of camping under the stars, while being in total comfort of luxury tents.

Photo Via Yuliahadi

We mean it when we say that staying in the glamorous tents will give you the total ‘back to nature’ experience without missing any of the luxuries of daily life – even the bathrooms are located semi-outdoors and come with a bathtub that allows for romantic bathing under the stars. You can even use the resort’s pool with lovely rainforest views!

Photo Via Explorista

The tents are equipped with insulation and are air-conditioned. And if you feel homesick and need to get to the kitchen to feel better, you will be glad to know that the property features a separate kitchen out of bamboo, which includes a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and stove!

Get some quality organic eats prepared for you here too at the onsite Evicurious Restaurant, and enjoy their juice and espresso bar (except on Mondays) – they even grow their own Arabica coffee and roast it on site!

With proper beds, Wi-Fi, shower, bath tubs, A/C, TV and more, we are not quite sure you will even want to camp again after experiencing glamping at Sebatu Sanctuary!

Sebatu Sanctuary

Rates: From USD$153 per night for tented villa (Approximately Rp. 2,297,157)
Address: Sebatu, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali 80561
Contact: +62 361 9084 266 / +62 811 3998 931 (WhatsApp)


13. Wake up to dreams drifting in the forest: Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort

Nestled in Jatiluwih, a UNESCO world heritage site, Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort is located in central Bali. This retreat sanctuary will have you glamping with no doors and a 360-degree view of the dense rainforest.


Your cosy bedroom overlooks the jungle, with a modern ensuite bathroom equipped with toilet and shower. There’s no need for air-conditioning, as the air is naturally cool up in the mountains.



The interiors also include a quaint little fireplace, where hot tea is served.


And at night, you can simply fall into slumber, lulled by the natural sounds of the jungle.
As for your meals, you can expect them to be of the highest quality as well – Pakis Restaurant in the resort offers a Western BBQ menu and specialises in Balinese cuisine, using edible wild grown rainforest vegetables, leaves and roots. Everything served is freshly plucked from the resort’s organic garden.

sang-giri-tents-sunrise by bobbysocks76

sang-giri-tents-everything fresh and organic

Do take note that the tent has no doors, so there’s no keeping out the insects – it’s a full jungle experience. You can request for mosquito nets (though there’s not many mosquitoes up in the mountain, they may still come around at night).

sang-giri-tents-interior 2

If you have meal preferences, feel free to let the chef know how you’d like your meal to be done – and there you’ll get it. It’s even an open kitchen concept, so you can see how your meal is cooked.

sang-giri-tents-pakis restaurant watch collage

If you want to dine elsewhere, it’s a 40-minute walk to the nearest restaurants, so do ensure that you either drive or have a ride out.

You can keep yourself busy by trekking through the rainforest or rice fields, biking through local villages, hiking, bird-watching, visiting spiritual temples and waterfalls, or even cooking with ingredients from their local farms. Many of these activities can be arranged with the resort.

sang-giri-tents-jogging through rice fields

Sang Giri Mountain Tent Resort

Rates: From $44 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 668,957)
Address: Jatiluwih Kangin, Penebel, Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia 82152
Contact: +62 815 5833 4888 / +62 857 3964 7037 / +62 815 5800 0015 (WhatsApp)

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14. Spend your nights up in the trees – Ubud Tropical, Ubud

Yet another magical glamping experience up for grabs! Not only do they have some spacious tents fit for up to five people, they also have a gorgeous pool that’s surrounded by greenery so that you feel like you’ve been transported to the middle of a jungle. Talk about absolute peace!

Photo Via Nardgeisha, Mithatrisna

One of the best parts of Ubud Tropical, is the communal kitchen. I know what you’re thinking, in a place that’s immersed in nature, has gorgeous decor, and is the perfect escape, how can the kitchen be the best part? It’s because you get to meet other travellers who are most likely like minded!

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, they even have options above the ground! They have tents that are elevated and closer to the sky – quite like a treehouse and these are the perfect way to release your inner child. But the best part is that at Ubud Tropical, you can do it in a way which is both luxurious and intimate.

Ubud Tropical

Rates: From $27 for a Standard Glamping Tent (approximately Rp. 409,358)
Address: Jl. Raya Andong, Peliatan – Ubud, Gianyar Bali
Contact: +62 821 44835794

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15. A blend of comfort and style! – Autentik Penida Glamping, Nusa Penida

The Nusa islands are a MUST if you’re in Bali. Nusa Penida is the largest among the three Nusa Islands. With so many exciting things to do in the Nusa Islands, you will need a place to stay that is stylish, comfortable and memorable too!

If luxury glamping is your cup of tea – complete your Nusa Penida trip by staying in Autentik Penida Glamping! This glamping site offers stunning views of the green jungle and a beautiful crystal blue pool for their guests.

Photo Via thewayfaress, irsyamwidiyoko

The vibes here are laid back and luxurious. However, do note that this is an “Adult Only” glamping site.

It is about 5 minutes’ drive to Crystal Beach and near the main attractions in Nusa Penida, this is the best location for you while you’re on the island!

Photo Via jeniashtefan

The Autentik Penida team can also arrange a free shuttle to Amok Sunset, a great poolside bar for you to enjoy dinner or drinks!

Their luxury tents here are spacious and overlook the dense jungle, blending comfort and style in the most “glam” way of camping!

However, as you are close to nature, there may be instances where insects such as ants might enter your tent! But the housekeeping team here cleans the tents every day so don’t worry.

Can you imagine the golden sunset view from here? How surreal!

Autentik Penida Glamping

Rates: From $109 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 1,643,939)
Address: Jalan Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida, Sakti, Kec. Nusa Penida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80771, Indonesia
Contact: +62 853-3306-6807

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16. Luxury in a bubble! — Moondock Luxury Camp, Munduk

Moondock Luxury Camp is North Bali’s glamping jewel, located in remote and scenic Munduk where you can “glamp” in luxury over and above the majestic rainforest and rice fields.

Their unique bubble tents are designed to reflect luxury in camping where you will have your own mini fridge, bathtub, and separate bathroom.

But the cherry on top has to be the see-through window overlooking the hill. The stunning view of the valleys and rice fields that will greet you is priceless.

It is a great destination for families and couples alike. During the day, you can walk and explore the area. At night, enjoy the bonfire or have a BBQ night while you immerse yourself in nature.

The road there is quite challenging, so please make sure that you are driving a suitable vehicle! It’s best to travel with duffel bags instead of suitcases as you will be escorted on a motorbike to the glamping site.

Moondock offers a unique experience for guests seeking a comfortable and stylish outdoor getaway, so you don’t want to miss this!

Moondock Luxury Camp

Rates: From $74 per night for 2 pax (approximately Rp. 1,114,642)
Address: Kayuputih, Munduk, Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81152, Indonesia
Contact: +62 878-6082-3434

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How does an exotic glamping adventure sound to you? Check out other quirky and unique stays in Bali too!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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