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Went to Bali and didn’t tell your friends? Bojio!!

Now, if you’re here trying to redeem yourself and looking for local souvenirs to bring back home for your friends, you’ll love dropping by Grand Lucky Supermarket for a couple of hours (yes, it is quite big and even features a cafe!).

Not that you’ll even have to travel far in a village as they’re located on the main street – Sunset Road in Seminyak. But let me come to the best part which is on what you can shop from here. I mean, you can literally find something for everyone you’ve left behind – crazy Indomie flavours and the spiciest local snacks for your foodie friends, affordable COSRX Korean skincare for the beauty gurus, rattan bags for the fashionistas and so much more items that seem hard to find at such reasonable prices in KL and Singapore!

Photo Via TripCanvas, Apricahyaniii

Time to grab your shopping bags and stop feeling guilty for having left your besties behind!

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1. Shop for instant noodles with a local Indonesian twist! – Indomie, ABC, Koka

When it comes to instant noodles, Indonesia doesn’t play jokes – they do it well! I mean, of course, Japanese could well be the kings of inventions but hey, I found out that there are some uniquely-flavoured instant noodles in Bali too!

Now, I personally am an anti-instant-noodle person but I have plenty of friends who adore them so I’m sure you do have someone in your gang who’d love receiving some crazy unusual flavoured ones as a souvenir from your Bali trip!

The selections at Grand Lucky Supermarket are endless, I found myself walking through a whole aisle of instant noodles and god, they’re not the typical ones – I mean, salted egg (the taste isn’t so strong but still!)?

And if you want to go completely Balinese, they have a Sambal Matah version too. Those who fancy spicy delicacies will have no words for their Sambal Rica-Rica Indomie! Other flavours we found pretty unique to Indonesia include the Soto Padang and Cabe Ijo (hmm green noodles?!).

Photo Via Jenny_shi_, TripCanvas

They also have a premium collection with even more options but wait, you know what really got me to raise an eyebrow? Spicy garlic butter cheese noodles – amazing or gross? You try!

Indomie, ABC, Koka

Price range: From Rp. 2,700 (Approximately USD $0.19)

2. Local snacks that will put your mouth on fire! – Rasalokal, Lisahwan, Garuda, Chitato

I spend plenty of time on YouTube (when I am not working of course) and one thing I love is watching all the spicy challenge. Surprisingly, most of them take place in Indonesia too. And to come to the debate, who can tolerate spiciness better? Malaysians or Indonesians?

Now, when I asked my Indonesian friend why they love challenging each other when it comes to spicy food, he pointed out clearly “we do it for pleasure”. Well, it is no wonder why I found so many spicy snacks at Grand Lucky Supermarket.

From potato chips to cheese balls (spicy version), you can be sure you’ll find a local snack that’ll set your friends’ mouths on fire and get them to join the spicy challenge too. I have personally tried some of the snacks like the Sambal Matah Bali and Sambal Matah Gilaa and gosh I needed a few gallons of water!

If you prefer sticking to something less hot, try out their local potato chips – Chitato, I personally can eat a whole packet of their BBQ-flavoured snack!

Photo Via TripCanvas, Duocicip

Rasalokal, Lisahwan, Garuda, Chitato

Price range: From Rp.9,900 (Approximately USD $0.70)

3. Affordable Korean (and other) skincare products! – COSRX, Cathy Doll and more!

I have to admit that I was quite speechless when I found COSRX products at the supermarket. I mean, has KL been living under a rock or what? We have to order it online for now and in Singapore you can find them at the drugstore but ohhh, the price tag!

For those of you who are less of a skincare guru, COSRX is a Korean brand that’s raved about by beauty bloggers who swear it works wonders (one of our colleagues is a huge fan too!). The gel cleansers work wonders on sensitive skin and at Grand Lucky Supermarket you can find them at an affordable price; they even have the moisture up pads and toner!

Other than that, you’ll also find Cathy Doll facemasks and a wide selections skincare products that aim to target acne-prone skin!

Photo Via TripCanvas

P.S. These are the kinds of gifts your girl gang would adore!!

COSRX, Cathy Doll and more!

Price range: From Rp. 110,500 (Approximately USD $7.86)

4. Delicious treats for your sweet-tooth friends! – Astor, Silverqueen, Krakakoa and more!

If you ask me, nothing’s better than receiving edible souvenirs from someone’s trip. Do you agree? When I say ‘edible souvenirs’, of course, I mean snacks but what’s even better is SWEET snacks! At least it is something useful right? And you get to taste another country’s treats too.

These delights are aplenty at Grand Lucky Supermarket, and surprisingly (to my content) I found that most of them are natural-based too!

But if you want to know the winner, it has to be our ultimate favourite – Astor chocolate roll. I found out they have the matcha and vanilla flavours too but my first choice remains the chocolate-flavoured roll, it is so soft, crunchy and creamy – you’ll end up eating a whole box by yourself.

Another local treat I tend to always go for while in Indonesia is their chocolate – the local brand Silverqueen is something you could try and gift to friends. My preferred ones include the green tea flavoured or the white chocolate (even better when they’re soft).

I also stumbled upon dark chocolate baguette snacks, whaaaat?!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Astor, Silverqueen, Krakakoa

Price Range: From Rp. 12,500 (Approximately USD $0.89)

5. Coffee selection from all around Indonesia! – JJ Royal

In every group of friends, there’s surely one who fancies a cup of joe, whether it is in order to function in the morning or just out of boredom.

Little did I know that Indonesia is such a big coffee producer – you can basically find coffee from all around Indonesia right here at Grand Lucky Supermarket. I am sure the coffee-lover friend you have would love a few packets of those coming from Bali, Flores, Papua and more, some with hints of cinnamon or caramel too!

Photo Via TripCanvas

JJ Royal

Price range: From Rp.47,900 (Approximately USD $3.40)

6. Tropical-scented body products (shower gels, lotions, soap and more)! – Tutti Frutti

To me, a synonym of Bali is the tropics, and the colours that go with gifting something so useful and that would transport my friends to a little piece of Bali is important when it comes to souvenir-shopping.

For those who know me, I am a big s***** for everything fruity so I couldn’t resist getting some of those tropical-scented body products that look like dessert in a bottle – they smell delicious too. They even have a lychee and rambutan shower gel!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Tutti Frutti

Price range: From Rp.92,500 (Approximately USD $6.60)

7. The iconic Bali rattan bag! – Bali Craft

Have you really been to Bali if you didn’t get one of those iconic round rattan bags? I mean seriously, they are everywhere and in every colour and design, and we absolutely LOVE them as they’re super versatile, go with every outfit and make for great gifts to friends and family!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Now, the challenging part of buying them is probably the fact that you see them around every single store on the main streets of Bali with vendors literally running after you if you dare ask the price. It gets overwhelming, I understand and it seems like Grand Lucky Supermarket does too as you can peacefully choose your design from the souvenirs’ aisle there and do some last-minute shopping for all the girls in your life!

Bali Craft

Price Range: From Rp. 125,000 (Approximately USD $8.90)

8. Cheeky Bali panties for your girl squad! – Dokoyo Underwear

Now that the whole fun printed T-shirt trend has died down a little, why not go all cheeky and intimate with these I <3 Bali panties! While you can get those at convenience stores or straight on their website, I found out it was actually cheaper to get them from Grand Lucky Supermarket. They’re super cute and of good quality, comes with different designs and perfect for your next pyjama party!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Dokoyo Underwear

Price Range: From Rp. 129,900 (Approximately USD $9.25)

9. Soothing natural essential oils, herbs and soaps! – Bali Alus, Bali Nature

What does Bali represent to you? To me, it is a place of relaxation before anything else. The jungles, the beaches, the cultural immersion at temples… One big part of my trips to Bali include a turn to the spa and I always find myself loving the natural scent of the oils they use on my body, so finding affordable essential oils and soaps to bring back home also becomes as important as getting a massage.

There’s a whole bunch of them at Grand Lucky Supermarket, and they range from different budgets and scents. I am personally a big fan of lavender and peppermint essential oils, I use them for different purposes (read: headaches, tummy pains and more) and they seem to help a lot! Put a couple of those in your shopping basket and gift to your friends in need – they help with stress too!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Bali Alus, Bali Nature

Price Range: From Rp. 20,500 (Approximately USD $1.46)

Thanks to me, you now know where to shop for affordable snacks and souvenirs to bring back home for friends and family! Tag them below and let them make their choice!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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