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Planning a holiday with your best buddies in Bali? Want to jam, play and party all night long? You know it, there’s no better location to stay than in the heart of Kuta.

You know you’ve arrived in the vibrant area when that iconic guitar sign of Hard Rock Hotel Bali greets you in plain sight. This hotel has long been a landmark at the prime corner of Kuta Square since 1998.

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But you are wrong if you think that this is a heritage hotel for the older folks.

In fact, Hard Rock Hotel Bali, which received TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, is actually the place to be seen, where you can party all night long with endless entertainment programmes and super fun activities. In short, it is glamorously filled with a trendy youthful vibe for millennials.

We personally tried and tested this exciting accommodation, and experienced first-hand how it is ideal for your rock star partying vacation with your squad!

1. Conquer the largest free-form pool in Kuta: Sand Island

Want to take a swim in the largest free-form pool in Kuta?

Sand Island (yes, that’s the name of the pool area) has a unique combination of both ceramic and sand-covered floor, and a sandy rest area that creates your own ‘private beach’ oasis in the middle of the resort!

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel Bali

And what happens when the pool is not just for swimming? Take part in these crazy pool activities:

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel Bali

1-a. Roll in the Giant Floating Ball!

You did not read us wrongly.

This is indeed a giant-sized ball that you can step into, and float on the water in it!

The pool staff will help to pump air into the ball before rolling you into the middle of the pool. For the inexperienced, like us, this is actually not as easy as you think. Our thigh muscles were put to work as we fell more than a few times while balancing in the ball.

But fret not, the ball is securely attached with a string to the side of the pool, and is supervised by standby guards.

Note: The Giant Floating Ball is only available from 2.30pm to 4pm.

1-b. Win Paddle Tug-O-War and other friendly competitions in the pool!

Guess what, you can actually play a “tug-of-war” and other fun games in the pool!

We had a Paddle Tug O War battle, and trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks! (The winner gets a drink coupon.)

From water polo, water volleyball, Walk on Water, Hand Paddle Boat Race and many more, you can take part in these group games that are designed to make you perspire while having a roaring fun time with your friends.

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Photo Via Icekit, Richeagnesia

Do check out the games schedule (it varies daily) displayed at the pool concierge so you can decide which ones to take part in!

1-c. Cruise in style on these colourful giant floats

What better way to relax on the pool than on a huge float?

You can rent either the single or double-seated floats and cruise around the free-form pool while blissfully soaking up the sun.

Photo Via Bebytsabina, Intaangisela

1-d. Splash down the water slides!

What’s a pool without some exciting water slides?

Two slides are available for adults (most of them are for the young ones, of course!) – they aren’t scary, but hey, it’s all about being carefree and silly in the company of your good friends!

2. Swim over and replenish your energy at Splash Bistro, The Shack, or both!

Time to charge up by swimming your way to The Shack, a bar parked right in the western tip of the pool with half-submerged seats.

What can be more refreshing than enjoying a cold beer or cocktails in the pool itself after a swim?

Your kids will also not be left out! The Shack Bar has a cute extension, The Shack Junior, that serves non-alcoholic drinks for the little ones. I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed some red-licious Sweet Gummy here!

If you’re looking for something to eat, just head over to Splash Bistro on the left of Sand Islands. The friendly staff and head chef will roll out delightful wood-fired pizzas, delicious pasta, juicy steak and other light bites.

You can even enjoy your food in these cute cabanas directly above the pool right after your swim!

Photo Via Krisnaprayudhi

Don’t mind if the staff chat you up, these “band members” – the term for hotel staff – are always looking for ways to delight us “rock stars”. Yup, that’s the term for us guests!

The Shack

Price: From USD 3 (Approximately Rp 40,000)
Opening Hours:11am – 7pm

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Splash Bistro

Price: From USD 7.50 (Approximately Rp 100,000)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

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3. Party like no tomorrow at Centerstage

Our memorable stay began and ended at Centerstage.

This glamorous club at the hotel entrance doubles up as the lobby welcoming guests with cold refreshing drinks by day, and turns into a hip clubbing spot by night.

Lined with memorabilia from famed celebrities and legendary musicians such as John Lennon, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, Prince and more, Centerstage in itself is an epic rock museum telling the tales of rock movement in a monumental club.

After dinner, we scored ourselves front bar seats to enjoy the live band performance and DJ spins. You can request songs from oldies to the newest top 40 tracks.

Photo by Hard Rock Hotel Bali

So what are you waiting for? Come dance and party for the rest of the night!


Price: From USD 3 (Approximately Rp 40,000)
Opening Hours: 8pm – 12.30 midnight (Monday – Saturday) and 8.30pm – 11.30pm on Sunday.

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4. Indulge in a relaxing in-room jamming session with your besties

Love a therapeutic acoustic jamming session with a guitar and good sound system, all in the comfort of your bedroom?

Be prepared to get blown away by Hard Rock Sound of Your Stay® programme that will define the soundtracks of your holiday.

This all-music programme consists of 3 excellent choices. You can begin with right when you check in.

Your receptionist will immediately hand you a special card with a unique code to download a custom playlist curated by the hotel based on your mood. Just turn on your bluetooth and the Bose sound system equipped in every room will play the tunes.

You can also reserve a Fender guitar and an amplifier, and have them delivered to your room. It comes with headphones so you can definitely rock out without disturbing your neighbours!

To top it off, you can reserve 10 sets of fine vinyl records and its retro player for your total enjoyment.

The super chill impromptu music session definitely worked as our mood booster of the day! Who needs the TV or gaming gadgets when the whole gang is having a sing-along party?

5. Release your own rock star record at Boom Box Recording Studio

A hotel with karaoke entertainment? That’s old news.

At Hard Rock Kuta Bali, you can create your own record at their one-and-only hotel recording studio in Bali for all you pop-star wannabes.

Boom Box Recording Studio is both a karaoke booth and a music studio complete with recording system and your personal sound technician. With an updated song list in their karaoke system, backed with internet for fast YouTube search, take the mic for a spin with your buddies.

And whenever you’re ready, hop into the mini studio for your own recording session!

There’s even a drum set and several guitars you can use. We love our record – the CD will be our most treasured album for many years to come.

Boom Box Recording Studio

Price: From USD 26 – USD 50 (approximately Rp 350,000 – Rp 665,500) depending on selected session.
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm. Reservation required.

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6. Lounge in style and sip cocktails at the spectacular Sunset Point

Forget about getting down and dirty at the nearest beach or paying extra bar entrance fees for your daily dose of sunset.

Right on the bar patio of Sunset Point, which is located on the third floor of the hotel, is one of the best unobstructed spots where you can watch the sun go down.

We made ourselves comfortable on the plush sofa seats and ordered Mojito, fresh squeezed juice, and a mocktail while waiting for the sun to start its evening show.

If you enjoy shisha, you can get a variety of flavours here.

When the cloud-speckled sky turned crimson and orange, we moved from the sofa seats to the patio for a better view while Spandau Ballet serenaded “True” over the speaker set.

Just the perfect accompaniment for this breathtaking view!

Sunset Point

Price: From USD 4 (Approximately Rp 55,000)
Opening Hours: 3pm – 9pm

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7. Frolic in bubblicious fun at The Ultimate Foam Party

F is for Friday Foam Party!

Only at Hard Rock Hotel Bali can you enjoy a well-organised weekly foam party where you get to enter a big ring of foamy fun.

With everyone lining up in excitement even before it starts, we could tell that this party is much-anticipated by kids, teenagers and adults alike!

The Ultimate Foam Party starts on time at 4pm on Fridays and a generous amount of high-grade foam will fall mercilessly for your rocking good time.

Play around in the foam with your friends for a bubblicious good time to the coolest tracks rolled out at the DJ booth. But do note that this is not a pool, so no diving or swimming acts here!

Foam Party

Price: Around USD 9 (Approximately Rp 125,000)
Opening Hours: 4pm – 5.30pm every Friday

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8. Bond with your buddies at the private Deluxe Premium Pool Access Room

The glass backdoor of this spacious premium room opens up to a members-only area that houses the exclusive Chill Out Pool, a jet-machine jacuzzi and rows of sunbeds hidden under the shade of the natural green canopy.

This tranquil part of the hotel also has a dining area of its own – as part of the exclusive members-only Rock Royalty Programme.

And just like true royalties, we had breakfast by the pool, before a refreshing after-meal dip! In the afternoon, you can also enjoy a quiet high tea with canapes or have cocktails at the bar.

Complete with a VIP check-in and check-out counter, this traditional Balinese-inspired room also comes with coffee pod machines, a daybed, and complete amenities.

The perfect choice for quality time with your best buddies!

P.S. An alternative we love is the Loft Room, which is ideal for three friends staying together!

Deluxe Premium Pool Access Room

Price: From USD 95 (Approximately Rp 1,250,000)
Book Here.

Rock Royalty

Price: From USD 7.50 (Approximately Rp 100,000)
Operational Hours: 6.30am – 10pm

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9. Challenge yourselves at the Rock Climbing Wall

Want to work out a little but don’t want to hit the gym?

Just next to the Sand Island, there are two five-metre rock walls for Rock Climbing, a complimentary activity for in-house guests.

If you are new to rock climbing like us, don’t worry. Just pay attention to the instructions given by your instructor, and his assistant will also ensure that all your gear and safety helmets are secured.

These walls turned out to be perfectly suitable for beginners, since it’s designed for teens to have some fun. But that doesn’t mean climbing up a breeze – we sure burned some calories during the session, and it’s a fun way to keep fit on your holiday!

Make a reservation in advance so you can secure a time slot!

10. Chill out at the cool teen hangout spot: TABU Teens Club

If you are young or young at heart, you must drop by TABU, Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s entertainment centre for youths. Here, you can find exciting activities that you can engage in with the whole gang!

As you step in, you’ll be greeted with a foosball table and pool table. There’s even a mixer for DJ aspirants! And when you’re feeling peckish or thirsty, check out the non-alcoholic bar stocked with soda, juice, snacks and more – they will keep you energised.

There’s also a library, a dedicated gaming centre with consoles lined up with the newest games, rows of PCs, and a mini cinema with a movie schedule!

This was ideal for us, because after all the pool activities, we were so tired that we simply wanted to chill and rest, and planted ourselves on the bean bags and enjoyed a good animation movie.

Time passes really fast at TABU, and before you know it, you’ll be back for more.


Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 6pm)

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11. Enjoy a relaxing and calming after-party massage at Rock Spa

After so much partying, do you feel the fatigue taking over?

A holiday is as much about fun as it is about rest! So if you’re nearing the end of your trip, perhaps it’s time to refresh your body and mind and head over to the Rock Spa.

You will be welcomed with an iced ginger lime drink with lemongrass, and you can choose your preferred treatment from a selection of signature Hard Rock Spa, Hot Rocks or Traditional Balinese Massage.

What impressed us most was the heartwarming personal service from the beginning till the end of our session. Our masseuses frequently checked for the best pressure during our blissful Hot Rocks Massage, and they were quite the experts at untangling knots from all the fun we had.

Rock Spa also provides facial and nail treatment, so why not pamper yourselves by spending an extra hour or two?

Once you’re done, a nice cup of warm tea will send you off with a renewed spirit for more fun up ahead!

Rock Spa

Prices: From USD 30 (Approximately Rp 400,000)
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 8am – 10pm daily

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12. Dine like celebrities at the renowned Jamie’s Italian Bali

You don’t need to get out of Kuta to get an authentic taste of Italian à la Jamie Oliver. The cuisine by the famous British celebrity chef and restaurateur has been brought to the hotel!

Enjoy a fine selection of appetisers, hearty portions of pasta, burgers or steak & fries and heavenly desserts.

Photo Via scottsolomon83

As we sank our spoons into the Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding and Amalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, we knew it was a matter of less than minutes before we finished up these sweet delicacies!

Jamie’s Italian Bali

Prices: From USD 10 (Approximately Rp 135,000)
Opening Hours: From 12 noon – 11pm (Monday – Friday) & 11am – 11pm (Saturday – Sunday)

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13. Embark on river rafting, trekking or cycling adventures!

Want to discover about Bali beyond the boundaries of the hotel?

If all this fun is not enough to satisfy your adventurous heart, Hard Rock Hotel Bali is ready to arrange exciting external activities for you and your friends.

All you need to do is to head down to the travel information counter on the ground floor, choose from the available programmes (such as Rafting Adventures, River Kayaking, Jungle Trekking, Mountain Cycling or exploring Elephant Safari Park and more), let the experts at the counter know and they will help you liaise with Bali Adventure Tours, the operator for these activities.

We managed to chat with the friendly concierge who provided very complete information, brochures and personal insights. It’s definitely a handy hotel service where you get the  confidence of having a well-managed tour at an honest price.

Feel tempted to stay here? You will always get the best prices by booking direct with Hard Rock Hotel Bali!

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Address: Jalan Pantai, Banjar Pande Mas Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 761 869
Email: [email protected]

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So if you are travelling with your buddies to Bali, you know where to stay where you can party and play to your hearts’ content!

Do you have any personal experiences to share if you have stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Bali before? Please comment and share with us!

This post was made possible by Hard Rock Hotel Bali. All other pictures not credited commissioned by TripCanvas.

Comment and share with us your experiences if you planning to stay or have stayed here before and we will PM you a special offer for this hotel!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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