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Finding good, cheap, healthy food can be such a struggle in Bali! Sure there are plenty of cute Instagrammable cafes that serve up banging food, but they often come with a price tag! Let’s not forget that massive pancake stacks and indulgent sweets aren’t exactly the best for your health long term.

When you’re in Bali for an extended amount of time there comes a certain moment (a.k.a you’re a digital nomad) where you crave a home cooked meal in the comforts of your own villa! Rather than having to scroll through GoFood for at least 20 minutes before deciding what you want, why not take the stress away and pre-order a week or two weeks worth of meals to be delivered right to you!

Not only will you reap the benefits of healthy food, you’ll save time, support talented and worthy chefs, and most likely save money! Just bear in mind that some of these may charge a delivery fee depending on where you’re staying in Bali!

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1. A perfect option for the whole family: Born Bright Cafe

Born Bright Cafe is home to nutritious and organic food, with vegan-friendly options available too, it’s an ideal option for when the whole family needs to eat! If you’re having a particularly intense day where you really just don’t want to worry about cooking or spending too much then you’ll adore the option of getting a full day’s worth of meals from them for cheap!

Giving extra discounts for when you order 4 portions, they really are the ultimate family-friendly meal service. From Grilled Salmon to Balinese Vegan Curry, their options cover a wide array of cuisines and even the picky eater in your family will find something to satisfy them!

Photo Via Bornbrightbali

Born Bright Cafe

Price: From Rp. 40,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.55)
Contact: +62 887 3621 281
Pre-order: 1 day before for a whole day’s worth of meals
How to order: Whatsapp | Instagram DM


2. Bright and colourful, packed full of veg!: C for Catering

Each of the meals from C for Catering is full of colour thanks to the large number of vegetables they use! Whether it’s purple cabbages, pink radishes, or bright red peppers mixed with a delicious dressing and paired with your choice of protein, you won’t be disappointed!

They have a weekly menu prepared that can be customised a little based on your preference of protein and each week will be a different adventure for your tastebuds! Their meals are sent out everyday to Kuta, Canggu, and Seminyak, just make sure to place your orders by Sunday at 2pm so they can prepare it, and be aware that they only offer services from Monday to Friday (with the Saturdays too if you request it).

Photo Via Nyongtobelo4real, Cforcatering

C for Catering

Price: From Rp. 75,000 per meal (Approximately USD $4.80)
Contact: +62 817 093 5755
Pre-order: Sunday 2pm for the following week
How to order: Whatsapp | Instagram DM


3. For mommy, daddy and the little one too!: Fit Meals by Pronoia

As the name suggests, Fit Meals by Pronoia focuses on packing each meal with nutrients and helping you achieve your fitness goals! There are so many different meals to choose from, and a wide variety of cuisines. Comfort meals such as mashed potatoes are made healthier by swapping out traditional white potatoes with orange or even purple ones!

Photo Via Fitmeals_bali

The best part is if you’ve got a kiddo with you, then they can join in on all the meal prep fun too! The Kids School Box Plan delivers 4 meals a week in which you don’t have to worry about what to cook the little scoundrel! Save them from the inevitable junk food binge by having a ready made meal to counter their requests!

Photo Via Deryedos, Fitmeals_bali

Fit Meals by Pronoia 

Price: From Rp. 65,000 per meal (Approximately USD $4.20)
Contact: +62 821 4710 3705 (Mon – Fri 8am-5pm)
Pre-order: 12 hours in advance
How to order: Whatsapp


4. You can freeze their meals too!: Fit Solution

Meal prepping doesn’t always go according to plan, sometimes an event might come up, or maybe you get a craving for something from your favourite cafe! Whatever it is, having to say no because you’ve got a meal on the way might not sound like the best idea when it comes to flexibility. Thankfully Fit Solution gets that struggle!

Each one of their delicious and healthy meals are delivered to you in bulk and can be frozen for up to 45 days! That means that you have the ultimate choice on when you want to eat your meal, it works great for emergencies too – burnt your dinner? No problem! Pop their meal in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re all set!

Photo Via, Mich

Fit Solution

Price: From Rp. 38,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.45)
Contact: +62 811 361 0425
Pre-order: 2 – 3 days in advance
How to order: Whatsapp | Line


5. Lunch and dinner just became your favourite times of day!: Healthy Catering Bali

It’s all in the name, Healthy Catering Bali focuses on pure goodness for your body, and they do so by taking meals that you’re already familiar with and making them a little better for you! Both local and international flavours fill up the menu, so you’ll be sure to get lots of variety. Pesto Pasta one day and Chicken Satay the next? Don’t mind if I do!

Photo Via Healthycatering

Hailing from their parent company, Healthy Catering Surabaya, these people know what they’re doing so you can rest assured that your taste buds won’t suffer just for the benefit of a healthier body! Just bear in mind that they’re based in Denpasar, so delivery to Seminyak, Canggu or Kuta may cost just a little extra!

Healthy Catering Bali

Price: From Rp. 40,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.55)
Contact: +62 877 5403 7746
Pre-order: 1 day in advance
How to order: Whatsapp | Line


6. Premium, healthy, and good for the environment!: Edmongs Kitchen

Arguably, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to meal prepping services is the fact that you have to throw their containers away after you eat them! Edmongs Kitchen does away with that worry by making sure each of their meals comes in a biodegradable case so that you can throw them away with peace of mind!

Yummy meals aside, you should also definitely try one of their Chia Seed Puddings for breakfast, they’re a really good source of protein and can even help lower your cholesterol! Mamas and Papas can also rejoice at the fact that they have kiddie meals available for you to meal prep too, no more agonising over what to cook them!

Photo Via Edmongs_kitchen

Edmongs Kitchen

Price: From Rp. 40,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.55)
Contact: +62 819 9971 4384
How to order: Whatsapp


7. Authentic Mediterranean that will transport you to Italy: Nina Food Bali

Creamy pastas, and savoury quiches make up the bulk of Nina’s menu, it’s authentic, full of flavour, and completely binge worthy! While Italian food may not immediately come to your mind when you think of healthy, there are a number of ingredient swaps used that help transform a usually indulgent meal into one that’s both satisfying and good for you!

With vegan and vegetarian friendly options, these meals are for absolutely everyone, you can also choose to replace more traditional sides such as couscous with cauliflower rice! Order a whole week in advance or take things day by day and order the night before, flexibility is key here!

Nina Food Bali

Price: From Rp. 40,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.55)
Contact: +62 812 3739 3426
Pre-order: 1 day in advance
How to order: Whatsapp


8. Vegan, organic goodness for the soul: Vinny’s Warung

All my vegan buffs out there will absolutely love this catering service from Vinny’s Warung because it’s completely plant-based! While Bali is definitely vegan-friendly, having an established place that provides a week’s worth of delicious meals at an affordable price is hard to find! This is especially perfect for people who want to dip their toes into the vegan lifestyle without having the hassle of choosing what to eat or cook at home.

Their signature hashtag is #nasiislife so you can bet that the majority of their meals come packed full of delicious brown rice. While Indonesian food with a plant based twist is definitely their forte, they definitely don’t shy away from twisting international dishes; can anyone say vegan burger?

Photo Via Tastyveggiebali, Vinnyswarung, Whattoeatinbali

Vinny’s Warung

Price: From Rp. 71,000 per meal (Approximately USD $4.55)
Contact: +62 812 4696 7117
Pre-order: 1-2 days in advance
How to order: Whatsapp


9. A home-style family meal for everyone: Tante Kitchen

This little family hasn’t been sharing their recipes with the world for long, but they’ve already got raving reviews! Serving up traditional, and delicious Indonesian food, they deliver either daily or in bulk for you to freeze throughout the week! Most of their dishes consist of a nice warm fragrant broth, or a tangy curry/rendang that will keep your mouth on fire!

Photo Via Tante_kitchen

Make sure to order a side of rice if there aren’t already any carbs in the dish, trust me you’ll need it to mellow the spices and so you can truly savour the dish!

Tante Kitchen

Price: From Rp. 24,000 per meal (Approximately USD $1.55)
Contact: +62 812 3917 6446
Pre-order: 2 days in advance
How to order: Whatsapp | Facebook Messenger


10. Poke your diet into shape: Nui Bowls

Poke bowls are the best, they’re packed full of unique Hawaiian flavours and colours that’s sure to brighten up your day! Their fresh rainbow coloured bowls are so nutrient dense and will definitely fill you up easily until your next meal. Each week they come up with a new and tantalising menu, and even though it can’t be customised like their normal build-a-poke-bowl, they sound so delicious that you won’t even feel the need to customise it!

Apart from Poke Bowls, Nui Bowls also does other dishes really well too, pastas are a piece of cake for them, and you’ll find international influence in at least one of their weekly dishes so be prepared to taste the world!

Photo Via Nuibowls, Deliciousbali

Nui Bowls

Price: From Rp. 32,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.05)
Contact: +62 812 3930 7773
Pre-order: 2 days in advance
How to order: Whatsapp | Instagram DM


11. Homemade goodness from a kitchen filled with love: Yua Kitchen

While complex meals and foods can be a nice change, there’s nothing better than a quality simple meal. A really yummy omelette filled with vegetables and served with a side of potatoes, or simply a flavourful grilled chicken and delicious rainbow veg! Good food doesn’t have to be complicated!

Photo Via Yuakitchen

Yua Kitchen may not be as well known as the bigger names on this list, but what they lack in size they make up for in quality and good reviews! They even offer free delivery in the Canggu area, so if that’s where you are, you’re in luck!

Yua Kitchen

Price: From Rp. 40,000 per meal (Approximately USD $2.55)
Contact: +62 853 7734 6185
Pre-order: 1 day in advance
How to order: Whatsapp


Special Mentions

1. Whatever health concern you may struggle with, they’ll have you covered: Motion Cafe

These days there are a whole range of different diets that you can follow, some may be purely for what you perceive to be healthier, whilst others may be for genuine health reasons! Motion cafe has an extensive catalogue of meal plans, from the Keto and Paleo diets to a diet that helps reduce and deal with the effects of Candida! They are extremely reputable, made fresh every time, are completely organic and has no refined sugar in it at all!

Photo Via Motioncafe

What’s great about Motion Cafe’s meal plans is they are also great for those fitness enthusiasts that have specific goals. The Gainer meal plan enhances muscle recovery and growth, as well as giving the proper amount of complex carbs and nutrients to keep you healthy, whereas their Protein plan is perfect to keep hunger pangs at bay whilst you shred! Take control of your diet now!

Photo Via Motioncafe, Mindfoodsteph

Motion Cafe

Price: From 130,000 per meal (Approximately USD $8.35)
Contact: +62 877 1630 0097
Pre-order: 2 days in advance
How to order: Whatsapp


2. Customise your goals and curate your dreams: Macro Kitchen

If you’ve got a little extra dough to spare and you really want to take your diet to the next level, why not get your meal plan designed and tailored to your specific macro needs for your specific goals! Macro Kitchen has three different categories of goals which they lean into: strength, health, and performance! You may notice that none of these focus particularly on weight, because they focus on health first!

Get all the required nutrients you need daily with three fully catered meals each day to help take your health goals to the next level! If you choose to take a monthly package, you also get a free nutrition consultation with one of their experts!

Photo Via Mb_performancecoach, Macrokitchen, Justin_888

Macro Kitchen

Price: From Rp. 115,000 per meal (Approximately USD $7.40)
Contact: +62 877 1630 0097
Pre-order: Consultations on Monday + 2-3 days to come up with the plan
How to order: Website | Instagram


3. Give your immune system a kick: Safe Kitchen

It’s become more relevant recently to keep your immune system in check, and the best way to do so is start with your gut! The food that you put into your body is ultimately the best medicine, and making sure that your food is also prepared in the safest, cleanest way is also of utmost importance!

As well as being the experts at handling your food hygienically, Safe Kitchen also has a refreshing variety of meals on their menu, from Taco Tuesdays to spicy Cauliflower Sweet Potato Dahl, the options are delicious and ones that you definitely won’t get bored of. Opt to include one of In The Raw’s yummy, healthy juices for a true boost!

Photo Via Safekitchenbali

Safe Kitchen 

Price: From Rp. 100,000 per meal (Approximately USD $6.45)
Contact: +62 813 3855 7592
Pre-order: 2 days in advance (by 12pm)
How to order: Website


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