Bali is the quintessential paradise that seems to have a little something for everyone. There are killer waves for the surfers, romantic hideaways for the couples and hours of fun for the kiddos, too.

After visiting the Mulia Bali in Nusa Dua (the beachy paradise in Bali), we’re definitely adding foodies to that list of happy campers as well.

Located in the luxe neighborhood of Nusa Dua, Mulia Bali is a gorgeous five-star resort where the restaurants will seriously tempt your taste buds.


Photo via chiaraferragni

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From fresh sushi to endless dim sum and an entire room dedicated just to desserts – Mulia is guaranteed to deliver you into a heavenly food coma.

If you’re like us and love feasting your way through an incredible (and super instagrammable) vacation…

Bring your appetite and don’t forget your camera – besides treating you to culinary perfection, these delicious venues offer some seriously mouthwatering photo-ops.

1. Have you heard of its iconic Sunday Brunch? – Soleil

When it comes to wrapping up the week in style, the Sunday Brunch at Soleil is the stuff of legends.


Soleil sits perfectly positioned facing Mulia Bali’s iconic oceanfront pool and specialises in Mediterranean and Pan Asian cuisine. (Though we think it might be easier to list what this royal weekend feast doesn’t include than what is actually available!)

The beautifully laid out buffet spread is so extensive that it’s a good idea to make a game plan beforehand – so you get a chance to sample a little bit of everything.

What to expect?

1-2-fruit, meat

First, we dove into classic brunch fare: hot-from-the-oven croissants, cured meats and fresh exotic fruits.

Next it was time to sample some Mediterranean favourites – nothing like starting your Sunday with a bit of foie gras and ravioli. Raiding the sushi and sashimi table is an absolute must, while the grilled seafood was simply to die for too!

1-3-ravioli via TripCanvas, celinemintura

Photo via TripCanvas, celinemintura

1-4-shashimi, sushi

As if the buffet spread and the live cooking stations weren’t enough, at regular intervals, one of the Chef’s daily selections was delivered to our table. This added a fun element of surprise into our epic dining experience.

1-5-mulia-seafood-via-arinanustajeva, heathalanray, TripCanvas

Photo via arinanustajeva, heathalanray, TripCanvas

1-6-live-cooking collage

After seeing all the food on offer, you might think you’re all set, but pace yourself – there’s still the dessert section to get through!


Desserts available too!

Take your pick from a heavenly assortment of sweet things ranging from strawberry tart to cupcakes and from rainbow layer cake to crème brûlée.

1-8 mulia cake via bellyyummy, blackmentosbeautybox, TripCanvas

The real showstopper here is the nitrogen frozen ice cream which is made to order in a real show of smoke and mirrors and finally topped off with fresh fruit!

Video by mrs_nanalu_

Additional tips:

1. You can have your cake and drink wine too, by opting for the brunch package inclusive of free-flow drinks. (An alcohol-free brunch is available too!)


Photo via TripCanvas

2. Sunday Brunch at Soleil is extremely popular and booking ahead is advised.

Other words of advice: Take your time, save room for dessert and definitely wear your stretchy pants!

Visiting Soleil

Opening hours: 7 am – 11 am (Breakfast); 11 am – 5 pm (Lunch); 5 pm – 10.30 pm (Dinner); 11 am – 3 pm (Sunday Brunch)
: +62 361 3017777
Email[email protected]


2. Indulge in high-tea heaven – Mulia Deli, The Bar

Nothing says luxurious leisure quite like enjoying a personalised tea service at a five-star resort complete with five-star views.

Tea time at Mulia has been carefully designed to delight all five senses.

Take your pick from the epic desserts available at the adorable Mulia Deli and head to Mulia Lake, where you can enjoy your sweet snacks with the gorgeously decadent view.

Or go full throttle by opting for the decadent afternoon tea available at the lavish Bar.

2-a)  Sample sweet treats like never before – Mulia Deli


Cupcakes and ice creams and macaroons, oh my!

Stepping through the doors of the pastel-hued Mulia Deli feels like stumbling into a chic Parisian patisserie with exquisite desserts to match the powder-pink walls.

Simply put: if like us, you have been diagnosed with an insatiable sweet tooth, you will love this place.

Nothing but dainty confections

2-a-2-mulia-deli-ice-cream-via-TripCanvas, sdianata

We could have easily spent hours just admiring all the cakes, pastries and cookies on offer at the Deli.

There are dainty confections, juicy donuts and ice cream in countless flavours. We were particularly charmed by the pink guava cheesecake, which offers a refreshingly tropical take on the classic dessert.

One for the macaroon lovers!


The chic macaroons, which come in some 20 different colours and flavours, are just waiting to be Instagrammed!

After careful consideration, we chose honeydew, peanut butter and salty caramel as our favourites of the bunch.

Somewhere in between the chocolate sponge cake and the black forest coupe, we spotted some designer handbags that made us do a double take – at closer inspection they turned out to be cakes!


Photo via TripCanvas

2-a-5-mulia deli-pink guava cheesecake via stacysandrato

Photo via stacysandrato

PS: Iconic Chanel and Hermes bags are already on display, but if you want to stand out from the crowd – choose your own favourite it-bag and have it transformed into a custom-made cake as well.

Additional tips:

1. Take your decadent escape to the extreme by picking up a box of the exquisite avant garde éclairs – and head towards the pool to snap photos that are bound to leave everyone back home feeling jealous!
2. If you’re feeling generous, Mulia Deli is also great place for picking up sweet souvenirs to bring home with you.
3. To get a taste of the sweet life, check out Mulia Deli’s yummy Instagram account!

Visiting Mulia Deli

Opening hours: 8 am – 10 pm
: +62-361 301 7777
Email: [email protected]


2-b) Tea time is every Instagrammer’s dream! – The Bar

The decadent afternoon tea at The Bar is every Instagrammer’s dream come true. Served on a classic three-tiered cake stand, the tea service has some serious Alice in Wonderland appeal, and we just couldn’t stop snapping photos!

Our lavish afternoon tea was served in a chill lounge overlooking Mulia’s freshwater lake – a setting that feels about a million miles away from the hectic traffic of central Bali.

2-b-1-the-bar-afternoon-tea collage-via-esnoraine

Photo by Esnoraine

What to expect?

The tea service includes free-flow tea, coffee or hot chocolate, a choice between a classic and Indonesian tea service, some savory tapas and last but not least, unlimited access to The Cafe’s legendary Dessert Room!

2-b-2 DSCF6196

Feeling torn between the classic and the Indonesian option, we decided to try both.

The classic tea service offers all the decadent staples of high tea: scones with whipped cream, fluffy cream puffs, chic cake pops and sophisticated canapés. We were completely won over by the whimsical sugar-frosted cookies shaped like handbags and high heels!

The Indonesian option, on the other hand, is a good way to sample some local delicacies and to enjoy a bit more of the savoury stuff, with treats ranging from lumpia to lemper ayam all the way to the deliciously layered kue lapis, all artfully wrapped in banana leaf.

2-b-3 DSCF6247 collage

Don’t forget The Dessert Room!

After we had finished eating our way through all three tiers of both stands and snacked on some spicy tapas, it was time for a trip to the Dessert Room!


The all-you-can-eat access to countless pastries, ice cream, cupcakes, and an actual chocolate fountain resulted in a thrilling sugar rush!

fountain-via bamshermy

Gif by bamshermy

Additional tips:

Afternoon tea (and desserts) are also available at the scenic Cascade lounge, complete with awesome views of the Indian Ocean!

Visiting The Bar

Opening hours: 11 am – 1 am (Snacks); 3 pm – 6 pm (High Tea)
: +62-361 301 7777
Email[email protected]


3. Experience an incredible Chinese tea ceremony – Table8

At the opulent Table8, it’s all about having a dinner and a show! Serving fine Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine, the restaurant excels in bringing you an authentic taste of China.

3-1 table 8 2

This is reflected in the décor as well with porcelain pagodas and dramatic partition walls creating a stylish sense of drama.

What to expect?

It was a real treat to be able to order a steaming pot of sapo only to have the hearty clay pot delivered to our table, prepared specially for us.

3-2-table 8-sapo-via chenliie, TripCanvas

Most of the food at Table8 is cooked live upon ordering – a treat to the eyes as well your taste buds.

The staff guided us through the many varieties of noodles and fresh seafood on offer. We felt particularly grateful that they suggested we try the succulent black pepper beef cubes, which simply melt in your mouth.


Photo via TripCanvas

There’s Dim Sum too!

You could easily fill up on the restaurant’s delicious dim sum alone, as there are a whopping 15 different varieties to choose from.

3-4-table 8-golden sauce bun-via widwijaya, laurentius_pras, chenliie

We loved the golden sauce bun, which is a little bit sweet, a little bit salty and irresistibly delicious.

After feasting on fine Chinese cuisine, it was to finish the meal with something sweet and luckily, we still had a little room left! The buffet includes a matching dessert section with light, sweet treats including coconut pudding, ice cream and sunflower pudding.

Additional tips:

The real wow-factor at Table8 that you definitely need to try is the kung fu inspired tea ceremony.

Video by marcella_music

At Table8, the water is poured by a tea master, whose execution and precision bring to mind a sage kung fu master. When you see him heading towards your table, make sure to have your camera at the ready!

Visiting Table8

Opening hours: 8 am – 11 am (Sunday Dim Sum); 12 noon – 3 pm (Lunch); 6 pm – 11pm (Dinner)
: +62-361 301 7777
Email[email protected]


4. Experience live cooking at the Teppanyaki Buffet – Edogin

Sample a taste of Japan at the sleek and sophisticated Edogin. The restaurant offers a mouthwatering variety of sushi and sashimi – and you can be sure that it’s fresh-as-can-be as new ingredients are imported daily.

4-1 sashimi via lindaaaks, gayatrixlw

Photo via lindaaaks, gayatrixlw

The reason most people flock to Edogin is the elaborate Teppanyaki buffet which is available every week from Thursday to Saturday.

What to expect?

Teppanyaki cuisine is all about the pizzas: the sizzle of the woks, the tempting fragrances rising from the pans, the elaborate movements of the chefs, the feast of flavours on your plate… and of course, fine meats.


At Edogin, you can take your pick from prime meats, fresh seafood and crunchy veggies with everything prepared fresh upon ordering, right before your eyes.

Will you opt for the live Canadian lobster or relish the Japanese Wagyu beef instead?

4-3 udang by edogin via dannysasmitasetiawan, rvaren, _lu_da, evelynsan1003

Photo via dannysasmitasetiawan, rvaren, lu da, evelynsan1003

Try the Waterfall Somen Noodles!

Besides the Teppanyaki extravaganza, Edogin’s waterfall somen noodles are not to be missed – these cascading noodles are as pretty as they are delicious. Wash it all down with the restaurant’s signature sake mojito!

4-4 via ms.eatss

Photo via ms.eatss

Additional tips:

The restaurant also has an epic dessert section, where the impressive ice cream display offers the perfect finish to an elaborate Japanese feast!

Visiting Edogin

Opening hours: 11 am – 11 pm (A la Carte); 6 pm – 11 pm (Weekend Teppanyaki Buffet)
: +62-361 301 7777
Email[email protected]


5. Mouthwatering seafood or delectable desserts? – The Cafe, Dessert Room

The Cafe and the Dessert Room are a match made in foodie heaven. The two sister venues offer sweet and savory treats from across the globe.

Fresh ingredients, impeccable presentation and service with a smile make this one of the most sought-after buffets in Bali.

After you’ve had enough of the fresh sushi, spicy gado-gado and everything in between at The Cafe, head over to the legendary Dessert Room and satisfy your sweet tooth for good!

5-a) Enjoy a cosmopolitan seafood extravaganza – The Cafe

Get ready to dine your way across the globe! The buffet at The Cafe will take you on a culinary journey covering some of the most delicious foods on the planet.


Photo via lamiel lim

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Cafe is the perfect place for indulging in all of your favourite foods, all in one go!

Cuisines: Japanese, European, Indian and more!


We started our dining adventure at the Japanese station, where we were treated to a staggeringly lavish selection of fresher-than-fresh seafood, sushi and sashimi.

5-a-3 the cafe-seafood-via bintangrizanda

Photo via bintangrizanda

Next, we headed over to Europe, where we opted for Hungarian beef tenderloin and fresh water prawns with herb garlic butter.

5-a-4-Tiger-prawn-via-theresiaelenarivai, emilsnaps, geomsaek

Photo via theresiaelenarivai, emilsnaps, geomsaek

The spicy Indian food including lamb kadai and chicken masala was delicious, but for us, the show was stolen by the mouth-wateringly cheesy naan bread, which comes with a side of condensed milk. We just couldn’t get enough of this dish!

5-a-5 cheese naan via irrasistible, vedadku

Photo via irrasistible, vedadku

Though it’s a buffet, many of the dishes are made to order at live cooking stations. You can watch yummy Korean barbeque being prepared right before your eyes.

Our favourite display was the Indonesian gado-gado, where the rich peanut sauce was prepared from scratch in a giant mortar.


As we stood waiting for our dish, a small crowd gathered around us just to watch the magic happen!

Additional tips:

Great news if you are travelling with little ones as kiddos dine for free!

Visiting The Cafe

Opening hours: 7 am – 11 am (Breakfast); 12 noon – 3 pm (Lunch); 6 pm – 11 pm (Dinner)
: +62-361 301 7777
Email[email protected]


5-b) It’s a sweet tooth paradise! – Dessert Room

To sum up a visit to the Dessert Room: You’ll think you’ve died and gone to dessert heaven. The place really is just what the name suggests – an entire room dedicated to the sweet stuff. And it’s all yours for the taking!

Who can resist a chocolate waterfall?

5-b-1 mulia the cafe

The room is dominated by a cascading chocolate waterfall with fresh fruit and marshmallows yours for the dipping.

Try your luck at the ice cream wheel of fortune – spin the wheel and pick your favourite from the daily selection of tempting flavours. Maybe a little mango passion fruit sorbet with a side of salted caramel brownie?

5-b-3 collage

After we had piled our plates sky-high with cupcakes and donuts galore and felt convinced that things really couldn’t get any better… they did.

Make sure to check out the patisserie room!

As it turns out, the Dessert Room is in fact, two rooms!

5-b-4 dessert room at the cafe via anirathack

In the adjoining room, we discovered nothing short of patisserie perfection.

We drooled over the coffee panna cotta, peach bavarian, caramel cheesecake and coconut mango mousse only to discover that all of this was included in the all-you-can-eat as well!

Additional tips:

Our recommendation for The Cafe is to come with an empty stomach, bring your A-game – and prepare to be swept into a global culinary bliss!

Visiting The Cafe

Opening hours: 7 am – 11 am (Breakfast); 12 noon – 3 pm (Lunch); 6 pm – 11 pm (Dinner)
: +62-361 301 7777
Email[email protected]


Interested in hearing more about the staying experience in Mulia?

1. Choose from the lovely rooms & villas available

When it comes to choosing your abode, Mulia is in fact three destinations wrapped into one exquisite package: The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Mulia Villas.

The Mulia offers all-suite accommodation, while the Mulia Resort has exquisite suites and rooms. Tucked into the hills surrounding the resort, Mulia Villas is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bit of added privacy or simply want the added option of luxuriating in your own private pool.

6-1 mulia villa via chiaraferragni, TripCanvas

Photo via chiaraferragni, TripCanvas

All rooms and suites feature dream-soft beds, lavish bathtubs and impeccable five-star design. When it comes to views and extra features, you can choose the room which most tickles your fancy.

6-2 IMG_4223

That being said, we also have a soft spot for the Lagoon Rooms, where you have direct poolside access from your very own private terrace!

6-3 lagoon room collage

2. Jump into the gorgeous swimming pools & beach

There are a whopping six swimming pools at Mulia and each one of them is so photogenic that if you’re visiting the resort just for brunch or dinner, it’s worth it to arrive early just so you can walk around and snap some photos!


Our favourite is the iconic Oasis beachfront pool, which is lined by Mulia’s signature Greek-inspired statues (and features a swim-up bar for those who stay here!) – meaning you can sip a cold drink and enjoy views of the ocean and the clear blue waters of the pool.

7-3-ocean-pool-bar-via-louisewuu, mischmashmikka

Photo via louisewuu, mischmashmikka

In addition to the beautiful pools, Mulia boasts an absolute beachfront location. The resort’s stunning stretch of beach has fine white sand and gentle waters perfect splashing around safely. Facing east, the beach is ideally positioned for taking in a stunning sunrise over the ocean as local fishermen wade in the shallow waters.


3. Don’t forget to try the spa – Mulia Spa

No visit to Bali is complete without a trip to the spa and for this, Mulia has the perfect answer. Mulia Spa has an extensive list of luxurious treatments ranging from Ayurvedic treatments to pampering massages, all the way to healing crystals.

8-1 via-nadiabartel, laurenmkita, lmcharleshuang

Photo via nadiabartel, laurenmkita, lmcharleshuang

In addition to the soothing treatment rooms, the lavish salon and healing hydrotherapy pools, the spa houses a Finnish sauna and its polar opposite – literally. Mulia’s Ice Room is the first one of its kind in Pacific Asia with a consistent temperature of a frosty -1 Celsius. If you’ve suffered sunburn in the scotching Bali sun, this place is pure bliss.

8-2 ice room

Last but not least, Mulia features an immaculately well-equipped gym free for the guests’ use – because hey, you have to balance out all that food somehow, right?

And there you have it – our top picks of the culinary delights of Mulia! Which one would like to try out first?

Staying at Mulia Resort – Nusa Dua Bali

Location: Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Kawasan Sawangan, Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia 80363
Contact: +62 361 3017777
Email[email protected]

Check best available rate 

Comment and share with us your experiences if you planning to stay or have stayed here before and we will PM you a special offer for this hotel!

This post was made possible by Mulia Resort – Nusa Dua Bali. All other pictures not credited commissioned by TripCanvas.

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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