Getting married in Bali has always been every girl’s dream. Celebrities like Sammi Cheng, Vivian Hsu have done it; ditto many romantic couples who want to have THE wedding of the century.

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But cliffside weddings (where you literally say your vows on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean) are getting overrated.

Now, Bali’s wedding business have gone under –

We mean underwater!

Have you ever seen some rare wedding shots taken in the crystal clear blue lagoons of Bali? It’s not impossible – we have a simple seven-step guide to getting hitched under the sea.

So take a deep breath, and here we go!

Step 1: Find A Tropical Ocean Lover

Don’t underestimate how hard this is, ladies and gentlemen!

The first step in living your dream of having that very special underwater wedding is finding someone who is as excited about it as you are.


If you’re already in a relationship, convince your significant other that having your wedding underwater is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I mean, who among your friends and family has done it before? Any other form of wedding on land in Bali pales in comparison.

If you’re still single, don’t worry! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and you just need to eye that hunk or babe who looks like he or she belongs in the water.

Step 2: Get Certified

The greatest preparation you need for your underwater wedding is that you must be dive certified.

If you want to do only a basic introductory dive course, you can still have your wedding underwater, but it will have to be in a pool. A more advanced course is required if you want to marry in the ocean.

Of course, you can consider this a way to learn a new skill, as there’s no course that only prepares you for an underwater wedding!

snape approves gifsforum

Snape certifies

In Bali, there are a wide range of dive schools to choose from in preparation for an open water wedding, and one of the most suitable schools would probably be the Bali International Diving Professionals, which also run underwater wedding packages.

Step 3: Plan Your Ceremony

Naturally, an underwater wedding ceremony will likely be different from the traditional one.

You won’t be able to invite many guests, apart from two people to witness the marriage as well as the officiator.


Anyone can be a witness, including dive instructors if your friends can’t dive. Of course, other guests can wait on a boat, and a videographer can be present to capture the moment for everyone!

It may be a little tricky to kiss while wearing a scuba mask though, so you may need a little bit of practice beforehand!


Image credit: Studio Impressions

Step 4: Get Your Wedding Dress

This must be all future brides’ main worry, but fret not, just because you’re underwater doesn’t mean you can’t wear your wedding dress!

Of course, long bridal trains are definitely out, as are veils and gloves. When you’re looking for a dress, remember that it needs to be easy to move around in and compatible with the scuba equipment you’ll be wearing.


If you want something expensive, remember that silk and salt water don’t mix, and that diving in a silk dress will likely ruin it.

So consider getting a cheaper and simpler dress to dive in, and choose something more stunning for your wedding reception ( that’s on land) instead.

Step 5: Get A Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Ladies, this is a legitimate concern.



If you are afraid you might look unglamorous in all your scuba gear, consider hiring an underwater photographer to get some pre-dive wedding images of both of you dressed up in the water somewhere shallow and safe!


There you go – who says you can’t be underwater yet looking gorgeous at the same time?

Image credit:

Step 6: Know the Rules

Though you’re only scuba diving for your wedding ceremony, it’s still not an activity to be taken lightly.

There are rules for diving that you’ll need to keep in mind, such as not drinking alcohol. On no circumstances can you dive after you’ve been drinking, even if it’s only a small amount.

no alcohol

Ok, alcoholic, you can drink after the photoshoot

Most underwater weddings in Bali allow you to choose if you want a second dive after the wedding ceremony or a boat tour to see some sights.

If you choose the boat trip, you can drink and enjoy the evening, but if you want to dive you’ll have to hold off on celebrating with champagne until you’re back onshore.

Step 7: Do The Math

After reading through all the procedures just to marry underwater, are you nervous about the budget?

Underwater wedding packages, which include the cost of the dives, the ceremony, officiant, reception and accommodation for the couple come in between USD$8,000 to $9,000.

Optional extras include underwater photographers and videographers for around USD$400 to $700 depending on your needs.

Of course, if you aren’t certified, an open water certification required for the wedding costs about USD$500 each.

So in reality, the costs are comparable to a wedding on land, and cheaper than in many Western countries, actually.

he did the math

He did the math

And if you aren’t afraid of water and want a unique wedding, why not give this a shot?

Was our advice useful? Let us know if we’ve missed out any information or if you have any questions!

Photos and gifs via exoticindianweddings,, Gifak-net

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