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Co-written by Dawn Pillay, Cisca Lim

Tired of all the surfing, snorkelling and touristy resorts in Bali?

Are you craving for your own quiet little corner where you can watch the world go by?

That’s entire possible.

Don’t be surprised – Bali has its own share of unique cafes that offer amazing views and cosy corners where you can read, have an afternoon tea or simply people-watch. Here’s 28 hidden gems you may not know about:

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14. More than just Macarons – Lesica Bali

Whether it’s date night, or a dinner with the family, Lesica Bali has a smorgasbord of delights ready for you.

Photo via Shinta Gunadi
Photo via Riosebastian, Maiasadipun

For dessert, you simply have to try their 18 flavours of sweet and savoury Macarons, 16 different Cupcakes, and 8 Mille Crepes! There’s even the Mousse cake, and sweet pizzas – bringing the pizza game to a whole other level. Of course, there are classic cakes like Tiramisu too.

Photo via Lesica Kartel, Widwijaya

Whether its desserts first, or food, you’ll be happy to know that both traditional delicacies such as Rujak, and comfort food like pastas are available.

For all day breakfast, dig into your choice of Red Velvet Pancake, or a Healthy Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl.

Photo via yerdiansha

For lunch and dinner, consider the Pasta Garuk (Angel hair pasta with mushrooms and spicy prawns), Balinese Dory Fried Rice, Balinese Pizza, or Ayam Sayer Kriuk.

And after, wash it all down with your choice of TWG Tea, a coffee, or Su-Mi-Co (milk with mint and chocolate)

This bakery and restaurant not only serves delicacies and delicious food, they also have an outdoor seating area called Kartel, which offers live music every Wednesday and Saturday, and a street magician every Sunday. How’s that for entertainment on top of everything else!

Photo via wedyprayitnam, ayuanggunn

Lesica Bali

Price: Rp. 15,000 – Rp. 85,000 (Approximately USD $1.06 – $22.80)
Address: Jl. Teuku Umar No.35X, Denpasar, Bali 80231. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 10 am – 11 pm
Contact: +62 361 227 022; +62 361 239 767


15. Modern meets classy bar-cafe: The Junction House

Previously known as the Junction Seminyak, this trendy cafe has since been rebranded with a whole new building and colourful tropical vibes.

Photo Via Faizulm5zul, Monitapramelia

Stepping into this cheerful two-storey bar-cafe almost makes you feel entirely at home, where you can sit quietly with your book by the tall windows where sunlight streams in – the perfect way to spend an afternoon in trendy Seminyak!

Photo Via Ferinadia, Sharonlohh

And when you feel re-energised, just turn the corner and you’ll be walking along Jalan Kayu Aya, one of Seminyak’s bustling shopping streets!

P.S. Try their well-loved Tuna Tataki (half-raw pepper grilled tuna, grilled vegetables and red paprika coulis) and Chicken Salad!

The Junction House

Price: Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $2.13 – $10.63)
Address: Jl. Kayu Aya No.3, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7 am – 12 am
Contact: +62 361 735 610


16. Dine in a living art gallery – Batik Restaurant

Ever wanted to learn about batik culture in a fun and interactive way? How about dining in a batik-filled restaurant that comes with mini batik tours?

Photo via Baliinteriors

Here, the interior is decorated with both historical and modern elements, with batik in every corner, designed to educate diners about the cultural heritage of batik and its uses.

Photo via Diahmaharini

And of course, tasting local cuisine is a form of appreciation of local culture, so how can you not come for lunch or dinner? Time to try something a little more exotic – Rawon Sapi ala Batik (black beef soup with turnip, lemongrass and ginger), under the lovely lanterns!

Photo via Takenbyliamneeson, Soulsurf_sally, Jjjing__, Thefoodmaestro

After your meal, take your time to admire the traditional art all around you. Upon request, the staff will take you on a mini tour to show you all the various steps of batik-making, from waxing to dyeing.

Notice the batik stairs that show the 23 Indonesian centres of batik production!

Photo via Stephaniefaustinee, Stellakamajaya

And if you’ve always thought batik is just an old traditional form of art, you’re wrong! You can incorporate the art of batik into modern art too, and of course modern dresses.

Photo via Diahsinthia,Kristinesingh

Batik Restaurant

Price: From Rp. 50,000 – Rp. 175,000 (Approximately USD $3.57 – $12.50)
Address: Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 11 am – 11 pm
Contact: +62 361 735 171


17. Go all Mexican: Motel Mexicola

Stepping into this hip new establishment in Seminyak feels like walking into a Quentin Tarantino movie set.

Motel Mexicola

Decked out with melted candles, crucifixes, cacti and coloured tiled table tops, you’d almost think you were in Mexico.

Motel Mexicola
Photo via Bali Pixtura

What’s more, Australian owner Adrian Reed has been putting in extra attention to recreate the 1960s Acapulco ambience with various quirky decorative items, ranging from random pictures of Mexican wrestlers to the Mexican Dia de Muertos (day of the dead) holiday artifacts.

Motel Mexicola

It’s kitschy laid back fun during the day, and crazy psychedelic cool during the night.

If you’re not sure what to order, we recommend their churros – many have raved about it too!

Motel Mexicola Photo collage
Motel Mexicola

Price: Food from Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 200,000 (Approximately USD $2.14 – $14.27); Drinks from Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $2.14 – $10.70)
Address: Jl. Kayujati No.9X, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 11 am – 1 am
Contact: +62 361 736 688


18. Hidden in the plain sight, with the best coffee available – Revolver Espresso


We stumbled on this cafe by chance, while we were browsing in a clothes boutique and smelled the fragrant smell of coffee.

Photo via Revolverespresso, Wethefoodies

Needless to say, we followed our noses to the backdoor of the boutique, and that’s where we found it – Revolver Espresso.

Photo via Revolverespresso, Mrspompous
Photo via Ladydrewniak

A chic space with a hint of the slightly eccentric with a mishmash of unexpectedly cool signs and pillows, and the signature table filled with currency from all over the world – we loved it so much!

Photo via Herliis,Alba_niubo

Feeling a little like home away from home, the staff were like family – super attentive and best of all, passionate about coffee.

“How strong do you want your coffee?”

“Very strong”

“Very good!”

Photo via Ernandaputra

Unsurprisingly, Revolver Espresso is already pretty well known for their delectable coffee.

Photo via Cmarco

Sourcing only the best beans from the best farmers in the world, and then roasting and blending in Bali to deliver it fresh to us – Revolver Espresso’s coffee tastes like that one day in Bali, full of adventure and delicious surprises.

P.S.: They also offer food here, and you can even enjoy some cocktails at their new bar!

Photo via Noviaelita,Revolverespresso

Revolver Espresso

Price: Food from Rp. 45,000 – Rp. 120,000 (Approximately USD $3.21 – $8.56); Drinks from Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 49,000 (Approximately USD $1.78 – $3.50)
Address: Jl. Kayu Aya No.3 (Gang 51), Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7 am – 11 pm
Contact: +62 851 0244 4468


19. More than just a french bistro with delectable desserts! – Kebun Bistro

Also known as Garden Bistro, Kebun Bistro is a delightful little French bistro situated in Ubud. Serving Mediterranean food, diners often pop in for brunch, dinner, drinks and even some late night nibbles.

Photo via Kebun-Bistro

With its quaint French décor, dining at Kebun Bistro often feels like you’ve transported into yet another mysterious rabbit hole (or one of Ubud’s many surprising finds).

Photo via Kebun-Bistro

The extensive menu offers bites from escargot and yummy Arancini Balls, to Tapas and Moroccan Lamb Shank. Depending on what you’re craving for, check the menus on the website for lunch, brunch, dinner and dessert to see what else is available before heading down!

With delectable desserts like Tarte au Citron Meringue, homemade sorbet and so much more, you know you’re in for the sweetest time at Kebun Bistro.

Photo via Matildalovgren

Kebun Bistro

Price: Mains from Rp. 35,000 – Rp. 180,000 (Approximately USD $2.50 – $12.84); Drinks from Rp. 17,000 – Rp. 105,000 (Approximately USD $1.21 – $7.49)
Address: Jl. Hanoman No.44, Ubud, Bali 80571. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 11 am – 11 pm
Contact: +62 361 972 490; +62 817 7007 7333


20. Grab a cuppa and choose from quirky baked delights – Living Stone Bakery

“Where people can commune daily over fresh baked goods, a cup of good coffee, and a warm homey breakfast.”

Photo via Livingstonebakery

Another incredibly photogenic café with delicious food and quirky baked goodies (Even Jessica Yamada from loves the watermelon bread!) – a trip to Living Stone is bound to make your day.

Photo via Ellejess

With many lovely spots around the lofty 2-storey building (beautiful spots both inside and out!) – settle in with a coffee, a good book, your choice of baked goodie, and you’re all set for the day.
Photo via Coffeeteatravels.Wordpress

Whether you’re here to read, or here for brunch with friends, Living Stone’s picturesque setup is great for those chill days where there’s nothing to do but sit back and relax.

Photo via Livingstonebakery

P.S.: Try their fruit coffees when you’re here! Strawberry coffee, orange coffee, and even an avocado coffee. They sound simply delicious. Don’t miss their new crunchy croissants too, which are super popular!

Photo via Livingstonebakery

If you are bored, head to the newly opened BURO Bali retail concept store at level 2, where you can see an array of products, from clothing, accessories to homeware!

Photo via Aharisafandi

Living Stone Bakery

Price: Mains from Rp. 40,000 – Rp. 195,000 (Approximately USD $2.85 – $13.91); Drinks from Rp. 22,000 – Rp. 40.000 (Approximately USD $1.57 – $2.85)
Address: Jl. Petitenget No.88X, Kerobokan, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7 am – 10 pm
Contact: +62 361 473 5949


21. Not a circus on the sea, but an equally whimsical café – Sea Circus

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

This seems to be the theme at Sea Circus with its surprising juxtaposition of characteristics. From its name, to the décor (even in the bathrooms!) Sea Circus is a really interesting café to wander into on any afternoon.

Photo via Nissolasido

And despite its whimsical name, it’s not actually a circus on the sea, but a restaurant/cocktail bar/coffee den.

Photo via Z_chong,

What you can expect to find here? “Proper coffee, epic breakfast, kicking cocktails, yummy tapas, stylish décor, mega playlists, pumping parties.” There’s even a great wine list for the wine lovers!

Photo via Sophiecox_

There’s even a ‘market corner’ where you may pick up the cutest, dreamiest prints to decorate your home with. (Personally, I’m definitely going to pick up the “I’m off to join the circus” print the next time I’m there! ♥.♥)

Photo via Eybeewanderlust,Seacircusbali.bigcartel
Photo via Wanderloveworld

There’s much in store for you at Sea Circus, and if you think photos taken at the Sea Circus in the day are instagram-worthy – wait till it’s dark out and the place gets really magical.

Photo via Anngerlizhng,Ammlyh
Photo via Shafiyanibunny

Sea Circus

Price: Mains from Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 185,000 (Approximately USD $2.08 – $12.84); Drinks from Rp. 18,000 – Rp. 140,000 (Approximately USD $1.25 – $9.72)
Address: Jl. Kayu Aya No.22, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7.30 am – 12 am
Contact: +62 361 738 667


22. Of nature and vintage: La Favela

This little hidden gem is not easy to find, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Photo via: paulathomson

Snuggled between a surf shop and a restaurant, its presence is only announced on a simple neon signage. The place resembles an abandoned colonial building at the edge of a Brazilian rainforest, with antique typewriters, old bikes, and even a vintage volkswagen strewn across the dark wood interiors. Plants also appear to be growing everywhere as mother nature takes over.

Photo via Herna J C Pardede

“La Favela is the ghetto – it means “community”, so here you can find different ambience, different concepts between all the people. But everything is made with love,” says the owner Luigi Ferrara (the same guy who owns La Plancha, which is also a rooftop bar, together with his brother Gonzalo).

The place transforms into a dance club with live music from 11pm onwards!

Photo via helloravinda
Photo via sannysannysannysanny
Photo via cthamrin, depik
La Favela

Price: From Rp. 50,000 – Rp. 160,000 (Approximately USD $3.57 – $11.41)
Address: Jalan Kayu Aya No.177X, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 5 pm – 3 am
Contact: +62 818 0210 0010


23. It’s like dining in a magazine spread with delicious food! – Grocer and Grind

Having been around for 9 years, and with 4 equally stunning outlets spread across Bali – Grocer and Grind mixes good coffee and great food with interiors coming straight out of a design magazine.

A dash of minimalist chic with timber accents, and a sprinkle of funky art prints and interesting wallpaper, Grocer and Grind gives you the perfect space to instagram away.


Enough about the décor, you’ll be happy to know that Grocer & Grind is famous for their daily roasted organic coffee and delicious breakfasts!

They have menus available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – as well as menus for pizzas, desserts, and a dedicated sundae menu. (Ice cream should definitely be included as a major meal of the day. ;P)

In the menus, you’ll find truly enticing range of dishes from smoked salmon pancakes to lamb wraps and more.


Last but not least, cocktails, wines and spirits are available all day so you can get a drink whenever you want. Go grab one of those refreshing cocktail jugs!

Grocer and Grind

Price: From Rp. 64,000 – Rp. 165,000 (Approximately USD $4.56 – $11.77)
Address: Jl. Kayu Jati No.3x, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7 am – 10 pm
Contact: +62 361 730 418


24. Take a ride on the quaint old-school carriage  – Betelnut Cafe

Located in Canggu, Betelnut Café is well known for their really tasty menus that are not only delicious, but are healthy and good for the body as well.

Photo via Jaderodway

While Betelnut Café isn’t as polished as the usually sophisticated cafes around, the lush rice paddy and homey double-story thatch bungalow make a great backdrop for that perfect addition to your Insta-gallery.

Photo via Wunderklee,Rinaprabandari

Apart from the famously tasty food, make sure to take photos at the super quaint area just before you head up the stairs to the breezy mezzanine. Sit on the old school carriage and snap a shot, before heading up to get a good view of the grounds below.

Photo via 69dad,Bossladybali

Next, the famous Naga Bowl breakfast is an absolute hit with everyone who’s in the know – and if you’re into healthy eating, you definitely won’t want to miss this. It’s filled with nothing but the best! Banana, dragonfruit, yoghurt puree, and sprinkled with cashews, shredded coconut, granola and other fruits.

If not, you might just want to go for the Big Betelnut salad. Why big? It consists of 4 of Betelnut Café’s signature salads all in 1! There are also wraps, tex-mex tacos and burritos to choose from if you’re looking for something heavier.

Finally, wash it all down with a healthy juice – or a cider if you’re feeling it!

Betelnut Cafe

Price: From Rp. 15,000 – Rp. 60,000 (Approximately USD $1.07 – $4.28)
Address: Jl. Batu Bolong No.60, Canggu, Bali 80351. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7.30 am – 10 pm
Contact: +62 812 3611 6155


25. That sweet little vintage place: Cafe Bali

You may not be impressed by the name; neither is it likely that you may be intrigued enough to look past the small palm trees lining the facade.

But we’ll tell you this – it’s difficult not to go ‘wow’ once you’ve set foot in this unassuming little place.

cafe bali

The cafe manages to be cute without being sickeningly sweet.

cafe bali

Think whitewashed wood, an eclectic collection of mismatched furniture, and probably the most creative light fixtures on the island.

cafe bali

Cafe Bali

Address:Jl. Laksmana, Basangkasa, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7 am – 11 pm
Contact: +62 361 735 484

26. Secret cafe: Sisterfields

This bright and airy new kid on the block is definitely worth a mention as one of the coolest places to hangout while you’re in Bali.

sisterfields 2

Serving yummy smoothies, fresh salads, great coffee and intriguing charcoal buns, Sisterfields is one of Bali’s best kept secrets (up till now, probably). Try the polenta fries – it’s very popular!



Price: Food from Rp. 90,000 – Rp. 140,000 (Approximately USD $6.41 – $9.98); Drinks from Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 160,000 (Approximately USD $2.14 – $11.40)
Address: Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 7 am – 10 pm
Contact: +62 361 738 454; +62 811 3860 507


27. That whimsical cafe-bar: La Plancha

This Legian Beach cafe, which doubles up as a rooftop bar, has been around for years, yet it never gets old.

La Plancha

And it genuinely lives up to its name – the traditional Spanish way of cooking that’s simple, fresh, and unpretentious (La Plancha literally means “the grill”).

Don’t bother looking for this signage though – it’s too small to be spotted easily.

La Plancha

Just follow the fragrant whiff of barbecued Spanish delights and the sound of clinking beer bottles, and you’ll find your way to this colourful beach shack.

La Plancha 1

But of course, the most coveted seats are right on the beach.

Lounge on the colourful beanbags with the wind in your hair, the sand between your toes and an ice cold Bintang in your hand.

You just need the perfect Bali sunset, and your Bali holiday is complete. Don’t miss the Sunset Parties on Wednesdays with free entry, live music and drinks!

La Plancha

La Plancha

Price: Mains from Rp. 45,000 – Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $3.21 – $10.70); Drinks from Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 60,000 (Approximately USD $1.78 – $4.27)
Address: Jl. Pantai Mesari, Double Six, Seminyak, Bali 80361. Coordinates here
Opening hours: Daily, 10 am – 12 am
Contact: +62 878 6141 6310


28. Swoony décor for your inner Euro: Balique in Jimbaran

Balique is almost too hip to be real.

Photo via bkkmin

Housed in a large open-sided joglo, its neighbours are motorbike repair and helmet stores.

Photo via m_20050914

Enter and be completely astounded by its vintage style – European-style armchairs, antique cashier machine and candy jars, hanging glass lamps.

Photo via kazuna1011

Every inch of Balique is ornate, thoughtful and beautiful, you might even suspect it’s a plot to distract you from (bad) food.

But that’s not true.

The menu is as eclectic as the décor, featuring tastes from Morocco, France and around Asia.

And now that you’ve admired the furniture, it’s time to feast your eyes on the Moroccan chicken kebabs and rare tuna salad!

Photo via young_matlock, derrilicious, boroda.i.eda, yennymakanmulu

Balique in Jimbaran

Price: Rp. 12,000 – Rp. 135,000 (Approximately $0.85 – $9.62)
Address: Jalan Raya Uluwatu No.39, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Jimbaran. Coordinates here
Opening Hours: 11.30 am to 11 pm
Contact: +62 361 704945


Are there any more awesome unique cafes that we missed out? Do share about it with us below!

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PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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