Written by Beverley Lennon
Photos by Heydi Paramitha and Nia Anjany

I am far from being an avid party-goer but as an introvert, once I find my good set of friends and feel comfortable, I enjoy spending some fun times and rave it up with some booze (even better if it is by the beach and under the sun or right in the pool!).

And while I enjoy taking trips with my other half, I thought things could be a little different for once so we decided to take a friends’ trip down to Bali and check in at the trendy party resort – W Bali Seminyak.

Besides its 72 villas, beachfront location, music recording studio and eclectic Woobar beach club, the resort lives up to a Whatever/Whenever® Service that makes you feel like a spoilt kid. Want champagne to be served in your spa treatment room? Roger that! Need condoms at 3 am? Easy as 1,2,3!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Back to our experience, what a beautiful welcome it was as we drove through the natural bamboo arch-like entrance. We got absolutely curious when the security guard greeted us with a “Welcome to the W experience”. It was intriguing and we could not wait to see what he could be referring to. Did we sign up for fantasyland? Could be…

Something else I admire is that besides giving guests all the attention they need, the resort still managed to be down-to-earth and implement a couple of environmentally-friendly practices with various initiatives regarding conservation, food wastage, plastic reduction and more.

Now friends, let me tell you why I am already considering another W experience soon and how we had the best of times at this party resort!

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1. Dramatic endless views of the Indian Ocean from your nest

1a. Experience your ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ life at the Extreme WOW Suite

Sure we enjoy simple hotel rooms most of the time but it does not kill to go over-the-top too with a giant, once-in-a-lifetime room category. And if you think you’ve stayed in a lavish suite before, you surely haven’t seen the Extreme WOW Suite at W Bali Seminyak.

This room category left us speechless; it was like having a whole mansion to ourselves, with every corner offering endless views of the Indian Ocean. We felt like real VIPs! Also, we figured out it would be an awesome venue to hold a bachelor party so if it’s your turn soon, do consider checking in here with your whole squad as you’ll feel you’re in Vegas!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Don’t get me wrong when I say lavish though – nothing too extravagant and shiny in here but rather extremely spacious, super stylish with flamboyant, eclectic and fun popping colours. Very little of the suite resembles one of a typical resort – it is enormous and offers plenty of space, natural lighting and fresh ocean breeze.

The suite spreads over two floors, with two expansive bedrooms with ocean views but I’ll have to say that there’s just something about the room on the lower floor as it felt extra cosy! It comes with an attached open bathroom but don’t worry about privacy as you can pull the curtains that divide the room and bathroom.

Photo Via TripCanvas

I absolutely love the fact that you barely have to step out of your not-so-little oasis as it even features spa massage beds on the upper balcony. Here, you get to enjoy all offerings from their AWAY® Spa. You’ll also enjoy your own bar with different alcohol options. To say the least, you’ll be living life like a royal, pretty much!

Photo Via TripCanvas

Extreme WOW Suite

Rates: From USD$1236 a night (Approximately Rp.17,721,000)

Check best available rates here!

1b. Check into a room straight-out-of Pinterest: Spectacular Ocean Facing Room

If you happen to check my “home inspiration” board on Pinterest, you’ll find out about my strong obsession for ocean view rooms. Being an island girl and born with feet in the water, I find it rather peaceful and soothing to fall asleep to the sounds of crashing waves and wake up to endless views of a mirror-like ocean.

Of course, the Spectacular Ocean Facing Room at W Bali Seminyak doesn’t fail at stunning views! This is where we stayed for the night and we absolutely loved it (there’s no reason not to!).

The room is playful, with tropical vibes and needless to say, you’ll have fun as it has its own sound system which plays music every time you come in the room. It constantly put us in a good mood, ready to party all day long!

Photo Via TripCanvas

The best part is that I could even see the horizon from under the shower and whenever I wanted to get closer to it, I just had to step onto our private balcony.

Photo Via TripCanvas

I also have to mention about the in-room amenities here because hell yes, I was impressed! I mean, I know we’re living in 2019 but when did hotels start giving out face wash and massage soap bars? Let’s keep this secret between you and me; I packed all of those 30-ml bottles and brought them home with me!

Also, a special mention about their mini-bar (they call it the W Mix Bar) that features more than the usual drinks and munchies, you’ll also find an international adaptor, a relieve kit for your hangovers and well, condoms and more.

Photo Via TripCanvas

The next morning, we decided to wake up extra early (I slept like a baby on what felt like a cloud – the signature W bed is loved for its 250-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheet). We headed down for breakfast too and if you’re there, do try out their crispy bacon strips, hashbrown, tartiflette and freshly-made ham omelette (on order).

Spectacular Ocean Facing Room

Rates: From USD $312 a night (Approximately Rp. 4,473,000)

Check best available rates here!

2. Celebrate with a Sunday brunch party at Starfish Bloo

We were looking for a socially acceptable excuse for day drinking and since securing a table for brunch in cafes around Bali can be a bittersweet challenge, we decided to sign up for W’s exclusive Sunday Brunch at their sea view restaurant – Starfish Bloo. I am someone who can skip breakfast but I adore brunches when someone else does all the work and dishes, that is (sorry, not sorry!).

Photo Via TripCanvas

Brunch at Starfish Bloo is somewhat special (one of Bali’s most happening brunches), as after all, not all brunches are created equal. Bigger than breakfast and more exciting than lunch, you’ll find here an array of dishes ranging from various cuisines – Indian, Japanese, Chinese and more.

Not only do they cover various types of cuisine but the range is like a full-course meal, from savoury to sweet – you get your appetizers, mains and desserts throughout too.

Looking back at the pictures, I’d call it as one for the foodie Instagrammers. Our table turned into a rainbow with a splash of vibrant colours (blame it on the colourful, healthy juices and the seafood items).  The fresh seafood features selections of prawns, king prawns, oysters, and crabs so you can picture the queue for it.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Vfit.rocks_

The brunch packages are customizable and you can choose to have or not have alcohol. You will be given a glass of champagne if you prefer the champagne brunch.

Wish I could say all, but there are some items off the brunch spread that equalled heaven to me. My favourite dishes (read: damn tastiest) were the fresh sashimi and the thick chicken curry that I paired with their naan flatbread.

Besides the amazing food selections, there’s so much happening at brunch time at Starfish Bloo. The place turns into a real playground with funky beats and becomes so lively so we really enjoyed immersing in such vibes too.

Sunday Brunch at Starfish Bloo

Price: From  Rp. 585,000 per person (food and non-alcohol beverage) (Approximately USD $41); Rp. 1,235,000 per person (food and alcohol beverage) (Approximately USD $86); Rp 1,985,000 per person (food and champagne) (Approximately USD $138)
Hours for Sunday Brunch at Starfish Bloo: Every Sunday 12pm to 3.30pm. Sunday Brunch is also offered at W Bali Seminyak’s other restaurant – FIRE (if you prefer BBQ and smokehouse food items).

Book a table here!

3. Have a splashy fun time at the WET Pool

I know the world has been raving about infinity pools lately but the lazy-river-like pool at W Bali Seminyak is quite a spectacle too! It was so warm when we were in Bali so you can imagine how excited we were to dip in the pool!

The expansive stretch of water is surrounded by tall palm trees and I was told that its terrace appearance pays homage to the Balinese rice paddy terraces. I enjoyed the concept and design as I could never feel the crowd; its snake shape gave us plenty of space to have fun among friends without disturbing others.

Photo Via TripCanvas

They also put a few floating bean bags around the pool, which you can use and you can even rent a giant floatie from the resort itself. From the pool’s edge, you’ll also get a view of the ocean with groovy beats from Woobar nearby in the background.

Photo Via TripCanvas

The pool area seems to be the most popular spot (note that if you book a villa, you will have a private plunge pool). In fact, we also spent quite a good amount of time in and by the pool throughout our stay. I was trying my best to stock up on my tan lines.

And if you’re as lucky as us, you’ll get to enjoy a stunning sunset right from the pool too. Or simply opt for one of the gazebos on the beach for even better views. We were so blessed with clear weather, and were blown away with magical sunset views as we sipped beautifully crafted cocktails while day turned into night.

Photo Via TripCanvas, Luxurybackpacking

There’s also a dedicated massage area near the pool, if you prefer outdoor massages to the sounds of crashing waves (I’d go back for that!).

4. Sign up for a bestie pampering session at their 24/7 spa: AWAY Spa

If you know me well, you sure know how much of a spa connoisseur I am. I absolutely love a good body treatment and have had them across the world but the 1-hour indulgence we experienced at AWAY Spa is one I am not quite ready to forget.

That’s the first thing I mentioned to all those asking me about my W experience in Bali because they set the bar way up high when it comes to the spa. It was almost like a destination in itself – a voyage rather.

We reached quite early so we had time to enjoy the spa facilities. We kicked off at the spa bar (yes, they have a bar at the spa that is open until midnight), followed by a dip in the hot tub but they also have an oxygen room, steam room and cold plunge pool.

Then came the grand affair. The spa treatment room itself puts you in the mood. We were sharing a couple room (but they have various categories). While the room looks dark and cosy, you’ll lay down on spa beds that light up, and while facing down, you can opt to watch the in-floor iPad that displays relaxing images of nature.

Photo Via Chizzzkt

Their traditional Balinese massage isn’t one you can find in the streets. They apply hot ginger on your back and rub the oil over your body before working their magic. I rarely (read: never) fall asleep during body treatments but this time I flew right up to seventh heaven.

Following the soothing massage and good snooze, we were directed to their relaxing area (or Post Production as they call it) and were offered amazing juices (a fresh mix of fruits and ginger), along with bowls of fruits, gummies and banana chips (which I gulped down quickly as they were remarkable!).

We then ended with a shower in their grooming room which features everything a girl has ever dreamt of having in her bedroom (large makeup mirror, hair curler, straightener, makeup products, hair products and so much more). I was very impressed because there was just everything you could ever need to get ready for a grand party!


Price: From Rp. 1,000,000 for a 1-hour Balinese Massage (Approximately USD $69.70)

Check out the spa menu here!

5. Find Alice in Wonderland at W Lounge with a Mad T-Party

With an eye on tradition, I sure enjoy a good cup of tea. Even better when it is accompanied with a couple of sweet and savoury treats! I have for long heard about the afternoon tea session at W Bali Seminyak – they are known to bring you down the rabbit hole at tea time with their unique Alice in Wonderland themed high tea.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to check this out and relive my childhood memories. The experience is set at the W Lounge (right by the lobby area) so expect plenty of action and a lively ambience to match the scene.

What’s really thoughtful of them is that you are given the choice to have only savoury items or solely sweet treats or even mix them up. We opted for both savoury and sweet, which were brought to our table in a hanging cage-like tier. I was expecting more colours to the treats (in fact, that got me to double check with the team that it was the Alice in Wonderland one).

Photo Via TripCanvas

The treats are a good mix of the traditional and unconventional high tea items – yes you’ll find your scones but they also have some creative concoctions like cheese and beetroot lollipops.

Our afternoon tea cage did not come with tea but rather cocktails. After all, you’re in a party resort so why settle for the basic? The drinks were quite strong for me so I simply took a few sips but they sure were fresh. You’ll find more delicacies at the lounge counter with enormous cakes surrounded by whimsical decorations straight out of a fairytale.

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

A Mad T-Party at W Lounge

Price: From Rp. 345,0000 for the savoury and sweet cage (Approximately USD $24)
Mad T-Party Hours: Every afternoon 2.30pm – 5pm.

More details here!

6. Sail away on an exclusive seafood market at Starfish Bloo

It’s quite something else to indulge in fresh seafood while being set right next to the ocean. Lobsters being grilled in flames are the main attraction at the Friday Seafood Market at Starfish Bloo and we couldn’t simply leave without joining in the crowd at this long-awaited weekly event.

I’ve lived in Asia for too long now so I know the real obsession over seafood like bright orange crabs and a perfectly-spiced catch of the day so yes I was ready to review this magnificent Seafood Market at W Bali Seminyak.

To say the least, it did not disappoint as everything was impossibly fresh. We came after sunset (which was magical) and found that the whole restaurant had turned blue with neon-like lights and individual turquoise lamps on the tables. It felt quite as though we were underwater!

Photo Via TripCanvas

The Seafood Market is an all-you-can-eat menu (yes, you’ll really want to eat it all!!) and you’ll find an array of crustaceans in various forms like grilled with secret spices, steamed in delectable sauces or if you prefer simpler options, they also serve a wide range of only-seafood sushis which were super fresh!

Also, they have freshly shucked oysters if that’s something you enjoy (I’m personally not a fan). You can choose to accompany your dinner with their funky cocktail creations or keep things simple and try out some of their mocktails. We love their LOL and Ginger Cooler mocktails, try these for yourself!

Photo Via TripCanvas

The menu is rather similar to their Sunday Brunch, except that the brunch has more offerings for meats (that is, not only seafood). So I’d recommend you settle for either one, depending on your preference but the Seafood Market is a great option to enjoy seafood right in Seminyak and avoid the touristy crowd of Jimbaran.

Seafood Market at Starfish Bloo

Price: From Rp. 595,000 per person (food only) (Approximately USD $41.50); Rp. 1,100,000 per person (food & beverage package) (Approximately USD $76.68)
Hours for seafood market: Every Friday 6pm-10pm

Book a table here!

7. Dance to groovy beats from sunshine to sunset at Woobar

Now, let’s have the real talk! Woobar is one of the main reasons for choosing to stay at W Bali Seminyak. I mean, a beach club within your resort – what more could you possibly ask for? They also have a nightclub below the staircases and an upper deck that overlooks the ocean, which is great for special events too.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Day time gets pretty groovy with plenty of bikini babes laying around with sherbet-coloured cocktails and a good bunch of hot, shirtless guys. We settled on one of their loungers and signed up for their Mixologist In Action where a well-groomed mixologist gets you to choose your base alcohol and taste (sweet, sour, bitter or other) while he works out his magic and creates a unique sunset drink for you. It was quite fun to see, though I think it could have been an immersive experience if we could try our hands at making cocktails behind the bar too.

Photo Via TripCanvas

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my boo’s drink better than mine. The ambience at Woobar is exceptional. The venue is endlessly talked about for its perfect-looking Instagrammable looks but also for the good set of music it plays throughout day and night (there are resident DJs and many international artists who drop by).

We thoroughly enjoyed the sunset session at Woobar. It was pretty packed but that added up to the lively scene.

Photo Via Onasummerholidayz

When we dropped by at night for some wine and shisha, the beach club had transformed into a neon-looking scene but didn’t quite have an ambience because it was Thursday night and they didn’t have any particular event (I was informed they can play music till 3am only on their ‘late night session’, fair enough).

So, something else we’d come back for is their late-night session on a Saturday (which is supposed to be eclectic), for sure! And if you’re looking for a more chilled evening with less action, their ICE Bar is a good option for a sunset session too! It features bean bags by the ocean so you’re guaranteed with good views!

Mixologist In Action

Price: From Rp. 145,000 (Including cocktail) (Approximately USD $10)
Hours: Every Friday 4pm – 7pm

Day Pass at Woobar

Price: Day bed from Rp. 750,000 (Including 4 towels and a voucher of (choose: shisha/margarita pizza/ 1 pitcher of LOL (mocktail)/ tapas) (Approximately USD $52)
*Day Pass is open to non-staying guests and you can make use of the pool too.

More details here!

8. Come one, come all for grilled goodness at FIRE

FIRE is also known as the meatiest restaurant at W Bali Seminyak and is a posh-looking venue that offers a protein-packed, medium-rare alternative to all the healthy food you’ve probably had at Bali’s hipster cafes.

Don’t get me wrong, their meat sure is healthy but not quite like tofu right?! FIRE is dedicated to bringing you the very finest meat-centric cuisine. You get to choose your meat, as well as your steak knife so yes, they do take every bit of meat very seriously!

Photo Via TripCanvas

While you could settle down for their a-la-carte menu, we decided to opt for their set menu of the day and enjoyed a four-course meal (salad, appetizer, main course and dessert).

The portions were presented like in a fine dining experience (but were enough) and needless to say, the food was fresh. I really enjoyed the venue as it features an open kitchen so you can take a look at the chefs working out their talent behind the stove and grill. The dishes were almost too-pretty-to-be-eaten!

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

Food was tasty, no doubt! My favourite was the main course of braised beef short rib. It was oh-so-tender and didn’t quite need to be cut through. It was falling off easily and the sauce was exceptional!

We also met a guest who happily shared that their steak was easily one of the best in Bali. Reason Number 10,000 to dine here again!

Photo Via TripCanvas


Price: From Rp. 460,000 per person for 4-course dinner (Approximately USD $32)

Book a table here!

9. Did you dream of being a DJ when you were a teenager?: W Hotels Sound Suite

By now, you must already be familiar with the W culture. Everything here revolves around music, trend, party, design and fashion so it really is no surprise that they got so creative and came up with a sound suite to let you record your own music and take up a DJ Class.

Most of the music you’ll hear across the property has been recorded by their resident DJs so we were rather excited to see the behind-the-scenes and actually get our hands on it, until mannnn I realised that DJing isn’t easy at all!

It almost reminded me of coding. I mean, looking at the equipment was overwhelming itself and I gave up thinking it was probably something only guys master.

Neo, my boyfriend, had more fun than us girls in here. It seemed like both the DJ and him were speaking some secret language that we couldn’t understand 🤣.

Besides, there’s a bunch of other music equipments and a recording room for you to use so it all depends on what talent you want to work on or simply have fun with. Also, the sound suite is open until 1am and even features a mini bar (yep, no biggie right?).

Photo Via Eliandfur

DJ Class at W Sound Suite

Price: From Rp. 2,000,000 for 2-hour session (Approximately USD $139) for maximum 3 people. Each additional person is subject to an extra charge of Rp. 500,000 (Approximately USD $35)

More details here!

10. Find your inner peace with a morning group yoga

I know quite a few people who think they need to book themselves a whole retreat deep in the jungles of Ubud in order to relieve stress with some yoga. Personally, I think they might just be over-complicating their lives.

As a daily, say weekly, practitioner, I can tell you that you do not necessarily have to commit to yoga. There’s no obligation, there’s no competition and no ultimate need to force things. So, whenever I can, I’ll make some time for a short and sweet yoga session while on vacation.

Needless to say that since this time I wasn’t travelling solo, I dragged my fellow companions for a relaxing group yoga session in the morning. Both of them have no experience in yoga but there’s nothing quite like just stretching out your body in nature while breathing in the fresh air, and they both agreed it was quite something they would look forward to doing in the morning.

There are various venues for a good yoga session at W Bali Seminyak. This will depend on your group size. There were just the three of us that day so we practised on the semi-outdoor deck at the spa with a lush garden in the backdrop.

Signing up for the morning yoga class also gives you full access to their AWAY Spa facilities (hot tub, oxygen room and more), a fit blended shooter (they have a bar in the spa itself) and mineral water.

Yoga at Woosky

Price: From Rp. 150,000 per person for 75 mins yoga (Approximately USD $10.50)
Yoga classes: Only on Saturdays

More details here!

Why I’d go back to W Bali Seminyak?

Honestly speaking, withdrawal symptoms are a real thing! We’ve listed down all the songs that used to play in our room at W and everytime we play it on our phone, we like to pretend we’re still there (no shame!).

It sure is a party resort but we also had time to relax. I know I’ve said this before, but their spa experience is just exceptional. We felt like the resort was a destination in itself. I know Bali is known for its nightlife but the experience at W Bali Seminyak is rather exclusive. You won’t join the usual crowd, and it’s something I would go back for definitely.

Once we checked out, we all looked at each other, finally realising what the security guard on arrival meant by “Enjoy the W experience”. It wasn’t a mystery anymore, it was a reality we have experienced!

W Bali Seminyak

Address: Jl. Petitenget Kerobokan, Seminyak, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Contact: +62 361 3000106


Now that you know where to have fun with your favourite buddies in Bali, let us know what you are most excited about for the ultimate W experience? Tag your besties below!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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