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The #1 waterpark in Asia and 2nd in the world, Waterbom Bali has always been one of the must-go family destinations when you’re in Bali. With a remarkable size and exciting rides, Waterbom Bali also carries many other significant values that are worthy for an unforgettable family experience of a lifetime.

At the mention of the word “ water park”, perhaps you’ll be thinking of an exhausting hot day, lifeless surroundings, predictable facilities, limited and pricey food choices. However, Waterbom Bali puts all those general conceptions to rest, once and for all.

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We recently went down to Waterbom Bali and found out that it is an inclusive water park offering the most elevated experience for every family! Every aspect in Waterbom, from the lush greenery and extensive culinary options, to the genuine smiles and warm service of each staff, comes together to bring you the best relaxing and bonding time for every family.

All we can say is, get excited because our ultimate family guide of everything you need to know about Waterbom Bali will reveal the best ways to enjoy your tropical holiday to the fullest.

1. Group or Solo – The most exciting family rides available

It’s all about world-class rides and excellent maintenance at Waterbom Bali. Every ride and attraction are cleaned and checked before opening and closing. This is to ensure the best fun time for the entire family. Don’t miss out on the popular rides that you can enjoy together or by yourself!

1-a) Tame the Snakes of Waterbom Bali – Python, Green Vipers

Python is a great family ride as the float can accommodate up to 3-4 persons with ease. This is quite a thrilling ride as you slide into temporary darkness from the starting point. It is the biggest waterslide so your float can easily twist and turn with moderate speed before splashing you into the shallow pool at the end. It’s highly recommended for every family with kids at least 1 metre tall!


Photo via waterbombali


Python is also a great warm up ride before you’re ready to take on Green Vipers –  a sleek and sick solo ride in a fiber glass tube from even taller height compared to Python. Challenge your kids to try Green Vipers, if they’re up for it!


Photo via waterbombali

1-b) Adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding & blood-rushing freefall – Smashdown 2.0, Climax

Calling all the daredevils in the family (who’s at least 1.2 metres tall) to experience an exhilarating freefall from as high as 26 meter at SmashDown. Enter the tube and hold your breath as the countdown begins, and you’ll vanish into an indescribable force of speed once the floor vanishes underneath you.


Climax also won’t disappoint. Though it is ‘only’ 16 metres above ground, this slide is more vertically angled – thus it is even more thrilling. There’s also a twist to Climax, literally so. When you think you’re about to reach the end of it, you’ll be taken on a quick turn in a spiralling tube before flushing you out. Get all amazed and ready for the second round!


1-c) Up & away with this favorite addiction – Boomerang

It’s time to pair up the kids, parents or a mixture of parent and child teams! Carry the float up to the starting point of Boomerang, it is everyone’s favorite for an obvious reason – it’s thrilling and fun, all in one same addicting package.


It starts as you twist down a 20-metre drop, only to whisk you up on the other side of the pipe-wall in front of you. Hold your breath as gravity pulls you in a free fall and rocks you back to the calming pool!


1-d) Conquer the extreme waves – Flow Rider

Extreme surfing – that is probably the best way to describe Flow Rider, except that it comes with a professional coach, extra safety features, and highly durable platforms with water-jetted streams.


You may try to balance yourself by using the bodyboarding style, or stand on your own two feet for a full 30 minutes.  While it can get pretty challenging, the satisfaction is extremely gratifying once you’ve ridden the crazy flows successfully. Take turns with your older kids or spouse, it’ll be worth the entrance fee.


1-e) Have a pleasant family ride together – Constrictor, Superbowl

Perhaps you’re in the mood to wind down after all those head-rushing & vein-throbbing rides? Check out Constrictor which is an easy ride for up to 2 persons, including kids at least 1 metre tall. Superbowl is also equally relaxing, with perhaps a little more speed as the ride flushes you down after rocking you around its giant “bowl”.


Constrictor (Photo via waterbombali),-tripcanvas

Superbowl (Photo via, tripcanvas)


PS: If you are the faint-hearted, fret not.  There are plenty of other activities available for you to try out. There’s a hair braiding station and manicure place for your little princess, and you can even opt to indulge in a fish spa and massage treatment too!


2. It takes two! Family fun times continue with these competitive rides

Nothing tightens family bonds like a little bit of a feisty race, which is why Waterbom Bali installs many rides and attractions that allow friendly sparring sessions between members of the family. Your kids will enjoy the friendly competition while having roaring fun!

2-a) Get the bull’s eyes and splashing wet time – Water Blaster’s

This attraction has nothing to do with height yet, but perhaps require your aiming skills and some muscle work. Water Blaster is a game for 2 where each of you will stand behind a wooden booth. You’ll be equipped with a bucket of water balloons which are to be used with a catapult attached inside. As you fling the water balloon to the other side, you want to hit the opponent’s target to create more downpour (and laughter)!


Photo via waterbombali

Note: Considered an additional attraction, Water Blaster requires additional fee to play.

2-b) Score points in a Water Volleyball match – Pleasure Pool

Pleasure Pool is a service area that is most suitable for laidback family moments in the available gazebos. There is always a friendly water volleyball match going on where you can meet new friends, or start a fun battle between 2 opposing teams. Whoever wins the match, the Sunken Pool Bar is just a stretch away to quench your thirst and replenish your energy!


2-c) Race down on water mats! – Twin Racer

Grab your special black long mat with handles and head up to the starting point of Twin Racer. Ready yourself on the mat, face forward and push off to descend the bright green dual slides. Put your weight forward if you want to win. If you do, you’ll be the first to be greeted with the cool splashing water in the horizontal end of the slides. This ride welcomes all ages as long as you’re past 110cm tall!

2-c-2 twin-racer-optimized

2-d) Rush off to prove that you are faster and fiercer – Fast & Fierce

Things might get a little bit heated up by now so Fast & Fierce is the next best ride to compete between siblings or any family member who is tall enough (120cm is the minimal requirement). Two open slides are placed side by side with an extended curve for the extra speed and thrill down the ride, this is where you’ll definitely enjoy that heady rush of adrenaline!


3. Kiddy Rides

Once you’ve set foot in the green haven that is Waterbom Bali, it can get overwhelming since there are so many rides and attractions available! Excited to explore and roam the park to your heart’s content? The best way to enjoy the day is to start slow and build your comfort level with the milder rides before heading on to the extreme ones.

3-a) Indulge in the blissful drift – Lazy River

Select the tube raft of your preference: one or two seaters, then set off from the starting point of the Lazy River.

One of the our favorite rides in Waterbom Bali, the Lazy River welcomes all-age visitors to drift along the lulling flow of water. As you take in the soothing breeze, the water carries you past the beautiful cliffs, rocks and cascading waterfalls, and under small wooden bridges amidst the luxurious tropical greenery.


The gentle ripples push your tube to the other end of the Lazy River, but not before making you and your little ones giggle each time you pass the squirting water off the walls. Our advice? Embrace every moment of it.

3-b) Get your kids’ excited with 3 giant trampolines! – Euro Bungy

There will be several attractions at Waterbom Bali that will require a special pass and Euro Bungy is one of them. Three giant trampolines await you and your kids along with a professional coach that will help you with safety belts and other instructions.


While it is for kids’ enjoyment, adults who are below 60kg may also join the fun and try to catapult up to 9 meters in the air. Knowing that you’re in the safe hands with secure equipment, feel free to jump for joy!

3-c) Ecstatic & Funtastic time for your kids awaits – Kiddy Area

Designed with child-safety and fun in mind, the Kiddy Area of Waterbom Bali is divided into 2 exciting features: Funtastic & Kiddie Slides.


Funtastic is the playground of every kid’s fantasy, and this giant and colorful playing compound comes with supervised guards. Your kids will enjoy the funky rides, water cannons, jets, body slides, and even the splashing giant water bucket. The Kiddie Slides on the other hand are 3 formations of green slides with flowing water on the surface from left, centre, and right. All of which meet in the same clean pool with Funtastic playground.


Not only are there friendly staff and bodyguards who will stand by to supervise your kids – the friendly park mascot of Waterbom Bali will also often drop by to greet the happy kids.

PS: As Waterbom Bali prioritises safety, kids under 12 are not allowed to play alone without supervision. The water park is also quite vigilant with their water quality and safety procedure as their medics and first-aid facility are always on hand. This means that you can relax around the Kiddy Area that comes with a separate locker section and several cosy gazebos.

4. A complete culinary adventure fit for everyone in the family.

You’re about to be blown away by how family-friendly (and pocket-friendly!) the food is at Waterbom Bali. Not to mention, they’re even healthier than the meals at your regular restaurants in the malls!

Waterbom Bali advocates the importance of serving guests with quality food and service and this means that they…

1. Work only with trusted food suppliers who deliver the freshest and best food ingredients daily.
2. Provide kid-friendly meal options that are gluten free with plenty of varieties.
3. Have more health-conscious menus, in addition to this, they also have a “pork-free” policy in Wantilan Food Court.
4. Offer quick and friendly service. (No more making your kids wait too long for meals!)

All in all, the food at Waterbom Bali are affordably priced, sufficient in portion and great in taste. Want to know more about the food available? Read on!

4-a) Have a small brunch to get your energy going – The Shack

Chances are all the travelling to the water park and excitement has drained your energy. Take a stroll and you’ll see many interesting food stalls selling light bites such as corn on the cob, hot dogs, donuts, popcorns, juices and more.


Better yet, order up a Wood Fire Pizza prepared by the Caribbean-style restaurant, The Shack, or a sandwich to share. With retro chic and rustic ambience, this place will set your mood right with a cool drink of juice, shakes, and not forgetting a dessert (sundaes anyone?).

4-b) Enjoy satisfying family lunch – Wantilan Food Court, ThaiTalian

Load up during lunchtime because you and your kids are going to need it. Wantilan Food Court is the safest choice if you have younger kids, because they serve all-time comfort food such as the classic fried rice, savory pasta, delicious noodle soup, and Japanese sushi. You will also be spoilt for choices from Italian to Mexican, you name it.


For a more exotic option for lunch, head to ThaiTalian for a mix of authentic Thai with a fusion of Italian. You can get creative with appetisers such as salads or sweet and savory snacks before feasting on pasta, noodles or curry prata from the open kitchen. As this place is located next to Flow Rider, watch the riders get their groove on and be entertained from your seat!


4-c) Delight in pastries or ice cream cone – Bali Banana Cafe

The sun can be quite unforgiving at times, but that’s what sundaes are for. Bali Banana Cafe is ready to roll out fresh pastries, cakes, doughnuts and more along with juices and soft drinks. There is also happy hour where prices of certain items are slashed off at approximately 4pm, so do take note of the boards placed outside.


5. Top “Insider” tips for getting around Waterbom Bali like a pro!

Even if you’re a Waterbom Bali virgin aka first timer – you can definitely make the most of your ticket, time, and energy like a seasoned pro! Here’s how:

5-a) Arrive early to reserve a Family Gazebo

Fun fact: Did you know that Waterbom Bali can actually close at any time of the day (around afternoon) despite long queues? This is necessary to maintain the quality of your visit so that there won’t be long queues for the rides within the park!

We recommend you arrive early as soon as it opens at 9am. This will also allow you to pick the best gazebo because this important feature will basically be your basecamp for the whole day. As the system is “first come, first serve”, select the Family or VIP gazebo so you’ll get the best seat in terms of capacity, location, and privacy.


Photo via char andy H, tripcanvas

PS: Don’t worry if all the gazebos are filled out, there is still a spacious green field with plenty of long chairs for you to park your belongings.

5-b) Consider getting the Total Entry Package for your family

Early arrival increases the chance for a fun family day, but the best way to guarantee it is The Total Entry Package.

It’ll allow you a priority entrance in a separate section with hardly any queues at all. It also includes an exclusive welcome ritual such as welcome drink, a cold towel, and quick brief of the water park and some of its important features.


The best part of this special package is also a set of free lunch and drink, available gazebo of your choice, 1 free activity of your choice, and an unlimited picture download. To sum up, the price you are paying for is actually 15% cheaper than when those extras are purchased separately.

5-c) Top up everyone’s Splash Bands before you’re off to enjoy the day!

Waterbom Bali uses a cashless payment system in the form of practical velcro wristband. Simply load up your credit at the nearest payment booth. (You’ll be able to buy food, drinks and enter attractions with this – and there will be another Splash Band to store your photo information too!)


5-d) Secure all family belongings in the family locker near your gazebo.

There are 3 locker areas, the main locker area, kiddy area, and Flow Rider area! They provide Regular and Family types of locker for less than Rp.40,000 each (USD $2.50) with an unlimited daily use.


A small deposit is also required at Rp.30,000 (USD $2) for each locker. (You can also ‘park’ your stuff at every starting point of the ride, so don’t stuff all your important items in the locker. Bring your water bottle, sunblock, or anything you need around. Do note that you are still responsible incase of any loss during your absence.)

5-e) Other Quick Tips

For a place like Waterbom Bali, it is best that you come prepared. Here are some quick tips!

1. You’ll be wet through and through, make sure everyone packs their swimming suits and trunks.
2. Say No to zippers! The metal zippers on your swimsuits may damage the slides, so you’ll be expected to change into zipper-free swimming attire.
3. Waterbom Bali provides towels for rent ( Rp 10.000/ less than 1 USD), but if you’d prefer, feel free to bring your own towels!


4. With free WiFi at Wantilan, Bali Banana Café, Thaitalian and The Shack, you will want to update your family fun time on social media. Prepare your waterproof gadget cases or ziplocks to enjoy the rides worry-free.
5. The weather can get very hot, so a sunblock lotion is a must! Apply and reapply throughout the day. Sunnies and hats are a good idea as well.
6. The gazebo is the perfect place to laze around, so bring a book, your shawl, or other accessories that you think you’ll need.
7. Lastly, forget anything or don’t have some of the things listed? Relax, the retail section at the entrance of Waterbom Bali provides the best shopping therapy for all your needs of the day!


With our ultimate guide to Waterbom Bali, there’s every reason to enjoy this magnificent place for the family. Get in the tropical paradise and you’ll understand first hand why Waterbom Bali has legions of fans who return every chance they get. We promise, you’ll get hooked too.

All other images commissioned by TripCanvas

Enjoy the splashing fun at Waterbom Bali

Contact: +62 361 755 676
Instant Message: Facebook Message
Opening Time: Daily, 9am – 6pm
Pricing: Rp. 327,000 (Approximately USD $21.52) for children and Rp. 455,000 (Approximately USD $30) for adults
Location: Jln Kartika Plaza, Kuta 80361 Bali

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PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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