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Jakartans! Are you missing your weekly Arisan meetups with friends at one of Jakarta’s coolest cafes as you all indulge in the most Instagrammable desserts?

We do miss our besties so very often too! However, we want you to know that showing your friend, loved one, or significant other your appreciation doesn’t have to be done in person!

Whether you can’t see them for a while due to your multiple adults’ responsibilities (culprit), you’re overseas for their birthday, or you just want to surprise them, sending a care package (surprise gift basket) curated just for their liking is a surefire way to score major brownie points! And what better way to do so than ordering from local online businesses (a.k.a talented artists) within Indonesia?

From boxes of decadent brownies for the sweet tooth in your life to gorgeous dried flower arrangements for the one that absolutely loves decor, you’ll even be able to find something for a BTS fan too! And maybe just maybe… you could surprise both your friend and yourself by actually letting go of control and ordering a surprise box filled with unexpected items!

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1. One for the ultimate tea lover: Kayatea Organic

As a partial Brit, I’m 100% a tea gal, you’d never be able to convince me to take a sip of coffee (though I won’t say no to a slice of tiramisu), and I absolutely love sampling different blends! If you know someone that adores a traditional afternoon tea, then maybe you can send them some selections to spice things up a bit!

Customise a box filled with multiple arrays of different loose leaf teas! From the classics such as English Breakfast or Jasmine Pearl to the more exotic in the form of their personal blends such as Good Night Mint to help them sleep better or maybe something a little more relevant to the current times: Cold Be Gone!

Photo Via Holein1coffee, Kayateaorganic
Photo Via Yuni

Kayatea Organic

Price range: From Rp. 135,000 (Approximately USD $8.65)
Contact: +62 21 2992 6699 / +62 817 077 1212 / +62 818 921 253
How to order: Whatsapp (Delivers within Jakarta only)


2. Brighten up their space with gorgeous arrangements!: Lady and Flowers

While not technically a care package, there’s no denying the immense peace and joy a bunch of flowers brings to your home and your life! The only down part is that they die after about a week, and that’s just sad. Well, Lady and Flowers prolongs that period thanks to the fact that all their arrangements are dried!

Some even come with their own adorably vintage glass cases and domes so that you can preserve them even longer and put them on display for everyone to see! It’s a really simple way to add character to a home, and if your friend is big on interior decor, this will come as a unique and immensely personal gift!

Photo Via Ladyandflowersjkt
Photo Via Kameliakartika, Ladyandflowersjkt

Lady and Flowers

Price range: From Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $9.65)
Contact: +62 813 1102 4191‬
How to order: Whatsapp | Line | Shopee | Tokopedia (Delivers within Jakarta only)


3. Get your favourite fangirl a bunch of BTS merch!: KadoBox

Despite the fact that KadoBox actually has a huge catalogue which can be sorted through by gender, interest, and even number of people, their most important box has to do with K-pop! Anyone in the BTS or EXO army can receive a flag, special cookies, popsockets and so much more, it’s a fangirl/guy’s dream gift!

For the friend who’s been dying to see them in concert, this will help subdue their urges for a little while until the band comes to visit Jakarta! If you know your friend to a tee and have an idea of what merch they might already have, you can also customise the box in order to give them exactly what they’ve been wanting!

Photo Via Marcellacarolinejaya, Kadobox


Price range: From Rp. 155,000 (Approximately USD $9.95)
Contact: +62 896 0304 0353
How to order: Website | Whatsapp (Delivers throughout Indonesia)


4. Pick a box with any theme you want!: Box and Tale

Box and Tale is the expert when it comes to creating gorgeous arrangements, from the more basic chocolates and flowers to the elaborate test tubes of loose leaf tea, and wax sachets! This is especially perfect for when you want to give a super unique box to someone you really care about and you know the exact things that they would like!

They truly have a massive catalogue and you’d be hard pressed to be unable to find what you want for your loved one, you could even get them colour themed, health themed, or game themed for the avid video game player! That’s right, these gifts aren’t just for girl friends!

Photo Via Boxandtale, Sylviecendana, Beletonflowerchef

Box and Tale

Price range: From Rp. 230,000 (Approximately USD $14.75)
Contact: +62 813 1103 3691
How to order: Whatsapp | Line (Delivers within Jakarta only)


5. A gift for your wanderlust friend who travels all the time!: Molusca Project

The feeling of getting a new notebook and being able to fill it up with travel plans, stories, little notes and doodles is like nothing else, it gives you a glimpse into the exciting future! Let’s not forget being able to take a sip of nice warm coffee out of a brand new tumbler which you’ll inevitably bring with you on all future journeys. Give your wanderlusty best friend the same feelings and give them a full travel set, passport holder, luggage tag, the works!

Plus you can also customise them! Get the tumbler engraved with your bestie’s favourite travel quote, or the notebook with an adorable image of a plane taking off on their next adventure! Whatever you choose, get them organised and ready for a brand new day of adventure!

Photo Via Mjsehonanda, Moluscaproject

Molusca Project

Price range: From Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $9.65)
Contact: +62 859 7537 2071 / +62 821 1774 7860
How to order: Whatsapp | Line (Delivers within Jakarta only)


6. A craftsy friend? Gift them a DIY scented sachet kit!: Kaminari

Everyone likes a nice smelling house, it’s perfect when you walk in the door, when you fall asleep to it, and when you wake up to it! When you use essential oils especially, they can have a different effect on the brain than just smelling nice. Lavender is known to calm, lemon is known to cleanse, and orange is known to bring joy!

Kaminari specialises in all things fragrant, in particular they do wax sachets which are an easy and cute way to surround yourself with delicious smelling scents! If you think your friend needs to busy themselves with a crafts project, Kaminari also allows you to gift someone a DIY Wax Sachet kit so they can fully customise it!

Photo Via, Reverose
Photo Via, Urbanquater


Price range: Boxes from Rp.168,000 (Approximately USD $10.75), DIY set from Rp. 335,000 (Approximately USD $21.50)
Contact: +62 812 7020 4226
How to order: Whatsapp | Line | Tokopedia (Delivers throughout Indonesia)


7. If you’ve got a sweet tooth in your life: Bearly Baker

Everyone has that friend in their life, the one that can eat about 10,000 cookies in a row and then a few slices of cake? In my friend group that’s me, so believe me when I say that your fellow sweet tooth would love a box of desserts from Bearly Baker to get them through their day!

Perhaps an array of different brownies will tickle their fancy? From biscoff covered ones to nuts to classic chocolate! No? Maybe they’re more of a cookie monster and they’d appreciate a literal bucket of chocolate chip cookies! Whatever their poison, sending them love in the form of comfort food will stand out and show them how much you care!

Photo Via Bearlybakr, Jktfoodbang
Photo Via Aderizab, Yuyusoeteja

Bearly Baker

Price range: From Rp. 60,000 for a box of six (Approximately USD $3.85)
Contact: +62 896 1133 7233
How to order: Whatsapp | GrabFood | GoFood | Tokopedia (Delivers within Jakarta only)


8. Light up your bestie’s life: Fiolight

These unique little lights will absolutely brighten up your friend’s bedroom! Not only are they super adorable, they’re also incredibly cool to use as decoration and super useful as a night light or reading light! You can absolutely get these babies by themselves, pairing them with other meaningful tidbits like chocolates and teddy bears will really bring it to a whole new level though.

The lights also come in either cool geometric animal shapes or cute messages like ‘Happy Birthday’ with balloons rising up from it! Take things up a notch and completely customise your lamp by sending in a picture for them to trace onto a piece of acrylic, voila! You have a fully unique lamp to give!

Photo Via Fiolight


Price range: From Rp. 385,000 (Approximately USD $24.70)
Contact: +62 822 4947 0211
How to order: Whatsapp | Tokopedia | Shopee (Delivers throughout Indonesia)


9. A box full of surprises!: Tada Box

If you’re the type that likes to take a gamble, take the worry out of picking things according to your friend’s liking from a catalog and head on over to TadaBox! All you need to do is pick out a size and your friend’s gender, then let them do their thing! If you’re worried then you need only head over to their Instagram where you can see past boxes that filled people’s lives with joy!

If your friend is a matcha connoisseur then you may get lucky with one of their matcha inspired boxes, featuring tea, chocolates, and so much more! Or maybe you know someone who is always hopping from place to place and would squeal with delight over the travel essentials box! Whatever it is, you’ll surprise them with happiness!

Photo Via Tadabox

Tada Box

Price range: Gift box from Rp. 300,000 (Approximately USD $19.25)
Contact: +62 821 1126 6662
How to order: Website (Delivers throughout Indonesia)


Special Mention 1 – Support your fellow muslims and keep them healthy throughout the holy month!: Hampeneer Ramadhan Special

No matter the time of year, Ramadhan slowly but surely creeps up on you. Before you know it, it’s time to fast for a whole month, and you feel the fatigue and hunger build up! Luckily Hampeneer understands and they provide an amazing health focused care package for you to send to your fellow muslim friends to boost their immunity so they can focus on the goodness that comes from the holy month!

Turmeric or Ginger drinks help to heal your gut internally to help last long hours without eating, whilst dates, cookies, and other sweet stuff help your soul get through the day just by allowing you to look forward to eating them!

Photo Via Hampeneer

Hampeneer Ramadhan Special

Price: From Rp. 150,000 (Approximately USD $9.65)
Contact: +62 812 8429 2032
How to order: Whatsapp (Delivers within Jakarta only)


In times of trouble, a simple gesture like this can really help to turn someone’s day around. What are some gifts you’d like to receive?

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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