Is this your very first trip to Bali? Unsure of where to go?

On this sunny island with anything and everything (trust us, the most impossible things can happen here!), it can be challenging to plan a short getaway when you want to cover the mountains and the seas, the beaches and the rainforests and all the strange and random little nooks and crannies that make Bali well, Bali.

So our advice is – take it slow, Bali may be an island but it’s nearly 5 times the size of Singapore, so you’re going to have a crazy ride (in the literal sense) if you want to see everything there is to see in Bali during a 5-days-4-nights holiday.

For all first-timers, we recommend the safest and most popular route – South Kuta! And if you fall in love with Bali this time, you’ll come back again to embark on the roads less travelled!

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So check out this itinerary we have planned for you! Regardless of whether you are travelling with your friends, family or loved one, these are places that you must not miss on your maiden trip!


For many travellers, the heart of Bali is in the South, so we recommend all first-timers to start from there!

We’re going to cover everything from accommodation to places to eat, shop and have fun!

Getting to Bali

1. From Singapore: Direct flight (total cost from SGD 175)

Take TigerairAirAsia,  Garuda Indonesia, SilkAir or Singapore Airlines from Singapore Changi Airport to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. (Flight time: ~2h 40 min)

2. From Malaysia: Direct flight (total cost from RM 400)

Take Malindo AirAirAsia or Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. (Flight time: ~3h)

3. From Australia: Direct flight from Perth (total cost from 309 AUD)

From Perth:
Take AirAsiaJetstarVirgin Australia, Garuda Indonesia or SilkAir from Perth to Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali). (Flight time: ~3h 40min)


Day 1

Arrival in Seminyak – Rest and recharge!

So you’ve just touched down in Bali and made your way to Seminyak, which is a 30-minute drive from the airport.

If you are checking in to your hotel early in the afternoon, do get some rest first, before heading out for some affordable Balinese spa to reward yourself after months of hard work!

Prana Spa(1-2 hours)

This exotic Middle Eastern inspired spa is the best place to head to after a tiring flight to Bali. Try out their signature Shirodara treatment (which means “head flow”), a deeply relaxing Ayurvedic head massage followed by the slow pouring of medicinal oils that provides meditative stimulant.

Photo via bestinbali

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Alternative spa: Jari Menari(1-2 hours)

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Dinner/ Supper at Bambu Restaurant(1-2 hours)

You’re finally in Bali – so how about some classic Indonesian gourmet cuisine? This stylish floating restaurant provides not just great views and ambience, but stellar service as well. Treat yourself to a memorable first meal!

Photo Via Tzemini

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Day 1 route

Day 2

Eat and shop in Seminyak/ Kuta!

So after a restful night, you’re now geared up and ready to go! The ladies will love this – an entire day of shopping and cafe-hopping, all within walking distance of your hotel!

Breakfast at Biku(1 hours)

Get energised with a breakfast set at this cute cafe. You can opt for healthier options such as smoothie bowls too! And if you are there for brunch, do try their popular high tea starting from 11am!

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After breakfast, here’s our recommended shopping route! Do pick and choose which you would love to visit, if not all!

Swimwear for beach clubs at 69 Slam(30 minutes – 1 hour)

So you want to party at Bali’s best beach clubs. It’s time to stock up on those funky neon bikinis! Flamingo or watermelon prints, anyone?

Photo Via Kubanbali-store

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Homeware for the whimsical and sweet at Rose Avenue(30 minutes – 1 hour)

If you love everything whimsical from flamingo towel hooks, pineapple paper holders to sweet, pastel-coloured homeware to home decor items in neon flavours, you need to check this out!


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Unique homeware at Toko Emporium(30 minutes – 1 hour)

Moms would love this – find non-mainstream home decor pieces, ranging from buffalo skulls to hand beaded seashell cushions here!

Photo Via Maedeong_gram

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Shop for stylish bikinis at Thaikila(30 minutes – 1 hour)

Girls will go crazy at this bikini heaven! Here, you can get up-to-date with the latest swimwear fashion.

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Find wooden puppetry at Theatre Art Gallery(30 minutes – 1 hour)

Want to find out more about Balinese Wayang Puppetry? Theater Art Gallery provides vintage and reproduction puppets used in traditional Balinese Theatre.

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Lunch at Nook Bali(1-2 hours)

Here’s where you can have a little slice of the real Bali – dine in the paddy fields in the middle of town!

Photo Via Leamichella

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After-lunch dessert in a unique glasshouse – Gardin Bistro & Patisserie(1 hours)

Manners maketh man, environment maketh food. Gardin Bistro & Patisserie is not only distinctive for its mouth-watering international dishes and desserts, but also for the jaw-dropping interior that gives you the impression of dining in a glass house.

Just imagine digging into a perfectly baked cheesecake and delectable Rösti, as sunlight pours in from elegant floor-length windows. All you need now is one of their crazy milkshakes or cocktails to make your dessert time perfect!

Photo Via Abe.1

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Relax at Bodyworks Spa(1-2 hours)

After a fulfilling meal, all we want to do is chill and relax! You can get some soothing Thai and Shiatsu massages or do affordable manicures and pedicures at this established spa.

Photo Via Victoriaharonn

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Release baby turtles back into the sea at Bali Sea Turtle Society(only at 4.30pm)

Help protect the turtles in Bali, by releasing baby turtles that have been saved back into the sea.

Photo Via Bagustikus

Hatching season is from April to October, and release of the baby turtles happen daily at 4.30pm.

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Dinner at Bale Udang(1-2 hours)

Try out the delicious local cuisine in wooden bales surrounded by water! We recommend their prawns!

Photo Via May86028

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Chill out! After dinner drinks at Vin+ Seminyak(as long as you wish till they close!)

After a yummy dinner, where best to chill but at a nice bar? Vin+ Seminyak stands out with its stunning bamboo structure. You won’t be disappointed by the extensive collection of wine here too! Oh, and did we mention this is just a 10-minute-drive away from your hotel?

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Day 2 route

Day 3

Explore Nusa Dua/ Uluwatu/ Jimbaran

The southernmost tip of Bali – Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Jimbaran – boasts of pristine beaches, majestic cliffs and spectacular ocean views. These are the staple sights you must not miss in Bali!

Breakfast at Divine Earth(1-2 hours)

It’s awesome to start the day by eating clean! Who says vegan food isn’t delicious? This popular vegan cafe will change your mind. And yes, you can take your pick from raw vegan desserts too!

Photo Via Allyvanwichen

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Catch the magnificent waterblow(20 minutes)

Watch the majestic waves of the Indian Ocean crash against the rock cliffs. This natural phenomenon happens when waves hit the narrow space within the rock cliff where pressure builds, and water then blows up!

Photo Via Devid-Rudi

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Lunch at Balique(1-2 hours)

Unleash your inner romantic in this ornate European-style vintage restaurant. It’s relatively affordable for such a fine dining restaurant too!

Photo Via Bkkmin

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Optional (if time permits): Soak in a natural jacuzzi at Tegal Wangi beach(20-30 minutes)

Keen to try a different sort of ‘spa’? You’ll love soaking in this natural jacuzzi filled with seawater fresh from the ocean!

Photo Via Putumarlonp

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Take selfies at an abandoned plane!(20-30 minutes)

What is visiting Bali without checking out one of these random sights – an abandoned plane in the middle of nowhere?

Photo Via Elvinamarleen

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Discover the cave at Suluban Beach(30 minutes)

With so many beaches in Bali, how do you decide which to visit? There must be something more unique than the sun, sand and sea! Discover the real treasure here – Suluban Cave!

Photo Via Tuulavintage

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Watch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple(30 minutes-1 hour)

If you are planning to visit Uluwatu Temple, you must not miss the magical moment when the sun sets over the horizon, with the beautiful cliff-side temple and the crashing waves of the ocean in the foreground. You should reach by 5pm!

Photo Via Suphakaln-Wongcompune

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Dinner and drinks at Jimbaran Bay – Made Bagus Restaurant (2-3 hours)

End your day with a fancy (yet affordable) seafood dinner by Jimbaran Bay (we recommend Made Bagus Restaurant). Yes, you get to dine with the sand beneath your feet and the sea breeze on your cheeks!

Not forgetting some beer to go with your tiger prawns, crabs and mussels of course!

Photo Via Fatboo

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Day 3 route

Day 4

Further explore Nusa Dua/ Uluwatu/ Jimbaran

We recommend spending one more day in Uluwatu and Nusa Dua. With so many exciting activities, how can you miss them?

King’s brunch at Gabah Restaurant (2 hours)

If you are here at 11am on Friday or Sunday, you’re in for a feast! Balinese buffet, anyone? You can dine like a king!

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Get energised with adrenaline-pumping watersports (1-3 hours)

After a heavy brunch and rest, it’s time to get your heart pumping.

Have you heard of flyboarding – combining a surfing board and a Jet Ski motor to propel yourself into the air, with water ejecting from the nozzles, like a superhero zooming up to save the day?

Or are you up for Flying Fish?

Photo Via Gustindra

Along Nusa Dua beach, you’ll be able to find many operators for all these exciting water sports, so take your time to pick and choose!

And who says you need to be a swimmer to take part in water activities? Here’s some fun stuff non-swimmers can enjoy! (Of course, please take care of yourself and be aware of your own limits before you plunge head on into anything!)

Jet skiing, anyone?

Lunch by the sea at Arwana Restaurant, Laguna (2 hours)

Enjoy sumptuous fresh local seafood on the beach, with a stunning ocean view. The romantic atmosphere will surely delight the girls!

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Spa on the cliffs above the ocean at La Joya(1-2 hours)

Chill the afternoon away by indulging in an affordable spa with an open air massage villa on the cliffs, where you can watch the ocean as you enjoy your spa.

Photo Via Doyoutravel

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Enjoy a tranquil afternoon in a greenhouse at Orchid Tea Lounge, RIMBA Jimbaran BALI by AYANA(2 hours)

Afternoon tea in an orchid greenhouse, anyone? Indulging in savoury bites and sweets in this beautiful space will surely brighten up your day!

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Dinner and party on the cliffs at El Kabron(2-3 hours)

You can enjoy Spanish cuisine on this clifftop restaurant and bar that overlooks the Indian Ocean, and stay back and party till it closes! After dinner, chill on the deck or lounge by the infinity pool.

Photo Via Clementinebeatrix

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Day 4 Route

Day 5

Home sweet home!

Let your vacation end on a sweet (or savoury) note! If you’ve got a bit of time before you head to the airport, head on to this interesting cafe for breakfast or brunch!

Take your breakfast in a secret cafe (can you find it?!) – We Are Human(1-2 hours)

Hidden in a traditional Sulawesi house (Tongkonan), this cafe is almost unnoticed by most people. Those who have dined here even claim that this place has the potential of becoming Jimbaran’s best cafe for breakfast and lunch!

Order a cup of coffee or smoothie bowl and you’ll get what we mean. We Are Human uses only good quality beans from all over Indonesia to brew their coffee and they also support responsible coffee trade. As the name suggests, the coffee house focuses on putting people first and providing top-notch coffee.

Photo Via Carissalareina, Lucianayap

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Day 5 Route

Total cost Breakdown


Transport: $40 x 4 days = $160 (if you opt to hire a car)

Food: $375 (calculated based on minimum prices listed)

  • Day 1, $20 dinner

  • Day 2, $20 breakfast, $30 lunch & dessert, $32 dinner, $20 after-dinner drinks

  • Day 3, $10 breakfast, $25 lunch, $40 dinner and after-dinner drinks

  • Day 4, $18 breakfast, $40 lunch, $60 tea, $50 dinner and after-dinner drinks

  • Day 5, $10 breakfast

Activities: $300 (calculated based on activities listed, not inclusive of shopping)

  • Day 1, $60

  • Day 2, $56

  • Day 3, $4

  • Day 4, $180

Total cost for 2 adults (excluding flight tickets and accommodation) = USD $835 (or USD $417.50 per person)

We hope this itinerary helps you with planning your maiden trip to Bali! Do share with us any other ideas you have, or any advice you would like us to include in future itineraries!

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PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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