So you’ve heard so much about Bali – so many people rave about their holidays on this amazing Indonesian island – but you’re still scratching your head. What’s all the hype about?

Some say Bali only has beaches, bars and parties. Some say Bali is too overrated.


Did you know Bali has spectacular canyons, waterfalls, sea temples and caves? Have you heard of all the unique water villas, cliffside wonders you can stay on? Do you know how vibrant are the arts in Bali?

Here, we’ll show you why we think Bali is so much more than you think!

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1. Endless spectacular geological wonders unknown to most

We’re sure you have heard all about the crowded Kuta beach.

But do you know that apart from that, Bali has a multitude of undiscovered extraordinary sights, perfect for those who want to venture off the well-worn tourist trail?

From the secret canyon of Sukawati, Bukit Teletubbies on Nusa Penida to the Melasti beach, you will be amazed by the sheer beauty of these spectacular geological wonders.


Photos via ManButur Photography, Dediisuwardi, Sherly Martha, Desikambarawa

2. Live on a giant treehouse, in a safari lodge, and on the edge of a cliff

Only in Bali: You can stay in unique accommodation like these. African-style safari lodge? A massive bamboo house? You name it. Bali has it all.


Photos via MehTheSheep editor, Twentytwentystudios, Green Village, Mara Safari Lodge

3. Infinity pools that spill from the edge of the cliffs into the ocean

Did you know that Bali houses infinity pools that are lauded as one of the best in the world?

From million-dollar clifftop villas to nature lovers’ jungle retreats, Bali never fail to impress.


Photos via laurenbaxter2, horakovamichaela, lelealvarez, Munduk Moding Plantation

4. Ultra-romantic restaurants where you can impress your dates

Dine on a rushing river, or in a tower in the middle of a jungle?

Ultra romantic restaurants with out-of-this-world settings and impeccable services are everywhere in Bali.


Photos via Ivivu, The Samaya, Kupu Kupu Barong, RIMBA Jimbaran

5. Arts are the Balinese culture – it’s everywhere

If you’ve been to Bali, you would have noticed that every corner in Bali is filled with art.

From the humble handmade floral decorations to local wood and stone carvings, mind-boggling bamboo structures and even shops and shops of handmade art – Bali oozes with creativity.

In fact, in Bali, art is life.


Photos via MehTheSheep Editor, Ewikurus

6. Anything and everything is possible in Bali

Bali is badass in many ways.

From an abandoned plane chilling out at someone’s backyard & rooftop, to a dude surfing on the road like a boss to a self-made car on the road – everything is possible in Bali!


Photos via MehTheSheep Editor, The Gate 88

7. One-of-its-kind dining options

Dining with the lions? Enjoy drinks on a floating platform in the middle of ocean? Eat and scare yourself silly in a Frankenstein’s Laboratory? Chill in a pub with a giant crocodile? Bring your kids to dine on a pirate ship?

Yes, Bali has all of those.

You will be able to find gazillions of badass bars, cafes and restaurants too – perfect for the Instagrammers.


Photos via Bali Marine and Safari Park, Puri Santrian, Bush Telegraph Pub, Frankenstein’s Laboratory

8. Hidden pristine beaches that the Balinese would never tell you

Bali has many secret pristine beaches tucked away in its little corners, where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea far away from the crowd.

(Many people claim that Bali beaches are ‘filthy’, we think that’s not true at all. For starters, try Nyang Nyang beach, Gunung Payung beach or Pandawa beach. You just need to know where to look!)


Photos via Anggayudatana, Vladislavfalinskiy, Aryaazura

9. Go ghost-hunting at haunted places

Do you know there’s an eerie village in Bali where the deceased body is not buried or burned, but hung under the tree after an elaborate funeral ceremonies?

If you’re more adventurous, there’s a massive abandoned hotel in Bedugul where you can spend hours exploring. This hotel may never have been opened to the public, but who knows if it already has a full house every night?


Photos via Anthony Yates

10. Extreme sports for the adrenaline junkies!

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you will love this – zoom up like a superhero.

Besides flyboarding, there are many other extreme sports such as canyoning and cliff-jumping that you might want to try out too!


Photos via Gustindra, rhondaw6

11. Secret winter wonderland on tropical Bali

Bali has always been known to be a hot tropical island, but guess what, there’s actually a winter wonderland in North Bali where you can visit scenic places and pick strawberries!

Any colder, you’ll be able to build a snowman!


Photos via Mario Andi Supria

12. You can take part in strange Balinese festivities

Have you witnessed a mass kissing festival before? Or a monster parade on the streets?

Bali is a place steeped in rich culture and religious tradition where many bizarre and interesting festivals are held every year.


Photos via Photos SF, The Jakarta Post

13. Exotic islands within a short boat ride away

Want to escape from the crowds?

Bali is in a strategic location where you can visit many nearby untouched islands with just a short boat ride away – think pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters!


Photos via Oliviaroundtown, The Deck Lembongan

14. Go for retail therapy!

Bali is not just synonymous with beautiful water villas and celebrity weddings, but also a paradise for furniture and homeware shoppers!

For the ladies, there are so many upscale boutique shops you can find in Seminyak and Ubud, you run the risk of bringing another luggage home!


Photos via lio_collection, redmelimelo, The Love Assembly, Pura Vida

15. World-renowned Yoga destination

If you don’t already know, Bali is the perfect place for the ultimate, soul-soothing, back-bending, maybe even life-changing yoga vacation.

There are a couple of reasons to it: the people, the culture, the lush greenery or soothing ocean view. We can’t explain it further, you just have to experience it for yourself!


Photo via Naya Yoga Shala

16. Family-friendly attractions and restaurants are everywhere

In Bali, you won’t be short of dining options for the kids. Some of them even come with fun kids facilities that the little ones can enjoy while you dine in comfort.

For more fun-filled experience, try Waterbom (touted as the most extreme water park in Asia!), sea-walking or even a day at the Bali Marine & Safari Park!


Photos bia Waterbom, Seawalker Bali, Bali Marine & Safari Park, Warung Sopa

17. The entire island is a surfer’s paradise

Bali is blessed with world-class surfing spots with perfect surf breaks and line-ups, from the pro’s Padang-Padang beach to intermediate’s Balangan beach to beginner’s Kuta beach, there’s just something for everyone!


Photo via Pulauluxurycharters

18. It’s a food haven too!

Whether you choose to eat in local street-side warungs or fine-dining establishments, you can expect to find an exciting array of Balinese dishes. For starters, try Babi Guling, Balinese Pork Ribs, Nasi Campur and Balinese Lawar.


Photos via Adventurefoodie, Dongengduniakecilku, Hog Wild

19. Be awestruck by sea temples with majestic scenery

How can we miss the sacred sea temples of Bali? If you are there for the first time, you definitely should not miss sunset at Uluwatu temple!


Photo via MehTheSheep Editor

20. What keeps you going back – the people

There’s just something about the Balinese – their belief in karma & harmony, and their warm hospitality – they make us feel simply at home and we are inexplicably drawn to their culture.

Balinese people are so friendly, we can’t help going back again and again.


Will and Putu (Photo via GoingAwesomePlaces)

Have our 20 reasons convinced you to visit Bali? What do you like about Bali? Comment below and let us know!

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